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The Chilier is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Chihuahua.

They’re two dog breeds that are famous for being excellent companion-sized pets.

The Chilier is usually a dog breed that likes to be around people as they’re extremely sociable.

They can have physical traits that are reflect of both parents – the Cavalier and the Chihuahua.

While it’s unknown when the breed first originated, they’ve become increasingly popular.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Chilier cross breed to give you an insight into the breed.

We’ll hear from some members of this mix breed, Ruby Duby (@rubyduby222), Poppy (@poppythecavachi) and Marzipan (@_marzigram).

What is a Chilier?

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

A Chilier is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Chihuahua.

This breed can also go by the name Cavachi, Cavahuahua, Chivalier or simply a Cavalier Chihuahua mix.

As we mentioned above, it’s unclear when this cross breed first originated but they’ve proven relatively popular family pets.

The Chilier is recognised by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the American Canine Hybrid Club Dogs.

Chilier size

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier are usually a small cross breed given the Cavalier and Chihuahua aren’t big dogs. You can expect a Chilier to grow to between 8 and 10 inches and 9 and 12 pounds.

Here’s what Poppy (@poppythecavachi) has to say about the size of Chiliers.

Poppy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Chihuahua so she is bigger than a Chihuahua but not as tall as a Cavalier. Due to her cross breed, it’s difficult to say what her ideal height and weight is but due to health problems Poppy’s medication has led her to gain weight, so ideally she should be a few pounds lighter.

Chilier appearance

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Just like any cross breed, the Chilier’s appearance can depend on which parent they inherit certain physical traits from. Chihuahuas can be long-haired or short-haired, while Cavaliers can have medium to long hair. Chihuahuas can come in a range of different colors, ranging from black, white, fawn, chocolate, gray, silver, tricolor, brindle, spotted and merle. Cavaliers can come in four main shades: Bleinhem (chestnut and white), tricolor (black, white and tan), black and tan and ruby.

Marzipan (@_marzigram)‘s mom Kristina gave a description of her Chilier.

My Chilier looks like a puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I get asked constantly if she is fully grown. I personally think she looks like a chihuahua with the coloring, coat, and eyes of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Chilier temperament

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Much like appearance, the Cavahuahua temperament can differ from each member of the cross breed. Both Cavaliers and Chihuahuas have earned reputations for being excellent companion pets given they like to be around the members of their family. Chihuahua can quickly become very attached to one person in particular. With this Mexican breed, socialisation is important in order to prevent them becoming protective of their pet parent. They can be highly affectionate, much like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavalier breed is an eager-to-please breed that are friendly with anyone and everyone. Some Chilier can be friendly and outgoing dogs that can be cautious around people they don’t know initially.

Here’s what Marzipan’s temperament is like.

Overall, she has a sweet and calm side but also a very sassy and wild side. I travel full-time for work and take her with me a lot of new places. I wear her in a pouch, she can go anywhere with me in the pouch and is very well behaved and quiet. However, She is a typical small dog as she can be stubborn, barks when excited, barks when she sees other dogs/people out the window, and does get pretty vocal when playing.

Proving that every Cavachi can be different, Ruby’s parents Adam and Reny gave some inside knowledge into Chilier temperament.

Friendly around dogs and humans but more interested in squirrels and treats. Cavachis have a high prey drive and love to chase. Ruby is a girl and enjoys playing more with male dogs of similar size. Cavachis are great with kids and would never bite even when being tugged at. Cavachi dogs love touching skin with owners. She’s not a lapdog but wants to be close and cuddle on the couch. They are good at expressing emotions and very intelligent. Ruby points at things with her eyes and nose and tells us what she wants. When she’s very excited and happy about something she will do this cute forced sneeze and shake her face. It’s super cute and funny to see.

Finally, we’ve got our third Chilier contributor Poppy to provide her insight into the designer dog breed.

Poppy most definitely has the cavalier temperament- she is a ‘velcro’ dog. She is loyal, loving and loves cuddles. She is so easy going and adapts to all situations.

Do Chiliers suffer from separation anxiety?

