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Best Dog Food Delivery UK 2019
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helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on November 28, 2019

We all want our dogs to have a balanced and healthy diet to ensure they have active and happy lifestyles.

Just like humans, dogs have certain requirements that need to be met in their diet, such as crucial vitamins and minerals to maintain their overall health.

If you own dogs like me, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than seeing your dog not eating their dinner. It can be a stressful situation as you ponder your next move.

While you may be familiar with traditional brands that you find in the supermarket or pet store, there’s been a shift towards freshly cooked dog meals over the past few years.

If you work a full-time job, you might struggle to find time to make home-cooked meals for your dog, especially when you’ve already got your own meals to prepare.

Trying to get the portions right to ensure home cooked meals include the necessary ingredients to meet your dog’s daily requirements can be a confusing experience.

That’s why I appreciate the value dog food delivery companies can provide. They prepare your dog’s meals on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and ship them right to your door.

They could be home cooked meals, tailor-made kibble or tasty wet food designed with your dog in mind.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best options available at the moment. We’ll break this feature in the following sections:

• Current Top Rated Dog Food Delivery Companies 2019
• How We Choose The Best Dog Food
• Best Dog Food 2019
• 1) Butternut Box
• 2) Tails
• 3) Lily’s Kitchen
• Things to consider when picking dog food delivery
• Our final thoughts

Without further ado, let’s get down to business and start our review.

Current Top Rated Dog Food Delivery Companies 2019

Rating Summary Website
Butternut Box Butternut Box ★★★★★ • Rip-and-serve meals • Four recipes • Top ingredients Buy Now
Tails Tails ★★★★★ • Scooper • Flexibility • Dry and wet food Buy Now
Lily's Kitchen Lily's Kitchen ★★★☆☆ • Food for all ages • Recipe variety • Eco-friendly Buy Now

How We Choose The Best Dog Food

We considered six key areas when deciding upon the best dog food.

• Ingredients
• Recipe Variety
• Packaging and Preparation
• Ordering experience
• Price
• Delivery schedule

Best Dog Food 2019

1) Butternut Box

Website: butternutbox.com

Butternut Box are based in England (Photo: Butternut Box)
Butternut Box are based in England (Photo: Butternut Box)

Butternut Box started out of a desire to provide pet parents with a different option on the dog food market.

Having grown tired of the traditional options, they began creating nutritious dog meals for British pups, who they believe deserve better.

Their website promises pet parents that they’ll put the food back into dog food, rather than mystery fillers and preservatives found in traditional options.

Butternut Box use some veterinary nutritionists to help build out their collection of recipes using the best ingredients.

They believe they’ve created a healthy menu that’s “worth drooling over”, which is an exciting prospect for dog owners with picky pets, like me.

Butternut Box will customise each meal to meet your dog’s specific needs, whether they’re a energetic young pup or a senior dog who likes a cat nap.

Main points

• Tell Butternut Box about your pooch – You’ll be required to enter your dog’s details into their website, such as age, breed, weight, activity level, body type, allergies and more.

• Custom plan and custom price – Butternut Box will come up with a custom meal plan for your dog, ensuring that your canine gets all the necessary nutrients to have a balanced and healthy diet. This also means a custom price for pet parents.

• Drool-worthy meals delivered to your dog – You won’t have to worry about popping out to the pet store after work. They’ll deliver your meals directly to your door. Their perfectly portioned pouches will arrive frozen in insulated boxes at a time that works for you.

• Serve and set tails to wag – As their meals are stored in these portioned pouches, you won’t need to worry about fuss or mess at dinner time. You simply defrost the meals and empty directly into your dog’s bowl. It’s as easy as that.


Chow Down Chicken – A tasty, complete food made with 60% freshly prepared chicken. No added grains, seasoned with sage and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Beef It Up – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared beef (trim, heart and liver). No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Gobble Gobble Turkey – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared turkey. No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Wham Bam Lamb – A tasty, complete food for dogs made with 60% freshly prepared turkey. No added grains, seasoned with rosemary and using carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time. Made with love in the UK.

