Best Dog Food For Picky Eaters UK 2022

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 29 June 2022

It can be very worrying when your dog is refusing to eat their food.

While sometimes this can be a sign of illness, there are some dogs that are just fussy when it comes to what meals they eat.

As a pet owner with two picky eaters, I know all too well the stress involved with trying to find dog food for fussy pups.

I’ve got two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs who are notoriously particular about their meals, often turning their nose up at the contents of their dog bowl.

However, I was introduced to the dog food delivery concept and fortunately these freshly prepared meals changed my Klee Kai’s eating habits.

They were no longer fussy and instead gobbled down their home-cooked food, with the meals conveniently delivered directly to my door.

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Having experienced the challenges involved with owning fussy dogs, I’ve taken a look at some of the best tasting dog food for picky eaters.

In this article, I will review my three top picks based upon my experience.

Best Dog Food For Fussy Eaters UK

Rating Summary Website
Butternut Box Butternut Box • Rip-and-serve meals • Four recipes • Top ingredients Buy Now
Different Dog Different Dog • Homecooked • Recipe variety • Eco-friendly Buy Now
Tails Tails • Scooper • Flexibility • Dry and wet food Buy Now

1) Butternut Box


Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Butternut Box – The Basics

Butternut Box are looking to provide dog owners with a fresh alternative when it comes to dog nutrition.

You may be accustomed to feeding your dog store-bought brands without really thinking what goes into these meals.

Unfortunately traditional types of dog food can be full of additives but you won’t have to worry about that where Butternut Box are concerned.

Butternut Box only use the freshest possible ingredients in their home-cooked meals, which are tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Whether your four-legged friend needs to lose weight or gain weight, or you’re just looking to spice up your canine’s meals, Butternut Box have you covered.

We love that Butternut Box are putting the food back into dog food, rather than mystery fillers and preservatives found in traditional options. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting a balanced and complete diet.

They offer five different recipes so there should be something for all dogs, whether they prefer, chicken, beef, lamb or turkey. You can mix and match in order to keep your fussy eater’s taste buds guessing.

Butternut Box have an eco-friendly approach to their dog food delivery subscription service given all their packaging is recycling.

What Recipes Do They Offer?

We’ve just mentioned that Butternut Box offer five different recipes but let’s take a look at them in closer detail.

Chow Down Chicken – A tasty, complete food made with 60% freshly prepared chicken. No added grains, seasoned with sage and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Beef It Up – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared beef (trim, heart and liver). No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Gobble Gobble Turkey – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared turkey. No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Wham Bam Lamb – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared turkey. No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Oh My Cod – Sustainably sourced cod (60%), carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, red lentils, kale, milled chickpeas, sunflower oil, brewers yeast and minerals.

Why Are They Good For Fussy Eaters?

Let’s hear from Bella the Cavapoo and her experience with Butternut Box:

Fresh dog food has changed Bella’s life. She is much happier, healthier, she enjoys meal times. I love knowing I am feeding her a preservative free diet, food that I would only feed myself.

Our Verdict

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box recipes (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

As I mentioned above, my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs have always been fussy eaters. They were quick to go off dry food, which left me with a big headache. While chicken and rice was a temporary fix, I wanted something more long term to keep them happy in the UK.

My two mini huskies loved Butternut Box’s meals. I wasn’t used to seeing my dogs get excited about mealtime but they now sit by their bowls when they know it’s time to be fed. They lick each other’s bowls to make sure there are no scraps left over.

I can see that the meals are used with human grade ingredients. I love that they use pre-portioned pouches, so serving my dogs is as simple as rip and serve. The pouches are much more space efficient than some other companies I’ve tried.

