Best Dog Food For Pancreatitis UK 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2023

Do you have a dog that is struggling with pancreatitis?

Unfortunately, pancreatitis is a relatively common condition in dogs that can occur at any age irrespective of the dog breed, gender or mix.

If you suspect that your dog could be struggling with pancreatitis then you should contact your veterinarian immediately to book an appointment.

While pancreatitis can affect any dog breed or cross breed, it can occur more frequently in specific dog breeds such as Miniature Schnauzers.

Older dogs can also be at a higher risk of pancreatitis if they’re overweight or recovering from a surgery that’s caused tummy discomfort.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at three dog food brands who can accommodate dog owners looking for low-fat recipes for their canines companions.

We’ll feature Butternut Box, Different Dog and Pure Pet Food, examining the low-fat recipes on offer, how their subscription plan works and what other customers are saying.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

What Is Pancreatitis?

Vet checks Labrador's tummy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Vet checks Labrador’s tummy (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pancreatitis is a painful condition that is caused by the inflammation of the pancreas.

The pancreas is a small organ that produces enzymes and hormones that can help to control blood sugar and break down food.

However, sometimes the enzymes in the pancreas can get to work too early which can cause discomfort and irritation in the stomach.

The subsequent inflammation of the pancreas is what we call pancreatitis.

The PDSA explain that pancreatitis can be caused by your dog being overweight, a bout of illness, a recent surgery or consumption of high fat food such as pork, cheese or butter.

The American Kennel Club write about some of the perils of feeding your dog high-fat food from your table where pancreatitis is concerned.

Human food is especially dangerous, though even high-fat dog food may cause pancreatitis. So owner vigilance is particularly required around holidays and other festive occasions—they can bring well-meaning guests who slip your buddy a fatty piece of lamb, or a tray of buttery cookies left within reach of an eager muzzle.

As you can imagine, Christmas, Easter and other family celebrations pose a particularly dangerous time for a dog as tidbits and leftovers often find their way into your canine companion’s tummy.

Pancreatitis could be a one-off occurrence or it could be a long-term issue. The Kennel Club in the UK offer the following explanation for how long it can take dogs to recover from pancreatitis:

If your dog is affected by pancreatitis they may need to be monitored and treated by your vet for several days. More severe cases can be more complicated and your dog may take a week or longer to recover. Chronic pancreatitis is a longer-term issue and although the disease can be managed, it can’t be ‘cured’ and will be present for life.

Symptoms Of Pancreatitis

Pug throws up dog food (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pug throws up dog food (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The symptoms of pancreatitis aren’t always obvious, and as this can be a serious condition, dog owners will need to be especially vigilant.

If you suspect your dog is suffering with pancreatitis or you’ve think they might have an upset tummy, we can’t emphasise enough that you should immediately contact your local vet to have your pup assessed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. Our articles and the products featured in them are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems for you and/or your pet. It's always best to consult your vet regarding any health issues your pet may have.

Some of the symptoms will be quite obvious, such as vomiting or nausea. Your dog might be eating less or lost their appetitite which can be quite alarming.

In my experience with a dog who suffers with pancreatitis, you may notice your dog stretching into a prayer position (like downward dog in yoga) which suggests their stomach is painful.

They may have running stools or diarrhoea if they’re struggling with pancreatitis.

Other potential symptoms include dehydration, weakness, lethargy and fever.

If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms then you should immediately contact your vet to book an appointment to have your four-legged friend checked over.

The Kennel Club in the UK write on their website that:

Pancreatitis can be life-threatening and must be treated by your vet. Veterinary treatment is usually supportive, but affected dogs may need regular monitoring as well as intravenous fluids and medications to help manage pain and nausea.

How Dog Food Delivery Companies Can Help

Irish Setter eating out of dog bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Irish Setter eating out of dog bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There are some dog food delivery companies who offer low-fat dog food meals that could be suitable to your pup’s specific needs.

