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Best Dog Food Delivery 2019
Freshly cooked dog meals delivered to your door (Photo: NomNomNow)
helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on June 24, 2019

Are you worried that your dog isn’t eating a nutritious diet? It could be time you tried freshly cooked dog food to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Our dogs need to have a complete and balanced diet to ensure they are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain their wellbeing. They’re no different to humans.

While dog owners have been feeding their canine companions dry and wet dog food for decades and decades, there is an increasing desire to ensure our dogs are getting high quality raw food.

This can be difficult given most of us don’t have time to go to the pet store to pick up fresh meals for our pups on a weekly basis, while home cooked recipes can often lead to the exclusion of vital minerals and vitamins.

Of course, cooking your dog’s food requires a lot of time, something which is challenging to find when you’ve already got your own meals to prepare.

This is why there has been an influx of dog food delivery companies who will prepare meals on a weekly basis and have them shipped to your doorstep.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best options available at the moment. We’ll break this article into the following sections:

• Current Top Rated Dog Food Delivery Companies 2019
• How We Choose The Best Dog Food
• Best Dog Food 2019
• NomNomNow
• Just Food For Dogs
• Grocery Pup
• Things to consider when picking dog food delivery
• Our final thoughts

Without further ado, let’s start our breakdown of the best dog food delivery companies.

Current Top Rated Dog Food Delivery Companies 2019

Rating Summary Website
NomNomNow NomNomNow ★★★★★ • Rip-and-serve meals • Four recipes • Top ingredients Buy Now
Just Food For Dogs Just Food For Dogs ★★★★★ • Very experienced • Recipe variety • Customised meals Buy Now
Grocery Pup Grocery Pup ★★★★☆ • Sous-vide • Deliver to 48 states • Three meals Buy Now

How We Choose The Best Dog Food

We considered seven key areas when deciding upon the best dog food.

• Ingredients
• Recipe Variety
• Effectiveness
• Packaging and Preparation
• Ordering experience
• Price
• Delivery schedule

Best Dog Food 2019

1) NomNomNow

Website: www.nomnomnow.com

Photo: NomNomNow
Photo: NomNomNow

NomNomNow’s mantra is better food, better health. It’s that simple for the California-based company.

NomNomNow care about the health of pets, and as a result, want to provide meals that reach the “care grade”.

In following through with this mantra, NomNomNow prepare their meals individually to guarantee your pet’s unique calorie needs are met, while delivering the meals on time and allowing the pet owner to serve their dog’s grub fresh.

For NomNomNow, it’s really as simple as: One bag. One meal. Rip. Serve. Enjoy.

Main points

• Customised meals to meet your dog’s needs – NomNomNow ask for your dog’s age, weight and activity level to ensure your pet’s needs are met, keeping in mind any potential health issues.

• Freshly prepared in NomNomNow’s facilities – NomNomNow cook your dog’s homemade meal using whole, restaurant-quality ingredients. Importantly, no frozen products are used in their fresh dog food recipes.

• Individual portions – NomNomNow formulate each meal package for your individual dog to make your life easier. There is no need for kitchen scales or scoops. Their rip-and-tear packages make life easy.

• Reliable delivery service – NomNomNow deliver your dog’s food to your door free of charge. All you have to worry about is storing the meals in your fridge or freezer.

NomNomNow’s nutrition team provides one-on-one attention to every pet parent to ensure a smooth transition to a healthy diet and long-term success for your pet.


Porkalicious Potluck – Pork, Potatoes, Kale, Green beans, Mushrooms, NomNomNutrient Mix and Fish oil.

Chicken Chow-Wow – Diced chicken, Sweet potatoes, Yellow squash, Spinach, NomNomNutrient Mix and Fish oil.

Tasty Turkey Fare – Ground turkey, Brown rice, Carrots, Spinach, Egg, NomNomNutrient Mix and Fish oil.

