Corgidor – Corgi Labrador Mix

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Updated on 17 August 2021

Corgidor are a cross between a Corgi and a Labrador Retriever.

They’re a combination of two popular breeds creating an energetic, intelligent and sociable hybrid dog.

The Corgidor cross breed are often found in rescue shelters in need of a forever home, unlike some of the popular so-called designer breeds.

This particular mix aren’t recognised by the American Kennel Club but they have been granted status by the Dog Registry of America.

In this article, we’re going to speak to some Corgidor owners to learn more about Corgidor size, Corgidor appearance, Corgidor temperament, Corgidor shedding and much more.

Corgidor Size

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

As a cross breed, Corgidor can vary in size. So each member of this mix can be a little smaller, taller, lighter or heavier than the next. Having said that, Corgidor will usually range from 40 to 55 pounds and 12 to 23 inches in height.

Amy provided us with an insight into the size of her Corgidor called Haruko.

Haruko is big for being a Corgidor at 55lbs. She has shorter legs and a long body. Her mother was a small black and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi who had a small litter, due to their size, with all three pups leaning towards the Labrador side of their gene pool. Since Corgidors are a mixed breed, they range in size and appearance greatly.

Eddy is another Corgidor who is smaller than Haruko, highlighting the size range within the cross breed.

Eddy is roughly 45 lbs although he could stand to lose a bit of weight, as per his vet’s instructions! He would be considered a healthier weight at 40 lbs.

Corgidor Appearance

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Corgidor can share appearance traits with their Corgi and Labrador parents. There’s a lot of variety within this hybrid breed. They can have a brown, black, tan and red coat. Their coats can be solid like the Labrador parent or a mixture of colors which is akin to the Corgi. They’ll usually have medium coats that shed a lot! Corgidor tend to have brown eyes and a black nose.

Bentley looks a little like one of television’s most-famous dogs!

I would describe Bentley’s appearance as being Scrappy-Doo. He is short and small with a muscular little body. He thinks he is a big dog though.

Corgidor Temperament

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Corgidor will usually be friendly, loyal, energetic and sociable dogs. They have a reputation for being caring and loving of their fellow family members. Corgidors like to meet new dogs and new people, with a friendly nature. While Corgidor don’t tend to be big barkers, they can still make effective watchdogs.

Genevieve gave us a general overview of Corgidor temperament based upon her experience with Eddy.

Eddy is very loyal, caring and generally very calm. He has the loyalty of a Corgi and the sweetness of a typical Labrador. I find he is very sensitive to the moods and feelings of his pack (our family). He can tell right away when someone is upset or stressed, and immediately tries to make it right. We do not feel he needs excessive exercise, as he is a low-energy dog.

Are Corgidor Smart?

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Corgidor are likely to be pretty smart dogs given they’re a combination of a Corgi and a Labrador. The Labrador Retriever is considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, highlighted by their active role in communities around as service dogs. Corgis were traditionally used as herding dogs, so their ancestors would have been used to following commands and instructions in farming environments. While every dog is different, there’s a good chance a Corgidor will be reasonable intelligent.

Haruko is a smart Corgidor who has a naughty streak.

She is extremely smart about many things and tries to “play dumb” about a lot of things she finds not worth her effort. That’s her personality. She has a naughty streak and has reached things kept up 6ft high, learned how to open doors and latches and gates, and even how to open her adopted sister’s kennel when she wanted her out to play. Very clever when she wants to be is how I would describe her intelligence. With commands, she doesn’t like to obey the frivolous commands she sees no point in like “shake” unless you have treats. She is very food driven.

Do Corgidor Make Good Family Pets?

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

As we touched upon above, Corgidor can make great family pets thanks to their caring, friendly and loving personalities. Having said that, we don’t recommend leaving a child alone unsupervised with a dog irrespective of their breed or mix.

Genevieve shared her experience with Eddy based upon his experience adjusting to life with their young child, which has been positive.

In our view, yes. We welcomed a baby about 2 years ago, and though it was an adjustment for Eddy, he never showed aggression, and now always watches over his brother. He is overall a loving dog who respects his position in his pack.

Do Corgidor Have Separation Anxiety?

