Best Dry Food For Dogs 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 13 February 2023

It can be a confusing and overwhelming experience trying to figure out which dry food is right for your dog.

There’s no shortage of kibble that you can find at your local supermarket or pet store.

But sometimes you may find labels confusing to read with ingredients that you’ve never heard of or you can’t even pronounce.

It’s important to pay attention to ingredients labels because you’ll want to know if a brand is using highly-processed powdered meat meals and artificial additives.

However, there are some dog food companies that are creating customised dry food using natural ingredients to provide pet parents with a fresh and healthy alternative.

These pet food brands will work with dog owners to tailor their recipes to meet a dog’s specific needs as well as conveniently shipping the custom dry food direct to a customer’s door.

In this article, we’re going to examine some of the best options available at the moment for dog owners based in the USA.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

Current Top Rated Dry Food

Rating Summary Website
UnKibble by Spot & Tango UnKibble by Spot & Tango • Simple ingredients • Sustainable • Human grade Buy Now
Open Farm Open Farm • Vet formulated • Humanely sourced • Traceability Buy Now
A Pup Above A Pup Above • NutriDry process • Non-GMO veggies • Human grade Buy Now
Sundays For Dogs Sundays For Dogs • Air-Dried • Jerky-like • Two recipes Buy Now
Just Right Pet Food Just Right • Tailored • Experience • Recipes Buy Now

How We Choose The Best Dry Food For Dogs

• Ingredients
• Transparency
• Customization
• Ordering experience
• Price
• Delivery schedule

Best Dry Food For Dogs

Editor's note: Be sure to check the latest information shown on the official website of any product you're considering purchasing, as details may change from time to time and therefore may differ from what's shown on this page.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the criteria we considered when looking for the best dry food for dogs in the USA, let’s start our breakdown of brands.

1) UnKibble by Spot & Tango


UnKibble (Photo: UnKibble)

UnKibble (Photo: UnKibble)

Spot & Tango is one of the leaders in the dog food market, especially when it comes to dry food thanks to their UnKibble range. Spot & Tango started as a result of one family’s commitment to their dog’s health and wellness. They use 100% human-grade ingredients in the production of UnKibble to ensure that your pooch is getting the very best in dog nutrition. They produce customised meal plans for your four-legged friend based upon the information that you provide through their simple questionnaire, which includes questions about age, weight, breed, and lifestyle. You’ll receive a customized scooper to ensure you can control portion size. Spot & Tango have three recipes to offer pet parents who are interested in giving their UnKibble range a try: Beef & Barley, Chicken & Brown Rice and Cod & Salmon. It’s worth noting UnKibble is created using a Fresh Dry process so it’s minimally processed, shelf-stable food with only human-grade ingredients and no artificial additives or fillers. Every UnKibble recipe is made with simple ingredients that you will know and probably have eaten in the past. That means: no powdered “meat meals”, no artificial additives or preservatives and no soy, gluten or wheat. Spot & Tango sell UnKibble directly to their customers, there’s no middle man such as a supermarket or pet store. They’ve got a great eco-friendly and sustainable approach to to their business so you can feel good about feeding your dog UnKibble as well as doing your bit for the planet. If you decide to give UnKibble a try, you can get a full refund if your dog doesn’t like it. So there’s nothing to lose!

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2) Open Farm Dry Dog Food


Open Farm Gently Cooked (Photo:

Open Farm Gently Cooked (Photo:

Open Farm are a dog food company based in the USA (but they also ship to Canada) who have a fantastic approach to pet nutrition. Open Farm are meticulous about sourcing their ingredients from the most humane and ethical farms, fisheries and producers. You can trace each ingredient from source to your dog bowl so you can have complete peace of mind about your dog’s food. Open Farm offer Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food (salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, pork and whitefish recipes) and Grain-Free Dry Dog Food (beef, turkey & chicken, salmon, chicken, lamb, venison, whitefish and pork) so you can pick and choose what works best for your dog. When you settle on a recipe, Open Farm will clearly display each ingredient used as well as a brief explanation behind its inclusion in your dog’s food. So you can gain a greater understanding of why your dog is eating and the potential benefits. They’ve adopted science-backed goals to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint in the next 10 years, while they use sustainable packaging. You can make a 5% saving if you decide to sign up for their subscription, otherwise you can opt for a one-time purchase.

