Best Reasons To Try Hungry Bark’s Dry Dog Food

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 20 April 2021
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Are you looking for a new format of dry dog food to shake up your dog’s diet?

You may have been feeding your canine companion store-bought dry food without really checking out the ingredients label on the back of the bag.

Perhaps your dog has recently had a bout of illness or needs to lose some weight.

We take great steps to ensure we’re eating a healthy diet, so why shouldn’t we take the same level of care when it comes to our dog’s food?

Hungry Bark are a dog food company that provide tailored kibble to ensure dogs in the USA are eating balanced and complete meals made from high quality ingredients.

1) High-quality Ingredients

Hungry Bark's range of Superfood meals (Photo: Hungry Bark)

Hungry Bark’s range of Superfood meals (Photo: Hungry Bark)

Hungry Bark source high-quality ingredients for your dog’s meals. They use a selection of premium proteins such as fresh lamb, duck, chicken, turkey or salmon. The meat is combined with a range of nutritious all-natural ingredients to ensure your dog gets all of the important nutrients required for their diet.

2) Customised Plan

If you do decide to ditch your dog’s old food in favour of a fresh approach, your faithful friend will get to enjoy customised dry food meals. Hungry Bark require pet parents to enter some key details about their dog such as age, breed, size, activity level and more before placing an order. Pet owners follow three simple steps to provide Hungry Bark with key insights into their canine companions. This allows Hungry Bark to tailor their meals to meet your dog’s specific requirements. Whether you’ve got a pooch who needs to lose a few pounds or your dog needs to put on some weight after a bought of illness, Hungry Bark have you covered.

3) Takes Into Account Specific Allergies

The great thing about Hungry Bark’s customised meal plan for your dog is that they can take into account any allergies that your pup may have. Hungry Bark say on their website that they understand that one size doesn’t fit all. If your dog suffers from a chronic condition, Hungry Bark can work with you to ensure their food caters to the diet required for your pup to live a happy and healthy life. Hungry Bark will ask for your dog’s diet history so they can avoid any protein sources that your canine friend may have an intolerance to.

4) Gently Cooked

Hungry Bark take great care to cook your dog’s meals gently. This means that they don’t use high temperatures, helping the food to retain its nutritional goodness and lock in all the tasty flavours. Their website explains that by slow cooking your dog’s customised kibble, they’re helping to retain the nutrients and providing maximum energy. There are no shortcuts here.

5) Protein Mix-Ins

Raw dog food (Photo: Adobe)

Raw dog food (Photo: Adobe)

If you’re interested in adding a little raw food to your dog’s kibble, Hungry Bark have you covered. They’ve got a Protein Mix-In range, which lets you combine your dog’s dry food with a topping of freeze-dried raw food. You can even feed 50/50 – 50% dry food, 50% freeze dried raw. Just like with their kibble, their freeze-dried raw food doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives. If you’ve got particularly fussy eaters like my two Alaskan Klee Kai, the Protein Mix-In can help to get your dog licking their chops at mealtime.

6) Vet Approved

This all sounds great so far, but you may be thinking about how you know your dog’s needs are going to be met. Well, Hungry Bark have enrolled help from a number of top vets in the USA to create their balanced and complete meals. On their website, you can see four vets issue their backings for their custom dry food to provide you with peace of mind.

7) Supplement Range

Hungry Bark offer a Supplement Range to go with their tailored kibble to ensure that they’ve really covered all the bases where your dog’s nutrition is concerned. The Supplement Range are comprised of functional ingredients aimed at promoting healthy bones, joints anxiety, skin and coat, digestion and complete health. By using their sign-up questionnaire, Hungry Bark can recommend supplements for your dog based upon the information provided. These can even act as a tasty treat.

8) Made In The USA

It’s never been more important to support local businesses as we try to navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike some dog food companies, Hungry Bark source their ingredients from within the USA and the meals are made in the USA. So you can feel good about supporting American businesses while also ensuring your dog is eating a balanced and healthy diet.

9) Costs Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

Hungry Bark provide a premium service to dog owners with their customised dry dog food meal plans. You should expect to pay a little more than you would for some big-name brands that you find at your local pet store or supermarket. However, Hungry Bark use high-quality ingredients that are cooked with care to ensure your dog gets all of the important nutrients required to promote a healthy life. While it may seem more expensive than traditional dog food, Hungry Barks meals can start at less than $1 a day. That’s less than a cup of coffee!

10) Delivered To Your Door

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier with dogs food (Photo: Adobe)

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier with dog food (Photo: Adobe)

There’s never been a more important time to limit your excursions to the supermarket or pet store. Why go outside in the coronavirus pandemic if you don’t have to? The good news is that Hungry Bark will ship your dog’s fresh kibble to your door so you don’t have to worry about stepping outside to go to the local store to pick up dog food. By signing up to a meal plan, Hungry Bark will set up a regular delivery schedule.

If you’d like to give Hungry Bark’s Superfood meals a try, click here to begin the process of creating a custom meal plan for your dog.