A Pup Above Vs Pet Plate Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

There is a lot of choice when it comes to selecting dog food.

You’ve got traditional options such as kibble, although it’s not always clear how much actual meat goes into this type of dry food.

Wet food is another option for pet parents, whether it’s dog food in gravy or patties.

There’s also the raw dog food movement that some dog owners believe is the right choice for them.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a shift towards pet parents signing up for dog food delivery companies.

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This article will compare A Pup Above and Pet Plate to see what both dog food delivery companies can offer dog owners.

We’ll look at the the values of both companies, the recipes on offer, packaging and preparation as well as the customer reviews.

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A Pup Above – The Basics

Website: www.apupabove.com

A Pup Above (Photo: apupabove.com)

A Pup Above (Photo: apupabove.com)

A Pup Above use human-grade ingredients to create balanced, complete and delicious meals for your four-legged friend.

Formerly called Grocery Pup, the company rebranded as A Pup Above in 2020.

They explain on their website that A Pup Above source the freshest fruit and vegetables combined with USDA-approved meat to create their recipes.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there are no potential nasties in their meals, so that means non-GMO pesticide free vegetables.

In fact, A Pup Above write online that they test their meals on humans, living up to their philosophy that we shouldn’t ask our dogs to eat it if we wouldn’t.

One of the unique selling points of A Pup Above is how they cook their meals. They use a sous-vide method, which means the food is cooked for two hours to ensure all the nutrients are retained.

Furthermore, A Pup Above’s website says that they use a vet nutritionist to ensure their meals contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

A Pup Above provide environmentally conscious pet parents with the opportunity to trace how their batch of dog food was made from farm to bowl, providing complete peace of mind that the ingredients in your dog food were responsibly sources and free from pesticides.

Pet Plate – The Basics

Website: petplate.com

PetPlate offer home cooked meals fresh to your door (Photo: Pet Plate)

PetPlate offer home cooked meals fresh to your door (Photo: Pet Plate)

Pet Plate make real food cooked fresh for your dog. Their meals are cooked in a human-grade kitchen.

Their meals use natural ingredients and are cooked in USDA facility, allowing them to create healthy and tasty grub for dogs, according to their website.

Pet Plate’s website says that every batch of dog food created by Pet Plate is tested for safety and flash frozen to lock in freshness.

Pet Plate’s website claims that their vet-designed, balanced recipes will translate to fewer trips to the vet.

Using pre-portioned containers to store your dog’s meals, dinner time is made simple as you open and serve direct into your pup’s bowl.

Their website makes a lot of claims about how their meals can help your furry pooch, including mealtime excitement, better poops, shinier coats and healthier weight.

Things To Consider When Picking Dog Food Delivery

If you’re thinking about making a switch to dog food delivery companies, here are some things to consider.

• Ingredients – Dog food delivery companies strive to use fresh ingredients to ensure your pet is getting a balanced, complete and fresh diet.

• Recipe Variety – If you’ve got picky eaters like me, you’ll appreciate the importance of having some variety. Although switching to a dog food delivery company is likely to trigger a big change, it’s still nice to be able to switch up their recipes.

• Expert Input – This all sounds great but we like to know these meals have had input from some people in the know. These dog food delivery companies use veterinarian experts to help formulate their recipes. This can give you peace of mind.

• Packaging And Preparation – These meals need to arrive at your doorstep in good condition. Once you’ve opened up your box, you’ll need to store most of the meals in the freezer. You don’t want hassle when it comes to feeding time so it’s key that the preparation process is simple and easy.

Best dog food delivery
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• Ordering Experience – Not all dog owners are tech whizzes living in San Jose. Therefore, dog food delivery companies need to make their website easy to use to accommodate pet parents of all abilities.

• Price – Dog food delivery companies provide a premium service so you can expect to pay a premium price. Hopefully, digging a little deeper will lead to long-term benefits for your dog and your finances.

• Delivery Schedule – If life gets in the way or you’ve got a vacation planned, it’s important that these companies allow you to be flexible with your delivery schedule.

A Pup Above vs Pet Plate – Our Recommendation

So who do we rate higher: A Pup Above or Pet Plate.

While both companies do a good job for pet parents looking for a fresh approach, we feel A Pup Above have a slight edge.

We’re intrigued by their sous-vide approach to cooking their meals. We love that their meals retain the flavour and nutrients.

They’re an environmentally conscious dog food brand that want to feed American pups in a sustainable way.

Having said that, Pet Plate are a good option for dog owners. They’ve got tasty meals and great recipe variety.

You won’t go too far wrong by going for either A Pup Above or Pet Plate but we believe A Pup Above have a slight edge.

What Are Customers Saying About A Pup Above And Pet Plate?

A Pup Above have a review section on their website that has 78 reviews. They’ve got a lot of glowing testimonials raving about their meals.

One picky Yorkie owner gave their food a five-star review:

This is by far the best home-delivery food for dogs that I have tried. My super picky dog absolutely loves all of the recipes, ordering is easy and the customer service is amazing. I even asked my canine nutritionist to review the ingredients and she said it was perfect. All around a win!

Another Yorkie was a big fan of A Pup Above – too:

I have been cooking for my finicky Yorkie for years and am so glad to finally have fiound something easier with my busy schedule that I feel is as healthy and yummy. I have tried lots of others and so far, this is the best! My dog loves it and she seems way more satiated, happier at mealtime and I swear her coat is shinier.

Pet Plate have also got a review section with 256 reviews, mostly getting five stars for their food.

A French Bulldog owner was delighted with her subscription plan:

I have a white French bulldog and he dog loves the food. His tear stains are clearing up and he his digestive symptoms are gone. When he had an issue with one of the flavors, the customer service team quickly handled it.

Another pet owner was delighted with the impact of Pet Plate’s meals:

Quick and easy ordering, easy to use containers, clear directions, came as expected, my dog LOVES his food, and his stools are immediately firm and regular. First time ever!!!

A Pup Above Or Pet Plate Coupon Code Or Discount?

A Pup Above have an offer available to new customers.

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Anything Else To Consider?

You should talk to your vet before you decide to change your dog’s diet. They can give you the steps to follow to gradually introduce a new type of food to your furry friend.

If you make the change too fast, your dog could suffer with an upset stomach leading to diarrhea or vomiting. Usually, it’s recommended your introduce the new food over a period of one to two weeks.

Here’s some advice from A Pup Above about making the transition:

Making the switch to a new food is a gradual process for many pups that typically takes 7-10 days. A new diet causes disruption of the good bugs in your dog’s gut – called the microbiome – but if you take your time, their microbiome will adapt.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

A Pup Above (Photo: apupabove.com)

A Pup Above (Photo: apupabove.com)

We’ve reached the end of our comparison feature on A Pup Above and Pet Plate.

These are two dog food delivery companies with their heart in the right place.

We consider A Pup Above to be a superior option due to their sous-vide method and efficient meal patties.

Like Pet Plate, A Pup Above have a good range of recipes to allow pet parents with picky pups to keep their canine companions guessing.

If you decide to go for Pet Plate, you’re still choosing a really solid option.

However, A Pup Above has a slight edge over Pet Plate for us.