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Updated on 17 August 2021

The Newfypoo is a cross between a Newfoundland and a Poodle.

This particular hybrid dog is one of the bigger Poodle crosses given Newfypoo can reach a height of 25 inches and a weight of 100 pounds.

Typically Newyfpoo won’t be suited to apartment living given their size and energy levels, which will require a garden or yard.

Newyfpoo function as a capable watch dog or just a companion pet for dog lovers.

The influence of the Poodle parent’s genes means that Newfypoo can be hypoallergenic.

However, there is no guarantee that Newfypoo will be low shedding dogs, so be wary of claims that breeders make online.

We’ll hear from Alfie the Newfypoo (@alfie.the.newfypoo) and Dolly the Newfypoo (@dolly_the_newfypoo).

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Newfypoo size, Newfypoo temperament, Newfypoo shedding, Newyfpoo exercise requirements and Newfypoo price.

What is a Newfypoo?

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Newfypoo are a cross between a Newfoundland and a Poodle.

They can go by a variety of different names, including Newdle, Newfydoodle, Newfydoo, Newfoundlandpoo, Newfoundlandoodle and Poofoundland.

While it’s unclear when the first Newyfpoo emerged, they’re a popular hybrid amongst dog lovers who are searching for a big dog with hypoallergenic qualities.

While the Newyfpoo aren’t recognised by the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club, the designer dog breed have been granted status by the following organizations: Dog Registry of America and International Designer Canine Registry.

What size is a Newfypoo?

The Newfypoo is one of the largest Poodle crosses in the Doodle community. This is hardly a surprise given one of the parents is the Newfoundland. As a rough guide, the Newfypoo can grow to a size between 22 and 25 inches and weigh between 85 and 110 pounds.

Sophie gave us an idea about the size of her Newfypoo, Alfie, at 11 months.

Alfie is still growing as he’s still only 11 months old and they grow until 18-24 months. At the moment, his height from the top of his neck to the floor is 80cm and his length from his neck to his start of tail is 86cm.

Newfypoo appearance

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Newfypoo can inherit physical traits from their Newfoundland and Poodle parents. Therefore, you can find quite a bit of variety within this Doodle breed. A Newfypoo could have the well-proportioned, square shape of the Newfoundland or a more streamlined physique of their Poodle parent.

With a black or brown nose, Newfypoo can come in the following coat colors: black, brown, cream, gray, red, white, silver, pied and more. It’s worth noting that Newfypoo can be born with blue or green eyes before they usually become amber or brown in color.

Dolly’s mom Tricia described the appearance of her Newfypoo:

Dolly usually looks quite scruffy, regardless of grooming. She has the most beautiful face with gorgeous hazel eyes. Her eyes were actually green when she was a small puppy. Her fur has also changed colour, this is common with this breed, it is due to the Poodle “fade” gene, she was chocolate brown at first, then she looked a bit auburn but now the grey hair is really starting to come through, she is only 11 months, ha. She is so big that I’m sure her appearance can be intimidating when people see her approaching.

Newfypoo temperament

Just like their appearance, Newfypoo temperament can be differ between each member of the cross breed. Overall, Newfypoo are usually friendly dogs that like to be around their family members. Sometimes dubbed a gentle giant, they’ve got an underlying eagerness to please their pet parents. Embodying the guardian nature of the Newfoundland, the Newfypoo can be protective of member of the family, especially children. This member of the Doodle family is a smart dog so Newfypoo will require lots of mental and physical stimulation.

Sophie provided us with an idea of Newfypoo temperament from her experience with Alfie.

He has such a wonderful temperament and is an extremely gentle giant. He is so eager to please everyone and wouldn’t hurt a fly, albeit is actually a really good guard dog.

Do Newfypoos suffer from separation anxiety?

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder that can affect any dog irrespective of breed or mix. It occurs when pet parents are about to leave or leave the home. The symptoms of separation anxiety include barking, howling, whining, chewing, digging, defecating and urinating. There are some dogs who are silent suffers where separation anxiety is concerned. If you suspect your dog may be struggling with this chronic condition, you could speak to a behaviorist or trainer to learn what steps to take to make your dog more comfortable.

Alfie the Newfypoo hasn’t really been put to the test given most of his life so far has been spent with his owners in lockdown.

Alfie doesn’t seem to display any signs of any separation anxiety, but he does love to have his sister there. Whilst he was doing brilliantly during the day on his own, we also have mostly been in lockdown since soon after we got him and as we collected him at 15 weeks old we are not sure how he will deal with being on his own now.

Do Newfypoos make great family pets?

