Best Dog Crates For Chewers 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 12 September 2023

Do you have a destructive chewer and you’re struggling to find a suitable dog crate?

Some dogs may suffer from separation anxiety when left at home alone which can result in some destructive tendencies.

You may have a dog that likes to chew furniture, skirting boards, floors, plants and much more.

If that’s the case, you’re probably considering a dog crate to keep your canine companion safe when you’re not at home to supervise them.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog crates for chewers available to dog owners right now.

We’ll highlight five dog crates that we believe are good options for pet owners looking for the best dog crates for chewers.

So with the introduction over, let’s take a look at what makes a good dog crate for chewers.

Things We Looked For When Picking Best Dog Crates For Chewers

Dachshund (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dachshund (Photo: Adobe Stock)

• Durability – You want a dog crate that is made from durable and quality materials. It’s important to choose a crate made from robust materials that can resist chewing attempts.

• Safety and Convenience – If you’ve got an anxious dog crate, you’ll want peace of mind your dog is safe inside their den. It can also be helpful if a crate is easy to open or close, especially where destructive dogs are concerned.

• Comfort and Security – If you’ve got a destructive chewer, you’ll want to select a crate that is virtually escape-proof to provide ultimate peace of mind. Having said that, an escape-proof dog crate shouldn’t come at the expense of your dog’s comfort.

• Experts and Reviews – To gain further insights into choosing the best dog crate for destructive chewers, we considered opinions from dog trainers and experts. We also paid close attention to reviews from dog owners who have personally experienced using the dog crate with their big chewer.

Best Dog Crates For Chewers

Now that you know some of the factors we considered when coming up with our selection, let’s take a look at our five best dog crates for chewers.

1) Impact’s High Anxiety Dog Crate

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

If you’re willing to invest in a premium dog crate especially designed for dogs with anxious and destructive tendencies, you should try Impact’s High Anxiety Dog Crate. They’ve established a reputation for creating the best escape-proof dog crates in the market. Even extra large dogs who are escape artists have been thwarted by Impact’s high-grade dog crates. The High Anxiety Dog Crate has small circle ventilation holes designed to prevent dogs from getting their teeth in and potentially harming themselves. Furthermore, these ventilation holes (measuring 0.05cm) provide adequate air flow and keep your canine companion safe. Impact use 62% thicker aluminum alloy to ensure the structural integrity of the crate. There are more features that you can read in our dedicated review here. Impact’s High Anxiety Dog Crate is a premium product so it starts at $1099 (smallest crate) and goes up to $1399 (largest crate). Important: Impact offer a 10-year dog damage warranty on this specific crate. Impact’s website explains “if your dog damages a part of the crate causing a malfunction or compromising the safety of your dog and the crate, those parts will be replaced for free” (and the free replacement parts or even crate replacement is provided within this 10 year timespan). If I was looking for a dog crate for a destructive chewer, Impact would be my top choice.

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2) Diggs Revol Dog Crate

The Revol crate by Diggs (Photo:

The Revol crate by Diggs (Photo:

Diggs are another pet product company who are producing quality crates to make pet ownership easier. They’ve got their popular Revol crate that has been inspired by baby industry quality standards. Just like Impact, Diggs use high quality materials coupled with an ergonomic design. You can check out our Revol review here for more details on all the crate’s features. For the purposes of this feature, we’re interested in the elements of the crate’s design that make it ideal to house chewers. Unlike the High Anxiety Crate discussed above, Diggs have used a diamond-shaped wire mesh design so your dog can’t fit their snout through the gaps in the wire. Their website highlights that the “unique, diamond-shaped mesh pattern and solid, single-piece frame helps prevent injury to jaws and paw”. The Revol has an average score of 4.6 stars based upon over 3,500 reviews on their website. A quick search for chewers reveals that this dog crate is indeed sturdy enough to withstand destructive dogs. While this Diggs offering is a premium product, it comes in cheaper than Impact’s High Anxiety crate. The Revol starts at $375 for the small crate and goes up to $675 for the large crate.