Heartland Beef Mash – Ground beef, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, Egg, NomNomNutrient Mix, Fish oil.

Packaging and Preparation

NomNomNow’s dog food deliveries arrive in a well secured box that is easy accessible. Inside, the meals are insulated with ice and plastic foam to ensure the freshly cooked dog food is ready for your pet to eat or can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

When it comes to breakfast or dinner time, you simply tear-and-serve. It couldn’t be easier.

Price and Delivery

NomNomNow provide a quality service to help improve your faithful companion’s long-term health so you may have to pay a premium price depending on your dog’s size, age and activity level.

However, NomNomNow are offering helloBARK! customers the chance to get 50 per cent off their first order so you can check out the benefits to your dog’s wellbeing.

NomNomNow’s expert

NomNomNow’s Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist Justin Shmalberg DVM has worked tirelessly to formulate NomNomNow’s dog and cat food recipes.

Shmalberg: “Feeding our pets well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases.”

What people are saying about it

One customer who left a Google review revealed that it was their vet who recommended NomNomNow as the food is “excellent and naturally balanced”.

Another testimony expressed their delight with NomNomNow’s service. Praising the freshly cooked meals, the customer revealed that the fish oils contained in the recipe had left her dog’s coat looking “super shiny”.

A review on Consumeraffairs was thrilled with the “speed and simplicity” of NomNomNow’s service. The customer went on to add that they felt the price was fair, while shipping was “fast and convenient”.

Any negatives?

Premium price – The freshly cooked, restaurant grade ingredients come at a higher cost.

Location – NomNomNow only deliver to 48 of the 50 states in the United States, which non-American pet owners will be disappointed to learn but we will keep you posted if this changes.


For those who want the comfort of knowing that their dog is eating the highest quality ingredients, freshly cooked and especially formulated for your own pet, choose NomNomNow.

We love the variety of recipes on offer. They provide plenty of flexibility when it comes to selecting what protein source will best suit your dog.

Not only that, but NomNomNow never use frozen ingredients so their meals are freshly prepared and tailored to your dog’s requirements.

Delivery is swift and preparation of the meal is a simple tear-and-serve method to make the process of feeding your dog stress free.

For more information and to buy now: www.nomnomnow.com

2) Just Food For Dogs

Website: www.justfoodfordogs.com

Just Food For Dogs is based in California (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)
Just Food For Dogs is based in California (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

JustFoodForDogs (JFFD) launched the fresh, whole food movement for pets when they opened the first open to the public kitchen cooking food for dogs in 2010.

JFFD offers human-grade, all-natural food for dogs and is the only food on the market proven healthy by two independent universities, who conducted year-long trials proving their recipes boost the immune system of dogs in a healthy way.

JustFoodForDogs offerings are available at flagship kitchens located in California, New York City and Seattle with Boston, Chicago on the way.

The company also has pantries and store-in-store formats within Petco and Pet Food Express.

Main points

What is Just Food For Dogs? – Just Food For Dogs are one of the original companies behind the fresh pet food movement after launching nines years ago.

Healthier dogs – They aim to improve the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible thanks to their healthy and balanced meals.

Wide variety of recipes – We all know dogs can be picky at times, but Just Food For Dogs have a wide range of meals to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Proven healthy by experts – JFFD is the only dog food on the market proven healthy by two independent universities, who conducted year-long trials proving their recipes boost the immune system of dogs in a healthy way.


Just Food For Dogs have a wide variety of meal options that can help to keep your pup stimulated at dinner time, which is different to other companies that helloBARK! has reviewed.

Some of the recipes are listed below but you can find more on their website.