Butternut Box are very transparent about their array of recipes and provide a brief insight into each to reassure dog owners that their meals all use human grade ingredients and never use preservatives.

Packaging and Preparation

Butternut Box will customise your dog’s meals based upon their individual dietary requirements. So each meal will be different for each dog depending on key factors such as age, size and weight.

Your dog’s custom meals in pre-portioned packages. So all you need to do is open, serve and allow your dog to tuck into their dinner. There’s minimal hassle for pet parents.

Price and Delivery

Butternut Box offers four different recipes (Photo: Butternut Box)
Butternut Box offers four different recipes (Photo: Butternut Box)

The price of your Butternut Box meals will be exclusive to you. Based upon my two toy-sized Alaskan Klee Kai, I can expect to pay £58.24 a month for their meals. That works out at around £2.08 a day.

Butternut Box deliver on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday to 98 per cent of areas of the UK mainland.

Your dog’s meals will be frozen and delivered in insulated box, so even if you’re not home when the grub arrives, they won’t be spoiled. Butternut Box are extremely flexible so you can cancel, pause or skip at any time.

What people are saying about it

Butternut Box have an average rating of 5 stars based upon nearly 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Of these, 98 per cent are excellent or great.

One customer revealed how her dog with a sensitive stomach is now finishing meals every dinner time:

I have two dogs, one a rescue with sensitive tummy, after years of trying every dog food on the market, Butternut Box is “the One”. No food is wasted, no tummy issues anymore. His coat shines, even the white areas shine. He recently had blood tests with the vet and for an older dog (13 ish), the vet is very happy with his condition.

Another dog owner joked that the Butternut Box’s meals smell so good, they make her feel hungry when she’s serving up for her pup:

The Butternut food is hands down the best dog food my pup has eaten, she loves it. In fact, it smells so delicious that I would warn against warming it up when you’re hungry! Their customer service is first class and very friendly, I have had to get in touch once or twice in the past and it has always been resolved quickly and efficiently with their super friendly staff.

Finally, a customer with a recently deceased dog highlighted the company’s compassion:

Fantastic food and impeccable service. A company that goes the extra mile. I was deeply touched to be sent flowers when my elderly dog passed age 15 years and 10 months.

Any negatives?

Butternut Box have a great range of dog meals to cater to every dog, whether they love eating their dog meals or they’re a little picky.

The only negative we could see is that you can only schedule your deliveries once a month rather than once a week or once a fortnight.

So if you’ve got a small freezer, you may need to be economical with space to accommodate their meals.


Butternut Box are a great options for dog owners who want to ensure their dogs get a balanced and healthy diet.

They’ve got a versatile range of recipes that will be customised to meet each dog’s individual needs.

With regular deliveries, you won’t ever need to fret about running out of dog food again.

If you’re still not convinced by our review, take a look at their five-star testimonials online.

For more information and to buy now: butternutbox.com

2) Tails.com

Website: tails.com

Founded in 2013, Tails felt there was a desperate need to healthy dog meals that could meet the requirements of all dogs irrespective of age, breed or size.

Using a team of experts ranging from veterinarians, dog nutritionists and veterinarian nurses, Tails created their range of tailormade kibble and assortment of wet food.

Tails customise each dog’s meals based upon the information provided by pet parents when they sign up online. Not only do they want to help dogs, but Tails want to help pet owners get a better understanding of their pooch’s diet.

By getting the right portions and the right nutrients, Tails hope that you’ll see a change in your dog, whether it’s weight loss or gain and improved skin or condition.

Throw into the mix their award-winning customer service team, Tails appear to have all the bases covered.

