Best K9 Sports Sacks 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2023

Do you like to go everywhere with your dog?

If you live in a busy city where you have to commute on the subway or underground, it may be quite a challenge navigating your way through rushhour with your canine companion.

Perhaps you like to go on extreme bike rides, challenging hikes or snowboarding with your four-legged friend but some landscapes are a little too challenging to tackle.

If you like to follow dog accounts on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with some influencers who use the sports sacks to travel on New York’s subway with their Corgi or go for motorbike rides with their Labradoodle.

K9 Sports Sack are a company who provide sports sacks to ensure humans and their faithful companions never have to be separated – all possibilities are open!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the different K9 Sports Sacks that are on offer to dog owners across the world, whether you own a Doodle or a Frenchie, this company can cater to all.

We’ll highlight five different K9 Sports Sacks, what features they have, what customers are saying about the products and give our verdict on our favourite carriers.

Best K9 Sports Sacks

Rating Summary Website
Knavigate K9 Sports Sack • XS-XL • Padded Hip Belt • 23kg Limit Buy Now
Trainer K9 Sports Sack • Affordable • Entry Level • 13kg Limit Buy Now
Air 2 K9 Sports Sack • Intermediate • Breathable • 13kg Limit Buy Now
Urban 2 K9 Sports Sack • Fashionable • Ergonomic • Small/Medium Dogs Buy Now
Rover K9 Sports Sack • Biggest Sack • 36kg Limit • Most Expensive Buy Now

Who Are K9 Sports Sack?

K9 Sports Sack (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

K9 Sports Sack (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram))

K9 Sports Sack was created by Joseph Watson with a little help from his dog Daisy in 2010.

When preparing for a bike ride, Joseph placed a drawstring bag on the ground and was surprised to see Daisy lying face down on the bag looking to accompany him.

This was the start of the K9 Sport Sacks as Joseph set about designing one of the world’s most popular pet carriers with help from his wife Jen and his willing tester Daisy.

One year later, the first professionally manufactured K9 Sports Sack was complete and sent to their initial batch of customers who revelled in the invention.

K9 Sports Sack continued to create different types of carriers to accommodate dogs of all sizes, whether it’s wide-shouldered Corgis and Frenchies, or slim and skinny pups like my Klee Kai.

Designed for hiking, biking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, commuting, shopping and much more, the K9 Sports Sack can be found on the backs of dog owners in many countries around the world.

As of 2021, K9 Sports Sack have eight different models to cater to pet parents and different dog breeds. You can even customize your K9 Sports Sack with name and breed patches.

How K9 Sports Sack Works

K9 Sports Sack have their latest offerings available to purchase on Amazon.

Your preferred pet carrier will depend on what function you want your K9 Sports Sack to serve. Do you intend to use your K9 Sports Sack for commuting to work on the train, subway or underground? Are you planning to use your K9 Sports Sack for challenging bike rides or hikes in the mountain?

K9 Sports Sack outline on their website that each of their carriers come with standard features.

There’s a carabiner that you’re able to clip to your dog’s collar to provide extra security.

K9 Sports Sack have a no-slip zipper to support your dog’s back and ensure they’re stable on your back.

Their website goes on to explain that they use angled side cinch straps to keep your dog in a forward position.

You’ll notice that their carriers have a collar enclosure at the top of the bag to keep your pup snug and safe.

If you’ve seen dog owners using K9 Sports Sacks on social media, you’ll immediately identify the mesh on the side to ensure breathability and ventilation.

Maxine the Corgi (Photo: @madmax_fluffyroad / Instagram)

Maxine the Corgi (Photo: @madmax_fluffyroad / Instagram)

Their carriers have a zipper loop to secure the main zipper to the collar enclosure.

Things To Consider When Getting A K9 Sports Sack

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

When you’re browsing their different carriers, you’ll need to have a careful think about what is the function of your K9 Sports Sack to ensure you select the right one for you, your dog and your lifestyle.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider when you’re weighing up which K9 Sports Sack to buy.

