Portidoodle Pros And Cons

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 August 2023

What do you get when you cross a Portuguese Water Dog with a Poodle? The answer is a Portidoodle.

They’re one of the less common Poodle crosses, especially when you consider the popularity of the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.

Having said that, Portidoodle make popular dogs seeing as they’re low shedding with hypoallergenic qualities.

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

In this article, we’ll hear from a Portidoodle owner who will share their perspective owning one of these Poodle mix breeds.

Daniela gave us a unique insight into the Portidoodle cross breed based upon life with her dog Malvin (@malvin.ts).

Remember, every Portidoodle will be different so the Portidoodle pros and cons in this article might not be applicable to every member of the cross breed.

Portidoodle Pros

Easy To Potty Train

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Portidoodle pee and poo always in the same place. For instance, when we go out for a walk he doesn’t stop at all to pee nor poo during the walk, not even to mark territory (and he’s a male). We live in an apartment, with a small garden in front and one in the back. Before leaving for the walk or when we come back, he pees and poo exactly on his spot of the garden. This is great because we can really enjoy our walk without him stopping every five seconds to mark territory. Also, it was really easy to potty train him as puppy for this same reason. Whenever we brought him to his spot, he knew it was time to pee and poo.

Don’t Bark A Lot

Malvin doesn’t bark (only when left alone as explained below) but besides that, he never barks. Not at other dogs even if they’re barking at him, not to people or strangers, even when someone knocks at the door, he never barks. For us this is a great thing. We work from home and in an apartment with picky neighbors. It’s ideal that he’s always quiet and calm. Also, as we bring him with us everywhere, it’s great that’s he’s never barks.


Malvin is super intelligent – he learns so fast! So far, we haven’t needed a professional trainer. Everything he knows has been taught by us (and it has worked, incredibly). Of course, it’s an ongoing process. We’re always implementing new tricks but it’s really impressive how fast he learns and obeys. In the first week, we managed to complete potty training, sleeping in his crate and learning to sit down. Then he learned to give the right and left paw, to lay down, place command, to stay until released, to high five, recall, heel, to sit in between my legs and how to choose the good hand I have a treat hidden. All of this only in four months! It’s just a constant practice. He’s always super attentive and willing to learn more. Of course with help of many yummy treats.


Malvin doesn’t shed and he’s hypoallergenic. This is great because some of my boyfriend’s family have allergies, and as we meet a lot with Malvin, but we haven’t had any problems. They have been close to him, they touch him, and there’s no reaction. Malvin has wavy/curly hair. We try to brush him at least once or twice a week but even if we don’t do it or let pass more time without brushing, he doesn’t get knots.


Malvin is really affectionate – he’s always up for a cuddle. He’s the best companion. I know we put it as a con that he’s dependent but it’s really only for the fact we cannot leave him alone in the apartment when sometimes it’s really necessary. But besides that, I personally love that he always wants to be with me as I suffer from anxiety and it’s so therapeutic for me to have him by my side.

Portidoodle Cons

Easily Spooked

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

We don’t know if it’s in general or if it’s really only the personality of Malvin, but while walking, he tends to be scared of noises or people. When this happens he just stops completely and refuses to continue walking until he thinks it’s safe. He doesn’t bark or anything. He just sits and stays in position looking attentive. We have improved a lot on this compared to the beginning. We just have treats with us all the time and this helps to make him continue walking.


A bit related to the point above, whenever someone asked to pet him, he is mega shy and hides behind us. It’s not really a con, we think it’s just more part of his personality and we accept him like this.


An extreme from the point above, once he’s confident with certain people, he tends to jump to greet them (like a lot). He gets mega excited! He cannot control himself! We’ve been working on this but it’s been a challenge. The breeder did warn us about the jumping! He told us this breed tend to jump a lot, but with training, they can learn not to do it. We’re not there yet but we won’t give up.

Separation Anxiety

Malvin is extremely dependent of us (we might have provoked this because we brought him with us EVERYWHERE, we never left him alone). Whenever we try to leave without him, he cries and barks nonstop. My partner is working from home everyday and me some days too, so he has been always accompanied. Of course in a house will be much easier to train him on this, but as we live in an apartment we cannot really even try because the neighbors complain. He’s so clingy (more with me), he literally follows me everywhere. It doesn’t bother me because I find him cute. But I know some people might like to have some space to breathe without their dog 24/7 by their side.

Velcro Dog

When I say that he follows me everywhere, it’s literally everywhere. If I go to the bathroom and I don’t close the door he will go sit just in front of my legs, the same for my shower he lays down next to the door of the shower. If I do close the door of the bathroom, he waits for me and lays down next to the door until I get out. If we’re chilling in front of the tv and he’s sleeping, if I stand up for water or anything, he will come next to me. He literally needs to have sight of me ALL the time!

Portidoodle Frequently Asked Questions

Do Portidoodles shed?

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Malvin the Portidoodle (Photo: malvin.ts / Instagram)

Not at all and they’re also hypoallergenic!

How big do Portidoodles get?

Malvin is 8 months and he weights 23.7kg (50lbs). We’ve been told this was gonna be his max weight. We’ll see!

Are Portidoodles good family dogs?

For the moment our family it’s only Malvin, my boyfriend and me. But my sister-in-law has a one-year-old old baby and Malvin behaves well, only if the baby tries to touch him he doesn’t like it because she pulls on Malvin curls.

Also sometimes he thinks the baby is a toy while crawling so he wants to play with her. Of course we need to keep an eye on him. Maybe when he will be older and after his castration, he will be more calm around babies.

With older kids at the park, we’ve never had any problem. He just looks at them and doesn’t run after them or anything even without a leash on.

How much exercise do Portidoodles need?

We walk him twice a day during the week. During one of those walks, we let him free in a space for him to run and play, throwing him a ball or a toy. The weekends we try to make more outside activities with him. But in general, throughout the day he sleeps all the time. It’s mainly during the evening that he has the most energy and wants to have attention and play.

Anything Else?

The breeder told us they have an exceptional smell, so you can put it in practice for many activities. He gave us the example some people are doing truffle hunting with their Portidoodles.

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