Main points

• Create your dog’s profile – If you want to receive tailor-made meals, you’ll need to enter some key details about your pet. Tails have a thorough questionnaire that doesn’t skip a beat. Along with basic information, they also ask questions about health conditions, eating tendencies and previous dog food you’ve fed your pup.

• Tailored dog food – Once they know everything they need to about your four-legged friend, Tails’s algorithm will come up with a customised meal plan for your dog. Everything they make is developed by vets and nutritionists to give your dog exactly what they need.

• Variety for picky eaters – If you own picky dogs like me, variety is key. Not only do Tails provide their tailor-made kibble, but you can also access a variety of wet food options to mix in with their dry food. You can cover all bases.

• Cancel any time, come back any time – Tails write on their website that their customers stay with them because they love the service and their dogs love the food. But if you want to stop the subscription, you can cancel any time, and come back any time – whatever’s best for you and your dog.


Tails offer three flavours for dogs: lamb, salmon and chicken. They explain that meat and fish are a natural source of protein and fatty acids. These protein sources will also provide hearty flavour to your pup’s meals.

As you would expect from balanced and healthy dog meals, there’s lots of grains and vegetables in their recipes. These include peas, beet pulp, potatoes, brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Finally, these incorporate sources of vitamins and minerals to help with immune defence, joint care and digestion. These include prebiotics (from yeast) and glucosamine hydrochloride (which come from shellfish to help provide the building blocks for collagen, cartilage and joint fluid).

Packaging and Preparation

Your first Tails delivery will come with your bag of tailor-made dog food, a scooper as well as detailed instructions. Within this guideline, Tails will explain the importance of all the minerals and nutrients in the diet so you know that your dog is really being taken care of by these customised meals.

You’ll have to put together the scooper using the instructions – don’t worry, it’s very easy. It takes a matter of seconds. This scooper is vital to ensure you get their portions just right. Referring to the instructions, Tails will explain how much to feed your dog every day.

Their packaging has a personal touch with your dog’s name, plus you get some free goodies with your deliveries from time to time.

Price and Delivery

Tails (Photo: Tails.com)
Tails (Photo: Tails.com)

As each meal is tailormade, the price of Tails’ meals will vary depending on a variety of different factors.

To give you an idea, feeding my two Alaskan Klee Kai a mixture of dry and wet food costs me £57 a month.

You can only buy Tails from their website, which they say means you’ll get great food at great value.

Delivery is free throughout most of the UK, although some areas aren’t covered, such as the Highland Islands and Northern Ireland.

The delivery is flexible so you can change the date or pause the deliveries. If you’re not home, they’ll leave your package in a safe place.

What people are saying about it

Tails have a five-star rating based upon over 19,000 reviews on Trustpilot. That’s quite the endorsement! Of these reviews, 97 per cent are either excellent or great.

A customer with a Shih Tzu called Lola explained why she rates Tails so highly:

My 2 year old Shih Tzu Lola absolutely loves Tails! We struggled to find a food that she would eat and enjoy, after receiving our sample and Lola eating 2 full measures a day we’ve been on Tails ever since. Every detail about the Tails experience is wonderful down to the little stickers that say Lola on all her goodies.

Another pet parent says she enjoys the peace of mind that Tails provides:

It’s so good to know what you are feeding your dog is healthy, nutritious and tasty. I used to struggle as Lui would not eat a dry mix and I’d never found any tinned dog food before that didn’t upset his tummy. The foil trays supplied by Tails.com are enthusiastically eaten mixed into his personalised kibble: he enjoys it and I’m relieved there’s finally something I can safely feed him with no ill effect on his delicate tummy!

Finally, a Labrador owner gave the Tails service a five-star rating:

This is a great product, AV loves his kibble and never leaves any. He’s a big, bouncy, healthy Labrador with an amazing shiny coat which I do think is helped by excellent nutrition. The delivery service is good, clear notification of dispatch and proposed delivery. Thoroughly recommend this hassle free way of getting good food for my boy.

