Mini Bernedoodle Price – How Much Are Mini Bernedoodle Puppies?

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 17 December 2021

The Mini Bernedoodle is a member of the Doodle family.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard a Mini Bernedoodle or another member of the Doodle community being dubbed “a designer dog”.

Poodle cross breeds have become increasingly popular since the 1980s when mix breeds such as Goldendoodles and Labradoodles first came to prominence.

The attraction of owning a Doodle is that dog owners are getting certain desired traits from both parents combined in a big ball of fluff.

The common denominator is the Poodle breed as breeders look to combine their hypoallergenic and low-shedding coats with another dog breed.

Mini Bernedoodles are one of the smaller members of the Doodle clan – and they can be quite expensive to buy.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Mini Bernedoodle price, where you can find Mini Bernedoodle puppies and whether there’s a dedicated Mini Bernedoodle rescue organisation.

We’ll speak to Booker (@venice_dood), Lucky (@lj.thebernedoodle) and Bernie (@bernie__doodle) to learn more about Mini Bernedoodle price as well as their advice when it comes to finding a Mini Bernedoodle breeder. We’ll also share some of their photos (with their permission).

What Is A Mini Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodle Bernie (Photo: bernie_dood / Instagram)

Mini Bernedoodle Bernie (Photo: bernie_dood / Instagram)

A Mini Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle (unlike a Bernedoodle which is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle).

The first Mini Bernedoodle were thought to have been bred by Swissridge Kennels founder Sherry Rupke in the early 2000s.

These teddy bear-like dogs have proven popular given they come in a small size and combine some of the attractive characteristics of both the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle.

For example, they can make excellent family pets given Mini Bernedoodles are active, friendly, loyal and patient dogs.

Mini Bernedoodles can be low-shedding dogs, although they could shed a little considering the Bernese Mountain Dog is not considered hypoallergenic by the American Kennel Club.

Although we couldn’t find organizations that recognise the Mini Bernedoodle online, the Bernedoodle is recognised by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry.

Where To Adopt A Mini Bernedoodle

You could always start your quest to find a Mini Bernedoodle by reaching out to local rescue organisations and shelters to see if they’ve got one of these Doodles up for adoption.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll find one of these hybrids in your local shelter, you may find a dog with similar traits that you’re looking for who needs a forever home.

During our research about the Mini Bernedoodle cross breed, we found two rescue organizations who deal specifically with rehoming Doodles such as the Mini Bernedoodle.

IDOG Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of Doodles. Here’s what they write on their website.

We work with shelters around the country to ensure that Doodles are pulled as quickly as possible. We also accept owner-surrendered Doodles. We accept doodles regardless of color, coat type or heartworm status. Dogs with other medical issues or behavioral issues are considered based on our ability to treat and successfully place them.

There is another organization called The Doodle Rescue Collective who have saved over 4,000 dogs since launching.

Where Can I Buy A Mini Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodle Booker (Photo: venice_dood / Instagram)

Mini Bernedoodle Booker (Photo: venice_dood / Instagram)

So you’ve decided that a Mini Bernedoodle puppy would be a better fit for you and your family environment.

As the Mini Bernedoodle cross breed is a relatively new, you’ll need to be thorough in your research before you make a decision on a breeder.

Unlike purebred dogs, the Bernedoodle doesn’t have a Kennel Club, a breed standard and rules for breeder’s to follow.

Therefore, you should meet as many Bernedoodle breeders as possible, ask to see your potential pup with their mother and father (or at least their mother), request proof of genetic screening, health checks and vaccinations.

Swissridge Kennel founder Rupke explained on her website what a good Bernedoodle breeder should be doing.

A reputable breeder will perform a number of tests and provide evidence of the successful results. It’s important for prospective buyers to understand that breeders invest a great deal of money upfront in finding healthy breeding stock and doing the required testing. This investment is usually reflected in the higher cost of the puppy for the buyer. A higher upfront cost will most likely reduce vet bills down the road.

A responsible Mini Bernedoodle breeder will have a lot of questions to ask you – too. They’ll likely want to know about your home, your outside space and your ability to financially take care of your Mini Bernedoodle.

Advice From Mini Bernedoodle Owners On Finding A Breeder

Rasa, who owns Bernie (@bernie__doodle), had some great advice for anyone searching for a breeder.

I would say to do a ton of research. There are SO many Doodle breeders out there of all sorts so it’s hard to sort out good information from bad information, but once I did the research on the breed and decided that I wanted a Mini Bernedoodle I contacted a ton of people on instagram who had dogs currently to ask about their experiences. From there, I contacted the breeders and asked a ton of questions – you’ll want to know what they stand for, if they pay close attention to health certifications or if they just want to get a large volume of dogs out the door into new homes. And from there, just go with your gut! Good breeders will never be annoyed if you ask too many questions and typically will have a lengthy wait list, so be patient and eventually you’ll welcome your dream dog into your home!

Mehnoosh, who is the owner of Booker (@venice_dood), urged his fellow Mini Bernedoodle enthusiasts to pay special attention to the Mini Poodle parent.

Look for someone you trust – breeding Mini Bernedoodles can be tough because they are bred through artificial insemination, where the father must be the Mini Poodle and the mother must be the Standard Bernedoodle. Make sure the Mini Poodle is at least 10lbs to prevent any issues with breeding. Breeding with a Poodle that is under 10lbs can result in puppies with very short legs, which would cause long term health effects.

How Much Are Mini Bernedoodle Puppies?

Mini Bernedoodle Bernie (Photo: bernie_dood / Instagram)

Mini Bernedoodle Bernie (Photo: bernie_dood / Instagram)

Mini Bernedoodles can be expensive to buy with an anticipated price range of between $2,000 to $6,000. Of course, some Mini Bernedoodles can cost more or less but if you’re paying within the suggested price range, you know you’re within the margins of what most Mini Bernedoodles cost.

Rasa explained that Mini Bernedoodle pricing will vary based upon a number of different factors.

Pricing will vary from coloring to specific size, but expect to pay anywhere from $3000-5000 for a Mini Bernedoodle from a reputable well-known breeder – and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better!

Other Mini Bernedoodle Costs

While Mini Bernedoodles may be low-shedding dogs, they can prove costly to maintain. They’ll require a trip to a professional groomer every six to eight weeks to maintain the health and quality of their coat.

Aside from grooming costs, you’ll need to think about the essentials you require before you bring your Mini Bernedoodle pup home as well as monthly costs such as pet food and pet insurance.

Anything Else To Consider?

If you’re looking for a Mini Bernedoodle breeder, you could reach out to some current Mini Bernedoodle owners in your area to find out what breeder they worked with.

You’ll also be able to ask questions about their experience and whether they’ve got any additional advice based upon their experience.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Mini Bernedoodle Booker (Photo: venice_dood / Instagram)

Mini Bernedoodle Booker (Photo: venice_dood / Instagram)

So we’ve reached the end of our article on the price of Mini Bernedoodles.

As we learned, Mini Bernedoodles will usually cost between $2000 and $6000 but the price can vary.

Patience will be required as most Bernedoodle breeders will require a deposit and you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

Altneratively, you could contact a Doodle rescue organization and ask to be placed on a waiting list to be matched with a Mini Bernedoodle in need of a new home.

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