Best Dog Subscription Boxes 2020

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helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on July 13, 2020

Have you ever considered a dog subscription box to treat your pet?

Most pet parents will have heard of these dog boxes, even if they haven’t personally tested out the subscription plan.

Initially, there were a handful of companies that offered dog subscription boxes.

However, the rise in popularity of social media has led to more and more of these dog subscription boxes.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog subscription boxes currently available on the market right now.

We’ve broken the article into the following sections for our readers:

What Are Dog Subscription Boxes?

A dog subscription box is a box of dog toys, treats and apparel that is delivered once a month.

As pet parents, we love to spoil our dogs as much as possible with the finer things in life.

Our precious pooches love to play with a new toy or chew a tasty treat that is different from their usual nibbles.

Companies have created subscription boxes with entertaining and stimulating toys and treats.

By availing of a subscription service, you may learn something new about your canine companion.

You may learn that your dog likes a certain type of protein, enjoys playing with a particular toy or is more obedient with a specific flavoured treat.

Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Rating Summary Website
Barkbox barkbox • Premium • Sign-Up Offer • Established Buy Now
BoxDog boxdog • Four times a year • Discount code • Reviews Buy Now
Super Chewer superchewer • For big dogs • Tough • Longer lasting Buy Now
Pooch Perks pooch perks • USA-made • All natural • Human approved Buy Now
The Dapper Dog Box The Dapper Dog Box • Good products • Well priced • Decent reviews Buy Now
Shaggyswag Shaggyswag • Different plans • Treats and toys • Fashionable Buy Now
Rescue Box rescue box • Good cause • Engaging toys • Durable Buy Now
Pupjoy Pupjoy • For puppies • Tough • Toys and treats Buy Now

1) Barkbox

Where To Buy:

Barkbox – The Basics

Barkbox believe saying ‘good dog’ isn’t good enough. They want dog parents to treat their pups every month.

Each month, Barkbox will send a themed collection every month to keep your pup entertained.

They go to explain on their website that every box has at least two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew.

What’s more, Barkbox will work to make it right with dog owner and dog if either suffer disappointment.

The size of the toys and treats are customized to your dog’s size. It seems like they really care!

Customer Reviews

In searching out an impartial website with customer reviews of Barkbox, we came across Influenster.

Barkbox gets a glowing 4.6 stars out of 5 based upon over 10,000 reviews.

One dog owner was impressed with the quality of the items in the box:

My dog adores this product her tail wags when she sees me collect it and she knows it’s for her great products with high quality that both encourage me to try her with new things as well as some great classics and handy extras for the owners as well.

Another pet parent couldn’t speak highly enough of their subscription service:

I love BarkBox! Not only do we get great toys and treats each month, but the staff is wonderful to work with. I’ve had them for over a year. 3 issues have came up, which BarkBox went above and beyond to fix. Their Scout’s Honor is great!


Barkbox costs $29 a month, which is a reasonable price considering the premium items included in the subscription box.


Barkbox are offering new customers the chance to avail of a first box for $5.

Our Verdict

Barkbox is one of the leading subscription boxes in the current market.

They’ve already got a huge community of satisfied pet parents, as highlighted by the reviews that we found online.

As we mentioned above, Barkbox customize their toys and treats to your dog’s size. Furthermore, they’re monthly boxes have a theme.

2) BoxDog

Where To Buy:

Box Dog

Box Dog

BoxDog – The Basics

BoxDog is a seasonal delivery of six to eight premium products for dogs.

Unlike other box subscriptions for dogs, their deliveries are four times a year.

Their boxes include 100 per cent handmade bakery treats, vegan skincare items, unique toys, gear and gadgets.

BoxDog go on to explain that they’ve designed and created the products to bring “health and happiness” to both pet parents and pets.

Furthermore, dog owners can decide what premium items go into their seasonal boxes.

Customer Reviews

We struggled to find a lot of reviews of BoxDog. They get a five-star rating based upon four reviews on online retailer Amazon.

