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White Yorkie

You’ve almost certainly heard of a Yorkshire Terrier given the breed remains one of the most popular in the world. However, we would hazard a guess that it’s unlikely you’ve […]

Yorkipoo lies down in the grass (Photo: Adobe Stock)

If you’re looking for a Yorkshire Terrier to bring home but would prefer a cross breed, you may want to consider a Yorkipoo. Sometimes described as a designer dog, the […]

Yorkshire Terrier licking lips (Photo: Adobe Stock)
15 Yorkie Mix Breeds

While Yorkshire Terriers remain one of the world’s most popular dogs, there are many Yorkie Mixes that have become increasingly common. You may have your heart set on a Yorkie […]

Yorkshire Terrier staring at camera (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Yorkies Pros And Cons

If you’re considering a Yorkie as a pet, there are a number of things you should consider. These small Terriers are the ninth most popular breed in the United States, […]

Yorkshire Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yorkies are a small dog breed that originated in Yorkshire, England in the 19th century. The breed is commonly found around the world given their popularity as companion dogs that […]

There are two varieties of Corgi (Photo: Adobe Stock)
14 Best Dogs For Seniors

Dogs can play an important role in the lives of seniors. They can provide the older generation with much needed company, especially if a partner has passed away and left […]

Aussalier puppy (Photo: Royal Crown Kennels / Instagram)
20 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Breeds

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the world’s most popular dogs. Often described as one of the quintessential lapdogs given their descendants used to provide comfort and companionship […]

German Shepherd at the park (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Top 20 Most Popular Dogs In UK

A 2019 survey in Great Britain unearthed the nation’s most popular dog. ITV carried out a survey of 10,000 people in their quest to find the United Kingdom’s favourite pooch. […]

Siberian Husky originate in eastern peninsula of Russia (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 Most Popular Dog Breeds In USA

Nearly 90 million people own a dog in the United States. That’s over one quarter of the American population that have a dog as a pet. Officially, the American Kennel […]

Poodle's are the second smartest dogs in the world (Photo: Adobe Stock)
20 most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Most dog owners would like to consider their pets reasonably smart but there are some breeds that are more intelligent than others. This isn’t to say that all dogs don’t […]

Zoey the Cavalier (Photo: @zoeymycav / Instagram)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pros and cons

Pros The perfect lap dog The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the quintessential lap dogs. Serving royal figures such as Charles I, Charles II, Queen Victoria and even Princess Margaret, […]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the 19th most popular dog in USA (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

As the name suggests, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was a popular dog with royalty. While helloBARK! readers will know all about Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite breed, the Corgi, the […]

Alaskan Klee Kai originate in Alaska (Photo: lifewithkleekai/ Instagram)
What are Alaskan Klee Kai mixed with?

Alaskan Klee Kai are purebred dogs. You can only get an Alaskan Klee Kai by breeding two Alaskan Klee Kai registered with the United Kennel Club. Klee Kai are often […]