The Newfoundland breed have a history steeped in the protection of the family. They’re often described as wonderful family dogs given their friendly and sweet nature. Often likened to a big teddy bear, they usually do well with children. There’s a good chance a Newfypoo will inherit this family-friendly trait. Having said all that, we don’t recommend leaving a Newfypoo alone, unsupervised with children ever. It’s also a good idea to educate children on how to handle and interact with the Newfoundland Poodle cross.

Sophie explained why the hybrid breed make such great family pets based upon her experience with Alfie so far.

Newfypoos make such a wonderful family pet because they are so gentle and loyal. It’s just their size and the accompanying bills that might put people off.

Are Newfypoos easy to train?

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Newfypoo are smart dogs that need lots of mental stimulation to keep them ticking over. The Poodle is the second smartest dog breed in the world, so there’s a good chance a Newfypoo will be quick learners and retain commands.

It’s still a good idea to train your Newfypoo puppy at the earliest available opportunity to lay down the ground-rules and basic obedience. There’s also the factor of their size to consider, so the early you start, the better.

Newfypoo tend to be quick learners so with consistent and persistent training, your Doodle pup can thrive.

How much exercise do Newfypoos need?

The Newfypoo is an active dog that like to be outside. The cross breed need around 60 minutes of exercise a day. Given both breeds have a history of working in the water, Newfypoo will enjoy water sports such as swimming. Exercising in water can also help to lessen the strain on their joints.

If you don’t have access to water near you, your Newfypoo will still benefit from a couple of daily walks or a trip to the dog park if you’ve got a big dog section!

Do Newfypoos get along with other dogs?

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Newfypoo are usually friendly and outgoing dogs that do well with other people and canines. It’s still a good idea to socialize your Newfypoo from a young age to get your pup accustomed to different situations. You may want to consider puppy manners classes.

Tricia says Dolly has been friendly with other dogs so far.

Dolly is extremely friendly and seems to love all animals. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we haven’t been able to work on her manners as much as we would like, she doesn’t realise how big she is. She adores our French Bulldog but the feeling isn’t mutual

Are Newfypoos hypoallergenic?

You may spot some Newfypoo breeders claim that their puppies are 100% hypoallergenic. However, you treat such claims with caution. The American Kennel Club write that there’s no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog breed or mix. However, the AKC do put forward a number of breeds with hypoallergenic qualities, such as the Poodle.

Given the Newfypoo is usually at least 50% Poodle, there’s a good chance a Newfypoo will be a low shedding dog with hypoallergenic qualities. This can vary between each member of the cross breed depending on whether they take after their Poodle parent or not.

While dog hair is usually considered the biggest trigger where dog allergies are concerned, there are other factors to consider such a salvia. Newfoundland dogs are famous for slobbering a lot. There’s a good chance your Newfypoo could be a slobberer!

Alfie the Newfypoo is currently shedding.

Newfypoos can be hypoallergenic as many of them don’t shed, but it does depend upon how much Poodle content them have. Alfie is shedding at the moment, we believe because he is losing his puppy coat, although hasn’t until recently.

Tricia had a similar experience with Dolly.

I’m not sure, Dolly doesn’t malt really but as I mentioned she does get brushed a lot. At around 7-9 months we would find lots of fur tumble weed rolling about the house, I think this was her shedding her puppy coat.

Do Newfypoos shed?

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Some Newfypoo will be low shedding dogs but that won’t be the case with every member of the cross breed. While the Poodle is famous for being a canine that doesn’t shed a lot if at all, the Newfoundland is a moderate shedder. As we heard from Sophie and Tricia above, you’ll need to remember that your Newfypoo could end up being hypoallergenic but could still shed their puppy coat between 4 and 8 months.

Do Newfypoos need regular grooming?

While Newfypoo and other members of the Doodle family could be low shedding in comparison to other types of dogs, they do require regular grooming. It’s a good idea to regularly brush your Newfypoo to prevent their coat from becoming matted or tangled. It can promote a healthy coat by removing debris and dirt that may have become caught in their curls.

Tricia gave us an insight into her grooming schedule with Dolly.

They do need regular grooming, I brush Dolly everyday, it takes about 5-10 minutes but even then they can still get matts. Before lockdown I got Dolly professionally groomed about ever 6-8 weeks. She was due to be cut just as lockdown kicked off. As much as I tried to keep on top of it I lost the battle in the end. I was so relieved when I got her booked in to be cut. I was paying £70 in a major pet store but now I have found a local lady who is amazing and only charges £45. I don’t think they require any more care than other long haired breeds though.

Are Newfypoos fussy eaters?