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder that can affect any dog, irrespective of breed or mix. It occurs when a dog is about to be left alone or is left alone by their pet parents. Some of the tell-tell signs of separation anxiety include relentless barking, howling and whining, destructive chewing or digging as well as defecating or urinating. Chilier, just like any other dog, could suffer with this chronic canine disorder. However, some other members of the hybrid breed could be fine when left at home alone.

Ruby’s parents fortunately haven’t experienced this issue with their Cavachi.

She’s pretty good. We trained her when she was young with different techniques like going outside for a minute and coming back and giving her a treat and attention so she knows we will come back. She’s happy and waiting. When we come back from being out she twirks her butt with excitement and we give her kisses.

Similarly, Kristina hasn’t experienced this issue with Marzipan.

She does not have separation anxiety. I crate trained her and that gives her a safe space when I am not with her.

Do Chiliers like to cuddle?

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Cavaliers and Chihuahuas are recognised as companion dogs. So, you’d expect a Cavachi to enjoy snuggle time with their pet parents. Cavaliers are often described as the quintessential lap dogs.

We’ve already heard that Ruby likes to be next to her parents but not necessarily on their laps. Marzipan seems to be quite similar in this regard.

She likes her independence. She sleeps in the bed with me but is not a super cuddly dog. Overall she is pretty relaxed and calm but does appreciate a decent amount of walk/play time. She does like laying right next to me on the couch when watching tv.

Do Chiliers make good family pets?

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

If you’re thinking about getting a family pet for your home with young children, you’re probably wondering whether they’ll be a good fit for your situation.

We asked Poppy’s mom Julie about the Cavachi’s suitability as family pets.

This mix breed makes a wonderful family pet. She has the sweetest personality and is very loving. She has the best traits from both breeds.

Are Chiliers easy to train?

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ranked a lowly 73rd place in Stanley Coren’s famous book, ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’. The Chihuahua is even further down the list at 125th. So, going by Coren’s study, you’d think a Chilier might not be the smartest cross breed around. However, every dog is different and Cavachi have an underlying desire to please their owners, a trait that is associated with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

For example, Poppy has been quick to learn tricks throughout her life.

Poppy learnt simple commands as a puppy and leaned them quickly and easily. She is 7 years old now and still learns new tricks.

Ruby proved a quick learner like Poppy.

Yes Cavachis are easy to train. They are smart and very fast learners ,we were surprised how fast she caught onto some of her tricks.

How much exercise do Chiliers need?

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier could make an excellent choice for people with limited ability or time to take their dog for daily walks. The Cavachi mix has low to moderate exercise needs. Wag Walking recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s something that Ruby’s parent suggest for Chilier owners.

Cavachis need at least one 30 minute walk daily. She likes to play with her toy a bit but is found napping more then playing. Fairly mellow energy levels and perfect for apartment or small place.

Poppy gets one walk a day, too. Her mom Julie explains more.

Poppy is pretty fit for her size and used to walk for some distance. She needs one walk a day but then had pretty long walks on a weekend. Sadly Poppy has some health issues which has prevented her walking as much.

Are Chiliers hypoallergenic?

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier aren’t a hypoallergenic dog breed. A hypoallergenic dog is one that is less likely to trigger allergies in a pet owner. Some breeds such as Poodles and Schnauzers have a reputation for being hypoallergenic dogs.

Do Chiliers shed?

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier will be moderate shedders, so they’re not hypoallergenic. They’ll require a weekly brush to remove dead hair and debris caught in their coat. This can help to maintain the health and quality of their coat. They’ll usually blow out their coat at the changing of the season when you’ll spot more hair around your home.

Poppy, for instance, sheds a couple of times a year and that’s it.

Poppy hardly sheds at all. She loses a little hair at certain times of the year but nothing much at all.

Do Chiliers need regular grooming?

If you own a Chilier, it’s a good idea to give them a weekly brush. You may want to step up your grooming routine during shedding season. Otherwise, they’ve not got as big grooming needs like other dog breeds.

Here’s what Ruby’s parents have to say:

Cavachis have short hair and shed seasonally.

