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Updated on 17 August 2021

Dashaliers are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Dachshund.

While you may be familiar with popular Cavalier cross breeds such as the Cavachon and Cavapoo, the Dashalier remains a relatively uncommon hybrid dog.

The Dashalier has been granted status by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America since their origin in the 2000s.

These so-called designer dogs can bear similarities to both breeds, providing scope for great variety within the Dashalier family.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at all things Dashalier, learning more about Dashalier size, Dashalier appearance, Dashalier temperament and much more.

We’ll provide detailed feedback from current Dashalier owners, including Minnie (@minniethefoodiepup), Molly (@molly_the_dashalier) and Poppy (@poppydashalier).

Dashalier Size

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Dashalier can range in size depending on whether they take after their Cavalier or Dachshund parent more closely. They could have the short legs of their Doxie parent or the long legs of the Cavalier. Dashaliers will usually grow to be between 13 and 20 inches tall and 15 and 25 pounds in weight.

Minnie’s mom Peta gave us an insight into the size of her Dashalier.

Minnie is 6.9kg. Little pocket rocket! We live in an apartment so she is the perfect size.

Jonny provided us with an idea of Molly’s size.

Molly is about 55cm long and 30cm tall. She has the front stumpy legs of a Dachshund and the thin back legs of a Cavalier. She has the sausage dogs body. Her ears are Dachshund but she has the wee weepy eyes of a Cavalier.

Dashalier Appearance

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

The appearance of the Dashalier can vary amongst the members of the cross breed depending on whether they take after their Cavalier or Dachshund parent more closely. They’ll usually have a relatively round head, with a medium length muzzle, big eyes and floppy ears. Their coat colors include any pattern of red, white, black, brown and cream.

Here’s how Minnie’s owner described the Dashalier appearance.

Think of a Cavalier but with a Dachshund’s short legs. Not a Dachshund’s long snout either – the perfect balance between the two breeds.

Poppy is a Dashalier with “killer eyebrows”.

My Dashalier is a short haired, chocolate and tan small dog (with killer eyebrows). She looks mostly like a Dachshund but her mouth is not pointy and her legs are longer.

Dashalier Temperament

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Dashaliers tend to be friendly and outgoing dogs that are family orientated.

Given both the Cavalier and Dachshund are considered companion dogs, there’s a high chance that the Dashalier will excel in a family setting.

Dashaliers will usually have an eagerness to please their owners, relishing the chance to build a bond with their owners. These social dogs usually get along with other canines, although dog introductions should always be carried out in controlled situations.

Peta explained that her Dashalier has a big personality.

Minnie is a character. She is personality plus!! Social, affectionate, playful and adaptable like a Cav. Clever, devoted and lively like a Dachy.

Jonny shed light on Molly’s temperament.

Molly has a great temperament. She is very gentle and loving. She enjoys cuddling up on your lap and loves to give kisses. She is a fairly quiet dog and sleeps most of the day. She loves to position herself on the sofa so she has a view outside and loves to sleep in a sunny spot.

Are Dashalier Easy To Train?

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

While some websites suggest that Dashaliers are stubborn dogs that can be difficult to train, the Dashalier owners featured in this article didn’t have any issues training their dogs. This could be thanks to Dashalier’s eagerness to please their owners. The Intelligence of Dogs ranks the Cavalier and the Dachshund as 73rd and 92nd respectively in their compilation of the world’s smartest dogs.

Peta hasn’t had any issues training Minnie.

Dashaliers are very easy to train. It does not take long to learn a new trick, maybe two sessions. She can be a little naughty sometimes but she knows when she is being disobedient.

Jonny has found Molly a breeze to train – although she might have trained him.

They are also very easy to train. Molly is very intelligent. She knows how to wrap you round her little paw.

Poppy was also easy to train, which is a ringing endorsement for Dashaliers.

Our Dashalier was very easy to train. Her calm temperament helped with training and the spaniel in her will do anything for her toys!

Dashalier Exercise

Cavaliers and Dachshunds tend to be low maintenance with regards to exercise. Therefore, Dashaliers are happy with a short walk or two ever day. Wag Walking suggest 45 minutes of exercise a day for the cross breed but the owners that we spoke to suggested that 30-minute walk is sufficient.