As a pet owner who cares about the environment, I really appreciated that Butternut Box use boxes, ice packs and insulation that can all be recycled. It was comforting to know that I was feeding my dogs balanced and complete meals but leaving a green paw print on our planet.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

You’ve heard from me and Bella the Cavapoo but what do other customers have to say about Butternut Box? Well the British company get a glowing 4.9 out of 5 stars based upon nearly 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

One Weimaraner owner was staggered by her dog’s response to Butternut Box’s meals:

I have a very fussy Weimaraner but he absolutely inhales this food and every flavour. Very helpful staff also. Brilliant quality food for my dog, we could probably eat it!

A Cockapoo owner was delighted to see her four-legged friend eating again:

So very pleased I discovered Butternut Box after I was told about this by a friend. My 7 month cockapoo wasn’t eating sometimes just eating once a day.
Since starting butternut box he’s eaten every single meal with relish.

Do Butternut Box Offer A Discount?

We can offer helloBARK! readers who are genuinely interested in making a permanent change to fresh and healthy meals an exclusive discount on Butternut Box’s meals. New customers can get 50% off their first order and 50% off their second order by clicking here.

Wrapping Up

We can’t speak highly enough of Butternut Box having seen the impact that these meals have had on my Alaskan Klee Kai.

My dogs loved their meals, while it gave me great peace of mind knowing that they were getting proper ingredients in their food.

Their meals are stored in pouches that are easy to store in the freezer, so you won’t have to compromise your own food.

Of the dog food delivery companies that I’ve reviewed, Butternut Box represent the best overall value and that’s why they’re my number one picky for dog owners with picky eaters.

We can offer new Butternut Box customers an exclusive discount of 50% off their first order and 50% offer their second order through this link.

2) Different Dog


Different Dog use fresh ingredients (Photo: Different Dog)

Different Dog use fresh ingredients (Photo: Different Dog)

Who Are Different Dog?

Different Dog are a Shropshire company looking to revolutionise the way dog owners feed their pups in the UK, steering pet parents away from traditional dog food options.

They want to improve your dog’s health (and happiness) by feeding them with their home-cooked recipes, which have been created with help from vet nutritionists.

Their recipes are all hand-cooked so you know that they really create these meals with the fine details in mind.

Just like Butternut Box, they offer customised meals for picky eaters. You’ll just need to fill out a questionnaire when you sign up to give them all the key information about your dog.

Different Dog offer an incredible range of dog food options. They usually have a menu of 10 recipes to choose from and pet parents can mix and match to ensure their fussy eater has variety.

Unlike Butternut Box, Different Dog use pots to store their meals that aren’t pre-portioned. So you’ll need to follow their guidelines and exact some portion control.

What Recipes Do They Offer?

As we touched upon above, Different Dog offer a great range of recipes on their menu. Usually they’ve got around 10 options that pet parents can select from. Here is an example of some of their meals.

Chicken Casserole – Chicken (Mince (55%), Liver (5%)), Red Cabbage, Sweet Potato (8%), Carrot (5.8%), Apple, Mushroom (3%), Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Parsley, Monocalcium Phosphate, Brewers Yeast, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Minerals and Turmeric.

Braised Beef – Beef (Mince (40%), Heart (15%), Liver (5%)), Spinach (12.9%), Squash (8%), Carrot, Apple (5%), Mushroom, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Parsley, Monocalcium Phosphate, Brewers Yeast, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Minerals, and Turmeric.

Lamb Hotpot – Lamb 60% (Lamb Mince 40%, Lamb Heart 15%, Lamb Liver 5%), Red Cabbage (12.9%), Parsnip (8%), Carrot, Apple (5%), Mushroom, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Sage, Monocalcium Phosphate, Brewers Yeast, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Minerals and Turmeric.

Turkey Fricassee – Turkey 60%, Cabbage (12.9%), Sweet Potato(8%), Carrot, Banana (5%), Mushroom, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Coriander, Monocalcium Phosphate, Brewers Yeast, Chia Seeds, Kelp, Minerals and Turmeric.

Why Are They Good For Fussy Eaters?

