Yorkies Pros And Cons

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Updated on 5 August 2021

If you’re considering a Yorkie as a pet, there are a number of things you should consider.

These small Terriers are the ninth most popular breed in the United States, according to American Kennel Club.

Originating from Yorkshire in England, the Yorkie has proven a worldwide hit due to their compact size.

Yorkshire Terriers were bred to hunt mice and rats in cotton and woolen mills in northern England in the 19th century.

They emerged as lap dogs thanks to the influence of Victorian ladies who popularised these Terriers as companion animals.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of owning a Yorkie.


Yorkshire terrier sitting down outdoors (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yorkshire terrier sitting down outdoors (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Perfect apartment dogs

Yorkies are great for dog owners who have a limited living space. Whether you’re living in a studio flat or a one-bedroom apartment, a Yorkshire Terrier won’t take up a lot of room. Yorkies don’t grow to more than nine inches in size and seven pounds in weight. Due to their size, they’re happy to live in apartments, hence why you’ll find this breed in many of the world’s biggest cities.


There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, but some breeds are better suited to those with an allergy to dogs than others. The Yorkie has hair that is human-like. They don’t shed a lot so you won’t have to worry about a lot of fur around your home. However, allergies can often be triggered by a dog’s dander or salvia rather than their hair. Giving Yorkies produce both of these, someone with an allergy to dogs could still suffer with this breed.

Great watchdog

While Yorkies are small in size, these English dogs can still work as good watchdogs. While they’ll show you plenty of love, don’t be fooled by their dainty appearance. Yorkies can be courageous and feisty. If a stranger comes to the door, they’ll alert their owners to potential unwanted visitors. However, don’t expect them to act as guard dogs – they’re a bit too small for that!

Affectionate and loyal

Yorkshire Terriers may make great watch dogs, but their softer side will come out. They’re loyal to their dog owners and will seek out attention. Yorkies enjoy spending time with the person or people their bonded to. These dogs will waddle around the home following in your shadow. They can make a great family dog if you’ve got older children who’ll show these Terriers care and respect.

Don’t need a lot of exercise

The breed don’t require long walks, which makes them a perfect dog for seniors. Yorkshire Terrier need a couple of short walks a day to ensure they stretch their legs and get some exercise. However, a slow and steady walk around the block should suffice for the breed. It’s a good idea to make an effort to take these dogs for a walk rather than leave them in the garden or yard given their a social breed.


Yorkies love to meet new people and other dogs. They’re affectionate dogs so love to interact with new people and put smiles on faces. For the older generation who may be living at home alone, they’ll provide welcome company and devotion. Yorkshire Terrier tend to mix well with other dogs in the home given their social nature.


Yorkshire Terrier licking lips (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yorkshire Terrier licking lips (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Not suitable for families with small children

While Yorkshire Terriers are often described as great family dogs, they may not be suited for homes with small children. Yorkies are delicate little dogs that do need to be handled with care. Children will need to be educated on how to handle Yorkshire Terriers. While they like to play, Yorkies can be quite boisterous so aren’t an ideal fit for young kids. You should never leave a child unsupervised with a Yorkie – or any other dog for that matter.

Jealous and overprotective

They may be affectionate and devoted to their owners, but this can spill over into jealousy. If you search Yorkie jealousy on Google, you’ll find an array of results to highlight this as a potential issue. Yorkshire Terriers can be suspicious of new people if they’re too attached to their pet parents. That’s why it’s vital to socialise these dogs as much as possible from a young age.

Difficult to house break

Yorkies are notoriously difficult to house break. The breed is ranked within the top 30 smartest breeds in the world. They’re reasonably quick to learn new commands and follow their owner’s orders. However, potty training seems to be a real issue. You’ll have to be patient when it comes to training these dogs to do their business in the right place. You can avail of puppy pads and a litter box to help.

Don’t like cold or wet weather

Tying into the house breaking issue, Yorkies don’t like cold, wet or windy weather. Some will refuse to go potty outside it it’s too cold or wet. They don’t have an inner coat, which is why they may feel th cold more than some other breeds. If you’ve got a Yorkshire Terrier that is sensitive to temperature, you may want to consider a doggie jumper or sweater to keep them warm.

Coat requires maintenance

The AKC recommends brushing their hair daily if you intend to keep a Yorkie’s coat long. With regards to their hair on their face, it should be kept groomed and trimmed. Many Yorkies on Instagram will have a topknot. Given their floor length coat, Yorkshire Terriers will require regular baths to prevent the coat from becoming tangled or matted.


Yorkshire Terriers are very common dogs but you may be surprised to learn that they’re quite an expensive breed. Yorkies usually cost between $800 and $1000, although the price can vary depending on each individual breeder. There are an array of Yorkshire Terrier rescue organisations where you can look to find a Yorkie that needs to be rehomed.

In conclusion

Yorkshire Terriers are great dogs that are ideal for senior people and families with older children.

They’re affectionate and loyal to their owners, but they’ll also act as watch dogs to help protect the home.

Suited to an urban lifestyle due to their small size, Yorkies don’t take up a lot of room so they make great apartment dogs.

You won’t have a headache about vacuuming lots of fur, with their human-like hair potentially betted suited for those with an allergy to dogs.

It’s no surprise to see Yorkies regularly in the top 10 popular breeds in the United States.

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