Borozi Price – How Much Does A Borzoi Puppy Cost?

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Updated on 17 November 2021
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So you’ve decided Borzoi is the breed for you.

The next question you probably have is how much does a Borzoi cost?

Well, before you start your search for Borzoi breeder, you may want to visit some local rescue shelters to see if there’s a Borzoi in need of a forever home.

You may be able to find some organizations who are dedicated to rehoming Borzoi.

If you’ve exhausted these options or you’ve decided that a Borzoi puppy would better fit your circumstances, we’ll take a look at how to go about finding one of these beautiful sighthounds.

We have interviewed some Borzoi owners who will provide their expertise and share their experience when it comes to finding the right breeder and pitfalls to avoid.

We’ll hear from Esper and Ora (@esperborzoi), Dino and Gyuri (@diamondd.and.gyurika), Yeti (@yetiandthebear) and Luna (@lunatheborzoi) who will share their experience with shedding and grooming.

A Brief Introduction To Borzoi

Borzoi sitting in autumn leaves (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Borzoi sitting in autumn leaves (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Borzoi is an aristocratic, dignified and elegant dog breed that originally comes from Russia.

These dogs was created by crossing Arabian sighthounds with a thick-coated breed to create the well-balanced Borzoi breed that we know today.

Formerly called Russian Wolfhounds, their primary purpose was to be used as hunting dogs amongst the Russian aristocracy.

Having been granted recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1891 and the Kennel Club in 1892, Borzoi can be found throughout the world in the 21st century.

The AKC’s website gives a description of Borzoi’s general appearance according to the breed standard.

The Borzoi was originally bred for the coursing of wild game on more or less open terrain, relying on sight rather than scent. To accomplish this purpose, the Borzoi needed particular structural qualities to chase, catch and hold his quarry. Special emphasis is placed on sound running gear, strong neck and jaws, courage and agility, combined with proper condition. The Borzoi should always possess unmistakable elegance, with flowing lines, graceful in motion or repose.

Borzoi breeders should be aiming to achieve and adhere to the aforementioned breed standard.

Where To Adopt A Borzoi

Before we take a look at where to find a Borzoi breeder, you may prefer to rescue one of these elegant sighthounds.

We couldn’t find many dedicated Borzoi rescue organizations in the USA and the UK but we did find the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation. They write on their website that they’re the only national and international rescue organization dedicated solely to Borzoi. So the NBRF could be a good place to start if you’d prefer to rescue a Borzoi.

Where Can I Buy A Borzoi?

Diamond and Gyuri the Borzoi (Photo: diamondd.and.gyurika / Instagram)

Diamond and Gyuri the Borzoi (Photo: diamondd.and.gyurika / Instagram)

The American Kennel Club provide information on where to find the latest Borzoi puppy litters from AKC-approved breeders. You can also work with the Borzoi Club of America who can provide a referral to a legitimate Borzoi breeder.

It’s a good idea to contact multiple breeders to get a feel for both the breeder and their dogs before you place a deposit for a Borzoi puppy. It’s important to see a puppy with the mother as well as ask to see proof of health and vet checks.

We don’t recommend buying a Borzoi from a pet store or online.

In our research on this Russian breed, we spoke to some owners to learn about their experience finding a Borzoi puppy. They also offered their advice to any Borzoi enthusiasts looking to find a dog to welcome into their home.

Luna’s owner Grace emphasized the importance of contacting registered Borzoi breeders.

The thing about getting a Borzoi is that I would 100% recommend going to a registered breeder. Borzoi are overly healthy dogs but can have genetic hip/eye issues that can be ruled out by tests done on the parents.

Urska, who owns two Borzoi called Dino and Gyuri, urged potential Borzoi owners to meet with multiple breeders before settling on one.

I would tell them to do their research and not take the first available puppy. To take a look at more than just one breeder and ask about the character of their dogs. There are some characteristics that can vary a lot and you can get a dog that has more hunting instinct than others, a dog that is more introverted and aloof, or a real joker that will make fun of himself all the time. They have a complex character and it’s good to know the lineage behind and how the puppy’s parents behave.

Yeti’s owner Ellen supported the points made by her fellow Borzoi owners, urging Borzoi enthusiasts to visit the club’s official website.

Find a kennel club registered breeder who prioritises animal welfare, health, and temperament. We chose Yeti’s breeder because she was truly passionate about the breed and a hobby breeder who only has a very small number of litters. I would also recommend visiting the Borzoi Club website in your country to familiarise yourself with health screening tests for Borzoi, though in general, they’re pretty healthy, especially for a purebred dog!

How Much Are Borzoi Puppies?

Luna The Borzoi (Photo: lunatheborzoi / Instagram)

Luna The Borzoi (Photo: lunatheborzoi / Instagram)

The price of a Borzoi puppy can vary from breeder to breeder.

Borzoi can range in price from $1500 to $5000 depending on the breeder, coat color, lineage and much more.

The Borzoi Club of America don’t estimate the average price of a Borzoi, but you could contact current Borzoi owners to find out how much they paid for their Russian sighthound.

Gracie kindly shared how much her Borzoi Luna cost her parents.

My parents actually bought Luna for me as a gift in 2016. She was 2000.00 CAD. As of right now I’m not 100% how many breeders there are in Canada but there are quite a few in the states that do ship puppies. If I were to give an estimate I would say these days puppies are probably between 3000-5000$. (A worthwhile investment if you ask me)

Urska described Borzoi as an inexpensive dog breed compared to some pricier members of the sighthound family.

They are not expensive and I think that is due to the fact that not many people want to have a big dog at home. Whippets usually have a higher price than borzois. What is more expensive is all the food and things you will have to buy for them and a car you will need to drive them around.

Anything Else To Consider

If you’re planning to get a Borzoi, you’ll have to budget for more than the initial cost of purchasing your pup. Aside from the initial purchase price, you’ll need to consider vaccinations and vet bills that can rack up in the first couple of years of owning any dog. As Borzoi shed, you’ll need grooming products such as a brush and a good vacuum!

You’ll need to consider pet insurance to ensure you’re fully covered in the event of an accident or emergency procedure. You can check out some pet insurance options in the USA and in the UK.

Before you bring your Borzoi puppy home, you should speak to your breeder about what food they’ve been feeding your soon-to-be dog. Maybe you have an idea about what type of pet nutrition you believe is best for you and your Borzoi. We list some of the best dog food delivery options in the USA and in the UK.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Yeti the Borzoi (Photo: yetiandthebear / Instagram)

Yeti the Borzoi (Photo: yetiandthebear / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our article on Borzoi price.

If you’ve decided this is the right breed for you and your family, you should find registered Borzoi breeders and meet a few before deciding on the one you like best.

Borzoi cost between $1500 and $5000 but the price will vary depending on the breeder.

There is also a Borzoi rescue organisation who could help pair you with a dog that needs to be rehomed.

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