Morkie Vs Maltipoo: What’s The Difference?

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Updated on 20 September 2022

The Maltese is a well-known companion breed.

Over the past couple of decades, the Maltese has been mixed with a number of breeds to create some popular designer dog breeds. These include the Maltipoo and the Morkie.

These two cross breeds have become more common due to an increase in demand for apartment-friendly dogs.

The Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle to create a low-shedding dog that is active, loving and smart.

Alternatively, the Morkie is the result of breeding between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier.

Like the Maltipoo, Morkies tend to be dogs with hypoallergenic qualities that can serve as devoted pets.

However, it’s important to remember there are no guarantees that hybrid dogs such as Maltipoos and Morkies will inherit certain desired traits from their parent breeds.

In this article, we’ll hear from some Maltipoo and Morkie owners to learn more about the differences and similarities between these two dog breeds.

We recommend giving these Maltipoo and Morkie accounts a follow to learn more about these two hybrid dogs: Little Locke (@littlelocke), Daisy (@maltipoo_daisy), Willow (@willow.the.maltipoo), Peake Pups (@peakepups), Hattie (@hattiemaethemorkie), Mikko (@mikkomorkie) and Otis (@otis.the.morkie).

What Is A Morkie?

Otis the Morkie (Photo: @otis.the.morkie/ Instagram)

Otis the Morkie (Photo:
@otis.the.morkie/ Instagram)

A Morkie is a cross between a Maltese dog and a Yorkshire Terrier. While they’re usually called Morkies, this mix can also be given the following titles: Yorktese, Malkie, Malki, Maltiyork and Yorkiemalk.

Jess, who is the owner of Otis (@otis.the.morkie), shed some more light on these hybrid dogs.

A Morkie is a small, mixed-breed dog, generally with one parent being a Yorkshire Terrier (“Yorkie”) and the other a Maltese. Although, there can be variations in the composition of each breed for any given Morkie pup.

While the American Kennel Club recognises Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers as purebred dogs, the organization hasn’t granted the Morkie status. However, Morkies have received recognition from the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America.

What Is A Maltipoo?

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

The Maltipoo is a mix of a Maltese and a Poodle. Like the Goldendoodle, the Labradoodle and the Irish Doodle, they’re a member of the Doodle family.

While they usually go by the name Maltipoo, this mix can also be called Malti-Doodle, Malt-A-Doodle, Maltidoodle, Maltedoodle, Malt-oodle, Malt-A-Poo, Malta-Poo and Malta Poo.

Like the Morkie, the Maltipoo isn’t recognised by the AKC but they have been granted status by the Continental Kennel Club, American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, National Maltipoo Club and Maltipoo Club of America.

Morkie Colors Vs Maltipoo Colors

Kara the Morkie (Photo: @peakepups / Instagram)

Kara the Morkie (Photo: @peakepups / Instagram)

Morkie can mirror their Maltese and Yorkie parents with regards to coat color. This hybrid can have a coat that is black, white, blue, silver or fawn with brown eyes and a small black nose.

Here’s how Kara’s owner (@peakepups) described the appearance of her Morkie.

Kara is tall and slim with a mischievous looking face. Her face and legs are white in color and her head and back are a dark grey. We keep her head and tail hair long and body short.

Maltipoo can have a number of possibilities where coat color is concerned. The Poodle mix can have a coat that is black, gray, silver, blue, brown, cream and white. They can be a combination of these different colors. Maltipoo will usually have blue or brown eyes with a black nose.

Willow the Maltipoo (Photo: @willow.the.maltipoo / Instagram)

Willow the Maltipoo (Photo: @willow.the.maltipoo / Instagram)

Willow’s parents (@willow.the.maltipoo) likened their Maltipoo to a teddy bear in appearance.

I would describe the appearance as a teddy bear appearance: small, fluffy and ever so cute.

Morkie Temperament Vs Maltipoo Temperament

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Locke the Maltipoo (Photo: @littlelocke /Instagram)

Maltipoos and Morkies can share some personality traits. They’re both devoted and loving dogs that can excel as companion pets. They’re likely to be friendly dogs that are affectionate, alert and intelligent. The Morkie are dogs that have the potential to excel as watch dogs given the Yorkshire Terrier is an alert breed. Maltipoo are likely to be smart dogs given the Poodle is the second smartest dog breed in the world.

Locke (@littlelocke) is an example of a sassy but smart Maltipoo.

She has sass. She’s always ready for a snack and has us (her parents) wrapped around her paw. She makes it very clear that she will do things on her terms, when she wants to. Locke is also so lovable and makes us smile with her silliness like giving us kisses and stepping on us to wake us up for breakfast in the morning.