One customer with a dog called Moose raved about the handmade treats:

Moose loves the day his BoxDog arrives. He loves opening the box and checking out the goodies. The handmade treats are probably his favorite but he always loves the toys too. As his mom, I love the care that goes into the selections in the box. We are fans!

Another reviewer was a big fan of the human grade ingredients used:

We LOVE BoxDog. I honestly ate one of the treats (human grade ingredients) and i craved them all week hahaha. So embarrassing, but the dogs had to fight me to eat the cookies. They get so excited when our boxes arrive.


BoxDog is priced at $49.99 per seasonal box. Shipping within continental US is free but it’s $10 if you live in Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska. For customers in the UK or Canada, shipping will cost $15 per box.

For $49.99, you can select two premium products. For $59.99, you can select three items.


You can get a free $30 gift. To check out the items on offer for free, simply click here and pick your free $30 gift.

Our Verdict

We love the idea of a seasonal box for dogs.

This caters to pet owners who have a social media account for their dogs and want some ideas for viral photos or videos.

However, BoxDog is one of the more expensive subscription boxes for dogs.

3) Super Chewer

Where To Buy:

Super Chewer

Super Chewer

Super Chewer – The Basics

Super Chewer is another offering from the company Barkbox.

It’s designed to take into account those super chewers, as the name suggests.

Therefore, they include two tough and versatile toys, two full-size bag of treats and two meaty chews.

Their website says each toy is designed by Super Chewer and tested by their dogs to stand up to the toughest chewers.

They go on to say they’re made with strong rubber and nylon, these toys were made for chomping.

Customer Reviews

Super Chewer gets a very respectable score of 4.4 out of 5 based upon over 100 reviews on Consumer Affairs.

A pitbull owner was impressed with the quality of the toys:

We rescued our 50lb pittie, Hershey from a city shelter. She can go through a toy in seconds, minutes if it’s a little tougher than normal. But with Super Chewer, she gets spoiled monthly! She always loves everything in her package, and for the price I feel it is definitely a bargain on my wallet. She gets 2 decent sized bags of awesomely flavored treats, including flavors like pork, lamb, all kinds of vegetables and she gobbles them up pretty quick. The ingredients are superb! No fillers or fake junk in these!

A pet parent called Susan was left impressed with the company’s customer service:

We have been very pleased with the level of service received. My dog loves to get his box each month. We have had an item that did not hold up to his chewing & it was replaced with another that was more fitting for him.


Super Chewer is priced at $39 per month. If you sign up for six months, you can get the box for $34. Alternatively, a 12 month subscription will cost $29.


Super Chewer will offer new customers their first box for $9.

Our verdict

Super Chewer is a great product for dog owners who have pups with powerful jaws.

Whether you’ve got a Doberman or Dachshund, it seems like their toys hold up under intense scrutiny.

Customers have spoken about the quality ingredients used in their nibbles.

To order:

4) Pooch Perks

Where To Buy:



Pooch Perks – The Basics

Pooch Perks are dog lovers and care deeply about them.

They go on to promise on their website that they’ll only deliver the best toys and treats to make them happy!

Every Pooch Perks Box comes stuffed full of all-natural, USA-made treats and/or premium fun toys customized to your dog’s preferences.

They provide super fun accessories, all yummy treats, human-approved essentials and dog approved tags.

Customer Reviews

Pooch Perks have an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based upon over 100 reviews.

One customer was extremely impressed with her subscription box:

My dog really enjoyed using this box! It made her fur shinier and her eyes light up. This has been my favourite doggy purchase so far and I highly recommend it.

Another pet parent revealed that she enjoys playing with the toys in the box:

My family purchased the Pooch Perks Penny Pincher for our 2 rescue pups. Our dogs have really enjoyed getting this box. There are always treats for our allergy fur baby that she can have ( no meat no grain). The monthly toy is a hit as well. They last well and are fun for the humans as well.


Pooch Perks is priced at $21.15 a month for their Popular Pooch package. You’ll receive five or six handpicked items.

Their Pampered Pooch package costs $45 a month and you’ll receive eight or nine handpicked items.

If you want their Toys Only deal, it’s priced at $23.75 a month.

