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Pugaliers are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pug.

These are two relatively small dog breeds that can make excellent companion-sized pets.

Pugaliers will incorporate physical traits and characteristics from each of their parents.

Like all cross breeds, it’s impossible to predict which traits a Pugalier will inherit from their Cavalier and Pug parent.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Pugalier appearance, Pugalier size, Pugalier temperament and much more.

We’ll hear from Jack Nicholson (@iamjackthepug), Penny (@penny_pugalier) and 2Pug West (@2pug.and.lara).

What is a Pugalier?

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

A Pugalier is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pug. This cross can also be referred to as a Cavalier Pug mix.

This hybrid dog is a relatively new designer breed combining to types of canines that have been around for many centuries.

Although they can be described as designer dogs, you’re likely to find this mix in rescue shelters or breed-specific rescues.

The Pugalier is recognized by American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA) and International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

Pugalier size

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Pugaliers are usually small dogs that can make excellent companion-sized pets. They’ll grow to between 10 and 14 inches (25 and 35 cm) in height and can weigh between 10 and 20 pounds (4.5 and 9 kg).

Let’s hear from Penny (@penny_pugalier) about her size.

The average Pugalier can weigh between 6.5kg – 10kg, be 30-35cm tall and approximately 40cm-45cm long. Penny weighs 7.5kg (16.5 pounds), 30cm tall (12 inches) and 40cm long (16cm).

Pugalier appearance

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

Pugaliers will usually inherits traits from both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Pug. They’ll usually have a round skull that is similar to Cavaliers but a short muzzle which is trademark feature of the Pug breed. They can have the eyes of the Pug, which are slightly protruding. Their coat can be soft to touch with wavy hair. Pugaliers can be black, brown, grey, white and fawn with medium-length hair and a dense coat.

Ruth shed some insight on the appearance of her Pugalier, 2Pug West.

Depending on how much Cavalier is mixed with Pug can really changed the appearance of a Pugalier. Mine is only 1/8 Cavalier so his appearance is very similar to a Pug in height and size. He does appear to have longer and floppy ears and his nose is not as flat as a purebred.

Pugalier temperament

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Much like their appearance, a Pugalier’s character and personality can reflect their Cavalier and Pug parent. Cavaliers make affectionate, loving, loyal and playful companion dogs. Pugs tend to have sweet personalities but they can have a stubborn streak. Pugaliers will usually be bright, funny and sociable pets, so they can make an excellent choice for families with children.

Penny described the personality of her dog to give our readers an insight into Pugalier temperament.

They have such a sweet nature! She loves cuddles but also loves her alone time. She isn’t really a lap dog and would rather sit very close next to you. Pugaliers are very loyal dogs and love to say hi to every other dog and person they come across while also protecting her person/people. She loves to greet you when you get home by jumping and silently howling but after a few minutes, she will snooze on the couch. They are very gentle but when excited can be a little rough in a play type of way. She is also very inquisitive and will sniff everything and everyone!

2Pug West has also given us an insight into the mixed breed’s personality.

Our Pugalier is extremely friendly and gets along with most dogs and almost every human he’s met. They’re very loving and require lots of attention. I also find with mine, he is extremely playful and enjoys exercise.

Finally, Jack finished off our round up of Pugalier personalities.

I think they are very gentle which is probably the Cavalier side but also can be quite opinionated (I guess it must be the Pug side), but it’s not a bad thing because I love his sass!

Do Pugaliers suffer from separation anxiety?

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Pugaliers can suffer from separation anxiety just like any dog breed, irrespective of whether they’re purebred, cross breed or mix. Separation anxiety can occur when pet parents leave their canine companion at home alone. It usually manifests itself as incessant barking, howling or whining, destructive chewing or digging and even defecating or urinating inside the home.

Jack the Pugalier does suffer from separation anxiety. Let’s hear a little more.

I can’t speak for other Pugaliers but I feel that Jack does. When I was going out to work during the day he knows and just sleeps most of the time, and he can go quite far from me when he’s at the dog park. It’s when he can see me but cannot approach me that he can become quite whiny. For example, he’s quite terrified of water (trauma from when I inappropriately tried to teach him to swim in the bathtub) but still loves to play on the beach, and when I go for a swim in the ocean he would want to follow but also try to stay away from the water, and that’s when he starts whining. There was one time he actually did swim towards me when I wasn’t facing him but could see him with the front camera on my phone.

