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Golden Cavaliers are a cross breed that are growing in popularity.

They’re a mix between two popular dog breeds: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Golden Retriever.

By crossing these two popular family-friendly dogs, you’re likely to get a friendly, loyal and outgoing dog.

The Golden Cavalier can inherit traits from either of their parents, although it’s impossible to predict whether what characteristics they’ll have.

They can also be called a Mini Golden Retriever or a Petite Golden Retriever.

We’ve contacted some of the leading Golden Cavalier accounts on Instagram to feature some of their photos and some of the advice for prospective Golden Cavalier owners.

In this article, we’ll hear from Rufus (@rufus_goldencavalier), Bad Booney (@badbooney) and Milo (@milothegoldencavalier).

What is a Golden Cavalier?

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Golden Retriever. As mentioned above, they can also be called a mini or petite Cavalier.

This designer breed can trace back its origins to the early 2000s although this mix existed before the turn of the millennium through inadvertent breeding.

The Designer Dog Kennel Club and the Dog Registry of America both recognise the Golden Cavalier, but the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club haven’t granted the cross breed status.

Golden Cavalier size

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier are considered a small-to-medium sized dog. They can be between 16 and 18 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 45 pounds.

At the time of writing, Rufus (@rufus_goldencavalier) is a five-month Golden Cavalier. Here’s what they had to say about his eventual size:

He has 5 months left of growing according to the breeder. He currently weighs 28 lbs.

Bad Booney is another Golden Cavalier who is set to reach an eventual weigh of 35 to 45 pounds.

Golden Cavalier appearance

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

The overall purpose of the Golden Cavalier was to create a smaller-sized version of the Golden Retriever. Hence their nickname – the mini or petite Golden Retriever. They can have a coat color that can be any variation of fawn, white or yellow.

We asked Bad Booney (@badbooney) to describe his appearance.

Our Golden Cavalier, Boone, is first-generation, meaning his dad is a full-bred ruby Cavalier King Charles and his mom is an English Cream Golden Retriever. He happens to look a bit more like a Golden Retriever compared to others that may be second-generation, which look a little more like Cavaliers. Second-generation can mean one or both of the parents are a Golden/Cav mixes. Boone is almost 13 weeks, so we don’t know exactly what he will look like, but he will likely be anywhere from 35 – 45 lbs and have a lighter golden color since his mom is English Cream.

Golden Cavalier temperament

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Retrievers are a friendly dog breed that make great family pets. They’re friendly and playful, making them ideal for homes with young children. Cavaliers are usually companion dogs that love to give and receive affection from their pet parents. The Golden Cavalier will usually combine traits from both the Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Here is Milo (@milothegoldencavalier) helped shed some light on the temperament of these designer dogs.

I would say the temperament of a Golden Cavalier is very similar to a Golden Retriever. They are about moderate energy level. Now with that being said Milo is going through the puppy phase still, so he does still have that puppy energy and excitement when around others. He is such a loving dog to anyone and everything, he can also be very stubborn and likes to “talk back” to me when I tell him no, he is also very curious of the outside world.

We’ve also got Bad Booney to provide her perspective on the breed:

Golden Cavaliers are the ultimate mushes! Given their roots, they are so smart, eager to please, playful, loyal, lovable, and love to snuggle.

Do Golden Cavaliers suffer from separation anxiety?

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder than can effect any dog, irrespective of breed or mix. Usually it manifests itself in the shape of persistent barking, howling or whining, destructive chewing or digging, and in some extreme cases, defecating or urinating inside the home.

There’s also such a thing as a silent sufferer that displays very subtle signs of separation anxiety. We spoke to a separation anxiety trainer if you’ve got a dog who is currently suffering with the problem. Cavaliers appear more inclined to suffer with separation anxiety rather than Golden Retrievers.

Bad Booney’s parents provided an insight into their experience with this canine condition:

We got Boone right when Shelter-In-Place happened, so Boone only knows a life where we are in our apartment with him all the time. That said, we try to leave him alone in the apartment at least once a day and put him in his crate periodically throughout the day for 30 mins at a time so he can start getting used to us not being around 24/7. When we leave, he may cry for a minute, but he is pretty good at self-soothing. He doesn’t mind being in his crate, so that definitely helps with his separation anxiety!

Milo, like Boone, hasn’t really experienced this issue, either.

I am not an expert on this breed and others might say different, but so far I would say that Milo really doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety. He does like to be by my side a lot of the time, but overall does his own thing with the occasional check in.

Do Golden Cavalier like to cuddle?

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Cavaliers have a reputation for being a dog breed that love to be around their fellow family members. They’re often described as a quintessential example of a lapdog. Hence, their popularity with nobility and royals throughout the centuries.

We asked Boone about whether their Golden Cavalier likes to cuddle.

When he doesn’t have the zoomies (which happens a couple of times a day), absolutely! Boone is a professional cuddler. He loves to snuggle up to us as close as possible or snuggle with his stuffed animals in his dog bed.

Are Golden Cavalier make great family pets?

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

In theory, combining the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Golden Retriever should result in a cross breed that is a family friendly dog. They’re medium-to-high energy dogs that love to be around people, whether they’re family at the home or strangers at the dog park. They’re an extremely sociable breed.

Rufus’ parents gave us an idea into whether he’s a family-friendly dog:

He is a great family pet but you will need the patience to train him throughly. He jumps and barks and whines at the cat. We are training him everyday!

Are Golden Cavalier easy to train?

