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A Sheepadoodle is a designer dog that has been crossed with a Old English Sheepdog and a standard-sized Poodle.

It’s not clear when Sheepadoodle were bred for the first time, with conflicting information online about the cross breed.

Some suggest the hybrid breed was first created in 1992 given the increasingly popularity of these so-called designer breeds.

Other websites suggest their history can be traced back even further to the 1980s.

The Sheepadoodle have proven a big hit with families given these dogs don’t tend to shed a lot, which is the influence of the Poodle genes.

While Sheepadoodle is the most common name for this cross breed, other nicknames include Sheepdoodle, Sheep-A-Poo, Sheepapoo, Sheepdogdoodle and Sheepdogpoo.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to the breed as a Sheepadoodle.

It’s important to note that there is a difference between a Sheepadoodle and a Shepadoodle, which is a cross between a German Shepherd and a standard-sized poodle.

We’ll break down this article into the following sections:

• What is a Sheepadoodle dog?
• What breeds make up a Sheepadoodle?
• How big will my Sheepadoodle get?
• What does a Sheepadoodle look like?
• Do Sheepadoodles shed?
• Why is my Sheepadoodle shedding?
• Are Sheepadoodle hypoallergenic?
• Are Sheepadoodles good family dogs?
• Are Sheepadoodles easy to train?
• Are Sheepadoodles great pets?
• Can Sheepadoodles swim?
• What is the lifespan of a Sheepadoodle?
• Sheepadoodle health problems
• How much does Sheepadoodle cost?
• Why get a Sheepadoodle?
• Famous Sheepadoodles on Instagram
• Mini Sheepadoodle
• Anything else to consider?
• In conclusion

What is a Sheepadoodle dog?

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

As we mentioned above, a Sheepadoodle is a cross between a Old English Sheepdog and a standard sized Poodle. According to Wikipedia, the hybrid breed first came into existence in 1992. However, other sources online suggest the cross may have first appeared in the 1980s as “designer breeds” enjoyed a surge in popularity around the world.

The International Designer Canine Association write on their website that the Sheepadoodle was granted recognition by the organisation in 2009. The IDCA add that this cross breed was created in the United States – but don’t list a start date.

What breeds make up a Sheepadoodle?

Old English Sheepdog: Perhaps most famous for their shaggy coats, the Old English Sheepdog date back to the late 1700s. With dark brown, blue or bi-eyes, the AKC writes that these dogs move with a bear-like shuffle, but don’t be deceived as they’re famous for their nimble feet. They’ve got a good reputation around children, while they can also act as guard or watch dogs.

Poodle: Famous for their intelligence and looks, it’s little wonder the Poodle remains such a popular dog. They come in three different sizes: standard, mini and toy. They come in three different colors: black, white or apricot. With tight curls for a coat, they don’t shed a lot and are potentially suited for those with an allergy to dogs.

How big will my Sheepadoodle get?

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Sheepadoodle can vary in size but there are some loose guidelines.

Both male and female Sheepadoodle will usually grow to be around 18 to 23 inches in height. Males tend to weigh between 60 and 85 pounds, while females have a slightly lighter weight range of 50 to 75 pounds.

The size can depend on whether a Sheepadoodle bears more of a similarity in size to their Old English Sheepdog or Poodle parent. An Old English Sheepdog can grow in excess of 22 inches, while Poodle can be 15 inches and above in height.

What does a Sheepadoodle look like?

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Sheepadoodle are not too dissimilar in appearance to the Poodle. This designer dog usually comes in three different colors: black and white, black and white and red and white.

However, they can vary in appearance depending on whether the dog is more like an Old English Sheepdog or Poodle. The former have a double coat which requires some grooming. Poodles have tight curls and their coat doesn’t shed a lot.

Do Sheepadoodles shed?

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Sheepadoodles are considered low shedding dogs compared to some other breeds and cross mixes.

Given the Poodle doesn’t shed a lot, it should be no surprise that Sheepadoodles are generally low shedders.

The IDCA writes that the cross breed can have long and soft coats that range anywhere from straight to curly.

As a result, they’re a good option for potential pet parents who are looking for a breed that won’t leave behind a tremendous amount of hair.

Why is my Sheepadoodle shedding?

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

You shouldn’t expect these dogs to not shed at all. Sheepadoodles will shed sometimes like all dogs breeds.

If a Sheepadoodle is closer in appearance to their Poodle parents, you can expect a low shedding dog.

However, Old English Sheepdogs have a double coat and shed a moderate amount. For that reason, don’t bring home a Sheepadoodle expecting them not to shed at all given their lineage.

Are Sheepadoodle hypoallergenic?

The short answer is Sheepadoodles are not 100 per cent hypoallergenic dogs.

If you suffer from an allergy to dogs, you’ll know doubt have researched hypoallergenic breeds.

However, the American Kennel Club make it clear on their website that there’s no such thing as a 100 per cent hypoallergenic dog breed.

But the AKC do list 19 breeds that could be better-suited to those with an allergy to dogs. Poodles are one of the types of dogs listed.

