Best Dog Crates For Labradors 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 12 September 2023

Are you looking to buy a new dog crate for your Labrador?

You might need a new dog crate because you’ve brought home a Labrador puppy, rescued a Labrador in need of a new home or you’re just looking to upgrade.

A dog crate can prove a useful tool for Labrador owners, whether you need one to transport your dog to the vet, keeping your dog safe at home or you’re planning a road trip with your Lab.

There’s no shortage of dog crates available to purchase at your local pet store or online but it can be difficult trying to figure out the best option for your furry friend.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog crates for Labradors to help Lab owners invest in a quality dog crate.

Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Crate For Labradors

Labrador in dog crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labrador in dog crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, having earned a reputation as a dependable family pet.

However, Labradors require care just like any other breed and purchasing a quality dog crate can be an important factor to consider.

In this section, we’re going to highlight some of the key factors to consider if you’re ready to invest in a premium dog crate that will prove a durable investment.

• Size – Perhaps the most important thing to get right is the sizing of the crate. You’ll want to purchase a dog crate that has ample space for your Labrador to move around. As a general rule of thumb, your Labrador should be able to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. If you’ve got a Labrador puppy or young Labrador adult, you should keep in mind potential growth when you decide upon the size of the crate.

• Build – As a dog owner of over 10 years, I understand the importance of investing in a dog crate that has a quality build. There are many materials that could be used to build a dog crate but some are more durable. Typically, we prefer dog crates that have been constructed using reinforced metal or plastic rather than fabric because they’ll be better equipped to withstand the rigours of day-to-day life.

• Purpose – Labrador owners should consider the purpose of the dog crate. For example, if you’re planning to leave the dog crate in a specific spot in your home and you won’t be moving it around, you may prefer to invest in a stationary dog crate. However, for Labrador owners who like to travel and take their Lab to AirBnBs or hotels, a collapsible dog crate could be a better option because of the flexibility it provides.

• Durability – Labradors are athletic, strong dogs who are highly intelligent. If you’ve got an energetic Lab with a penchant for destruction, you’ll want a durable dog crate. When selecting a dog crate for your Labrador, you’ll want a crate that can withstand any chewing or scratching attempts. Investing in a high-quality crate ensures that your Lab will remain a safe and comfortable haven.

• Safety And Security – Safety is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing a dog crate. You’ll want a crate that has secure doors and reliable locking system to prevent accidental escapes. A well-constructed crate not only keeps your Labrador safe but provides peace of mind when you have to go out and leave your Lab at home in their crate.

• Portability – Overall, I appreciate the versatility of collapsible dog crates. These should be easy to collapse and put back together so you don’t have to faff around with different parts if you’ve taken your crate on the road. Even if you opt for a stationary or high anxiety crate, they should be easy to move around. So you’ll want quality handles to lift the crate and ensure the crate isn’t too heavy.

• Price – Having previously purchased cheap dog crates on online retailers such as Amazon, I now understand it’s worth investing in a premium dog crate that will stand the test of time. These quality dog crates tend to have a thoughtful design that makes life easy for a Labrador owner. Most premium dog crate companies will offer a guarantee to give you extra protection.

• Customer Reviews – In researching the best dog crates for Labradors, we checked out what customers are saying about some of the products included in this article. We carefully considered their experience with the dog crates and weighed up their feedback.

Best Dog Crates For Labradors 2023

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the things to consider when selecting a dog crate, it’s time to give a run down of the best dog crates for Labradors available to purchase right now.

1) Impact’s Collapsible Dog Crate

Where To Buy:

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate (Photo:

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate (Impact Collapsible Dog Crate (Photo:

My top pick for Labrador owners eager to invest in a durable and versatile dog crate would be Impact’s Collapsible dog crate. It’s really easy to put together for the first time and it takes less than 60 seconds to collapse so you can move it with ease. The Collapsible crate has military grade handles to make it straightforward to carry when collapsed. If you’re looking for a dog crate that’s portable, the Collapsible crate is a great option. The crate’s design has incorporated rounded holes for ample air flow so you won’t need to worry about ventilation during long road trips. It has a one-handed operating system so it’s easy to open and close even if you’ve got your hands full. The Collapsible crate is made from quality materials (Impact have a reputation for building crates that will last a long time!). If you’ve got multiple Labs, you can stack the Collapsible crate. Impact recommend the 34″ crate for Labradors and the price starts at $999.

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2) Revol Dog Crate By Diggs

Where To Buy:

The Revol crate by Diggs (Photo:

The Revol crate by Diggs (Photo:

We’ve got another collapsible crate for Labrador owners to consider in second position. The Revol has proven a popular dog crate thanks to the ergonomic design and ease of use. Created by Diggs, the Revol is simple to operate. Inspired by baby industry standards, you’ll find the Revol is easy to collapse unlike cheap wire dog crates that you can find on Amazon. Diggs have considered portability by including a handle and wheels to allow Lab owners to move the crate around the home or wheel it to the car. It has a single-piece metal frame and a diamond-shaped wire mesh design. It looks more like your traditional dog crate but uses premium materials in a clever design. Diggs recommend the intermediate size for Labradors, which carries a price tag of $595.