• Size – Before you select a K9 Sports Sack, it’s a good idea to consult their sizing guide. This will given you a steer on which model size you should opt for, whether you’ve got a Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier or a Beagle.

• Model – As we touched upon above, K9 Sports Sack offer different models for different types of owners. Do you want a carrier for commuting to your office or trips into town? Are you planning short adventures? Are you planning to go backpacking with your dog? Perhaps you just want a versatile carrier!

• Accessories – K9 Sports Sack offer a K9 Booster Block if your dog is in between sizes (like my Alaskan Klee Kai). This block fits at the bottom of the carrier to give your dog a little boost to make the experience more comfortable for them.

• Customization – You’re able to customize your K9 Sports Sack with their patches. You can write their name or their breed, use a custom emoji, highlight if they’re an emotional support animal or therapy dog. Other accessories include goggles, jackets and water bowls.

• Getting Your Dog Comfortable – It’s a good idea to slowly introduce the K9 Sports Sack to your dog before taking them for a big adventure. K9 Sports Sack provide some useful material on how to do so on their website.

• No Substitute For Exercise – The company stress that their sports sacks are no substitute for exercise and they’re meant to provide dogs with a break from strenuous hikes or stressful commutes rather than replace their daily exercise regime.

1) K9 Sports Sack Knavigate

Where To Buy

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

K9 Sports Sack write on their website that Knavigate combines all the best features of their backpack carriers.

It’s got the widest range of sizes available so there’s a greater chance you’ll find the right size for your pup.

The company add that the Knavigate was designed for passionate adventurers and allows for longer activities with your dog.


• Wide size range (XS-XL)
• Versatile
• Padded hip belt


• 23kg weight limit
• Price

Customer Reviews

The Knavigate carrier has 18 five-star reviews and five four-star reviews out of 23 total reviews on their website.

Leslie explained how the Knavigate has helped her senior dog.

I initially ordered this bag for extended hikes with my senior dog. He recently tore his ACL and is awaiting surgery, and this bag is what’s letting him get outside until then! It’s incredibly well made and thought out. I wasn’t sure what 38 lbs. would feel like on my back as I’m a very petite person, but the bag is extremely comfortable to wear. My sweetie seems so comfortable in it and getting him in and out gets easier each time.

Denise explained some of the added benefits compared to the Trainer.

The Knavigate is a great upgrade for us from the “trainer”. The added support around the waist makes the carrier feel more secure and our dog seems to sit higher so she can look over my shoulder easier. We LOVE K9 carriers and highly recommend them!


The Knavigate is available to purchase Amazon and costs $164.95 for US customers.

Our Verdict

Having initially started my K9 Sports Sack journey with the Trainer model, I was impressed with the hip and waist support of the Knavigate.

As someone who likes to go on long hikes with my Alaskan Klee Kai, I felt the Knavigate was extremely comfortable to wear.

My female Klee Kai Skye was safe and stable in the bag without a booster block (which I previously required with the Trainer) and I found the Knavigate provided excellent support for my back and shoulders.

If you’re looking for a versatile pet carrier that can tackle all manner of activities, The Knavigate could be the perfect accessory for you.

2) K9 Sports Sack Trainer

Where To Buy

K9 Sports Sack (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

K9 Sports Sack (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

If you’re looking to start with an affordable option, K9 Sports Sack Trainer could be the right fit for you.

The Trainer is an entry-level dog pack carrier for pet parents who want to see how their dog will adjust to life on their human’s back.

K9 Sports Sack’s website explains that the Trainer is ideal for dogs that are still growing, training and learning to socialize.

They add it should be used for short, non-strenuous activities.


• Affordable Price
• Good Starter Carrier
• Suitable For Young Adult Dogs
• Ideal For Dog Owners Of Small Or Medium Build


• Not Suitable For Strenuous Activities
• Not Suitable For Dogs Over 30lb or 13kg
• Not Suitable For Medium Breeds

Customer Reviews

The Trainer carrier has 71 five-star reviews and 4 four-star reviews out of a total of 80 reviews on their website.

Caitlin explained her senior Dachshund loves life in the Trainer.