One of the steps that vets will often recommend is feeding your dog a low-fat diet rather than a high-fat diet to reduce the workload on the pancreas.

While a low-fat diet can be helpful some generic brands use kibble or wet food that don’t contain high-quality protein in their recipes as well as using additives, fillers and nasties.

That’s why dog food delivery companies can help because their low-fat meals use human-quality ingredients that are gently cooked at low temperatures to ensure maximum flavour.

They’ll usually offer a number of different low-fat recipes so you can still offer your canine companion a range of tasty meals to keep their tastebuds satisfied.

What’s more, the dog food delivery companies listed in this article offer a sign-up questionnaire so you can disclose that your dog has previously struggled with pancreatitis or has chronic pancreatitis.

In doing so, the brands named in this article can enlist their nutritionists to help tailor your dog’s meals accordingly to give you peace of mind.

However, you should speak to your vet before switching to any of the dog food brands listed in this article to see whether they’re a suitable option for your dog.

Best Dog Food For Pancreatitis UK

Now that we’ve learned a little bit more about pancreatitis, some of the symptoms and how fresh dog meals could be able to help, let’s take a look at some of the best dog food companies who offer low-fat meals in the UK.

1) Butternut Box


Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper with his Butternut Box recipes (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

As someone who has experienced owning a dog with chronic pancreatitis, Butternut Box are a great option if you’re looking for low-fat meals that are balanced, complete and tailored to your dog’s specific needs. They’ve got an impressive six low-fat recipes – Swish Fish Dish, Plant Get Enough, Gobble Gobble Turkey, Chicken You Out, You’ve Got Game (my dogs loved this) and Ready Steady Veggie. They don’t use any nasties in their recipes, they’re grain-free and gently cooked.

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2) Different Dog


Skye and Different Dog's Health+ range (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Skye and Different Dog’s Health+ range (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Different Dog offer high-quality meals cooked at low temperatures by their team of chefs in their kitchen. So you can have peace of mind knowing your dog’s food has been carefully and lovingly prepared. They’ve got a Health+ range that target specific health conditions in dogs. They’ve got low-fat options such as Keep-Me-Trim Turkey and Comforting Chicken that have been formulated to be low in fat but high in taste. In their regular menu, you can find other chicken, fish and turkey options that may be suitable.

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3) Pure Pet Food


Pure Pet Food (Photo:

Pure Pet Food (Photo:

If you’re not sure your dog will like fresh meals or you don’t have room in your fridge and freezer to store their food, you may prefer to stick with a dry dog food option. Pure Pet Food appear to have an excellent record when dealing with pancreatitis. They’ve got a page dedicated to success stories of dogs with pancreatitis who’ve made the switch to Pure Pet Food (there are 13 testimonials that you can check out). Pure Pet Food have low-fat recipes that have been created with this condition mind, with their website explaining they use ingredients that can support, soothe and help to protect your dog’s digestive system.

Anything Else To Consider?

Pug is checked over by vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pug is checked over by vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We have to underline the importance of speaking to your regular vet about Butternut Box, Different Dog or Pure Pet Food if you’re thinking about making the switch to one of these dog food delivery companies.

Your vet can give their advice and guidance based upon their knowledge of your dog’s medical history and current condition.

If you and your vet have decided that one of these companies is right for your dog, you should ask for help on how to make the transition to their new dog food.

In Conclusion

Butternut Box recipes (Photo: helloBARK!)

Butternut Box recipes (Photo: helloBARK!)

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the best dog food for dogs with pancreatitis in the UK.

In this article, we’ve looked at three dog food companies who have created balanced and complete low-fat meals for British pups.

Our top pick would be Butternut Box seeing as they’ve got a good selection of low-fat recipes and their meals are high quality but at an affordable price.

Having said that, there’s little to choose between all three brands and you won’t go wrong if you select Different Dog or Pure Pet Food.

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