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The Cavapom is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pomeranian.

They’re a mix breed that is usually quite small in size given the parents are both companion-sized dogs.

Cavapom are likely to make excellent pets given they like to spend time with their pet owners.

Given their petite frames, young children will need to be supervised around a Cavapom to protect against potential injury.

It’s unclear when the Cavapom mix breed started and they’re still quite a rare Cavalier cross.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Cavapom appearance, Cavapom size, Cavampom temperament, Cavapom intelligence, Cavapom exercise and much more.

We’ll speak to Snowy (@snowy_likes_chicken) and Roxxy (@roxxythecavapom) to find out more about the Cavapom cross breed from pet parents who have experience of the breed.

What is a Cavapom?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Cavapom is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pomeranian. They’re a mix that are friendly, playful and sociable dogs.

The American Kennel Club recognise the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pomeranian as breeds but they haven’t granted the Cavapom status.

However, American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America and International Designer Canine Registry all recognise the Cavapom mix breed.

Cavapom size

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Cavapom are a petite mixed breed that are small in size. They’re usually between 12 and 13 inches tall, while they can weigh between 8 and 20 pounds. So, as you can see, they can make excellent apartment dogs given they don’t take up a lot of room and they’ve got moderate requirements.

We spoke to Caitlin about Snowy’s size.

My Cavapom is around 10kg at 1.5 years old. He is about the size and height of a purebred Cavalier.

Cavapom appearance

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

It’s impossible to predict what a Cavapom will look like because each member of this so-called “designer breed” can be different. Having said that, there are some appearance traits to keep an eye out for. Cavapoms usually have almond-shaped brown eyes, erect ears like Spitz breeds and a black nose. Their coat color can range from black, brown, white, red, brown and cream. Cavapom can have a thick double coat like their Pomeranian parent or the Cavalier Pom mix can have a medium-length, silky coat. Their tail can be quite feather and flop over onto their back.

Courtney gave us a description of the Cavapom breed based upon her experience with Roxxy.

Roxxy is between 18lb-23lbs. I consider her to be a small dog (but on the medium/large side of small). Roxxy is a little bit bigger than the average Pomeranian.. I think that’s where the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel comes into play. Her body is more so similar to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel than the Pomeranian body. I consider her to have a longer body type (like a weenie dog), but not that long of course.

Cavapom temperament

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Cavapom temperament can be different from dog to dog. They’re usually quite an affectionate breed that like to receive attention from their pet owners. Cavapom are quite eager to please, which can help when it comes to training. They’re an excellent choice for dog lovers who have a limited living space, such as an apartment. Cavapom can have a high prey drive, which is a trait they could inherit from the Pomeranian. As a result, it may be a good idea to keep your Cavapom on a leash.

We spoke to Caitlin who gave us an idea about Snowy’s personality.

He is very playful and loves to be outdoors exploring, but also loves snuggling up on the couch to nap. He is very gentle, especially with kids and loves new friends whether they be humans or dogs.

Courtney shed light on the sweet personalities of the Cavapom cross.

Roxxy is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She is gentle, cheerful, playful, adventurous, and very loving. She is timid towards cats (but only because she lets them pick on her). Roxxy is a mommas girl. She follows me anywhere I go. She cries when I leave, but will go to the next person in the house to comfort her. She tends to stay in the bedroom a lot when I’m not home (she likes her safe place). She is also very submissive, if she trusts you she will basically let you do anything with her.

Do Cavapoms suffer from separation anxiety?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder that can affect dogs irrespective of breed or mix. It usually occurs when the pet parents leaves the home (or is about to leave), with their dog set for some alone time. The symptoms of separation anxiety include excessive barking, howling and whining, destructive chewing or digging, as well as defecating and urinating. As companion breeds, Cavapoms are used to being around their family members. They could be prone to suffering with this chronic canine disorder.

Do Cavapoms make great family pets?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

This Cavalier Pomeranian cross breed can make excellent family pets given they’re friendly, playful and sociable. While Cavapoms can be great within a family setting, they may not be suited to households with young children. Their delicate size means they’ll need to be handled with care. Any roughhousing could lead to an injury.

We asked Caitlin whether she’d recommend a Cavapom as family pets.

Cavapoms are a great indoor dog but do need some exercise every day. He is so friendly, non aggressive, gentle and loves kids.