Lamb and brown rice – USDA Certified Ground Lamb, Long Grain Brown Rice, Spinach, Cauliflower, Carrots, USDA Certified Lamb Liver, Blueberries, Safflower Oil, Icelandic Premium Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Beef and russet potato – USDA Certified Ground Beef, USDA Certified Beef Liver, Russet Potato, Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Carrots, Green Peas, Apples, Safflower Oil, Icelandic Premium Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Turkey and whole wheat macaroni – USDA Certified Ground Turkey, USDA Certified Turkey Liver, Whole Wheat Macaroni, Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, Cranberries, Icelandic Premium Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Chicken and white rice – USDA Certified Chicken Thigh, USDA Certified Chicken Gizzard, USDA Certified Chicken Liver, Long Grain White Rice, Spinach, Carrots, Apples, Icelandic Premium Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Fish and sweet potato – Alaskan Pacific Wild Caught Cod, Sweet Potato, Potato, Green Beans, Broccoli, Safflower Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Venison and squad – Venison, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries, Safflower Oil, Icelandic Premium Fish Oil and Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend.

Just Food For Dogs go one step further by providing veterinary support diets, although you’ll need a prescription from your local vet to get these meals for your pooch.

Packaging and Preparation

Just Food For Dogs meals are vacuum sealed and frozen immediately after chilling; a technique which allows them to maintain the nutritional integrity of the food.

The meals should be stored in a freezer and thawed in the refrigerator, and it will stay fresh for seven days when unopened and fresh for five days once opened.

Using Just Food For Dogs’ portion console, dog owners are able to work out how big the meal portions should be. It’s a little extra effort but it does reduce waste.

Price and Delivery

JFFD price their meals per packet of food, which isn’t customised specifically for your dog.

Although you may prefer to individual sachets for your good, JFFD’s way of operating does allow for complete transparency. There aren’t any nasty surprises when you get to the checkout.

Their popular meals (listed in the recipes above) range from $6.95 to $11.95.

JustFoodForDogs meals can be picked up or shipped almost anywhere in the USA, or delivered directly to your home or office within 10 miles of any of their kitchens.

What people are saying about it

helloBARK! have carried out some research to find some Just Food For Dog reviews. They have a lot of reviews on their website, some excellent, others good, and to their credit, they haven’t deleted any negative feedback.

One customer revealed that her sensitive pup has stopped having persistent bouts of pancreatitis since switching to Just Food For Dogs.

Another satisfied dog owner says her pet loves the variety of the recipes to ensure meal time never gets boring.

Finally, a consumer stated their Boxer has healthier skin and a glossier coat since going onto a diet of exclusively JFFD.

Any negatives?

Just Food For Dogs don’t customise their meals to each individual dog. Although this isn’t a big issue, some pet parents may prefer rip-and-serve packets.

Having said that, less packaging with help to preserve the environment, something which JFFD cares about.


For pet owners based in the USA looking to feed their precious pups freshly cooked meals, Just Food For Dogs is a great option.

The company has so much variety that there is something to satisfy every fussy dog.

Their recipes have been extensively researched and proven by two universities to be highly beneficial for dogs.

JFFD is one of the biggest competitors in the market. They’ve got a lot of experience under their belt having started in 2010 unlike some new start ups in recent years.

The company are rapidly opening new kitchens so they’ll be able to meet demand and expand nationwide.

For more information and to buy now: www.justfoodfordogs.com

3) Grocery Pup

Website: www.grocerypup.com

Grocery Pup offers three different recipes (Photo: Grocery Pup)
Grocery Pup offers three different recipes (Photo: Grocery Pup)

Grocery Pup are committed to creating healthier dog food for our precious pooches.

They believe that it is vital pet parents know exactly what they are feeding their dogs.

Their website states that “if it’s not good enough for us humans, then it’s not good enough for our pups”.

Grocery Pup only use human-grade ingredients in their homemade meals to protect your dog’s health.

That means using the best quality meat and fresh vegetables to ensure your pup gets a balanced and healthy diet.

Grocery Pup’s meals are freshly prepared and formulated to ensure your dog gets all the necessary calories to keep them energised for activity time.

Main points

Human-grade standards – Their nutritious meals are sous-vide cooked in a USDA facility using the same safety and quality standards as human food.

