Best Cat Food Delivery UK 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 20 January 2023

Are you thinking about making a change to your cat’s diet?

Our feline friends can be notoriously fussy when it comes to their pet food so it can be quite the predicament trying to meet their high standards.

Traditionally, cat owners would pick up their dry food in a big bag or wet food in a can from a local supermarket or pet store.

However, these traditional cat food formats can sometimes be filled with additives and preservatives to ensure they’ve got a long shelf life.

In the past few years, there’s been a big shift towards fresh cat food meals that are balanced and complete with lots of different recipes on offer.

There’s an increasing number of pet food companies in the United Kingdom who are providing human-grade cat food to felines.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best cat food delivery companies in the UK right now.

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How Cat Food Delivery Works

Cat eyes some food (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Cat eyes some food (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The majority of British cat owners will be accustomed to picking up their cat food in their weekly food shop at the supermarket.

However, some traditional pet food options use mysterious ingredients in their products that you don’t recognize on the label.

You can easily sign up for a cat food delivery company by heading to their website and filling out their sign-up questionnaire.

They’ll require details such as your cat’s name, age, weight, breed, activity level, current diet and any potential allergies or eating habits.

Based upon this information, the cat food delivery company will suggest some recipes and a feeding guideline for your feline friend.

Once you’ve confirmed your recipe selection, you can select how frequently you’d like to receive your cat food deliveries and enter your payment details for the subscription service.

You can sit back and wait for your cat food to arrive before seeing how your four-legged friend reacts to their fresh, healthy and tasty meals.

What We Looked For In Cat Food Delivery

KatKin fresh cat food (Photo:

KatKin fresh cat food (Photo:

If you’re starting to think that balanced and complete meals could benefit your cat, you may be wondering about some of the things to look for when selecting fresh cat food.

Here are some of the criteria that we set when starting our search for the best cat food delivery company in the UK.

Ingredients – We like to see that cat food delivery companies are only using fresh and real ingredients like recognisable protein sources, fruit, vegetables and superfoods. It provides peace of mind when you can recognise each ingredient in your cat’s food rather than unpronounceable additives and preservatives.

Recipes – Cats are notoriously fussy creatures – and it’s not limited to their food. Many British cat owners will be able to attest to their felines being picky with their regular cat food. Most cat food delivery companies will have a variety of recipes so you can get your cat excited about mealtime.

Cooking method – Seeing as cats can be particularly fussy about their food, we like to see that cat food delivery companies are gently-cooking their recipes to lock-in as much flavour as possible as well as retain all the nutritional goodness of the ingredients used in the meals.

Expert input – While you may be excited to try a cat food delivery company, you may be wondering who created and portioned the recipes. You’ll have greater peace of mind when you see that experts such as pet nutritionists or vets are involved in the process.

Preparation – Some cat owners may have already decided to ditch the canned food in favour of cooking their cat’s meals themselves. While this could be healthier, it’s time consuming and requires meticulous planning to ensure your cat gets all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Cat food delivery companies offer the equivalent but your feline’s fresh meals are stored in convenient packaging and it’s as simple as opening and pouring into your cat’s bowl.

Deliveries – If you’ve decided to make the switch to a cat food delivery company, you want to be confident that your cat’s meals will turn up on your doorstep as promised. You don’t want to be left in a situation where you’re paying for a subscription service but you don’t have fresh meals and you’ve got to make an emergency trip to the supermarket.

Price – You should be prepared to pay more for a cat food delivery subscription than traditional cat food formats at your local pet store or supermarket. Having said that, you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate prices for your balanced and complete cat meals.

Sustainability – Companies are making a big shift towards sustainable practises in this decade and we like to use cat brands that put consideration into the health of our planet as well as your cat, whether it’s eco-friendly packaging, green deliveries or giving back to the environment.

Best Cat Food Delivery UK

Now that we’ve explained how cat food delivery works and what we look for when it comes to these companies, let’s take a look at the best cat food delivery options available in the UK right now.