Mikko the Morkie (Photo: @mikkomorkie / Instagram)

Mikko the Morkie (Photo: @mikkomorkie / Instagram)

Karen shed light on the temperament of her Morkie, Mikko (@mikkomorkie).

They’re very intelligent, playful, easy to train and adaptable. Depending on the person, he tends to match their energy level.

Morkie Price Vs Maltipoo Price

It’s important that you take the time to do careful research to find responsible and trustworthy breeders of Maltipoos and Morkies. If you’re interested in one of these cross breeds, you should contact your local rescue shelter to see if you can find a member of these two hybrid dogs in need of a forever home.

Morkie have a general price range between $1,000 to $5,000.

Otis the Morkie (Photo: @otis.the.morkie/ Instagram)

Otis the Morkie (Photo:
@otis.the.morkie/ Instagram)

Jess provided us with an insight into her experience buying Otis (@otis.the.morkie).

With the increased interest in “designer breeds” in recent years, Morkies have seen a significant increase in value. They vary in price, ranging from $900 to as much as $5,000 or more. In my experience, the more a particular puppy resembles one breed (either the Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier), the higher the price. For example, my Morkie, Otis, heavily resembles a Yorkshire Terrier and was priced on the higher end of the range I provided when I purchased him last year.

Based upon our research, a Maltipoo could cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000. The price of a Maltipoo could depend on their size, color or generation. Just remember, the costs won’t stop once you get your pup home. You’ll need to make room in your budget for dog food, pet insurance, vet bills, grooming and more.

Morkie Vs Maltipoo Shedding

Daisy the Maltipoo (Photo: @maltipoo_daisy / Instagram)

Daisy the Maltipoo (Photo: @maltipoo_daisy / Instagram)

The Maltipoo and Morkie dogs are considered hypoallergenic cross breeds.

The American Kennel Club write on their website that no dog is completely hypoallergenic but some breeds do have more hypoallergenic qualities.

The Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier are listed on the AKC’s website amongst the breeds who are more hypoallergenic than other dogs.

Daisy’s mom (@maltipoo_daisy) says her Maltipoo is hypoallergenic but does require regular grooming.

Daisy is hypoallergenic. I have to brush Daisy at least every other day or else she gets tangles in the hair.

Mikko the Morkie (Photo: @mikkomorkie / Instagram)

Mikko the Morkie (Photo: @mikkomorkie / Instagram)

Mikko’s mum (@mikkomorkie) believes her Morkie is hypoallergenic.

He is hypoallergenic but he requires daily brushing to prevent matting. Fur grows very quickly and thick. We give him a haircut every 2-4 weeks.

Which Is Better: Morkie or Maltipoo?

There’s no guarantee a dog will inherit certain desired physical or personality traits from their Maltese, Poodle or Yorkie parent so it’s unfair to stereotype any designer dog breed.

If you’re a first-time dog owner weighing up a Morkie or a Maltipoo, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons of each cross breed, especially because they’ve got quite a few similarities.

Our current Maltipoo and Morkie dog owners provided some advice to prospective owners.

Stephanie (@hattiemaethemorkie) endorsed the Morkie as a dog for a first-time owner based upon her positive experience.

I would 100% recommend a Morkie to anyone! Hattie is my first Morkie, and of course, I’m in love! She is feisty, very talkative, and knows all basic commands (however, she’s stubborn, so she obeys when she wants!). Fun fact: She walks on two legs all the time and can do it for a lengthy time!

Locke’s parents (@littlelocke) believe Maltipoos are great dogs for inexperienced owners.

Maltipoos are easy dogs to train, cuddly and just a bit mischievous to keep you on your toes! They are very social so they will make lots of friends at the dog park.

Morkie And Maltipoo To Follow On Instagram

If you’re looking at the Maltipoo or the Morkie as a potential dog for you and your family, you may find it useful to follow some examples of these designer dogs on social media. We find Instagram can be an excellent resource for prospective dog owners. Here are some Maltipoos and Morkies to follow on the photo-sharing app.

• Little Locke (@littlelocke)

• Daisy (@maltipoo_daisy)

• Willow (@willow.the.maltipoo)

•Peake Pups (@peakepups)

• Hattie (@hattiemaethemorkie)

• Mikko (@mikkomorkie)

• Otis (@otis.the.morkie)

In Conclusion – Wrapping Up

Kara the Morkie (Photo: @peakepups / Instagram)

Kara the Morkie (Photo: @peakepups / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our Morkie vs Maltipoo feature.

These are two examples of Maltese cross breeds who share some similarities and differences.

If you’re looking for an affectionate, devoted, loyal and smart dog, you may want to consider either the Maltipoo or the Morkie.

Furthermore, these two cross breeds have hypoallergenic qualities so they’re likely to be low-shedding dogs.

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