If your Sheepadoodle mirrors their Poodle parent, then they could be a good option for allergy sufferers given their low shedding coats. However, there’s no guarantee that a Sheepadoodle won’t trigger a reaction as they’re not strictly 100 per cent hypoallergenic.

Are Sheepadoodles good family dogs?

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

For those considering a Sheepadoodle as a family pet, the good news is the IDCA describe the cross breed as great dogs for the home.

They’ve got a gentle nature, which makes them perfect for families with children. Usually, they don’t bark a lot, so they won’t irritate the neighbors.

The designer breed are usually calm dogs that have a playful manner. They’ve got a reputation for being sociable pooches, so should do well with other pups and pets.

They’ll welcome friends and visitors to the home as Sheepadoodles like to interact with people. They develop a deep bond with members of the direct family.

While they’re considered good family dogs, their size means you should never leave a young child unsupervised with a Sheepadoodle – or any dog for that matter!

Are Sheepadoodles easy to train?

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Poodles are the second most intelligent dogs in the world. So Sheepadoodles are considered pretty smart pups!

They’re quick to learn obedience training and pick up new tricks. However, training should be consistent from a young age.

According to IDCA, Sheepadoodles can make great guide and service dogs due to their intelligence and obedient nature.

Are Sheepadoodles great pets?

Sheepadoodles have a reputation for being great pets, although each individual dog will naturally have differing personalities.

They’re kind dogs that love to interact with their human owners. The cross breed have a reputation for being affectionate, gentle and obedient.

Can Sheepadoodles swim?

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

A quick search on YouTube will show results of Sheepadoodles swimming.

While they can swim, recommend shaving their coats if you plan to allow your Sheepadoodle go for a dip regularly.

If you don’t, it can take a lot of effort to comb their hair after swims.

What is the lifespan of a Sheepadoodle?

The Sheepadoodle has an average lifespan of between 10 and 13 years. However, they could live potentially longer than 13 years.

Sheepadoodle health problems

Sheepadoodles are a relatively new designer breed, so a lot of health problems are yet to be uncovered. They’re generally considered a pretty healthy breed of dog.

Mix breeds have a reputation for having less health problems.

According to VetStreet, mixes “mostly win out for their sheer hardiness, thriftiness and longevity, due to their lower incidence of genetic disease.”

They can be susceptible to some health problems like most dog breeds, such as joint problems. Sheepadoodles can suffer from Addison’s or Cushing’s disease, which affects hormone levels.

How much does Sheepadoodle cost?

Sheepadoodles can vary in price. The average cost of this hybrid breed can vary between $1000 and $3000. However, the price of a Sheepadoodle can differ from breeder to breeder.

Why get a Sheepadoodle?

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

If you’re interested in a family pet, you may want to consider a Sheepadoodle.

They’re easy to train given their high IQ and eagerness to please their owners. You should consider contacting a local dog trainer to help with the basics.

Consistent training and regular socialisation are important for any dog.

They don’t shed as much as other dogs thanks to their Poodle roots. However, don’t be surprised if your Sheepadoodles sheds a little.

In terms of the family environment, Sheepadoodles tend to excel. They’re very amiable dogs that enjoy some playtime but are patient around young children in the home.

They’re sociable pets – too. Sheepadoodles get along with other dogs and pets, while they’ll enjoy some play time at the dog park.

Famous Sheepadoodles on Instagram

The best way to get an idea about a breed can be to follow some famous examples on Instagram. If you have questions, you can always drop the Instagram page a message to find out more.

Here are some examples of Sheepadoodles who are making waves on social media – and you can see why with their gorgeous appearance.

1) Bear The Sheepadoodle @sheepadoodlebear – 24,000 followers

2) Bertie (@sheepadoodlebertie)

Mini Sheepadoodle

If you’ve Googled ‘Sheepadoodle’, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve come across a Mini Sheepadoodle. As the name suggests, these are a smaller-sized versions of the hybrid mix.

Instead of using a standard Poodle, a miniature Poodle is bred with an Old English Sheepdog to create the Mini Sheepadoodle.

While they may be “mini”, they’re still quite a bit bigger than most toy-sized breeds. They can grow to a heigh of up to 20 inches and weigh up to 55 pounds.

Usually, they’ll average a height around 17-18 inches to make them a fun-sized fluffy package that is slightly more portable than a standard Sheepadoodle.

They’ve got similar personalities to the larger variety, although their smaller size means you’ll have to keep an eye on them to make sure you don’t inadvertently stand on a paw.

Just like Sheepadoodles, they can also live until the ripe age of 15 – and sometimes even longer than that!

Anything else to consider?

You’ll be bowled over by a Sheepadoodle’s good looks. They’ve got an adorable appearance.

However, you must remember that some Sheepadoodles will have a coat that resembles a Poodle more than an Old English Sheepdog (and vice versa). As a result, the amount of grooming and shedding can vary.

It’s also a consideration when it comes to their personalities. Their traits may mirror an Old English Sheepdog rather than a Poodle, or the other way around.

In conclusion

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Sheepadoodles are a cross breed that continue to grow in popularity.

They can be quite expensive dogs, which is often the case with designer breeds.

However, they’re often billed as great family dogs thanks to their affectionate, sociable and obedient nature.