2Pug West has found this issue challenging, too, before Ruth got a second dog.

I did find our Pugalier was showing signs of separation anxiety before. But we got a second puppy in the house and it absolutely helps with this.

Do Pugaliers like to cuddle?

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Cavaliers and Pugs are two examples of lap dogs, so canines that like to spend time with their pet parents. They’ve got a reputation for being dogs who relish the chance to cuddle up next to their humans on the bed or the sofa. While they like to dish out affection to their owners, Pugaliers are likely to enjoy some attention for themselves.

Ruth explains that her Pugalier, 2Pug West, demands a lot of attention.

Absolutely. He requires lots of attention and prefers to nap and lay down with us rather then being on his own.

Do Pugaliers make great family pets?

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

As relatively small dogs, Pugaliers are a potential option for pet lovers looking to add a canine to their family unit. If you’ve got children, you’re probably wondering whether a Pugalier would be a good fit.

Channelle believes Pugaliers are a great option for family pets based upon her experience with Penny.

They are friendly, loving, loyal and gentle for the most part (unless they are super excited and want to play but they never hurt you!) Pugaliers would be an ideal pooch for first time dog owners, the elderly or a family with children. I can guarantee, anyone who brings a Pugalier into their life , would have a gorgeous friend for life!

Are Pugaliers easy to train?

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

Neither Cavalier King Charles Spaniels nor Pugs are considered to be quintessential examples of smart dogs, at least not according to “The Intelligence Of Dogs”. Stanley Coren’s book rates the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at number 73, while the Pug is further down the list at number 108. However, as Pugalier owners will attest to, this isn’t strictly true of all members of the cross breed. They’re eager to please which can help with regards to training.

Channelle provided our readers with some insight into how she trained Penny.

They can be with persistence and positive reinforcements. We had adopted Penny when she was 6 from a shelter so she was a little harder to train but now she is great! Pugaliers love to dig and a prone to separation anxiety but if you train them at a very young age, they will be the perfect pooch!

How much exercise do Pugaliers need?

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

In comparison to some cross breeds, Pugaliers don’t have substantial exercise needs. You’ll find that these designer dogs will benefit from a chance to stretch their legs on a walk once a day. Wag Walking recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Penny, for instance, relishes the chance to explore despite having low to moderate exercise needs.

Pugaliers don’t need too much exercise but they do love their walks as they are super inquisitive and love to explore. A small backyard is perfect for them, even a decent sized apartment. If you have a few toys for them and a decent sized area for zoomies, they will be happy!

Are Pugaliers hypoallergenic?

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog, Pugaliers aren’t the mix for you. Pugaliers aren’t hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic dog is one that is less likely than other breeds or cross breeds to trigger a person’s dog allergies.

Do Pugaliers shed?

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

So Pugaliers aren’t considered a hypoallergenic designer dog and that’s because they’re moderate shedders. Dog Time give the Pugalier four out of five stars with regards to shedding.

In Channelle’s experience, the amount of time spent grooming can affect how much a Pugalier sheds.

It really depends how frequently you groom them I guess. As Penny came from a shelter, she shed A LOT when we first adopted her as I’m sure the shelter volunteers couldn’t groom all dogs very frequently. We brush Penny a few times a week and she is professionally groomed once every 4-5 weeks and now she hardly sheds at all. Penny also has more of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat which is much longer than the more common Pugalier you see which has more of a pug coat. I guess you just have to keep on top of it.

Do Pugaliers need regular grooming?

So we’ve heard from Channelle about her grooming routine for Penny. Pugaliers will benefit from regular grooming to remove dead hair and debris from their coat. Like we said above, Pugaliers can differ from dog to dog depending on which traits they inherit from each parent.

2Pug West, who is more closely related to the Pug, doesn’t have substantial grooming requirements.

Not necessarily. Pugaliers don’t require a lot of grooming. The only thing that should be done regularly is cleaning between their wrinkles. I also find depending on the bloodline of your pug, they do shed a lot of fur so look into getting some special shampoo and brush them regularly to get rid of excess fur.

Do Pugaliers have any health problems?

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

Although cross breeds are usually healthier dogs than purebreds, Pugaliers can be prone to some potential health issues. Here are some health conditions to keep an eye out for: Hip Dysplasia, Heart Conditions, Patellar Luxation and Dry Eye.

Jack Nicholson’s parents did a great job researching the cross breed before adopting.