Dobby is getting older, and sometimes he doesn’t want to hike quite as far as I do. The medium K9 Sport Sack fits him perfectly, and he seems to genuinely enjoy being in it. It’s also great for days when I need to take him to work with me or to any sort of event where having him on a leash is inconvenient. I’m so happy with my purchase!

Christine loves the lightweight feel of the Trainer.

Both of my dogs loved riding in the trainer! At this point they are pros because this is our 4th K9 sports sack! As the person carrying them, I love this product because it has all of the same great features as a normal K9 sports sack, but just the necessities and no extras or frills which is perfect because it makes it light weight and easy to bring with me everywhere! My trainer bag is size large and both my Corgis fit into it!


The K9 Sports Sack Trainer is priced at $54.95 for US customers.

Our Verdict

My first K9 Sports Sack carrier was the Trainer. I’m really pleased I decided to start with this model because it was ideal to get my Alaskan Klee Kai acclimatized to life in a carrier.

It’s lightweight design made it easy to use when I had to travel with my mini husky on the London Underground, while still having some of the little additions store leashes and treats.

I thought it was perfect my Klee Kai when they were puppies blossoming into young adults, before they finally outgrew the Trainer and required an upgrade!

3) K9 Sports Sack Air 2

Where To Buy

K9 Sports Sack Air (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

K9 Sports Sack Air (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

K9 Sports Sack explain on their website that the Air 2 is their best-known dog carrier.

It’s described as a mid-level entry point for dog owners looking for a new backpack.

The Air 2 is durable and breathable to make dogs feel comfortable during long walks or hikes.

Perhaps the most-notable feature is the form-fitting mesh on the sides to ensure dog is cool and secure.


• Ideal For Intermediate Walks And Hikes
• Breathable
• Affordable Price


• 30lb (13kg) weight limit
• Not Ideal For Extreme Adventures

Customer Reviews

The Air 2 has 258 reviews on their website, with 84% of dog owners giving five stars.

Haley wrote that couldn’t be more impressed with the Air 2.

Not only is the bag functional and comfortable for both users but my dog LOVES it! The second we got it she jumped right in (granted at first I think she thought it was a new harness) and now she can easily go everywhere with us! Minnie’s favorite part is the view from above -she wanted y’all to know. Can’t wait to purchase our next one for a summer fun alternate!

Marco shed light on the freedom that the Air 2 has provided to his dog.

This thing is so great! Our dog (Chippies) loves to go on adventures! Loves to hike, run, ride but we don’t like to always have to drive there. This allows us to ride to the park or anywhere else for that matter anytime. He took to it so fast! Besides the getting excited and jumping out of it, once he’s in he’s ready for our ride. We got the sport sack in Large. Our dog is a 25 lbs. half dachshund half black lab. Fits him perfect!


The K9 Sports Sack Air 2 is priced at $74.95 for US customers.

Our Verdict

While we haven’t personally given the Air 2 a test ride, it appears to be a versatile option for dog owners who want to use it for hikes or trips to town.

Their most common pet carrier, the Air 2 gets great reviews online which should provide pet parents with lots of insight into the pros and cons of this carrier.

4) K9 Sports Sack Urban 2

Where To Buy

K9 Sports Sack Urban 2 (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

K9 Sports Sack Urban 2 (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

If you and your dog like to make a fashion statement when you step outside the home, the K9 Sports Sack Urban 2 could be the right carrier for you.

Their website explains that the idea behind the Urban 2 is to create a “trendy, fashionable school bag with faux leather accents”.

For dog owners who commute with their fur friends, this could be the perfect carrier to use on your daily trip to the office.

While it’s stylish, K9 Sports Sack haven’t sacrificed on comfort or ventilation.


• Fashionable
• Suitable For Small-Medium Dogs
• Ergonomic Shoulder Straps


• Only Suitable For Short Trips/Walks
• 30 lb (13 kg) Weight Limit

Customer Reviews

The K9 Sports Sack Urban 2 has 23 five-star reviews out of the 27 customer testimonials on their website.

Alfredo described the Urban 2 as a game changer.

