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A German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Corgi.

These dogs are combination of two of the world’s most popular breeds to yield an energetic mixed breed.

German Shepherds are traditionally working dogs that still serve an important purpose within society as service animals.

However, these medium-to-large dogs are often trained to be guard dogs or simply act as family pets.

Corgis were used to herd farm animals but in modern society have a reputation for being excellent apartment dogs provided they get sufficient mental and physical stimulation.

In this article, we’re going to learn a little more about the German Shepherd Corgi Mix.

With the introduction over, let’s take a closer look at the German Shepherd Corgi mix.

What do you call a German Shepherd Corgi mix?

A German Shepherd Corgi Mix can be called a variety of different names.

They’re also called Corgi German Shepherd Mix and Corgi Shepherd Mix.

This cross breed is commonly called a Corman Shepherd.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd at the park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

German Shepherd at the park (Photo: Adobe Stock)

German Shepherds are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds.

They were established by a former German captain called Max von Stephanitz in the 1890s.

Thanks to his careful selection and breeding, the German Shepherd has become renowned as a working dog.

Von Stephanitz designed the German Shepherd to be an athletic and powerful dog with a noble and loyal character.

German Shepherds are often used by the police and the military, while they were the first blind eye dogs in the USA.

The American Kennel Club lists the German Shepherd as the second most popular dog breed in America.


The Corgi is a herding dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Corgi is a herding dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

There are two different varieties of Corgi: a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

There are couple of ways to identify the different Corgi types: Pembrokes tend to have docked tails but Cardigans will have bushy, fox-like tails. Pembrokes have pointed ears but Cardigans have round ears.

There’s conflicting information about how both the Cardigan and Pembroke ended up in Wales. Some believe the Vikings are responsible but there’s no definite proof.

Corgis were used to herd animals on farms. Some members of the breed have retained the herding tendency, which is something that dog owners will need to keep an eye out for.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the more popular variety in the USA.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix size

As with all cross breeds, it’s difficult to predict the exact size that each puppy will grow to. A pup could inherit the traits of either parent.

Therefore, to get an understanding of the potential size range of a German Shepherd Corgi Mix, we need to look at the size of each parent. It’ll also depend on whether the Corgi parent is a Cardigan or Pembroke.

German Shepherds can be between 22 and 26 inches in height and 50 and 90 pounds in weight depending on whether they’re male or female.

Both Corgi varieties can grow to a height between 10 and 12 inches and weigh around 25 and 38 pounds. You’ll find subtle differences between Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis.

Usually, this mix will inherit the Corgi parent’s trademark short legs, combined with a long body. While they might look small, Corgi and German Shepherd Corgi Mixes are still considered medium-sized dogs.

Corgi Shepherd Mix characteristics and temperament

As we mentioned above, there’s no guarantee a German Shepherd Corgi will look more like their Corgi or German Shepherd parent.

A German Shepherd Corgi tend to have almond shaped eyes that are brown in color. However, other eye colors are a possibility.

The offspring of a German Shepherd and Corgi can have a number of different coat colors, although it’ll usually be a variety of brown, black and white.

According to The Happy Puppy Site, a Corman Shepherd can inherit the facial features of either parent but the offspring should have an alert and intelligent expression.

German Shepherd Corgi personality

The German Shepherd are often used as guard dogs due to their alert, loyal and watchful nature.

Corgis have playful personalities with a strong work ethic, resulting from their days as herders on farms.

You can expect a German Shepherd Corgi mix to be an energetic dog that will thrive as a companion within a family setting.

A Corman Shepherd should be relatively easy to train given the intelligence levels of both parents.

However, we recommend puppy training and socialisation classes from a young age to have a solid platform to build upon.

German Shepherd Corgi exercise requirements

German Shepherd Corgi dogs will need quite a bit of exercise.

The AKC describe German Shepherds as an active and athletic breed that requires a lot of exercise for their mental and physical health.

They go on to state that Corgi are also in need of regular exercise to deplete their energy levels.

You’ll need to devote at least an hour a day to exercising a German Shepherd Corgi Mix.

Are Corgi Shepherd Mixes hypoallergenic?

A hypoallergenic dog is one that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. The AKC make it clear on their website that there’s no such thing as a 100 per cent hypoallergenic breed despite what you might read elsewhere online.

Although the AKC lists some types of dogs that are more hypoallergenic than other canines, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix is not one.

German Shepherd Corgi shedding

If you decide a German Shepherd Corgi Mix is the right dog for you, be prepared for a moderate to high amount of shedding.

The German Shepherd has a double coat – the inner coat will blow out twice a year at the changing of the seasons.

Corgis, like the GSD, have a double coat that tends to shed all year. They can be particularly heavy shedders during the hotter months.

As a result, you’ll need to devote some time every day to grooming your Corman Shepherd to remove dead hair and debris in their coat.

German Shepherd Corgi lifespan

To get an idea of the average lifespan of a Corgi Shepherd Mix, we need to look at the life expectancy of each parent.

German Shepherds live to around the age between 9 and 13, while Corgis can reach the ripe age of 14. So we can deduce a German Shepherd Corgi Mix could live to between 10 and 14 years.

How much is Corgi Shepherd Mix?

The mix breed could cost anywhere between $500 and $1000 if you’re interested in one of these cross breeds.

However, we urge our readers to buy directly from an established and reputable breeder rather than online or through third parties.

Corgi Shepherd Mix breeders and puppies

We were unable to find any dedicated Corgi Shepherd Mix breeders in our research for this article. If you’ve got your heart set on this cross, the best way to find an ethical breeder could be by contacting a Corgi Shepherd owner on Instagram.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix adoption

Of course, if you’re really eager to adopt one of these dogs, you could always contact your local rescue shelter. Alternatively, there are a number of German Shepherd and Corgi rescue organisations that might be able to point you in the right direction.

Corgi Shepherd Mix on Instagram

If you want to learn more about the breed, you can also look for German Shepherd Corgi Mixes on Instagram.

In our experience, dog owners on the photo-sharing platform are usually receptive and helpful when asked about their pups.

Here are some German Shepherd Corgi Mix accounts that you can check out if you’re looking for more information about these designer dogs.

1) Marshall (@marshall_thecormanshep)

2) Gemma (@cormanshepherd)

3) Luci Loo (@luci.loo_the_cormanshephard)

4) Mushu (@inthelifeofmushu)

Anything else to consider?

If you’re interested in a German Shepherd Corgi Mix puppy, you should contact an established and reputable breeder. They’ll usually ask you to fill out a questionnaire, place you on a waiting list and request a deposit.

It’s good practice to ask to see a puppy’s mother and father, watch the puppy interact with its mother, ask for the AKC and UKC papers for both parents as well as documentation regarding health checks at the vet.

In conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our introduction to the Corgi Shepherd Mix.

These dogs embody the traits of both parents in terms of physical appearance and their devoted personalities.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix will require a lot of exercise.

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