Goberian Price – How Much Are Goberian Puppies?

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Updated on 16 March 2022

Have you started your search for a Goberian puppy?

If so, you’re first port of call should be your local rescue shelter or a dedicated Husky rescue centre.

You may strike lucky and find a Goberian in need of a forever home or find love at first sight with a different Husky mix.

However, if you’ve got your heart set on a Goberian and you’ve had no luck working with your local rescue organizations, you may have to find a dedicated Goberian breeder.

Goberian breeders are rare so you’ll have to be thorough in your search and even more thorough when working with a breeder to be confident that they’re ethical breedeers.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at how you can find a Goberian puppy, where to find out more information about Goberian breedeers and take a look at Goberian price.

We’ll speak to Hudson (@hudson_the_goberian), Kona (@konathegoldenhusky) and Sully (@sully_the_goberian).

What Is A Goberian?

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

The Goberian hybrid dog is a cross between two of the world’s most popular dog breeds – the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky.

The result is an active dog that is affectionate and likes to be around fellow family members as well as lots of daily exercise.

Goberians will usually range from 20-24 inches in height and between 45 and 90 pounds in weight making the cross breed a medium-sized dog.

While the American Kennel Club recognises the Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever, Goberians haven’t been given status by the organization.

However, the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Dog Registry of America (DRA) and International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) all recognise the Goberian mix.

Where To Adopt A Goberian

Kona the Golden Husky (Photo: @konathegoldenhusky / Instagram)

Kona the Golden Husky (Photo: @konathegoldenhusky / Instagram)

If you believe in giving a dog a new home rather than purchasing a pup, you’ll be hoping to find a Goberian at your local rescue shelter.

This could be a good way to find a Golden Retriever Husky mix but you may also fall in love with a different Golden Retriever or Husky mix.

Another possible route would be to locate a dedicated Husky rescue and keep an eye out for any Husky cross breeds listed for adoption on their website.

Kona’s owners (@konathegoldenhusky) shared the story of how they ended up with their Goberian.

We get this question all the time and it’s actually a funny story. A friend of a friend had a Golden Retriever that had “accidental” puppies with their neighbor’s husky (he jumped the 7 foot fence to get to her). The timing just happened to work out when we were looking for a dog! We actually haven’t heard of any dedicated Goberian breeders but think that they would be an excellent idea.

Goberian Breeders: Where Can I Buy A Goberian?

Hudson the Goberian (Photo: hudson_the_goberian / Instagram)

Hudson the Goberian (Photo: hudson_the_goberian / Instagram)

If you haven’t had any luck finding a Goberian in need of a new forever home or you’ve just decided that getting a Goberian puppy is a better fit for you and your circumstances, you’ll be looking for a Goberian breeder. However, this may be a long and tricky search.

Unlike Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies breeders, Goberians aren’t particularly common. We could only find a couple but there doesn’t appear to be an organization governing Goberian breeders so potential owners will need to be cautious.

We don’t recommend using generic websites that offer puppies for sale because it can be hard to track where the puppies have come from. You don’t want to inadvertently support a puppy mill.

If you believe you have found a legitimate Goberian breeder, we recommend going to visit the breeder’s home so you can see the facilities and meet the puppy’s parents. It’s important to at least see the pup interact with the mother.

Most breeders will require you to fill out a questionnaire explaining your living circumstances so they can assess whether you’ll be able to give their Goberian pup a good home.

You should also prepare a list of questions to ask the breeder, such as proof of health certificates and veterinary checks, whether they’ll be implanting a microchip and much more.

If you’re looking for a Goberian puppy and struggling to find a breeder, you could always search out Goberian accounts on Instagram and ask where they found their dog. In our experience, social media users are more than happy to share knowledge about a breed or mix.

Advice From Goberian Owners

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

We asked our current Goberian owners to provide prospective owners with advice in their search for a Goberian pup.

Kona (@konathegoldenhusky):

Do your research on both breeds! It’s important to understand that both Golden Retrievers and Huskies are very active dogs and they need to exercise! If you can’t provide an active lifestyle for your Golden Husky it might not be the dog for you. But if you can, you will have a great relationship with your pup and will thoroughly enjoy taking them everywhere with you.