The research I did prior to getting Jack told me that cavaliers and pugs are prone to hip dysplasia. His surgeon also raised that issue with me last time he had a surgery which was before Christmas, but it wasn’t too serious, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Are Pugaliers fussy eaters?

Some dogs can be fussy or picky eaters, which can lead to headaches and sleepless nights if you’re a pet parents. I’ve experienced this issue with my Klee Kai. I’ve found that dog food delivery companies can provide a solution for dog owners with their home-cooked meals. I’ve reviewed the best dog food delivery companies in the USA and the best dog food delivery companies in the UK.

Jack Nicholson the Pugalier is a picky eater like my Alaskan Klee Kai.

Yes. He is actually quite picky and sometimes I have to feed him the same treat twice in order for him to actually eat it because he’d lick it and spit it out the first time as if he was getting used to the food. He wasn’t this picky when he was a puppy. Compared to a lot of the common dog treats, he actually prefers fresh fruit and veggies like avocado, bok choy, sweet corn and tomatoes. I’m sure he would’ve loved to be raw fed as well and I know it’s quite popular but my vet told me commercial dog foods are still the best he could get.

Do Pugaliers get along with other dogs?

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Jack the Pugalier (Photo: iamjackthepug / Instagram )

Pugaliers should be quite sociable dogs given this is a trait both parents have, especially the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Having said that, we recommend pet parents to socialize their puppies from a young age and expose them to lots of people and vaccinated dogs to help their social skills develop.

Pugalier price

Pugaliers can range in price if you buy them from a breeder. Having said that, this is a cross that you can find at a rescue shelter and we’d encourage you to adopt rather than shop if possible. If you’ve got your heart set on this mix and you can’t find a Pugalier to rescue, make sure you do thorough research about a breeder, ask to meet the pup’s parents as well as proof of health checks and vet visits.

Here is the experience of Jack’s parents when it came to purchasing their Pugalier.

The pet store charged A$1700 for card payments and A$1400 for cash, so of course I paid in cash. But this was 6 years ago and I also drove very far to the countryside. In more metro areas, pugs and pug mixes are generally a lot more expensive.

Are Pugaliers expensive?

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

Penny the Pugalier (Photo: @penny_pugalier / Instagram)

You may have saved for the initial cost of buying your Pugalier but you will also need to factor in additional costs that will come immediately and further down the line. You’ll need to prepare for your puppy by getting some of the essentials, they’ll require all their shots and boosters from the vet, you’ll need to get pet insurance, too. You can check out the best pet insurance options in the USA and the UK

Do Pugaliers make great first-time pets for new owners?

So you’re thinking about getting a Pugalier but you’ve never owned a dog before. Is this a cross breed that is suited to first-time dog owners?

Ruth says yes based upon her experience with Penny.

Our Pugalier is extremely smart and picked up tricks very easily, so for that it made it super easy as new dog owners. If you are however working a lot, I wouldn’t recommend having them as your first pet as seeing ours suffer from separation anxiety was difficult. If you have another dog already, Pugaliers would make a great addition to your family. Otherwise if you are home frequently, they would be amazing as a first pet!

Jack’s parents recommend doing lots of research before you purchase a Pugalier.

I got him from a pet store before I had much knowledge on rescuing and adoptions, but I wouldn’t change a thing because he is the most adorable thing!

Pugaliers to follow on Instagram

If you want to learn more about Pugaliers, we recommend following some members of the breed on social media to learn more. We believe it’s a great way to find out more about Pugaliers. Here are some Pugalier accounts to check out on Instagram.

• Jack Nicholson the Pugalier (@iamjackthepug)

• Penny (@penny_pugalier)

• 2Pug West (@2pug.and.lara)

In conclusion

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

2Pug West the Pugalier (Photo: 2pug.and.lara / Instagram)

So we’ve reached the end of our feature on Pugaliers. They’re a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pugalier.

We’ve heard about Pugalier appearance and size, Pugalier characteristics and temperament as well as their exercise needs.

Pugaliers can make fantastic apartment dogs, they do well in families with children as well as being a potential option for first-time dog owners.

Remember, if you have the opportunity to rescue a Pugalier looking for a forever home, try to do so rather than buying your Pugalier. If you’ve got your heart set on the cross breed and you can’t find on to rescue, make sure you do thorough research about the breeder and ask to see your Pugalier puppy’s parents.

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