Having previously owned a Pomeranian, Courtney explained why she would recommend a Cavapom as a family dog.

Before I had Roxxy I had a Pomeranian. I thought Pomeranians were my favorite type of dog, but Roxxy proved me wrong. I know some of the things I love most about her (her sweetness and how loving she is to every single person she meets) is definitely more of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel trait. I think Cavapoms would be WONDERFUL pets for all families. Families with cats, babies, children, large families, small families, etc. Roxxy listens well, she doesn’t damage furniture, she doesn’t harm other animals or humans, and she is very adaptive. I can’t think of one reason why Roxxy/Cavapoms would not be a great pet for a family.

Are Cavapoms easy to train?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Cavapoms have an underlying eagerness to please their owners, which is a trait more associated with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Pomeranians can make excellent pets but some Poms can be difficult to train due to a slight stubborn streak. The Intelligence of Dogs rates the Pomeranian as excellent working dogs. They’re ranked at number 28 but the Cavalier is much further down the list at number 73.

Caitlin has found that Snowy picks up on some of the basic commands pretty quickly.

In some ways, yes. Such as commands sit, stay, down, up, etc. In other ways, not so much. He is stubborn when it comes to certain commands such as come. Sometimes he hears your commands but chooses to ignore you or will only do it with a treat in hand.

This point is backed up by Courtney in her experience with Roxxy.

I wouldn’t consider Cavapoms easy to train per say, but it is doable. I’d say Roxxy’s training was somewhere in the middle level of difficulty. The only reason I say this is because when she was a puppy.. I also trained her with a Boston Terrier/Jack Russel puppy (Ruckus was his name). Ruckus was extremely motivated by treats during his training. Roxxy, although she was motivated by treats, too.. she was just not motivated by them to the same extent. He was a lot quicker at learning when it came to training, but Roxxy watched him and learned from him. She was more independent when it came to training. An attitude like “I can do this trick… I just don’t wanna”. She was definitely slower than Ruckus at tricks, but she managed. Example of tricks she knows (sit, lay down, speak, paw, other paw, stay, and my personal favorite.. give me kiss).

How much exercise do Cavapoms need?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Each Cavapom will have different exercise needs depending on whether they take after their Cavalier or Pomeranian parent. Wag Walking recommend around 60 minutes of exercise a day for a Cavapom, whether it’s a couple of daily walks, a light jog, trips to the dog park or a romp in the back garden.

Caitlin provided us with an insight into how regularly she exercises Snowy.

I take him out to walk about 30mins to 60 minutes everyday. I based this off of purebred Cavalier recommendations as he is similar size. We also have a moderate sized backyard where he runs and jumps around as much as he wants during the day. He also loves to play fetch.

Courtney takes Roxxy for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day at a minimum.

Like I stated above, Roxxy loves hiking, going on walks, chasing birds/squirrels… but she also loves laying around just as much. At the minimum, I like to go on one 30 minute walk a day, but if I can’t manage that she is fine with just being let outside around the house. If she doesn’t get a walk in, she is fine. Some animals need to be active to be calm inside. She is not that way at all. She does prefer to have fun outside/go on adventures, but she won’t get antsy if she doesn’t. Overall, I’d say Cavapoms don’t need MUCH exercise, but I will say at least this Cavapom is happier when she does. Since she is small though, we can play fetch with her stuffed animals inside and that will be enough for her!

Do Cavapom bark a lot?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

While a Cavapom won’t make effective guard dogs given their small size, they can be excellent watch dogs. This is a trait more associated with the Pomeranian given Spitz dogs are usually alert as characterized by their erect ears.

Courtney explained that Roxxy is quite alert and will bark if she sees someone approaching her.

She will run up to neighbors or people walking by (usually barking at them) until they pet her. The barking at people is a problem, but it’s definitely not hostile or aggressive (she just wants love and attention).

Do Cavapoms get along with other dogs?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

The Cavalier Pomeranian mix will usually be friendly and sociable dogs. Remember, every dog is different. It’s a good idea to start training your Cavapom pup from a young age, as well as taking them to controlled socialization classes with other dogs to get them used to meeting new canines.

Roxxy, for example, gets along with most dogs but can be intimidated by big dogs.