You may want to give your Chilier regular baths depending on the color of their coat or the length of their coat. It’s a good idea to check their ears and eyes, especially if they’ve got long, wavy hair on their head.

Marzipan gets regular baths as she’s a white Cavahuahua.

She does require daily brushing and baths regularly because her fur is mainly white.

Do Chiliers have any health problems?

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Mixed breeds usually have less health problems than purebred dogs, but that’s not always the case. While Chilier is a combination of two breeds, they can be prone to some issues. These include Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, and Overactive Tear Glands.

Fortunately, Ruby hasn’t experienced any health problems.

No she’s very healthy. She’s 4 now and only goes once a year to vet. We only had an issue with a hard Yak milk bone that was too big for her and she shouldn’t have had it (owner’s fault) and she chipped her tooth so we had to get it removed. But that was a lesson. Beware of hard Yak milk bones for small dogs! Avoid them.

Are Chiliers fussy eaters?

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Some dogs can be fussy eaters. I’ve experienced this issue with my Alaskan Klee Kai, Copper and Skye. Fortunately, I’ve found that dog food delivery companies can provide a solution for dog owners with their home-cooked meals. I’ve reviewed the best dog food delivery companies in the USA and the best dog food delivery companies in the UK.

It seems like Ruby hasn’t shown any fussiness with her dog food.

She eats all dog food, anything we give her! Ruby eats raw and single whole food snacks: one full patty in two portions at morning and night as well as chicken necks for snacks.

Do Chiliers get along with other dogs?

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being dogs that will bark a lot, especially when the encounter other canines out and about. Cavaliers, on the other hand, are usually friendly and sociable.

While Poppy is fine around other dogs, she much prefers people.

Poppy does get along with other dogs however does prefer humans. She would turn past a dog to greet their human!

Chilier price

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

If you’ve got your heart set on a Cavalier Chihuahua cross breed, you may want to check out your local rescue shelter to see if they have a Cavachi who needs a forever home. Alternatively, you may find a responsible breeder of these hybrid dogs. They can cost between $500 and $1,000.

We found Ruby on Kijiji. She cost $850 and $50 gas for the guy to deliver her from a farm in the country to Downtown Toronto. So 900$ to get her to her new home.

Are Chiliers expensive?

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

Chilier Ruby (Photo: @Rubyduby222 / Instagram)

While you will obviously budget for the initial cost of your Cavachi, you’ll need to consider other monthly costs such as dog food, pet insurance, professional grooming, treats, dog walking, dog sitting and much more. You can check out the best pet insurance options in the USA and the UK

Do Chiliers make great first-time pets for new owners?

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

Chilier Poppy (Photo: @poppythecavachi / Instagram)

So you’re a first-time dog owner and you think a Cavahuahua is a good mix for you. Well, let’s hear one more time from our Chilier owners to see what they think about this cross breed.

Here’s what Marzipan says:

I think they can but she was a bit difficult for me to train (compared to my other bigger dogs, she is my first small breed dog) as she can be very stubborn and sassy. She is barely food motivated and is very smart. If she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t. However with the right amount of exercise/stimulation and the right treats she has been taught many tricks and is very clever.

Ruby’s parents love owning a Cavahuahua.

Finding a Cavachi was great because we loved the size and style of a Chihuahua ,but didn’t want a pure Chihuahua with all that comes with them, usually too yappy and sensitive. A Cavachi was the perfect mix of small, cute and unique.

Chiliers to follow on Instagram

If you want to learn more about Chiliers, you can always check out some examples of these hybrid dogs on Instagram and other social media platforms. Dog owners are usually forthcoming with helpful information about the cross breed. Here are three Chiliers you can check out.

• Ruby Duby (@rubyduby222)

• Poppy (@poppythecavachi)

• Marzipan (@_marzigram)

In conclusion

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

Chilier Marzipan (Photo: _marzigram / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua mix, better known as the Chilier.

They’re usually a small dog that love to be in the company of their pet parents, receiving affection.

While they’re not lapdogs, they still enjoy the company of their owners.

Chiliers have moderate exercise needs so they could be a perfect cross breed for senior dog owners.

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