Any negatives?

We struggled to find too many negatives with regards to Tails and their food. They’ve got great attention to detail and in our experience, their customer service was excellent.

If we were to pick one thing we’d like to see on the menu, it would be freshly cooked meals to go alongside their tailormade kibble and wet food options.


Tails is a great option for dog owners who want to leave traditional dog food in the past.

They take care to find out every detail possible about your canine to ensure their meals meet their needs.

With a customised scooper, you can’t get the portions wrong.

Their customer service is top notch should you run into any problems.

For more information and to buy now: tails.com

3) Lily’s Kitchen

Website: lilyskitchen.co.uk

Lily's Kitchen (Photo: Lily's Kitchen)
Lily’s Kitchen (Photo: Lily’s Kitchen)

We have a Border Terrier called Lily to thank for Lily’s Kitchen. Shocked by the ingredients that go into regular pet food, Lily’s owner Henrietta set about creating special recipes using natural, wholesome ingredients.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that Lily’s Kitchen don’t use any “nasties” in their food. If it’s not good enough for Lily, it’s not good enough for the rest of the UK’s dogs.

They presumably have high standards given their chief taste tester is described as a typical terrier with a stubborn streak as well as being very fussy.

Their website explains that their foods stems from love, which they aim to put into their dog food.

Lily’s Kitchen outline their key value: all pets deserve proper food. That means meals which are full of goodness, using nourishing ingredients that are delicious to taste.

They emphasise that all their meals are veterinary approved.

Main points

• Proper food – Lily’s Kitchen ensure that their ingredients create the most naturally nutritious and delicious proper food. You won’t be surprised to learn they only use proper meat and wholesome fruit and veg. They promise they never use any nasties in their recipes.

• Tailored nutrition – They’ve team up with vets and nutritionists to create dog meals that are complete. Whatever stage of life your dog is at, they’ve got an options for you. Lily’s Kitchen add that their meals incorporate the right ingredients to promote a healthy life.

• Responsible – Lily’s Kitchen underline that they’ve got a responsibility to the planet when they create and deliver their meals to pet parents. Therefore, they use eco packaging and organic ingredients. They add that they “we try to tread carefully on the planet our pets love so much.”

• Family values – If you’re willing to invest a little more in better quality dog food, you want peace of mind knowing that your precious pooch is getting the very best. If you do run into a problem, you’ll want to help to be on hand. Lily’s Kitchen strive to create a special relationship between people and their pets through their food.


Lily’s Kitchen offer a range of recipes to accommodate all dogs. Whether you dog likes dry food such as kibble or likes to woof down wet food, they’ve got you covered.

Their protein sources include beef, chicken, duck, goose, herring, lamb, fish (salmon and trout), pheasant, turkey and venison. They incorporate fresh vegetables such as carrots and squash.

If you dog has allergies to certain types of food, you’ve got options, too. They include diets that exclude sweet potatoes, potatoes, pork, pea and chicken. You can also avail of a single protein diet.

Packaging and Preparation

Unlike the other companies mentioned in this article, Lily’s Kitchen isn’t delivered in pre portioned packaging. Instead, you’ll receive a bag of dog food, a can of wet food or a tray of wet food.

Having said that, Lily’s Kitchen have an easy-to-use website. You’re able to access the puppy, adult and senior sections to cater to dogs of all ages. So their food is custom-made for dogs of a certain age bracket.

With regards to preparation, you’ll have to use a scooper to ensure your dog gets the right amount of grub. Each product has a feeding guideline to help pet parents.

Price and Delivery

Lily's Kitchen (Photo: Lily's Kitchen)
Lily’s Kitchen (Photo: Lily’s Kitchen)

In their Frequently Asked Questions section on their website, Lily’s Kitchen address why their food is more premium than other dog brands. Here’s what they say:

“The cost and range of these fine ingredients is reflected in the price – for example, some of the organic ingredients we use can be up to 20 times the cost of non-organic. We believe that the quality of the ingredients and the difference they make to our food is well worth it.”