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3) Impact’s Stationary Dog Crate

Where To Buy:

Impact's Stationary Dog Crate (Photo: Impact)

Impact’s Stationary Dog Crate (Photo: Impact)

If you’re not interested in the collapsible feature for your Labrador’s crate, you may want to consider Impact’s Stationary Dog Crate. Impact crafted the Stationary crate from laser-cut aluminum and precisely riveted to meet your Lab’s needs. It uses reinforced aluminum to withstand energetic Labradors who might like to move around in the crate. Although it can’t be collapsed, the Stationary crate still has military grade handles so you can lift it in and out of your car or truck. The Stationary crate arrives built (or it did in my case), so that’s one less headache. The Stationary crate has diamond-shaped ventilation holes to allow for airflow and prevent your Lab from sinking their teeth into the crate. The Stationary crate is popular with dog owners who require a crate for air travel. The 34″ Stationary Dog Crate should work for most Labradors and it costs $1099.

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4) Impact’s High Anxiety Dog Crate

Where To Buy:

Impact High Anxiety Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact High Anxiety Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

If you’ve got a Labrador who suffers with separation anxiety, you might want to consider Impact’s High Anxiety dog crate. This is an indestructible dog crate designed to meet the needs of dog owners who struggle with separation anxiety. Impact uses 62% thicker aluminum to withstand Labradors who have earned a reputation for being escape artists. It has a sophisticated locking system with four butterfly latches adding an extra layer of security when combined with the quality zinc steel paddle latch. It has small rounded holes to allow for air flow but prevent your Labrador from sticking their snout or teeth through the holes. Impact offer a 10-year dog damage guarantee with the High Anxiety crate – if your dog damages the crate, you can get a replacement. The High Anxiety crate in the 34″ size will set you back $1299.

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5) DAKOTA 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel

Where To Buy:

DAKOTA 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel (Photo: Amazon)

DAKOTA 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel (Photo: Amazon)

If you prefer to make your purchase on Amazon, there are still some quality options that may cater to your needs as a Labrador owner. DAKOTA have a reputation for building quality dog crates. Their 283 G3 framed door kennel could be a good option if you need a dog crate that can be used to keep your Labrador safe at home or on the road. Just like all of Impact’s dog crates, the Dakota is made in the USA. It has a thoughtful design with 20 ventilation holes on either side to provide adequate ventilation. The DAKOTA 283 has handles that makes it easy to carry and transport. It doesn’t have the collapsible feature which may be a deal breaker for some Lab owners. The DAKOTA 283 G3 starts at $509 (available on for a large.

Where To Buy:

DAKOTA 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel (Photo: Amazon)

DAKOTA 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel (Photo: Amazon)

6) SMONTER Dog Crate

Where To Buy:

Smonter 48" heavy duty dog crate (Photo: Amazon)

Smonter 48″ heavy duty dog crate (Photo: Amazon)

For Labrador owners who have a tight budget, we’ve included the SMONTER dog crate. It can do an adequate job for Labrador owners who want to invest in a starter crate before perhaps opting for a more premium option once your Lab is fully grown. It lacks some of the innovative design of the other dog crates in this article but it can still do a decent job. The SMONTER has three entrance points which will give Lab owners ample access to their dog if you’re travelling. The SMONTER has a heavy duty design to cater to energetic Labradors who may become a little rambunctious in their crate. It has wheels to make it portable – too. The SMONTER is priced at $319 (available on, meaning it’s the most affordable option in this feature.

How We Picked The Best Dog Crates For Labradors

Labrador owners who have already started their research into dog crates will be aware of the sheer volume of dog crates available to purchase online.

We began researching this best dog crates for Labradors article by checking out what experienced Lab owners had to say online about the best options for the breed.

While we’ve highlighted a range of different brands in this feature, we’ve personally tested all the Diggs and Impact models firsthand to get to grips with the different crates available.

We use these dog crates in our day-to-day lives with our canine companions and understand the positives and negatives associated with the different type of dog crates.

We also checked out some recommendations made on social media sites such as Reddit, helping us to understand some of the pros and cons of the dog crates.

Although we very much hope that this guide on dog crates for Labradors has been useful, we do recommend doing some of your own research.

This could include checking out what Labrador owners are saying online about the crates that you’re looking at, or reading other recommendation articles as well as this one.

Anything Else To Consider?

Impact’s Collapsible and Stationary crates come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Their website explains how the guarantee works:

Any manufactured defects are covered for the lifetime of the crate on all hardware and craftsmanship. The Lifetime Guarantee does not include normal wear and tear when using the crate and does not include dog damage.

Like we mentioned earlier in the feature, the High Anxiety Crate has a 10-year dog damage guarantee. Impact write:

If your dog damages a part of the crate causing a malfunction or compromising the safety of your dog and the crate, those parts will be replaced for free. Free replacement parts, or even crate replacement, is provided within this 10 year timespan. If this happens, please contact us immediately, so we can provide you with replacement parts or a brand new crate.

Diggs, on the other hand, only offer a one-year guarantee. Here’s how it works:

If a Diggs product is used in the way it’s intended and breaks within the warranty period, Diggs will provide parts for repair, product replacement and/or a refund, as it deems appropriate for the specific circumstance.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Labrador puppy in dog crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labrador puppy in dog crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the best dog crates for Labradors.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at a number of different dog crates that can cater to the needs of different Labrador owners.

My top pick would be Impact’s Collapsible dog crate because of it sheer versatility – it’s easy to breakdown and put back together.

However, if you’ve got a Labrador who struggles with anxiety, you may see the value in their High Anxiety dog crate.

I don’t believe you’ll go wrong with any of the Impact or Diggs dog crates in this article because they’re two of the leading dog crate brands in the USA.

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