Hudson (@hudson_the_goberian):

Don’t go in with too many specific expectations. They are a newer breed and there tend to be a lot of variation from looks,temperment, and size. Either way- they are the mix of two tremendous breeds and regardless of how the genes shake out – you will have yourself one of the best companions you could find

Sully (@sully_the_goberian):

Do your research on how the breed would fit into your family and lifestyle and engage with other owners if you can. There’s some excellent Facebook discussion groups where you can find honest answers to everything there is to know about Goberians. The combination of the breeds means their characteristics and personalities can be very diverse from dog to dog so it’s important to be aware you may not get the exact model you wished for.

Find a reputable breeder early, only a couple recognised to date in the UK that I’m aware of, and build up a relationship with them if you’re sure this breed is a good fit. Most likely you will need to go on a waitlist and be super patient. A good breeder will screen potential buyers thoroughly and prepare you for welcoming a Gobie pup into your life.

Be realistic about the demands a larger, super-active breed requires, as it really is a full-time occupation to give them the tools and consistency they need to learn, thrive and become an integral part of the family.

How Much Are Goberian Puppies?

Hudson the Goberian (Photo: hudson_the_goberian / Instagram)

Hudson the Goberian (Photo: hudson_the_goberian / Instagram)

Like we mentioned above, there isn’t a dedicated Goberian club (if you have more information about this, please feel free to contact us). Therefore, it’s difficult to ascertain a price range. We managed to find one Goberian breeder and they were selling their puppies for prices between $500 and $1000. We relied upon the experience of the Goberian owners that we spoke to for this feature.

Hudson (@hudson_the_goberian)

Typically around $1-2k.

Sully (@sully_the_goberian)

We started our Goberian journey prior to the pandemic, deciding we wanted our first family dog and agreeing on our ideal breed and later finding a potential breeder. However, the demand for puppies in the UK exploded during 2020 and our breeder of choice was inundated with requests to go on the same waitlist, influencing the price they commanded.

Despite the fact they are not a fully recognised breed in their own right in the UK and a relatively unheard-of combination, the qualities both physically and in temperament mean they are creeping into higher demand and combined with little availability, this is reflected in a healthy price tag equivalent to KC registered pups of other breeds.

The breeder we chose is creating a robust bloodline of F1 and F2 generation Goberians, very ethical and passionate about his work and we chose him for this reason. He supported us through the early days and continues to be a friend to our family now. As a nod to our breeder, I won’t divulge cost as I believe our boy, and any other dog, is fully worth what you are happy to pay if you have confidence in the source.

Other Goberian Costs

Kona the Golden Husky (Photo: @konathegoldenhusky / Instagram)

Kona the Golden Husky (Photo: @konathegoldenhusky / Instagram)

While you may have carefully saved for the initial cost of purchasing your Goberian, you’ll need to consider the monthly costs associated with owning a dog.

For instance, you’ll need to budget for the initial items needed to make your new puppy comfortable in their home, such as dog toys, leashes and harnesses and dog crates.

There will be vaccinations and boosters to consider as well as neutering or spaying your Goberian if that’s part of your contract.

Don’t forget dog food which can be pricey if you plan to feed your Goberian balanced and complete meals, while there’s also the small matter of pet insurance.

Anything Else To Consider?

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

As we mentioned above, if you’re looking to find a Goberian, we recommend contacting some current owners on social media. They’re usually more than willing to help prospective owners. Here are three accounts that you can check out on the photo-sharing app.

• Hudson (@hudson_the_goberian)

• Kona (@konathegoldenhusky)

• Sully (@sully_the_goberian)

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

Sully the Goberian (Photo: @sully_the_goberian / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our feature taking a look at Goberian price.

As you’ll now know, Goberian puppies can cost between $500 and $2000 in the USA but it’s unclear how much a Goberian pup would cost from a UK breeder.

You could also contact your local rescue shelter or a dedicated-Husky rescue to see if they’ve got a Goberian dog in need of a new forever home.

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