Vet-created meals – Grocery Pup tailor their meals to meet your pet’s specific needs so their pre-made and pre-portioned. The meals are ready to serve, just tear and pour.

Cooked sous-vide – A unique cooking method that delivers the nutrition of raw without the risk for raw. It also delivers a mega flavor boost to please those picky eaters!

Dog years delivered – Their website claims that when you add it all together, you get more quality years with your dog. Or as Grocery Pup also like to call it: dog years delivered.


Turkey Pawella – Ground Turkey, Turkey Liver, Tomatoes, Carrots, Green Peas, Rice, Monocalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Ferrous Sulfate, L-Tryptophan, Zinc Oxide, Selenium, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement.

Porky’s Luau Stew – Ground Pork, Beef Liver, Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Pineapple, Monocalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Ferrous Sulfate, L-Tryptophan, Zinc Oxide, Selenium, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement.

Bitchin’ Beef Stew – Ground Beef, Beef Liver, Green Peas, Tomatoes, Russet Potatoes, Carrots, GMO-Free Canola Oil, Monocalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Ferrous Sulfate, L-Tryptophan, Zinc Oxide, Selenium, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement.

Packaging and Preparation

Grocery Pup will include a dog feed guideline to make giving your furry friend their first instalment of these freshly cooked meals hopefully a smooth experience.

You will receive your delivery in one pound servings of food so you can keep the rest frozen until it is required.

Grocery Pup state on their website that the food will remain good for 7-10 days once defrosted.

They don’t use rip-and-serve packets which some dog owners may prefer, but it does mean less rubbish to dispose of.

Price and delivery

Grocery Pup’s prices do vary depending on the size of your dog. The bigger the pooch, the heavier this diet will hit your pocket.

They provide eight different size options on their website, which is a very thorough list.

A month of Turkey Pawella for a teenie tiny dog costs $88.

However, their service could cost substantially more depending on whether you have a big boned dog, a medium, large to jumbo-sized pup.

You can get 30% off your pup’s first meal delivery with code FRESH30 when you sign up at Grocery Pup by clicking here.

What people are saying about it

Grocery Pup have a review section on their website, boasting almost 50 testimonials, but you will only find five-star reviews.

Our team of researchers have dug a little deeper to find some unbiased testimonials online.

One Facebook user was delighted with Grocery Pup, especially because her dogs have sensitive stomachs but the food “worked wonders”.

Another customer admitted that knowing Grocery Pup use human grade of food gives them “peace of mind”.

A five-star review revealed how Grocery Pup has helped her pup with a sensitive tummy:

“We’ve been very happy with our experience with Grocery Pup! Ordering was easy, the delivery was quick, and most importantly, our dogs are so happy! One of our dogs has a sensitive tummy, and there’s no doubt that this food is helping his gut.”

Any negatives?

Grocery Pup do give the pet parents the chance to subscribe to a premium service, so it will cost more money than your average dog food at the supermarket.

However, they are very competitively priced when compared to other dog food delivery companies on the market right now.


Grocery Pup provide a good dog food delivery service than can make life easier for dog owners with a busy work schedule.

Their website is easy to use and the questionnaire is very thorough to ease the concerns of anxious dog parents.

We love their variety of recipes and sous-vide food.

For more information and to buy now: www.grocerypup.com

Things to consider when picking dog food delivery


Your dog needs a complete and balanced diet, so it is vital that the right ingredients are included in the recipes. This is what differentiates freshly cooked dog food from the meals that humans eat.

Naturally, meat is a great source of fat and protein for your dog, but owners should ensure that animal-based diets aren’t excessively high in fat. Dog food delivery can remove this concern given the recipes are formulated by veterinary experts.

Dogs, unlike cats, are not strict carnivores by nature. This explains why a lot of dogs love to eat fruit and vegetables. Veg can provide fiber to support your dog’s digestive system, while vital antioxidants will help to maintain their health in the long-term. Starchy veg, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, will help skinny dogs to maintain or increase their weight, which is particularly important for active dogs.