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Some dogs can be fussy eaters for a variety of different reasons. I’ve experienced life with picky dogs and it can be a really big headache trying to find food for your canine companion. Other dogs could have sensitive stomachs that require an amended diet. If your Newfypoo is picky or is sensitive to certain foods, you may find it useful to check out some of the best dog food delivery options in the USA available right now (click here for the UK options).

Sophie told us that her Newfypoo Alfie does seem to have a sensitive tummy.

Alfie isn’t a very fussy eater, but he does have a bit of a sensitive tummy when it comes to some foods. Whilst he loves his snacks, as he is so tall, it would be difficult if he were too food driven as tables and work surfaces are easily accessible to him. Fortunately he doesn’t ever steal food.

Do Newfypoos have any health problems?

Although mixed breeds are usually considered to be healthier than purebred dogs given the diversity of their genetic makeup, they can still be prone to some health problems. If you own a Newfypoo, you may want to research the following conditions that have been known to affect this cross breed.

• Cataracts
• Canine Hip Dysplasia
• Sebaceous Adenitis
• Subaortic Stenosis
• Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)
• Bloat

Tricia highlighted hip issues that can affect Newfypoo.

I believe they can suffer with their hips, So you are advised not to have them jumping about and running wild to much, that’s because of their size. Basically if you are unlucky you could get a dog that gets all the health problems associated with Newfoundland’s and with Poodles. Or, fingers crossed, you could get non of them, it’s the luck of the draw. Most dogs are tested before they are bred but that still doesn’t mean your pup won’t get anything.

Newfypoo Price

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

If you’re looking to get a Newfypoo, you may prefer to see if your local rescue shelter has a dog that needs to be rehomed. Sometimes breeders will also be looking to rehome a dog that hasn’t settled with a family. Newfypoo can vary in price from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on a puppy’s coat color, size and more.

Are Newfypoos expensive?

While you may have saved for the initial cost of purchasing your Newfypoo puppy, there are other costs to consider once you’ve brought your new arrival home. There are monthly costs such as dog food, pet insurance, vet and grooming costs to consider. You’ll need to create a budget to make sure you can afford all the expenses associated with owning a dog.

Would you recommend Newfypoos to first-time owners?

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly’s mom Tricia offered the following advice for first-time dog owners interested in a Newfypoo.

I would say no, just because of their size. The amount of space they take up can be a shock. We found it quite hard, we have been used to a 20lb grumpy, sleepy and arthritic 10 year old Frenchie, we now have a 100lb 11 month puppy bounding about the place. You have to be firm, we probably wasn’t firm enough. Even minor puppy mischief seems huge because… well because they are huge. Picking up poos from a dog the size of an adult human is character building. I’m sure some people would be fine and maybe if we hadn’t already had a dog it might have been easier because we wouldn’t have compared them.

Newfypoos to follow on Instagram

If you want to learn more about the Newfypoo breed, you can find some examples of the cross breed on Instagram. In my experience, dog owners are more than forthcoming with information about their Newfypoo when asked for help by prospective owners. Here are two Newfypoo to follow on Instagram:

• Alfie the Newfypoo (@alfie.the.newfypoo)

• Dolly the Newfypoo (@dolly_the_newfypoo)

What are the pros and cons of Newfypoos?

Newfypoo Pros

Dolly/Tricia: Size= MASSIVE; So loving, she wants to be everyone’s friend, especially men; An absolutely beautiful looking dog; You will never be short of attention, going for a quick walk can take hours because the amount of people who stop to ask about her (this can be a Con sometimes).

Alfie/Sophie: They have loving, kind and gentle natures and want to please everyone; They are great with all animals; They are very easy to train and remember tricks and commands well.

Newfypoo Cons

Dolly/Tricia: MASSIVE; Destruction, my back garden is destroyed; Very mouthy as pups, often described as flying Piranhas; Also because they are a mixed breed it’s hard to get an average for anything, everything is a guesstimate, no real standard. So if you are a paranoid mother like me it’s hard to see if you dog is progressing the way it should be. Not common.

Alfie/Sophie: You need a lot of space as they are a giant breed; As they are so large and expensive to buy, they also cost a lot to insure and also to feed. You have to groom them every day because they have a lot of thick fur.

Newfypoos Pictures

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Alfie the Newfypoo (Photo: @alfie.the.newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

In conclusion

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

Dolly the Newfypoo (Photo: @dolly_the_newfypoo / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the Newfypoo.

They’re a popular cross breed that do well with families given their affectionate and loving nature.

Newfypoo can have hypoallergenic qualities and low shedding but there’s no guarantee in spite of claims that you may read on breeders’ websites.

This large Doodle will require regular exercise and benefit from training to keep their mind’s stimulated.

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