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Updated on 10 August 2021
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A cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle is called a Bordoodle.

The two types of dog are bred together to create an intelligent dog that can have a coat with hypoallergenic qualities.

However, as with every cross breed, there’s no guarantee that a puppy will inherit certain desired qualities from each parent.

But good breeders are usually able to tell whether a Doodle pup will have a low-shedding coat that could be hypoallergenic.

In our pursuit to get a greater understanding of the Bordoodle breed, we contacted Mountain Rose Bordoodles in Utah.

Their puppies are bred for health and temperament first and they have helped those in need of a service dog find a Bordoodle that has the temperament traits consistent with service dogs.

So without further ado, here is our interview Mountain Rose Bordoodles.

1) What is a Bordoodle?

The Bordoodle, also known as “Borderdoodle”, is a hybrid cross between the two smartest dogs in the world, a purebred Border Collie #1 and a purebred Poodle #2.

2) Can you give some insight into the origins of Bordoodles?

It was only about ten years ago that organization like…the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breeder Registry, and other similar kennel registries began to recognize this breed.

3) What colors are Bordoodles?

Bordoodles come in a wide variety of colors…. and many with “Irish Spotting” pattern as is common associated with the Border Collie. Colors of Black/White, Red/White, Chocolate/White, Blue Merle/White, Solid Black, Solid Red, Solid Brown, Merle, Parti (red & white, black & white), and Tri-color. The most common color is black and black/white.

4) What size are Bordoodles?

Bordoodles come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 lb to 80 lbs, most often depending upon the size of the poodle parent. However, most Bordoodles are between 35 and 45 lbs, similar to the size of the average border collie. Height ranges from 15 inches to 26 inches with the average being 18-22 inches, similar to the average height of a Border Collie.

5) What is the temperament of a Bordoodle?

Because they are a cross between the two smartest dogs in the world, Bordoodles possess a wonderful mind. They like having things to do, playing games and going places. They are tolerant, affectionate and very loyal. They are ideal as family pets and well suited for kids.

6) Is it possible to predict the temperament of a Bordoodle?

While there is a general expected temperament for Bordoodles, each individual puppy has its own “personality”. Volhard Temperament Testing ( you can help you determine the natural temperament of most puppies… whether it is considered to be reserved, playful, independent, outgoing, etc… Testing will reveal that some pups are more assertive while others are more reserved. Some pups may be more suitable as lap dogs, others as “service dogs, while others may have the temperament to be an agility champion. The test will also reveal which pups are brave and which may be timid. You’ll also find out which puppies are natural fetchers, while the others can of course be taught to fetch. Temperament profile testing is an absolute must for those who are acquiring a puppy for future use as a service dog, or looking for the ideal dog for your lifestyle.

7) Do Bordoodles shed?

“F1” Bordoodles may or may not shed. Most “F1b” Bordoodles do not shed. At 6 weeks of age, an experienced breeder can usually tell whether or not the puppies will shed.

8) Are Bordoodles hypoallergenic?

Typically a dog that is hypoallergenic is one that does not shed. Some Bordoodles are hypoallergenic and some are not. Once pups reach 6 weeks of age an experienced breeder can usually tell which pups will be hypoallergenic and which ones are not.

9) Do Bordoodles require a lot of grooming?

Bordoodles that do not shed have coats that continue to grow (hair) and definitely need regular grooming and haircuts.

10) Do Bordoodles make good family pets?

Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles)

Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles)

Because Bordoodles are smart, tolerant, loyal and super affectionate, they make wonderful family dogs and personal companions. They love to play games, go on hikes and be part of the family. Bordoodles love kids and get along well with other animals. They don’t usually bark, except to warn of a stranger on your property. Bordoodles also excel in agility sports and are super desirable as service dogs due to their high I.Q. and astonishing reasoning ability, which makes them super easy to train. Your Bordoodle puppy can be easily trained to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 11 weeks of age! Mountain Rose can help you accomplish this.

11) How much exercise do Bordoodles need?

Generally speaking most Bordoodles need a moderate amount of exercise and do best in homes with large yards and/or with people who have active lifestyles. A morning and evening walk (20 minutes) on a daily basis would be bare minimum for this breed. However, the requirement of exercise depends a bit on the Bordoodles natural temperament which can be discovered by Volhard Testing young puppies and also by observation. Puppies that inherently have low anxiety will require less exercise than a puppy with high anxiety.

12) Are Bordoodles predisposed to any health conditions?

Bordoodles may very well be the healthiest of all “Doodles” existing today. Because the Border Collie has always been bred for health and temperament as opposed to looks, the Border Collie is considered one of the healthiest purebred breeds in the world. A good breeder will DNA test both the Border Collie parent and the Poodle parent to ensure that they are free of any mutated gene that may cause certain diseases that poodles and/or Border collies may be predisposed to developing. A good breeder will also perform OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing on the parent dogs prior to breeding to ensure that they have no predisposition to hip dysplasia or joint problems.

13) What is life expectancy of Bordoodles?

Because of the strong genetics of the Border Collie and Poodle, their life span averages between 13-16 years. This is based on the study of Poodles living 12-15 years and Border Collies living to be 14 -17 years of age. Actual studies on the life span of the Bordoodle have not been concluded as the breed is only about 10 years old. Thus, the time span stated is an average of both the Border Collie and Poodle. This does not take into consideration the “Hybrid Vigor” factor.

14) How many Bordoodles breeders are there in USA?

According to a recent survey of the first five pages on Google with the key word “Bordoodle” and also “Borderdoodle” and “Border Collie Poodle”, there are less than a dozen recognized professional breeders listed. Of course there are many more small “onetime” breeders throughout the world. The highest concentration of breeders is in the Western U.S.

15) How much do Bordoodles cost?

Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles)

Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles)

Breeders listed on the first five pages of Google advertise prices from $2,200 to $2,800 on average. Trained Bordoodle puppies are available between $4,000 and $5,000.

16) What advice would you have for someone considering a Bordoodle?

Ensure that the breeder you choose is reputable and conducts DNA and OFA health tests on the parent dogs and that their parent dogs have pedigrees proving their lineage. Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing (or comparable) will also help you identify the puppy that is right for you. Visit the breeder’s property if possible or ask the breeder to provide pictures of their property, thus you will avoid the dreaded “puppy mill”.

17) What are the pros of the breed?

Because a Bordoodle is athletic, agile and super smart, this breed is not recommended for those who have sedentary lifestyles. This breed is wonderful for people and families with active lifestyles. Due to their superior brains and intuitive nature, along with their superior physical makeup, Bordoodles make superb service dogs excelling in “Mobility Assistance”, “PTSD” and “Therapy” work.

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