Minnie has a short walk every day to keep active.

Dashaliers only have little legs, so just a short walk a day is fine. They would also be happy with lots of exercise too, they don’t stop!!

Poppy gets around 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Dashaliers do not require a great deal of exercise, she needs 30 minutes of exercise a day, but can equally manage hours and climb large mountains if we want an adventure!

Do Dashaliers Make Good Family Pets?

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

As we mentioned above, Dashaliers can make excellent family pets given their friendly and sociable nature. Cavaliers, in particular, are dogs that have a reputation for being extremely patient with children as well as being sufficiently robust to withstand playtime with younger members of the family.

Peta recommends the Dashalier cross breed as a family pet.

Dashaliers make the most perfect family pets. Resilient, playful and affectionate. Good luck finding one though, super rare!!

Jonny backed up Peta by recommending Dashaliers as suitable dogs for the family environment.

They make great pets. They have the best qualities of a Dachshund and a Cavalier. We have very young nieces and Molly is great with them. She sometimes goes for sleepovers with them and loves to run and around and play. We have great neighbours who all adore Molly. They will often take Molly for us if we need to go anywhere. We have a shared garden and she plays with the neighbour’s children and the other dogs Kevin the Pomeranian and Poppy and Cavapoo. My mother is very scared of dogs. We weren’t allowed one growing up. However my mum has fallen in love with Molly! Molly’s wee face and eyes can turn the hardest of hearts to butter.

Poppy is also great with children.

Dashaliers make great family pets, they combine the chilled temperament of a Cavalier King Charles with the cuddly and laid-back Dachshund resulted it a relaxed pup! She is gentle and calm with children.

Do Dashaliers Get Along With Other Dogs?

Dashaliers tend to get along with other dogs given the influence of the Cavalier genes – Cavaliers are known for being affable dogs. It’s still a good idea to socialize your Dashalier from a young age, perhaps enrolling in puppy manners classes.

Jonny explained that Molly can be wary of other dogs after a bad experience with a German Shepherd.

She was attacked by German Shepard when she was a puppy. So the incident has made her a bit cautious around over dogs and people. You need to let her come to you and sniff you. But once she knows you and sees you often you are friend for life.

Dashalier Separation Anxiety

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Fortunately, Peta hasn’t had to deal with any separation anxiety with Minnie.

Minnie is a little independent woman like her human. We love being together but understand we need to be apart as well. As long as she’s at home she’s happy to be alone. If she’s not home she’ll wonder what’s happening.

Thanks to some training, Jonny hasn’t experienced any separation anxiety with Molly.

We trained molly from a young age to be used to being on her own for an extended period. She is a very calm dog and mostly sleeps if we go out to work or see friends. However when we come home her wee bum and tail go wild when she sees you and is full of kisses.

Are Dashaliers Hypoallergenic?

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Neither the Cavalier or Dachshund breed are considered hypoallergenic, so Dashaliers aren’t considered a hypoallergenic cross breed. It’s worth remembering that the American Kennel Club state on their website that there’s no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog breed.

While Dashaliers aren’t considered a hypoallergenic cross breed, Jonny revealed that he hasn’t experienced any flare ups despite adopting Molly.

Not sure if they are hypoallergenic. However I suffer with bad allergies and I have allergies to cats and horses. But Molly hasn’t triggered anything. Molly has a very short soft coat and is well groomed so doesn’t leave many hairs around.

Do Dashaliers Shed?

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

While Dashaliers aren’t hypoallergenic, they will almost certainly be moderate shedders. Both parents are recognised as breeds that shed quite a bit. So you should be prepared for hair on your clothes, furniture and nooks and crannies around your home.

Minnie tends to shed more in the summer months.

Dashaliers do shed, especially Minnie being a long haired. She sheds more in summer.

Poppy is a moderate shedder.

Dashaliers do shed but as a shorthaired dog it is barely noticeable. The longer haired variations would likely shed more noticeably.

