Best Calming Dog Supplements UK 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2023

Have you been looking for a calming supplement for your nervous dog?

It can be upsetting to witness your dog feeling anxious or scared, especially if you’re unsure what’s causing the distress.

Sometimes you might be able to prepare for something that could spook your dog, such as fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night or New Year’s Eve.

But it’s not always possible to anticipate a potential trigger for your four-legged friend, for example an unexpected thunderstorm or a siren from a passing ambulance.

I’ve got two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs that struggle with separation anxiety and are skittish by nature so it can be challenging to keep them calm at times.

In the past few years, there’s been an increasing number of calming dog supplements that have become available on the marketplace for dog owners with nervous pets.

While these supplements are unlikely to provide a long-term fix, you may find them useful in your journey with your dog as you look to create a more relaxing environment.

It could be a good idea to speak to a certified dog behaviorist who could provide some useful tips and work closely with pet owners to reduce their canine companion’s stress levels.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the best calming dog supplements available to UK pet owners right now.

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Potential Triggers For Dogs

Dog hides under the sofa (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dog hides under the sofa (Photo: Adobe Stock)

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed your dog show some anxiety in a certain situation whether it’s being left alone or a loud noise outside.

It can be extremely distressing to see your beloved pet shaking or trembling but feeling powerless as a dog owner to be able to calm and soothe your furry friend.

A classic example of a trigger for dogs is fireworks. This can become a particular issue in the UK during the autumn with the celebration of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night.

While you won’t be able to prevent the festivities, you can try to create a calming and safe environment for your canine companion if loud noises such as fireworks spook them.

Alternatively, you may find that your pup is scared of thunderstorms, sirens, building works, doors banging and anything that creates a sudden loud noise.

You may observe that your dog is frightened by everyday items such as the vacuum, cyclists, umbrellas and mops which can make doing household chores or going for daily walks tricky.

In my experience, my Alaskan Klee Kai have struggled with separation anxiety. This is a chronic canine condition that occurs when a pet owner is about to leave the home or leaves the home.

If you’ve got a dog that struggles with separation anxiety, you may have tried leaving the radio or television on, filling a kong with treats and using pet cameras to talk to your pets.

My Mini Huskies’ separation anxiety is what prompted me to try calming dog supplements to see if they could play even a small role in reducing my Klee Kai’s stress levels.

Calming Dog Supplements – The Basics

Labrador looks scared (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Labrador looks scared (Photo: Adobe Stock)

You’ll probably have noticed a big shift towards dog supplements over the past four or five years as pet owners start to take their canine companion’s health and wellbeing more seriously.

We’ve never had so much choice when it comes to feeding our dogs balanced and complete meals that are healthy and nutritious, ditching the calorie-dense kibble packed with additives and nasties.

The introduction of dog supplements have allowed pet owners to further support their pet’s healthy lifestyle, whether it’s a multivitamin, joint supplements or probiotic.

Calming dog supplements have become increasingly popular with dog parents who are exploring different ways to reduce their four-legged friend’s anxiety levels.

While it’s unlikely to provide a long-term fix if you’ve got an anxious dog at home, it could be something you introduce alongside some sessions with a qualified dog behaviorist or trainer.

These calming dog supplements use ingredients that are often associated with promoting a sense of calm in humans as well as dogs, such as Lemon Balm, Valerian and Passion Flower.

When considering what dog supplements to feature in this article, we decided to only include options that use natural ingredients with clear labels so you can see exactly what’s in the supplement.

Best Calming Dog Supplements UK

So, now we’ve learned a little more about calming dog supplements, it’s time to check out some of our top picks available in the UK at the moment.

1) Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

Where To Buy:

Dorwest’s Scullcap & Valerian tablets have proven popular with British dog owners looking for a calming dog supplement. I found that these supplements did help in the short-term when I introduced these tablets to my Klee Kai’s diet. Their supplement contains valerian, scullcap, mistletoe and gentian. Dorwest explain on their website that this supplement is completely natural and looks to address stress, fear and anxiety. Dorwest advise online that dog owners work with a dog behaviorist or trainer alongside using their supplement. They recommend giving a daily dose, with half in the morning and half in the evening for a period of at least three weeks. Their Scullcap & Valerian tablets can be used in the short-term or long-term. Dorwest’s calming supplement has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from over 350 reviews on Amazon.

2) YuMOVE Calming Care

Where To Buy:

YuMOVE are one of the leading dog supplement brands in the UK after having launched in 2006. For the past 15 years, they’ve been researching and developing supplements for dogs to promote a healthy lifestyle for our furry family members. YuMOVE offer Calming Care as an option for pet parents who are looking to try a calming dog supplement. They use a combination of natural ingredients, such as Lemon Balm, to support natural calming pathways in the brain. They describe their product as being useful for short-term or long-term care. Like Dorwest’s Scullcap & Valerian tablets, YuMOVE Calming Care is available in a tablet format but as tasty chews – too. So you can decide which option works best for your pup! They’ve got an average rating of 4 stars based upon over 3,500 reviews on Amazon.

3) Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch

Where To Buy:

Buddy & Lola are a well-respected brand within the dog supplement industry in the UK. Their calming supplement is aptly named Peaceful Pooch. Some of the ingredients in Peaceful Pooch include Passion Flower, Lemon Balm Extract, Brewer’s Yeast and Taurine. Buddy & Lola’s website explains that Peaceful Pooch uses ingredients that are designed to promote calm behaviour in everyday life. Unlike the other options in this article, Peaceful Pooch comes in a powder format which I found easier to give to my dogs as I could simply sprinkle over their daily food. Buddy & Lola add on their website that Peaceful Pooch doesn’t contain any additives, binders or fillers, just 100% traceable ingredients. So far, Peaceful Pooch has an average of 4 stars based upon just 16 reviews on Amazon.

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Anything Else To Consider?

It’s important to remember that a calming dog supplement shouldn’t be seen as a long-term fix for an anxious dog.

You should contact a dog behaviourist, dog trainer or separation anxiety expert to tackle your dog’s anxiety.

A calming dog supplement could help to promote a sense of calm in your dog so they’re more receptive to sessions with a behaviourist or trainer.

It’s a good idea to speak to your vet before your introduce a new supplement to your dog’s diet.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Dog hides under a blanket (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dog hides under a blanket (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We’ve reached the end of our review on the best calming supplements for dogs.

Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets would be our top pick based upon our experience and the stellar reviews on Amazon.

Having said that, YuMOVE have a long history of providing dogs with supplements to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle so their Calming Care supplement is a good option.

If you prefer powder form, you may want to give Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch a try.

We can offer helloBARK! readers an exclusive 15% discount by using the coupon code HELLOBARK15 when you purchase Peaceful Pooch direct on Buddy & Lola’s website.