Grains can result in allergies so dog owners should proceed with caution before feeding rice or quinoa to your canine companions. For example, some grains can cause digestive problems. However, most dogs should be fine with some rice as long as it is in proportion to the other ingredients used in your raw dog food.

Calcium and oils, such as fish oil and plant oil, are also key to a complete and balanced diet for dogs. Other vitamins and minerals should also be considered to benefit your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Of course, we always recommend consulting with your vet about your dog’s diet.

Recipe Variety

Just like humans, dogs benefit from a varied and balanced diet. While some dogs are content to eat the same meals all the time, others may do better when the recipe is changed every month or so.

It is only natural that some dogs may grow tired of the same recipe after a couple of months, so it’s important to have a number of recipes available to select.

Of course, for pet owners, it is also beneficial to learn what type of protein source is the best fit for your dog, with allergies an important consideration.

Most dog food delivery companies will offer a selection of recipes to choose from to allow pet owners to find the perfect fit for their dogs.

Alternatively, other pet owners may prefer to use a rotation system to allow their dog to have chicken one month, beef the next, or even some turkey for Thanksgiving.


Photo: NomNomNow
Photo: NomNomNow

We understand the importance of the human-grade dog food proving effective with regards to improving your pet’s health and weight.

Some dogs may need to shed a few pounds, while others are slightly underweight and need a formulated meal to help gain some weight.

We have tried a variety of these recipes on our own dogs to test the claims of the manufacturers and test the effectiveness of the recipes.

Packaging and Preparation

We examine the condition of the package, which is another key aspect of dog food delivery. You don’t want your meals to be spoiled if it arrives when you’re not at home and the delivery is left outside your front door for a number of hours.

We looked for companies who take preventive steps to ensure your meal packages are well insulated with plastic foam and dry ice, ensuring the dog food remains chilled.

The ease of preparing your dog’s meal is vital when trying to balance a hectic family and work life with keeping your pet’s appetite satisfied. The benefit of having freshly prepared dog food delivered direct to your front door is that it saves times.

So you want this same efficiency when it comes to transferring the homemade dog food from its package to the dog bowl.

When preparing the meals, we don’t want to have to get out the kitchen scales and meticulously measure the portions of dog food. This would undermine the whole process.

We searched for dog food delivery companies who send the meals in individual packets that requires minimal preparation.

Reassured that the meals are made with each dog’s requirements in mind, you can sit back and watch your faithful friend tuck into a delicious human grade meal.

Ordering Experience

Photo: NomNomNow
Photo: NomNomNow

Navigating a clear and concise website will help to make the ordering experience seamless.

We value the ability to personalise your dog’s meals, select the recipe that best suits their needs and requirements.

Some require a brief questionnaire to get a better understanding of your dog, including age, weight and preferences to make sure that all their dietary needs are fulfilled.


Given these services comprise of human grade meals delivered direct to your front door, the price can be challenging.

As pet owners, we all want our dogs to get the best possible diet to ensure their energy levels are bolstered, their mood remains high and overall long-term health benefits.

If you’re willing to invest in your dog’s nutrition by purchasing quality human grade meals, you can relax knowing that you’re doing your best to protect their long-term health.

Delivery schedule

We considered the various schedules that dog food delivery companies offer.

This could be vital if you’re planning a vacation or your dog is scheduled for a short-term stay at the vet.

There is also the matter of the size of your freezer. For some pet owners with plenty of storage, there may be no problem accommodating a month’s order of dog food. Others may have room for two weeks’ worth of homemade cooked meals for your canine.

Our final thoughts

So there we have it, our pick of the three best dog food delivery service at the moment. We definitely think that NomNomNow stands out as the top homemade dog meals around at the moment, but you’re not going to go too far wrong by selecting one of the services on this list.