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Belgian Malinois (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are world-class working dogs. These athletics dogs are usually described as confident, smart and hardworking. Part of the American Kennel Club’s Herding Group, the Belgian Malinois are often […]

Black and white Alaskan Klee Kai Skye (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
What Is An Alaskan Klee Kai?

Alaskan Klee Kai are a companion dogs that come in three different sizes and colors. Often confused for mixed dogs such as Pomskies, Husky crosses or Chihuahua crosses, Alaskan Klee […]

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)
Havanese Vs Shih Tzu

Havanese and Shih Tzu are two companion-sized dogs that make great family pets. They’ve earned a reputation over the years for being excellent dogs for first-time owners and families. Havanese […]

Doberman running in the woods (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Doberman Q&A: Everything You Need To Know

Dobermans are the 17th most popular breed in the USA. These German dogs are often associated with being used by the military or police but Dobermans can also make great […]

Havanese Ilo (Photo: @ilo_the_havanese / Instagram)
Havanese vs Bichon Frise

Havanese and Bichon Frise are two popular companion dogs. If you live in an apartment or small home in a city, you may be looking for a dog that will […]

Havanese dog Einstein (Photo: @einstein_panda / Instagram)
Havanese Pros And Cons

Havanese are a popular dog breed amongst city dwellers. Their compact size and relatively low exercise requirements make them an ideal companion dog for pet lovers who live in apartments. […]

Poodle's are the second smartest dogs in the world (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Havanese Poodle Mix

Havapoo is a cross between a Havanese and a Poodle. These hybrid dogs go by a variety of different names, including Havapoo, Havadoodle, Poovanese and Havanese Poodle Mix. They’re a […]

Alaskan Klee Kai relax in hotel room (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
Princes Street Suites Edinburgh review

If you’re looking to book a trip to Edinburgh for you and your pup, you’ll need to find suitable accommodation. The good news is the Scottish capital is dog friendly, […]

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye next to the Caledonian Sleeper (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
Caledonian Sleeper review

The Caledonian Sleeper is an overnight train that runs between England and Scotland. There’s something to be said about going to sleep in one city and waking up in a […]

Pablo the Havanese (Photo: @havaneser_pablo / Instagram)
30 Havanese cross breeds

Havanese are popular companion dogs that originated in Cuba. Hav These toy-sized dogs were thought to have originated from Tenerife, a small Spanish island off the African coast. They were […]

Havanese enjoying some play time (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Havanese dog is native to Cuba. These small dogs are popular amongst city dwellers who want canine companions capable of adapting to apartment life. It’s little surprise the American […]

Venus the Chihuahua (Photo: venusafrodite_ / Instagram)
Chihuahua Lifespan

Chihuahuas are considered a healthy dog breed. These Mexican dogs are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. The American Kennel Club list Chihuahuas as […]

Cream long haired chihuahua walks on embankment in big city (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Do Chihuahuas Shed?

Chihuahuas are small dogs that have modest care needs. Their small size makes them ideal for dog owners who live in apartments or city dwellings. Chihuahuas don’t have a lot […]

Sealyham Terrier (Photo: @sealyhamadventurers / Instagram)
Sealyham Terrier Lifespan

Sealyham Terriers are a vulnerable British breed. These Welsh dogs are one of the less common varieties of Terrier in comparison to the popular Jack Russell Terrier. The Sealyham Terrier […]

Long-haired Chihuahua (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Chihuahua Colors

Chihuahuas have a wide range of acceptable coat colors. The range of coat colors for a Chihuahua include varieties of black, brown, cream, red and silver. Their markings can vary […]

Sealyham Terrier (Photo: @sealyhamadventurers / Instagram)
Do Sealyham Terriers shed?

Sealyham Terriers aren’t a common dog breed. These Welsh dogs have seen their numbers dwindle over the past 20 years. Sealyham Terriers were at the height of their popularity during […]

Cream long haired chihuahua walks on embankment in big city (Photo: Adobe Stock)
27 Cute Chihuahua Cross Breeds

Chihuahuas are a breed that are often mixed with other types of dogs. These Mexican dogs are usually crossed with other small breeds to create a designer dog that can […]

Eddie the Sealyham Terrier (Photo: @sealyhameddie / Instagram)
Sealyham Terrier Pictures

Sealyham Terrier are a rare Terrier breed. These working dogs originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales over 300 years ago. Sealyham Terriers rose in popularity in the 20th century after they became […]

Long-haired Chihuahua (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Chihuahuas are a tiny dog breed with big personalities. These little canines are popular as companion dogs given their smile size – they don’t weigh more than six pounds. It’s […]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the 19th most popular dog in USA (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pictures

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one of the world’s most popular breeds. The breed were thought to have first originated in Scotland in 1500s after their ancestors were brought from […]