Different Dog are good option for pet owners with picky eaters because they’ve got such a diverse range of recipes. There really is something to satisfy every dog, even if you’ve got an extremely fussy canine companion.

Our Verdict

My Alaskan Klee Kai dogs really liked Different Dog’s meals. They’re meals clearly use high quality ingredients, it looked and smelt fit for human consumption. We can’t fault them on their high standards.

They store their meals in pots which can be troublesome if you’ve got a small freezer like me or limited space during these unprecedented times. I found I had to sacrifice our frozen food to accommodate Different Dog’s meals, which wasn’t ideal.

Different Dog are a fantastic option for dog owners if budget isn’t an issue. But if you’ve got to work within a weekly or monthly budget, you may find their dog food expensive.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Different Dog get five stars out of five on independent website Trustpilot. In fact, 91% of reviewers gave an excellent rating to this British company.

One customer was delighted with their decision to switch to Different Dog:

The best decision I have made in many years to feed my dogs, Different Dog. All bowls licked clean and some of mine are very picky. Going on to poos and all are solid that’s a first time for a couple who suffer from colitis.

Another pet parent was delighted with the freshness of the meals:

I have been searching for fresh food for my dog for a while , although other brands said they use fresh ingredients it never seemed fresh enough for me. This is straight from the pan with all the goodness of fresh ingredients that are designed for the wellbeing of dogs.

Do Different Dog Offer A Discount?

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Wrapping up

If budget isn’t an option and you want to adopt a fresh approach to your dog’s meals, you won’t go wrong with Different Dog.

Their meals are restaurant-quality, look great and smell great – and that’s coming from a pet owner!

Different Dog offer 10 recipes on their menu each month so they’ve got a wide variety for picky dogs.

However, their meals are stored in pots which I found cumbersome to store in my freezer, taking up a lot of space.

They offer a premium service so expect to pay a premium price. If you’ve got the room in your budget, they could be a fantastic option for you your fussy pup.

For more information and to get 35% off your first 2 Different Dog boxes by entering HELLOBARKCC35 at the checkout, visit:

3) Tails


Copper and Skye with their Tails dog food (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Copper and Skye with their Tails dog food (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Who Are Tails?

Tails are a dog food delivery company who offer pet parents a range of dry and wet food.

Unlike Butternut Box and Different Dog, they don’t offer home-cooked fresh meals that look like human food.

Having said that, Tails still use natural ingredients in their kibble, which is baked to perfection.

Like the two aforementioned companies, they still customise their meals to meet your fussy eater’s needs based upon the information you provide when you sign up.

So your dog’s specific requirements will met, whether they need to eat more or shed a few pounds. Tails go into great detail about their food, showing complete transparency.

They provide a customised scooper with your first order with instructions on how to make it the right dimensions. This ensures you won’t overfeed your dog.

Tails offer a range of different flavours to keep your dog guessing. You can also combine kibble with wet food to ensure an explosion of flavour in your canine’s mouth.

What Recipes Do They Offer?

Tails offer three flavours for dogs: lamb, salmon and chicken. They explain that meat and fish are a natural source of protein and fatty acids. These protein sources will also provide hearty flavour to your pup’s meals.

As you would expect from balanced and healthy dog meals, there’s lots of grains and vegetables in their recipes. These include peas, beet pulp, potatoes, brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Finally, these incorporate sources of vitamins and minerals to help with immune defence, joint care and digestion. These include prebiotics (from yeast) and glucosamine hydrochloride (which come from shellfish to help provide the building blocks for collagen, cartilage and joint fluid).

Why Are They Good For Fussy Eaters?

If you want to stick with dry food, Tails have some fantastic kibble options to ensure your dog is eating dog food free from any nasties or unwanted additives.