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Separation anxiety is a canine disorder that occurs when a dog is left at home alone. Some of the symptoms include barking, howling, whining, digging or chewing. They can even defecate inside the home if left alone.

We asked Karl if his Cordigor Bentley can be left alone, and if so, how long for.

I would say Corgidors are very much an independent dog that can be left alone for a while. I know I have left Bentley alone for almost 8 hours and he has been ok. On the other hand, I can tell you he wasn’t very happy about it when I got home and got the look from him.

Eddy hasn’t suffered from this chronic canine disorder, either.

We never noticed any separation anxiety with our Corgidor. He is actually quite happy having some alone time!

Do Corgidor Bark A Lot?

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Some dog breeds and mixes are sometimes stereotyped as “yappy dogs”. However, Bentley is an example of a Corgidor that doesn’t bark a lot.

I would say Corgidors are not yappy at all. Corgidors tend to be very energetic with a great personality and very loving. Well at least that’s how Bentley is.

While Haruko has a notable voice when she decides to stretch her vocal chords, Amy explains that her Corgidor doesn’t use her bark often.

She does have quite a bark but she doesn’t use it a lot. When she does it is either for play with her pack or when she doesn’t want to be left alone. She is very bonded with her human and has exhibited separation anxiety throughout her life, and does better when she has another dog companion when left alone.

Are Corgidor Aggressive Or Reactive Dogs?

In Amy’s experience with her Corgidor, Haruko has never shown any reactivity.

By aggressive, I assume you mean reactive. Haruko is the most agreeable, non reactive dog I have ever known. She is sweet and loving to all animals and humans she meets. She is calm and playful at 14 years old, and was spunky and playful as a younger dog, never having been reactive in her life. She has been around a wide variety of dogs and other animals in her life and is always on the best behavior.

Are Corgidor Sociable Dogs?

Continuing on from our previous point, Corgidor appear to be easy-going dogs that do well around other canines. Having said that, it’s still a good idea to socialise your Corgidor from a young age to improve their social skills.

Amy explained that Haruko enjoys meeting new dogs and new people.

Haruko is extremely sociable and loves to meet new people and animals. She is very calm and reassuring to other dogs and has played happily her whole life. She is excellent at reading other dogs behavior and interacting with them at their own level.

Corgidor Exercise

Corgidors are an active breed that will require regular exercise to ensure they’re physically and mentally stimulated. Wag Walking recommend around 120 minutes of exercise a day for Corgidors. So you’ll need to have the time to take your Corgidor for regular walks or trips to the dog park.

Are Corgidor Hypoallergenic?

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

There’s no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog in spite of what you may read online or hear breeders say. The American Kennel Club do outline some dog breeds that have more hypoallergenic qualities. For example, the Corgi and the Labrador aren’t dogs that are considered hypoallergenic.

As is common with mix breeds, there can be conflicting information online. Given neither the Corgi nor the Labrador are breeds recognised by the AKC as hypoallergenic, we can say it’s highly unlikely Corgidors will be hypoallergenic. However, every dog is different.

Bentley’s owners highlighted this point when we asked them about their Corgidor.

I really don’t know if Corgidors are 100% hypoallergenic. From what I have read they say yes and no so I don’t really know. They do say that Corgidors do cause fewer allergic reactions to people with allergies. They do shed though.

However, Genevieve has experienced a lot of shedding with Eddy.

They are definitely not hypoallergenic. They have a thick, double coat and shed A LOT. We have to vaccuum every other day to ensure our home is as fur-free as possible.

Corgidor Shedding And Grooming

Corgidor are a mix breed that will shed a lot, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the Corgi and the Labrador are moderate-to-high shedding dog breeds. They’ll require regular grooming to remove dead hair from their coat and keep their coat healthy.

How Much Do Corgidor Cost?

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley was a rescue dog and if you like the sound of the Corgidor cross breed, you could start by contacting your local rescue shelter to follow Karl’s example.

I don’t know exactly the price point for a Corgidor. I think price would all depend on what type of Labdrador it was mixed with and if you purchase from someone who is selling or you end up adopting. I can tell you that my Corgidor Bentley cost me a whole $150 US dollars. As I rescued him from the pound. The best $150 I have ever spent.