Whatever package you go for, you can get 5 to 10 per cent off depending on the length of your subscription.


We currently were unable to find any offers for Pooch Perks.

Our verdict

Pooch Perks have a great variety of options for dog owners to accommodate all budgets.

This is attractive. You may have a lot of disposable income to spend on your pet, or perhaps you’ve got a tight budget.

Their customer reviews are also encouraging.

5) The Dapper Dog Box

Where To Buy:

Dapper Dog Box

Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box – The Basics

The Dapper Dog Box was created to surpass the subscription boxes for dogs already in the market.

Their founder Kerrie wanted to create a box that included accessories as well as amazing pet products that dog parents wouldn’t find at a pet store.

Instead of pet owners wasting time going to a pet store trying to find suitable treats and toys, Kerrie created the Dapper Dog Box.

Her website explains how her vision became a reality as Dapper Dog Box continue to send awesome products from fantastic companies that share the same values.

Customer Reviews

The Dapper Dog Box gets a five-star rating on Influenster based upon four reviews.

One customer revealed how much her two pooches love the Dapper Dog Box treats.

I have two dogs that destroy everything and they share this box. They love it! Great selection of toys and treats sent to us monthly. Always arrives quickly and my boys know when we get it.

However, the Dapper Dog Box only gets 3.9 stars out of 5 from 27 reviews on online retailer Amazon.

One Amazon customer gave four stars despite a glowing review:

Loved our first Dapper Box! Box came with “spa” themed bandana, plush strawberry and a bottle (you) of Rośe. The box also contained a natural chew, lavender tea biscuits and a moisture balm/salve for nose and toes. Treats were a hit! And the Dapper Dog Box arrived on a perfect day! Our large fur baby (80+lb) lab had cancer surgery. Her spirits lifted when I gave her the strawberry plushie and a lavender treat. Awesome feel good box on a not so good day.


The Dapper Dog Box has four different plans that you can subscribe to.

A monthly subscription costs $35, a three-month subscription is priced at $90 and is the most popular plan, six months will set you back $162 and a 12-month plan is $300.


We couldn’t find any offers for the Dapper Dog Box at this time but we’ll keep you posted if this changes.

Our Verdict

The Dapper Dog Box is a company that seeks to work with other pet companies with similar values.

Whether your pup loves treats or toys, or you like finding new pet products, this box has a bit of everything.

It’s competitively priced within the dog subscription box market.

6) Shaggyswag

Where To Buy:



Shaggyswag – The Basics

ShaggySwag is the first totally customizable monthly delivery for you and your dog!

Their website explains that ShaggySwag marry the fun experience of a box filled with their favorite toys, treats, and fashion.

While your dog will have fun with Shaggyswag, they’ve also got pet parents covered with essential dog products that you, the dog parent, currently use or want to try.

ShaggySwag claim online that their box is full of goodies at a fraction of the price that they’d cost at the pet store.

The pricing depends on whether you want to pay each month, sign up for three months or commit to a 12-month subscription.

Customer Reviews

We had trouble finding a lot of independent reviews of ShaggySwag, although they claim to have over 100,000 happy pet parents on their website.

They get five stars out of five on Product Hunt.

One customer was impressed with the toys, which were great for apartment dogs.

Perfect for city dogs and owners, but would be great for anyone who has need for essentials like poop bags and paw wipes in addition to really cool toys and treats. Toys look like you got at a design store, not a toy store. Always something extra like fashion accessories for dogs and humans too!

Another pet parent liked the quality of the materials used for the toys and apparel.

Everything you get is thoughtful. From where it’s made, what it’s made of and the quality that it’s made with.


ShaggySwag’s subscription boxes start at a price of $24 per month.


We couldn’t find any ShaggySwag offers at this time.

Our verdict

We like that ShaggySwag is customizable.

Pet parents have a say about what goes into their box. If you’ve got a limited budget, you can also determine how much you spend.

We like that ShaggySwag take into consideration the size of your dog, so you won’t be lumbered with huge toys for your toy dog!

7) RescueBox

Where To Buy:

Rescue Box

Rescue Box

RescueBox – The Basics

RescueBox explain that they created the subscription box to make a difference to the lives of animals.