Our Verdict

Copper and Skye with their Tails dog food (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Copper and Skye with their Tails dog food (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

We think Tails is a good option for pet parents who want to stick with kibble. I must admit that my Alaskan Klee Kai’s reaction to the dry food wasn’t as enthusiastic as their love for Butternut Box and Different Dog. Having said that, they may simply prefer home-cooked meals to kibble.

One thing I thought Tails did well was their attention to detail. They provided a lot of information about what benefits their meals would bring to my dogs. So you could learn about how certain nutrients would have a positive influence on your pup’s health.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Tails get 4.8 stars out of 5 based upon nearly 19,000 reviews on Trustpilot. That’s a lot of tails wagging with delight!

One customer was delighted to make the switch to Tails during the coronavirus crisis:

I saw the ad for Tails and thought would give it a go. My JRT, Penny, has certainly given it the “paws up”, she got a mix of wet and dry and is really enjoying it. There are loads of wet food options for your dogs taste buds and if it doesn’t suit you can contact Tails to discuss further and hopefully find the perfect blend for your dog.

A Frenchie owner had similar success with Tails:

We began a trail of Tails after my fussy French Bulldog often missed meals and wouldn’t eat all of her food in one go, she would often pick at her food throughout the day. Now she never misses a meal, her skin is clean and in such a good condition. She doesn’t have issues with flatulence anymore and has put weight on so she is now a healthy weight.

Do Tails Offer A Discount?

We have another exclusive offer for customers who’d like to try Tails for their picky eaters. Our readers can get 75% off their first order of Tails when they click this link. To sign up, visit

Wrapping Up

We like a lot of things about Tails. They’ve got great dry and wet food options, with a reliable delivery service.

They’re a customer that knows how to deliver a personal touch to their service, which we really appreciated.

While my Alaskan Klee Kai weren’t as obsessed with their meals as they were with other companies, I’m sure lots of other picky eaters would love to get their gnashers into this grub.

Our readers can get 75% off their first order of Tails when they click this link.

Reasons Why Dog Food Delivery Companies Can Help Fussy Eaters

I really believe in the benefits that dog food delivery companies can bring to pet parents who have picky or fussy canine companions. I’ve already reviewed the best dog food delivery options in the UK.

RELATED: The five leading dog food delivery companies in the UK

But let’s here some more reasons why you should consider giving a dog food delivery company a go.

Fresh And Tasty Ingredients – The number one reason why you should give these meals a try is the fresh ingredients they use in their meals. After all, if we wouldn’t eat the meals why should we expect are dogs to eat them?

Customised Meals For Your Fussy Dog – These dog food delivery companies can tailor their meals to meet your pup’s specific needs. You can specify if your four-legged friend has a history of being a fussy eater.

Lots Of Recipe Variety – They provide lots of recipe variety so you have flexibility to change up your dog’s meals when you feel you need to spice it up.

Pre-Portioned Meals – You may be tempted to overfeed your dog when you see them gobble down their balanced and complete meals. Some companies pre portion their meals so you know exactly how much to feed your dog.

Guarantee – Most dog food delivery companies will give you a refund if your pet doesn’t like their food. You can also get a sample or trial box.

Anything Else To Consider?

We don’t recommend making an immediate switch when you receive your first delivery. You should make a gradual transition to your new dog food to ensure you don’t cause your pet to suffer from an upset tummy.

If you have any questions about how to best make the transition, you can contact the dog food delivery company who have lots of vet experts to help offer advice.

In Conclusion

So we’ve reached the end of our feature on the best dog food for picky eaters in the UK.

We’ve taken a look at three different British companies that I believe can help pet parents with fussy dogs.

I’ve seen the benefits of dog food delivery companies first hand on my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs.

By making the change to fresh meals, I’ve saved money and time with less trips to the vet.

I rate Butternut Box as the best option of these three best dog food companies but you won’t go wrong by selecting either of the other two if you’ve got a picky eater right now.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out three great dog food options for picky eaters in the UK to help you keep your pets motivated at mealtime