Lily’s Kitchen deliver to all of the UK and Ireland. They provide free delivery when you spend over £29. If you live in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Scotland, Highlands and Islands, you’ll need to spend over £50.

What people are saying about it

Lily’s Kitchen have an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 based upon 26 reviews on TrustPilot. That’s decent but not great. Let’s take a look at a sample of the reviews.

One customer gave a glowing five-star review of Lily’s Kitchen:

I changed from using a brand dry biscuit after the vet explained that this particular brand is full of additives and may not necessarily be good for my dogs health. I am now feeding her Lily’s dry and wet food. She literally eats it as soon as it is put down unlike previous brands which would be left for hours. The product is fantastic and my little dog seems really happy and even more desperate for dinner time!! Thanks keep up the great work.

A pet parent with two Jack Russells explained why she’s prepared to pay a little extra:

I have used Lily’s Kitchen dog foid for my 2 Jack Russells for many years. Both the wet food and the dry are excellent. ‘The Boys’ thrive on it. It is probably one of the more expensive dog foods but the quality is superb.

A long-term customer felt that their standards have slipped in recent times:

Been a customer now for many years. My dog is now 9 years old and digestion and breath in great shape. I feel the company have gone down a bit but still think they are a good company with a great product. We buy the grain free and I’ve always been happy with that range. Delivery is quite quick (live outside UK).

Any negatives?

Lily’s Kitchen is a good option for dog owners, providing options for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.

However, their meals aren’t tailor made for your pup, unlike other brands within the dog food delivery market.

If you want to invest in premium dog food, you prefer their meals to be custom made to meet your pup’s specific needs.


You won’t go too far wrong if you choose Lily’s Kitchen. They’ve got a good array of options of dog owner, whether you want dry food or wet food.

They’re a company with their heart in the right place. We like that they’ve created their range of products with the planet in mind.

Lily’s Kitchen provide a premium service so you’ll have to pay a little more than some more traditional brands. But you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they only use top quality ingredients.

For more information and to buy now:

Things to consider when picking dog food delivery

Ingredients – If you’re going to invest in a dog food delivery company, you want to know that they’re only using the very best ingredients to ensure your pooch has a balanced and healthy diet.

Recipe Variety – For dog owners with picky canines like me, you’ll want to have some recipe variety to keep your pups interested. It can help to keep fussy dogs motivated at mealtime.

Packaging and Preparation – You want to feed your dog natural meals but not at the cost of the environment. We like to see companies use responsible methods to prepare and package their food. It’s also important your dog meals arrive intact and unspoilt.

Ordering Experience – If you’re venturing away from traditional dog food and heading online, it’s vital websites are easy to use so as not to confuse customers who aren’t as tech savvy as younger dog owners.

Price – You may be prepared to pay a premium price for your dog food but that doesn’t mean you want to be ripped off. Value for money is still important.

Delivery schedule – Pet parents live busy lives. You may have full-time job, you may have family duties to balance, you may have to travel a lot. In all these cases, it’s key that dog delivery companies can be flexible.

Our final thoughts

So there we have it, we’ve reached the end of our feature on the best dog food delivery service at the moment.

We’re big fans of Butternut Box, who provide custom meals for your dog using fresh and healthy ingredients. Their meals are pre portioned so there’s minimal fuss at mealtime.

If you like to feed your dog kibble, Tails is a great option with their tailormade kibble. They also give you the options to add some wet food to your pup’s diet.

Finally, Lily’s Kitchen don’t customise your dog’s meals per se, but they do have great options for puppies, adults dogs and senior canines. They’ve got an eco-friendly mantra.

We definitely think that Butternut Box stands out as the top homemade dog meals around at the moment, but you’re not going to go too far wrong by selecting one of the services on this list.