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3) Fable Dog Crate

Fable Dog Crate (Photo: Fable)

Fable Dog Crate (Photo: Fable)

We wanted to include a wooden option to give our readers a varied selection. The Fable Dog Crate has an aesthetically-pleasing design with a wooden structure with a metal or clear acrylic gate. Fable write on their website that their dog crate has been designed to reduce anxiety and provide a den-like feel for dogs. The wooden design means the crate can seamlessly blend into your living space. You can choose from a brentwood or walnut design with a plastic or metal gate. If your dog does occasionally display anxious tendencies, you may prefer to go with a metal gate for extra safety. So you’re interested? Well I do need to point out that Fable don’t recommend their crate for dogs with severe chewing tendencies. So if you’ve got an occasional chewer, it may be a solution provided you keep a close eye on your pet in the initial weeks as they acclimatize to the crate. But for seriously destructive dogs, you may want to consider the Impact or Diggs options. Fable’s Dog Crate starts at $495 for the small size and goes up to $1499 for the large size. Fable add that they don’t accept returns as their crate is a large item – so measure carefully and really think about whether this is the best choice if you’ve got a big chewer.

4) SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Smonter Dog Crate (Photo: Chewy)

Smonter Dog Crate (Photo: Chewy)

The SMONTER heavy duty dog crate is a practical option for pet owners looking for a sturdy metal frame. It doesn’t match the design of the three aforementioned dog crates but it can do an effective job. The product page on Chewy explains that the crate has a metal frame kennel that is treated with a multi-layer, hammer-tone coating to help stand up to rust, corrosion, scuffs, and scratches. Smonter add that the sturdy metal frame is made with reinforced steel to counter escape artists, while still offering optimal ventilation and visibility for a reliable, comfortable environment. The 38-inch crate costs $254.99 and the 42-inch crate is priced at $294.99.

5) Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Crate (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Crate (Photo: Amazon)

We’ve included a budget selection for dog owners who are looking for an affordable crate. The Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel won’t win any prizes for design but it can do a job. Whether you want to crate train your destructive chewer before investing in a more premium option or you plan to permanently house your dog in this Amazon Basics crate when you’re not home, it can still meet your needs. It’s made from sturdy iron and polypropylene material in a sleek black color. The 36-inch crate costs $135.95 (available on Amazon), the 42 inch is priced at $195.78 (available on Amazon) and the 46-inch crate will set pet owners back £286.59 (available on Amazon).

How We Picked The Best Dog Crates For Chewers

Pit bull mix looks guilty after creating a mess (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pit bull mix looks guilty after creating a mess (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There’s lot of dog crates available to pet owners so it can be difficult assessing the best options and the worst options.

You can head to your local pet store where you’ll likely find some classic options for your four-legged friend.

For some pet owners, it may be overwhelming to see hundreds of collapsible dog crates on Amazon, reading through the reviews and trying to judge the good from the bad.

With that in mind, we carefully read expert advice, researched online reviews and the latest dog crate technology to create a list of leading options.

Once we had a shortlist, we took into consideration factors such as size, materials, entrances, portability, ventilation, functionality and appearance.

The list above represents what we consider to be the leading options for dog owners searching for the best dog dog crate for chewers.

We update this list regularly for accuracy and integrity.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Jack Russell makes a mess with tissue (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Jack Russell makes a mess with tissue (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We’ve reached the end of our best dog crates for chewers.

My top pick would be Impact’s High Anxiety Dog Crate because it’s specifically designed for dogs who display destructive tendencies when left at home alone.

As we touched upon above, the High Anxiety Dog Crate has a diamond-shaped design and uses thick alloy aluminum to keep your dog (and their teeth) safe.

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If you’re not prepared to spend over $1,000 on a dog crate, you may want to consider the Revol crate by Diggs.

For dog owners who want to integrate the dog crate into the interior design and don’t have severe chewers, you could consider Fable’s Dog Crate.

But my recommendation for pet parents who want to invest in a dog crate for the duration of their pet’s life, go with the High Anxiety Crate.