Best Kit For Camping With Dogs

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Updated on 5 August 2021

If you decide to go on a outdoor holiday with your family and dogs, you want to make sure your four-legged friends are provided for like any other family member.

While you’ll be packing items like tents, sleeping bags and warm clothing for you and the family, you’ll also need to consider some necessities for your adventure pups.

You’ll need the basics such as portable dog bowls, plenty of poo bags, spare leashes and harnesses in case of emergencies. You’ll need a place for your pooches to sleep.

Premium dog gear brand Ruffwear produce a range of high-performance products which enable dog and human to enjoy shared experiences, which include hiking, camping, climbing and even skiing.

With an in depth knowledge of what dogs need to make their experience enjoyable and safe, Ruffwear recommend three essential products for any camping enthusiast who loves to take their dog with them on their adventures.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the three items Ruffwear suggest all campers should have to make sure outdoor trips are enjoyable for humans and animals alike.

Who are Ruffwear?

Ruffwear’s mission is to build performance products to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions.

That mission has stood the test of time… and we continually strive to design and build performance dog gear that allows our four-legged friends to accompany us on our shared adventures, all while providing a level of safety and comfort in the great outdoors.



Ruffwear's Hatch-a-Knot (Photo: Ruffwear)

Ruffwear’s Hatch-a-Knot (Photo: Ruffwear)

The Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch is a campsite dog-hitching system using climbing-inspired components and hardware. Designed with camping in mind, this comprehensive and intuitive system allows dogs to roam at camp while remaining on leash.

The Knot-a-Hitch includes a strong, kernmantle rope that can be set up between two trees or secured to a single post using Ruffwear designed hardware and an easy-to-use tensioning system.

Dogs can explore their new surroundings while their human performs camp duties such as setting up the tent or cooking dinner.


Knot-a-Hitch is available for $59.95 (USD) / £48.81 (GBP) / €47,95 on

What customers are saying about Knot-a-Hitch

Ruffwear’s Knot-a-Hitch has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on

One customer was thrilled with the ease of use and versatility of the Knot-a-Hitch:

“Love this product! I use it camping with my dog. I love that he can’t get tangled on the leash unlike a lead that screws into the ground. Very easy to set up.”

Another consumer even used this product in their yard to allow their dog to roam free without running away:

“Not having a fenced yard, this is a great way for my dog to be able to explorer the yard and not get tangled. Its also portable so I can use it at the park or parents house. Easy to deploy.”

Our verdict

If you want to keep your dog on the leash but with the freedom to roam the woodlands or beach area while you’re camping, the Knot-a-Hitch is a great option. For dogs like mine who’ve got terrible recall, this concept is a life saver.

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The Highlands Sleeping Bag


Ruffwear's Highlands Sleeping Bag (Photo: Ruffwear)

Ruffwear’s Highlands Sleeping Bag (Photo: Ruffwear)

The Highlands Sleeping Bag is a packable, durable sleeping bag which provides warmth and comfort for your dog on the trail or the camp site. The zippered opening allows the bag to open wide, then zip closed to retain dogs’ body heat.

Lightweight synthetic insulation provides warmth and protection from hard, cold surfaces and is easily packed away into an included stuff sack. The durable polyester fabric shell provides a comfortable sleeping surface and cleans with a shake.

Perfect for added comfort to the caravan floor and great for those spontaneous trips away in the tent.


Ruffwear’s Highlands Sleeping Bag costs $74.95 (USD) / €113,09 (Euro) on Amazon.

What customers are saying about Highlands Sleeping Bag

The Highlands Sleeping Bag has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars based upon nearly 40 reviews on Amazon.

A German Short-Haired Pointer was delighted with the product and how it manages to keep her precious pooch snug and warm:

“My dog loves it! The sleeping bag alone is insulated enough to keep her warm all night (sleep in 40-30 degree nights). I have a GSP and the large bag is just right for her. ”

Another Amazon customer revealed how her Boxer likes the Highlands Sleeping Bag in cold temperatures:

“I backpack quite a lot and have begun to bring my boxer along. In the winters it’s too cold for him to just sleep on top of something. I ended up buying this, while he does not like sleeping inside of it, he will once it gets cold enough. He starts off by sleeping on top and then around 2am he wakes me up and I zip him up in it and he stays warm all night, no more shivering.”

Our verdict

If you’re camping outside and the temperature drops significantly at night, the Highlands Sleeping Bag is a vital product to keep your dog warm. We love the design and the colour.

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Rufferwear's Quencher bowl (Photo: Ruffwear)

Rufferwear’s Quencher bowl (Photo: Ruffwear)

The Ruffwear Quencher is the original packable travel dog bowl. Designed to provide dogs with food and water on the go, this collapsible fabric bowl easily fits in a pocket or backpack.

Available in three different sizes to match your adventure, this product is perfect for a camping or caravanning trip to save valuable space.


Ruffwear’s Quencher costs $16.01 (USD) / £17.95 (GBP) / €26,90 (Euro) on Amazon.

What customers are saying about Quencher

The Quencher has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon based upon nearly 40 reviews.

One customer was thrilled with the Quencher product:

“I love the material because it has not gotten damaged and it comes in nice colors. I recommend this. It is great to fold up easily and take with you if it is empty, and than you can fill it with water while out.”

Another Amazon user even uses the Quencher at work – as well as for hiking:

“I absolutely loved the idea of this cinch bowl. Pup comes daily with me wherever I go, client meetings, lunch with friends, daily hikes, weekend trips. So having the cinch with food ready for her whenever I needed was perfect.”

Our verdict

The Quencher is a great option for those who like to go on long walks with the dogs, or challenging hikes on hills and mountains. You’ll be able to keep your pooches hydrated, while you won’t be lugging around extra weight.

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In conclusion

If you’re an avid camper or explorer who enjoys the company of dogs on your adventures, you need to make sure your canine companion is provided for.

While it’s all very well humans keeping themselves safe, hydrated and warm, dogs need to benefit from the same creature comforts.

Ruffwear have provided three essential pieces of kit for dogs who camp.

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