Dashalier Grooming

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Dashaliers will benefit from being brushed a few times a week. By doing so, you can remove dead hair and debris from their coat. This can promote a healthy-looking coat. If your Dashalier has a coat that is longer and more akin to the Cavalier hair, you may benefit from attending a professional groomer. They can ensure hair isn’t getting in your Dashalier’s eyes, which could lead to infection.

Dashalier Health Problems

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Although cross breeds are generally considered healthier than purebred dogs, it’s not to say that your Dashalier won’t experience some health issues.

Some of the health problems to be aware of include:

• Hip dysplasia
• Patent ductus arteriosus
• Entropion
• Retinal dysplasia

Jonny shed light on some of the issues that he educated himself given some health concerns about Molly.

Molly has the weepy eyes of a Cavalier so we don’t know if see will get cataracts which is associated with Cavaliers. Also with Molly being a Daschund mix, you need to be very careful of her back.

Are Dashaliers Fussy Eaters?

Dashaliers, just like any dog, can be prone to some pickiness with food. However, other members of these hybrid dogs could be vociferous eaters. If you’ve got a fussy Dashalier, you may want to consider some fresh dog food options, which I’ve found to be particularly effective with my picky eaters. Here are the leading options in the USA and the UK.

Molly isn’t a fussy eater at all.

Molly eats most things. Her main meal is Royal Canin adult mini. But as a treat she loves mango, blueberries and melon. She also loves getting the scraps from Sunday dinner.

Dashalier Price

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Dashalier price can vary considering this is a relatively new cross breed. They’re not common so it’s important that you don’t fall foul of scams. We advise looking for a respectable breeder (or multiple breeders). Alternatively, you could check out some rescue organizations.

You should take steps to ensure your Dashalier hasn’t come from a puppy farm.

Some of the recommended steps are to take ask your breeder for proof of health checks and relevant documentation, ask to see your pup interact with their mother and ask lots of questions. The price of a Dashalier puppy can range from $500 to $2,000.

Molly’s owner provided us with a rough guide on the price of Dashaliers.

As a currently largely unknown crossbreed, Dashaliers are quite reasonably priced. We paid less than £500 for our Dashalier in the midst of the pandemic which is very reasonable!

Are Dashaliers Good Dogs For First-Time Owners?

Minnie’s mom recommended the Dashalier cross for first-time owners based upon her experience.

Dashaliers are perfect for first time owners. All the owners in Minnie’s litter were first time owners and we are all so happy with our babies.

Dashalier Pros And Cons

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)


Minnie/Peta: Happy, fun, playful, big personalities, affectionate and so lovable.

Molly/Jonny: Dashaliers are very loving. Very cuddly. Great if you don’t have a big house. Molly is very adaptable. We have moved a few times in the three years we’ve had her. Molly loves to play. Molly is great with children and other dogs. They are also very easy to train. Molly is very intelligent. She knows how to wrap you round her little paw. As she is a crossbreed, she shouldn’t have the heart problems associated with Cavaliers. But we exercise her and don’t over feed her to keep her trim.

Poppy: Sweet natured, affectionate, adorable, calm, don’t require huge amounts of exercise but can still cover long distances, great with cats.


Minnie/Peta: Bit barky!

Molly/Jonny: With her having short legs, you need to be careful about Molly jumping on and off furniture. She sometimes forgets she’s tiny. But the main con is that there isn’t another Molly out there. One because she’s a crossbreed and she’s pretty much one of a kind. Her personality is replaceable.

Poppy: I’m genuinely struggling to think of any! As a very small dog she can be hesitant of other dogs. People ask a lot of questions about her as she is so unique looking!

Dashalier Pictures

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Molly the Dashalier (Photo: @molly_the_dashalier / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Minnie the Dashalier (Photo: @minniethefoodiepup / Instagram)

Wrapping Up

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

Poppy the Dashalier (Photo: @poppydashalier / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our Dashalier feature.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund cross can make excellent family pets given they’re easy-going dogs that like to be around their fellow family members.

They’ve got a sweet temperament, getting along with other dogs and relishing attention from people.

Dashaliers will be moderate-to-high shedders that require regular grooming to maintain the health of their coat.

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