She is friendly towards most dogs and all humans. I say most dogs because the big dogs tend to scare her. She is hesitant towards big dogs, but ultimately if she gets comfortable with them she will be friendly with them, too. She is not hostile whatsoever.

Do Cavapoms have a high prey drive?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

As we already mentioned above, Cavapoms could have a high prey drive, which is a trait associated with Spitz-type dogs such as the Pomeranian.

Courtney shed light on how Roxxy behaves when she sees a small animal.

She can be both energetic and also lazy. She loves laying around with me, but when we go outside she loves hiking, chasing squirrels/birds, climbing, swimming, playing fetch, etc.

Are Cavapoms hypoallergenic?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Cavapoms aren’t a hypoallergenic dog breed given neither the Cavalier nor the Pomeranian is hypoallergenic. The Kennel Club explain that there’s no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog breed but some canines are more hypoallergenic than other pooches.

Do Cavapoms shed?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

It’s likely that a Cavapom will shed quite a lot given both the Cavalier and Pomeranian are breeds that shed. The Cavapom could take after their Pomeranian parent by having a double coat that sheds all year long and to a much greater extent during shedding season.

Here’s Courtney to explain just how much Roxxy sheds.

For a long haired animal, she does shed, but it’s not bad at all. I have to think about this one…. her hair does get on clothes when you hold her. So, maybe an average amount of shedding? Roxxy’s shedding is not excessive or hard to manage… but it does occur. I hope that helps!

Caitlin given her perspective on Cavapom shedding.

Not as much as other high shedding dogs. I do not notice clumps of fur anywhere other than small amounts in corners of rooms when cleaning. When brushing him, I would say a small amount of fur comes out. He also doesn’t need to be brushed very often since his fur is very smooth and doesn’t matte easily.

Do Cavapoms need regular grooming?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

It’s a good idea to regularly brush your Cavapom to prevent their hair from becoming matted or tangled. It’s a good idea to brush this cross breed at least two or three times a week if not more.

Do Cavapoms have any health problems?

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Although cross breeds are generally considered to be healthier dogs, they can still be prone to some health issues. If you’re thinking about getting a Cavapom, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the health conditions that could arise further down the line. Here’s some to be aware of:

• Patellar Luxation
• Hip Dysplasia
• Mitral Valve Disease
• Syringomyelia
• Cherry eye

Are Cavapoms fussy eaters?

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

I’ve got firsthand experience of picky eaters because my Alaskan Klee Kai are quite fussy. They’re Spitz dogs like Pomeranians. There’s nothing worse than a picky eater because it can lead to a variety of other problems. I’ve reviewed the best dog food delivery companies in the USA and the best dog food delivery companies in the UK. Alternatively, if you prefer feeding your Cavapom dry food such as kibble, you can still find some great options here.

Cavapoms price

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Snowy the Cavapom (Photo: Snowy / @snowy_likes_chicken)

Cavapom can vary in price depending on where you find your Cavapom pup. We recommend contacting your local rescue shelter to see if they’ve got any Cavalier mixes that need to be rehomed. Having said that, you can potentially find a Cavapom for sale in the region of $500 to $1,000. We don’t advise by a Cavapom or any dog from a pet store, third-party or online.

Are Cavapoms expensive?

While you may have put money aside for the initial cost of adopting your Cavapom, they’ll come with monthly costs that you’ll need to factor into your budget. Potential costs include dog food, pet insurance, grooming, vet trips and much more. You can check out the best pet insurance options in the USA and the UK.

Cavapoms to follow on Instagram

We often find that checking out a breed on Instagram can be an excellent way to learn more about a dog. In our experience, pet parents are usually more than willing to come forth with information about breeds to help other potential owners. Here are some Cavapoms to follow on Instagram:

• Snowy (@snowy_likes_chicken)

• Roxxy (@roxxythecavapom)

Cavapom pictures

More to follow.

In conclusion

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

Roxxy the Cavapom (Photo: @roxxythecavapom / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our Cavapom feature.

They’re small dogs that can make an excellent choice for dog lovers looking for a pooch that will be suited to apartment life.

Cavapom are friendly and sociable dogs that like to be around other people and other dogs.

The Cavalier Pomeranian mix can be quite easy to train depending on whether they take after their Cavalier or Pomeranian parent more.

Cavapoms can have a double coat that will require regular brushing to ensure it doesn’t become matted or tangled.

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