Not only can pet parents spoil their pets with hours of fun thanks to an array of healthy treats, engaging toys and durable chews but a portion of your subscription fee will go to providing less fortunate pets with life-saving supplies, food and vaccinations.

So you can spoil your dog and know that you’re also helping other pets. Their website explains that with each box your receive, RescueBox will donate 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccinations to shelter pets in need throughout the USA.

Customer Reviews

We had a hard time finding reviews of RescueBox. We did come across some on Facebook, where RescueBox gets 4.1 stars out of 5 based upon ratings from 68 people.

The biggest issue appeared to be with RescueBox’s customer service.

However, there are plenty of customers who were satisfied with their box once it arrived.

I just got my first Rescue Box for my cats Angel and Zen. My boys are having so much fun with their toy. And this is the FIRST time they’ve ever eaten a new treat. They are both extremely fussy and if they’re eating it, it must be very special. The work that your organization is doing is VERY SPECIAL! Great products and even greater cause!


RescueBox will cost $29.95 a month. You can save up to 21% depending on whether you sign up for a month, three months, six months or a year.


You can get $5 off your RescueBox subscription if you sign up to their mailing list. Click here for more information.

Our Verdict

We love what RescueBox stand for. It’s a rewarding feeling spoling your dog but also help other canines not so fortunate.

However, we did find the complaints about their customer service a little concerning.

8) Pupjoy

Where To Buy:



Pupjoy – The Basics

Pupjoy provide custom tailored subscription boxes to meet you needs.

Whether you’ve got a power chewer or a picky eater, you can customize your Pupjoy box.

They include an assortment of “tail-wagging goodies”, such as limited-ingredient treats, healthy natural chews, and unique artisan-quality dog toys.

They’ve also get a Power Chewers box if your dog loves to chew. So they’ve catered to different personalities.

Furthermore, Pupjoy have a Helping Paws program to support animal rescues.

Customer Reviews

Pupjoy have 4.9 stars out of 5 based upon 368 reviews on their website.

One Pupjoy customer was delighted with the quality of the products:

I have habitually bought PupJoy gifts for both my dogs and now for several friends dogs! My dogs like soft toys and my friends like power chewers! All my friends LOVE the way their dogs can’t destroy the toys! Absolutely top class service and would recommend (and do) to everyone! Keep up the good work PupJoy!!!

A Chihuahua owner didn’t hesitate to recommend Pupjoy to other dog moms:

My supersized Pupjoy box arrived and immediately my chihuahua knew it was for him. He can be picky about toys but every single toy included has been a home run for him. All the treats are healthy, clearly labeled and unique. The quality and size of the products was impressive. I’ll definitely be recommending Pupjoy to my fellow dog moms!


Pupjoy starts from as little as $29 a month. You can save up to 10 per cent by going for a three, six or 12 month subscription. Their most popular package is the three-month subscription at $84.

Their Power Chewers box costs $39 per box. You can save up to 15 per cent by going for 12 boxes. Again, their most popular package is the three-month subscription at $111.


We were unable to find any offers for Pupjoy at this time.

Our Verdict

There’s a lot to like about Pupjoy. We especially like that you’ve got the option to go for their original Pupjoy box or Power Chewers box.

Their reviews are outstanding, with lots of happy dog and dog owners.

Pupjoy’s treats appeared to be a big hit with pet parents.

Anything Else To Consider?

We’ve touched upon our favourite eight dog subscription boxes.

If you’ve got cats and dogs in your home, there are some boxes that cover both types of pets.

Your boxes are usually delivered at the start or the end of the month.

The subscription boxes that we’ve featured in this article all deliver within the USA. Some deliver to Europe and other continents, too. Others don’t.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

So we’ve reached the end of our review of the best dog subscription boxes.

They can provide a great source of entertainment for your dogs, whether it’s through chewing on a tasty treat or a tug-of-war with a new toy.

Whether you’ve got a puppy, a big chewer such as a Labrador Retriever, or a rescue dog, there’s a box to cater to your needs.

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