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French Bulldog (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Christmas Jumpers For Dogs UK 2023

Are you feeling Christmassy but you want to get your dog in the festive spirit? It’s that time of year when dog owners start to think about embracing the Christmas […]

Impact Dog Crates Review

Are you thinking about getting a new, versatile dog crate for your canine companion? Dog crates can play a big role in a dog owner’s life and provide an area […]

Bella & Duke Vs Paleo Ridge Reviews

Have you made the decision to switch your dog to a raw-fed diet? If so, you’ve probably been researching some of the different raw pet food companies in the UK […]

Butternut Box Vs Bella & Duke Reviews

Are you trying to decide between switching your dog from their store-bought kibble to fresh meals or a raw diet? There’s a growing number of British dog owners who are […]

Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Review

Are you looking to make the switch to raw dog food? There’s been a noticeable shift towards balanced and complete dog food in the UK over the past five years […]

Slow feeder dog bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Slow Feeding Dog Bowls UK 2023

Are you looking for a slow feeder dog bowl? If you’ve got a rapid eater like my mini husky, you may be looking for a slow feeder to encourage your […]

Snuffle Mat (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Snuffle Mats For Dogs 2023

Are you looking for quality snuffle mat to keep your dog mentally stimulated? Snuffle mats are a great resource for pet owners who are looking for alternative ways to keep […]

K9 Connectables All Toys Bundle (Photo:
K9 Connectables Enrichment Dog Toys Review

Do you have a dog that requires a lot of mental stimulation? Dog boredom can be a problem if you canine companion isn’t receiving sufficient mental stimulation in the form […]

Dog holds clicker in its mouth (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Clicker For Dog Training UK 2023

Are you looking to start training your dog and you want a clicker? Clicker training has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so as dog owners look to […]

Cockapoo eats from raised dog bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Raised Dog Bowls UK 2023

Are you looking for a raised dog bowl for your pet? A raised dog bowl is usually an elevated feeder that is sat on a stand to elevate your dog’s […]

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch Review

Are you looking for a calming supplement for your dog? Autumn can be a stressful time to be a dog with lots of different celebrations across a range of cultures. […]

Jack Russell (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Advent Calendars For Dogs UK 2023

Are you researching the best advent calendars for dogs in the UK? It’s getting to that time of year when we start to think about Christmas and purchasing an advent […]

Chihuahua and puzzle toy (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Puzzle Dog Toys UK 2023

Are you looking to keep your dog mentally stimulated at home? If you’ve got a smart dog on your hands, you may be running out of ways to engage your […]