1) KatKin


KatKin fresh cat food (Photo:

KatKin fresh cat food (Photo:

KatKin are one of the leading providers of fresh cat food in the UK. They provide a balanced, complete and fresh alternative to industry standard cat food that starts out with poor quality meat that’s cooked at high temperatures. KatKin, on the other hand, use premium ingredients, prepared by hand, gently pasteurised and frozen fresh. All their meals have been formulated by a world-leading board-certified veterinary nutritionist. KatKin have eight different recipes on offer, including fish, turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, duck, pork and fish and duck. KatKin will tailor their recipes to your cat based upon their personalized plan no matter you cat’s life stage or unique needs.

2) Bella And Duke


Bella & Duke cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Bella & Duke)

Bella & Duke cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Bella & Duke)

Some British cat owners may have read about the benefits of raw cat food. Bella & Duke explain on their website that they’ve developed their raw cat food in an approach which combines understanding what your cat has evolved to eat alongside the latest science and focussing on the quality of each and every single ingredients. They’ve got three raw cat food meals: lamb and duck, turkey and chicken and chicken and salmon. Bella & Duke only use the highest-quality, human-grade protein, with the recipes perfectly balanced and packed with nutrients. They don’t use any grains or fillers in their recipes that have been approved by veterinarians. Your Bella & Duke cat food will be shipped frozen to your door.

3) Republic Of Cats


Republic Of Cats cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Republic Of Cats)

Republic Of Cats cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Republic Of Cats)

If you prefer to stick with kibble or wet food, you can still opt for a fresher option than you’d be accustomed to feeding your feline friend. Republic Of Cat provide high quality meals with all the right nutrients to cats in the UK. They only use high-quality ingredients that target specific nutritional goals, they’ll portion their meals to meet your cat’s needs and their recipes have been designed by a cat nutritionist. You can opt for dry food or wet food but Republic Of Cats suggest a mix of both to ensure extra hydration for healthy kidneys. They’ve got a sustainable approach as they use whole carcass to create your cat’s meals so there’s no wastage. Republic Of Cats offer a taster box so you can test their meals on your cat before committing to a subscription plan.

4) Blink!

Where To Buy:

Blink! cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Blink!)

Blink! cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Blink!)

Blink! have attempted to create a healthy alternative so cat owners can ditch the “fast food” for cats on the supermarket shelves for balanced and complete meals. They offer fresh fillets for felines that are included in recipes that have added vitamins and minerals that are grain free and don’t have added salt and sugar. Blink! gently cook their fillets before they’re stored in pouches. You can sign up to Blink!’s subscription service on their website or if you’d like to give them a try before committing to regular deliveries, you can always order some Blink! recipes on Amazon UK.

5) Poppy’s Picnic


Poppy's Picnic cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Poppy's Picnic)

Poppy’s Picnic cat food (Photo: Screen grab / Poppy’s Picnic)

Poppy’s Picnic are another raw pet food company like Bella & Duke who have a range of recipes for cats. They offer Free Range Chicken, Beef And Chicken and Turkey With Lamb in meatball format. Poppy’s Picnic source their ingredients locally and their comprised of 95% meat and offal. Their recipes have been finetuned by their vet to meet with the highest nutritional guidelines. They only use natural ingredients and their raw cat food is made in Britain.

Anything Else To Consider?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a cat food delivery company, you should speak to your vet before you decide to make a change.

It’s a good idea to get your vet’s advice so you can make the transition without upsetting your cat’s digestive system.

Usually, vets will recommend slowly introducing your cat’s new food over a period of a couple of weeks to allow their tummies to adjust.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Black cat looks at some vegetables (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Black cat looks at some vegetables (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the best cat food delivery option in the UK at the moment.

Our top pick would be KatKin. We love that their meals are balanced, complete and fresh.

They’ll tailor their recipes to meet your cat’s specific needs and feeding your feline friend couldn’t be easier.

Not only do they use high-quality ingredients, but they’ve already earned rave reviews from cat owners online.

Having said that, you won’t go wrong with any of the cat food brands in this article if you decide to go with another option.