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being highly trainable dog, especially as some members of the breed can make fantastic blind eye dogs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are usually eager to please, so they can pick up training quickly provided you start from a young age.

Rufus has proven quite easy to train, according to his owners.

He is easy to train. We’ve had him for 2 months. He knows “sit”, down”, “come” and “touch”. His only tough spot is impulse control. He barks at neighbors and people walking by our house unless he’s on leash and we are actively desensitising him. He also obsessed over cats.

How much exercise do Golden Cavalier need?

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier have moderate to high energy so they’ll need regular daily exercise. WagWalking suggest around 60 minutes of exercise a day for a Golden Cavalier. Golden Retrievers are an active breed but Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more laid back. They enjoy a romp in the garden or yard as well as a slower paced daily walk.

Rufus is described as a moderate-to-high energy dog.

He is moderate/high energy. He has the “zoomies” but he sleeps a lot. Lots of crazies and sleepies.

Are Golden Cavalier hypoallergenic?

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier aren’t considered a hypoallergenic mixed breed. Neither the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel nor the Golden Retriever is hypoallergenic. So if you’re a Cavalier or Golden Retriever lover but suffer with allergies, you may want to check out the Golden Doodle or Cavoodle.

Do Golden Cavalier shed?

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavaliers are likely to blow out their coat twice a year at the changing of the seasons. They’ll also shed all year round. If you’re looking for a breed or cross breed that doesn’t shed, the Golden Cavalier isn’t the hybrid for you.

Do Golden Cavalier need regular grooming?

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

If you’re thinking about getting a Golden Cavalier, you’ll need to be prepared to do regular grooming to maintain the health and quality of your dog’s coat. Here’s an insight into their grooming needs from Milo.

This is yet to be seen given he is still a pup, but I am guessing since his fur is shorter, he won’t require a ton of grooming. We try to bathe him once a week since we live in NYC, and he picks up a lot of stuff on his walks. He sheds a bit too, so may be good to invest in a lint roller.

Milo’s parent gave us an insight into his grooming needs.

When it comes to grooming, Milo is pretty easy and I can do majority of it at home. A lot of this breed maintenance is like any typical dog. We do the regular brushing to get rid of loose hair and make sure it is matt-free, clean his ears for wax or dirt, brush his teeth so they stay nice and pearly white and then make sure to trim his nails.

Do Golden Cavaliers have any health problems?

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Usually cross breeds are pretty healthy dogs. However, not all the health issues are known because some of these designer breeds are still in their relative infancy. One health problem to be aware of is hip dysplasia. This is a condition when there is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints.

This is something that Milo’s parents are aware of:

The most common health problem that Golden Cavaliers seem to have is hip dysplasia. With him being a mixed breed, you sometimes see less of the health issues that purebreds tend to show because of hybrid vigor.

Are Golden Cavaliers fussy eaters?

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier Rufus (Photo: @rufus_goldencavalier / Instagram)

While Golden Retrievers are usually happy to chow down on any food, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be picky eaters at times. We really believe in the benefit of dog food delivery companies, so if you’ve experienced that with your dog, check out the best dog food delivery companies in the USA or the best dog food delivery companies in the UK.

We asked Milo whether they’ve experienced any fussiness with their Golden Cavalier.

Some I heard can be, but I would say Milo is far from being a fussy eater. This boy absolutely loves to eat. He gets so excited when I give him his dog food, I also started to make homemade dog treats and they have been a fan favorite. He will eat anything from the grass on the ground to the dog food he is suppose to eat to any human food that crosses his path!

Golden Cavalier price

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Boone the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @badbooney / Instagram)

Golden Cavalier can cost between $1,000 and $1,500 if you purchase your designer dog from a breeder. If you’ve got your heart set on a Golden Cavalier, you may want to consider heading to your local rescue to see if they’ve got a Golden Cavalier that needs to be home. This was the case with Milo.

I was fortunate enough and rescued Milo, so my cost was free besides some extra vaccines I had to get him. According to google though, the average price of a Golden Cavalier puppy is anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

Are Golden Cavaliers expensive?

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Milo the Golden Cavalier (Photo: @milothegoldencavalier / Instagram)

Aside from the initial cost of purchasing or rescuing a Golden Cavalier, you’ve got to consider other costs such as vaccination, pet insurance, dog food and grooming. You can check out the best pet insurance options in the USA and the UK.

Do Golden Cavalier make great first-time pets for new owners?

So you’re probably wondering whether Golden Cavaliers are suitable to first-time owners. Here’s what our Golden Cavalier friend Boone had to say.

I believe Golden Cavaliers make excellent first-time pets for new owners. They are incredibly intelligent dogs and highly trainable. We have had Boone for 3 weeks now, and he was nearly potty trained (with the assistance of Fresh Patch) in 3 days, and he already knows all of the basic commands (sit, stay, down, paw, etc.). Given their intelligence and friendly demeanor, I do think they make incredible first-time pets. Plus, they are headturners on walks, so you will meet new pup friends and parents very easily.

Golden Cavaliers to follow on Instagram

If you’re looking to learn more about Golden Cavaliers, here are three accounts to check out.

• Rufus (@rufus_goldencavalier)

• Milo (@milothegoldencavalier)

• Bad Booney (@badbooney)

In conclusion

So there we have it, you should have a good idea about Golden Cavaliers, thanks in part to Rufus, Boone and Milo.

They can make great companion pets with moderate exercise requirements. They’ll like to be around family and other people as they’re a sociable breed.

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