How Often Should You Bathe A Corgidor?

Bentley gets a regular bath to keep this particular Corgidor clean and happy.

I bathe Bentley a couple times a month but every dog is different. It all really depends on how much time he spends outside and what kind of activities he does. The dirtier and smelly he gets determines the amount of baths.

Best Dog Food For Corgidor

When looking to find a suitable dog food for your Corgidor, you’ll need to weigh up a number of factors, such as their age, weight, exercise routine, food intolerances and more. We recommend giving balanced and complete fresh dog meals a try based upon our experience with some of the leading dog food delivery companies in the USA (click here) and the UK (click here).

Bentley eats a kibble diet with some treats throughout the day.

I don’t know if you can say there is a best food to feed your Corgidor out there. I know for Bentley he gets kibble through out the day. There are special occasions where he gets treated for dinner like some rice with mixed with some chicken or steak. He always get homemade special treats.

Are Corgidor Fussy Eaters?

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

There’s no question about Eddy being a fussy eater – he’s the complete opposite.

Eddy is very food-driven and will eat almost anything except fruits and veggies. He is very happy having his regular dog food (mix of dry and wet), and sneaks some human food every once in a while. His personal favourites are steak, french fries and gravy!

Similarly, Haruko isn’t fussy at all!

Haruko will eat anything! She eats organic kibble with a little raw food on top, supplements, whatever fruit and veggies that are around, sometimes goat milk. Since she will eat anything and is clever at getting into tings she isn’t supposed to have, we can say that Haruko even likes getting drunk on Baileys when her pawrents aren’t home and with eat hot hatch chile if you don’t clean your plate right away. Not fussy at all!

Would You Recommend Corgidors To First-Time Owners?

Amy didn’t hesitate to recommend the Corgidor cross breed to inexperienced dog owners.

Absolutely! You never know what you will get as far as temperament with any dog breed. In my experience, some of my best behaved, best tempered dogs have been the breeds that people are warned against and those with the worst temperaments have been the most popular breeds. The physical look of a Corgidor doesn’t correlate always with their behavioral traits. When someone gets a dog, the less fearful they are, typically the better behaved they will be in the long run.

Corgidor Pros And Cons

Corgidor Pros

Bentley/Karl: I would say unlimited. They are loving! Caring, easy to groom, get along with just about anyone person or dog. They are very Intelligent. They will be there for you no matter what.

Haruko/Amy: Wiggle butt, constant smile, any water is fair game, will be your shadow if you would like one and even if you don’t.

Eddie/Genevieve: Their loyalty and kindness are the biggest pros. I have never met a dog with such a sweet and sensitive heart. He was easy to train and is very calm.

Corgidor Cons

Bentley/Karl: I really don’t have anything to put besides the shedding and the little tantrums with some pouting.

Haruko/Amy: Too cunning and clever for their own good, super thick fur with a double coat that takes forever to dry and sheds regularly, short legs with long bodies make it deceiving just how much they can reach.

Eddie/Genevieve: He can be a bit territorial, and has been known to show some aggression to larger male dogs (we call it his Napoleon complex/small dog syndrome LOL) when he feels threatened. Another con is definitely the shedding. His fur gets on everything!

What Are Corgidor Like?

Karl explained why he loves is Corgidor Bentley so much.

All I can say is that I love my Corgidor. He’s the greatest dog I could of ever asked for. He’s been with me through hell and back and stood by me and showed happiness when I needed to see it in dark and gloomy times.

Corgidor Pictures

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Bentley the Corgidor (Photo: @bentley.michael.the.corgidor / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Haruko the Corgidor (Photo: @thethreewaggintails / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

Eddy The Corgidor (Photo: @eddythecorgidor / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our article on Corgidor.

This particular cross breed are a combination for the Corgi and the Labrador.

The results is a friendly, energetic, loyal and smart dog that can make an excellent pet or family member.

Corgidor do shed a lot so you’ll need to be prepared to groom your Corgidor regularly.

They’ll need regular exercise to ensure your Corgidor gets enough mental and physical stimulation.

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