This is a game changer. Best investment if you live in the city and you can start your dog early to get used to it. He fits comfortably, it’s pretty easy to put on and feels super safe. Really useful for getting around in the subway / public transportation. Great material. Definitely an amazing purchase.

Rebecca was delighted with the Urban 2.

I bought this SportSack for my senior terrier mix after seeing other dogs traveling comfortably in Sport Sacks around town. I wasn’t sure my dog would like it, but in just a few short weeks he has become very comfortable in it! We just got back from a 10-mile bike ride, and last week we took a historic walking tour, both while using the SportSack. It’s comfortable and secure for my dog, and he gets so much attention when he’s riding around on my back, he loves it!


The K9 Sports Sack Urban 2 costs $79.95 for US customer.

Our Verdict

While this is another K9 Sport Sack model we’re yet to try, the customer reviews are certainly encouraging.

If you work in a pet-friendly office, this particular carrier could be perfect for commuters who want to a fashionable but comfortable sports sack.

5) K9 Sports Sack Rover

Where To Buy

K9 Sports Sack Rover (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

K9 Sports Sack Rover (Photo: K9 Sports Sack)

The K9 Sports Sack Rover is their biggest backpack offering.

So if you’ve got a Goldendoodle or large dog breed, the Rover can cater to dogs who weigh between 30 (13.6kg) and 80 lbs (36kg).

K9 Sports Sack recommend it for strenuous hikes, bike rides and public transportation.

It includes weight distribution straps to ensure dog owners with XXL canines can still travel in comfort.


• Biggest K9 Sports Sack
• 80 lbs (36kg) Weight Limit
• Perfect For Strenuous Walks Or Workouts


• Most Expensive Carrier

Customer Reviews

Of the 79 reviews of the K9 Sports Sack Rover, 69 are five star! That’s a lot of happy dog owners.

Ryan gave the Rover a five-star review based upon their experience with their Beagle.

We used the K9 Sport Sack to bring our 55 lb 1 year old pup from Brooklyn to central park via the subway. While it’s a little tricky to get him to sit on it to begin with he’s getting the hang of putting it on and it seems to be pretty comfortable for him (as long as he has a steady stream of treats and pets). For the person, the pack is super comfortable and well made, it’s easy to wear for a bit and our pup was secured even when other dogs walked by and got hime a little excited. Also, props for making a backpack for bigger dogs, hard to find but I’m happy we did.

Rachel felt the Rover 2 was worth every penny.

At first I was hesitant to buy this backpack because the price but it is totally worth it! Even though this is made for hiking it was AMAZING to bring my dog through an airport with it. Kept her calm and made the trip overall easier for me. The quality is amazing and my dog fit right in although it was a bit tricky getting her hind legs to stay put. I got the size L not fully reading the description- I have a 45 pound Border Collie/ Samoyed mix. She definitely still fits but will upgrade to the XL eventually.


The K9 Sports Sack Rover 2 is priced at $264.95 for US customers.

Our Verdict

As an owner of two toy-sized Alaskan Klee Kai, I haven’t tried this particular model. However, it’s ideal for anyone who owns big dogs.

With a size range from L-XXL, the Rover 2 has glowing reviews from dog owners who have been searching for a pet carrier to cater to their big bundles of joy.

Anything Else To Consider?

If you need help trying to figure out the ideal K9 Sports Sack for you and your dog, K9 Sports Sack have lots of information and guidelines to help.

They can help with the sizing process as well as provide tips on how to get your dog acclimatized to life in the pet carrier.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Skye in her K9 Sports Sack Knavigate (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our feature of the best K9 Sports Sacks.

The company have an option for dogs of all sizes and shapes as well as catering to pet owners who need a pet carrier for commuting or hiking.

With a wealth of customer reviews to rely upon, K9 Sports Sack have a reputation for listening to feedback and improving their pet carriers.

If you’re looking for a versatile pet carrier, you may want to try the Knavigate or the Air 2.

For dog owners who are purchasing their first pet carrier, you may find the Trainer is a good starting point for you.

Finally, pet parents of larger dogs can avail of the Rover with a weight limit of 80 lb (36 kg) weight limit.