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3) A Pup Above


A Pup Above Whole Food Cubies range (Photo: A Pup Above)

A Pup Above Whole Food Cubies range (Photo: A Pup Above)

A Pup Above have recently launched a new dry dog food range that merits a mention. They’ve used their unique Nutridry cooking process to gently dry out whole foods to preserve nutrients and flavor. In doing so, A Pup Above explain that the flavor of fresh food is retained. Dog owners will get to enjoy the convience of dry food but the benefits of fresh food. For instance, you won’t have to worry about making space in fridge and freezer for your dog’s food. A Pup Above use 100% human-grade ingredients and non-GMO vegetables. They also include “superherbs” for joint, immunity and digestive support. You can even source where each ingredient came from if you use the lot code on your bag and input the code into their website – so there’s complete transparency. A Pup Above offer Chicka Pupatouille, Beef Pot Roast, Porky’s Porchetta and Turkey Pilafu in this particular format. If you decide to subscribe, you can save 10%. Alternatively, you can make a one-time purchase before subscribing to make sure you dog likes the food.

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4) Sunday For Dogs


Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

Sunday For Dogs (Photo:

Sundays For Dogs is an air-dried dog food brand that was created by founders Tory and Michael after their dog became sick. They wanted to create dog food that is healthier than kibble but easier than home-cooked foods. Unlike some of the other dry dog food brands in this feature, Sundays For Dogs have a unique air-dried approach that helps to preserve the nutrients and flavours. Sundays For Dogs gently dehydrate food slowly and at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavours. They believe the food’s jerky-like texture can encourage even picky eaters to tuck into their air-dried food. Sundays For Dogs offer a beef and chicken recipe that comes in an easy-to-store box. The recipes have been created by their team of vets and they’re human-grade, natural and ready-to-eat. You can save 20% if you opt to subscribe to Sunday For Dogs (you can also select the frequency of your deliveries).

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5) Just Right by Purina


Tails dog food (Photo: Tails)

Tails dog food (Photo: Tails)

Most pet owners will know about to pet food brand, Purina. However, you may or may not know about their personalized dry food called Just Right Pet Food. They use 100 per cent natural ingredients that are full of vitamins and minerals, keeping their recipes “pure and simple”. You won’t find any artificial colors, flavors or fillers. It’s crafted in the USA and is formulated by a team of experts that include nutritionists, vets and animal behaviorists. Just Right Pet Food ask for key details about your dog, ranging from activity level to weight, to ensure their meals are customised to meet your canine’s specific requirements. Just Right has been formulated by a team of experts to ensure your four-legged friend can get the most out of their lives with you. Just Right Pet Food offer four different recipes: salmon, lamb, beef and chicken. Your Just Right Pet Food bag will come displaying your dog’s photo, which is a nice personal touch. They provide custom feeding instructions to help pet parents with portion control.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

UnKibble by Spot & Tango (Photo: Spot & Tango)

UnKibble by Spot & Tango (Photo: Spot & Tango)

We’ve reached the end of our article on the best dry food for dogs.

In our opinion, Spot & Tango’s UnKibble is the leading option for pet owners who are looking for a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional dry food.

UnKibble is tailored to meet your dog’s needs using simple ingredients, while adopting a sustainable approach to meet your canine’s needs.

They only use 100 per cent human-grade whole foods so your dog will be eating quality ingredients to promote their health.

Having said all that, we highlighted other good options and you won’t go too far wrong by feeding your dog any of the brands in this article.

They’re open about what ingredients go into their meals, which are customised depending on your dog’s age, breed, size, activity level and more.

However, we feel UnKibble by Spot & Tango is the standout option for those who want a hassle free experience and want to feed their dogs simple but quality meals.

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