Bedlington Whippet Pros And Cons

By helloBARK!
Updated on 3 May 2022

Are you thinking about getting a Bedlington Whippet?

If so, you may find this feature on the pros and cons of Bedlington Whippets useful in your research.

A Bedlington Whippet is a cross between a Bedlington Terrier and a Whippet to create an active, intelligent, loving and loyal dog.

They’ll usually have a low-shedding coat so they can appeal to dog owners who struggle with allergies to dogs.

Having said that, every Bedlington Whippet will be slightly different so there’s no guarantee a puppy will inherit certain desired traits from their parents.

In this article, we’ll speak to Insta-famous Beldlington Whippet Mia (@miathebedlingtonwhippet) to learn more about this increasingly popular mixed breed.


Mia the Bedlington Whippet (Photo: miathebedlingtonwhippet / Instagram)

Mia the Bedlington Whippet (Photo: miathebedlingtonwhippet / Instagram)

Non shedding

If you’ve been researching dogs that don’t shed much if at all, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve encountered the Bedlington Whippet (or the Bedlington Terrier). This hybrid dog is a low-shedding pup that won’t leave hair on your clothes, on your furniture or on the floor. Bedlington Terriers are recognised as a hypoallergenic dog by the American Kennel Club, while Whippets are low-to-moderate shedders. So there’s a good chance a Bedlington Terrier will be a low shedding dog.

Lucy explained that Mia is an example of a low-shedding dog.

They don’t shed much which is an added bonus! With regards to grooming Mia’s coat is short for a Bedlington Whippet, so we groom her once a week but that is more to bond with her and get her used to grooming – which she loves.

Apartment friendly

If you live in an apartment in a busy city, you’re probably looking for a canine companion that can thrive in a small dwelling. Bedlington Whippets are small dogs that don’t need a lot of space provided they get sufficient mental and physical stimulation. Initially bred to chase pests off the property, Bedlington Whippets can make loving and loyal family pets.

Easy to train

Although the Bedlington Terrier and the Whippet aren’t ranked particularly high in Stanley Coren’s infamous book on dog IQ called The Intelligence Of Dogs, Bedlington Whippet owners describe a canine that is quick to learn and overall pretty smart. In fact, you may find your Bedlington Whippet tries to outthink you!

Lucy shared her experience training Mia with some of the basics.

They are an incredibly intelligent breed so pick up training very quickly the basics (sit, stay etc) we got down in the first few weeks, the same with house training.

Beautiful appearance

If you’ve ever encountered a Bedlington Terrier or a Whippet, you’ll appreciate just how beautiful the two breeds are. By combining the two breeds, the result is a streamlined dog that can have a thick, closely woven shaggy coat akin to the Bedlington Terrier. If they take after their Whippet parent more closely, they could have an even shorter coat with tighter curls.

First-time owners

You may have read elsewhere that Bedlington Whippets aren’t suited to first-time dog owners. However, the Bedlington Whippet owners that we spoke to believe that this hybrid breed can excel alongside inexperience owners provided they’re willing to commit to consistent and persistent training to build a bond and understanding.

Lucy shared her perspective on this particular topic based upon her experience with Mia.

Before we got Mia a read a lot saying that they were not good dogs for first-time owners or that they weren’t good city / flat dogs we have had no issues at all. I think as long as you are committed and make time to take your dog out and invest in them you can make it work incredibly well.


Mia the Bedlington Whippet (Photo: miathebedlingtonwhippet / Instagram)

Mia the Bedlington Whippet (Photo: miathebedlingtonwhippet / Instagram)

Prey drive

While Bedlington Whippets are trainable with regular sessions, one aspect of their training that could be a struggle is recall. As we touched upon above, Bedlington Whippets were bred to hunt small vermin and other pests on their owner’s property. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise they’ve got a high prey drive which can test their recall.

Lucy explained that recall is one area where her pup Mia needs continued practise.

Recall was our largest struggle especially when squirrels are involved, but with a lot of constant practice we are getting there (she is only a year). Like all dogs, it is an ongoing process.


As a so-called designer dog breed, you won’t be surprised to learn that Bedlington Whippets aren’t cheap. Having said that, they’re not as pricey as some hybrid dogs. If you’re starting your search for a Bedlington Whippet, you may want to check out your local rescue shelter to see if they’ve got any members of this cross breed in need of a forever home. If you decide to go with a breeder, you can expect to pay between £1000 and £2000 for a Bedlington Whippet puppy.

Exercise requirements

If you like to go for long walks, regular jogs or challenging hikes, you may find a perfect training partner in the shape of a Bedlington Whippet. However, if you’re looking for a couch potato that won’t require a lot of exercise then this might not be the best fit for you.

Mia, for instance, gets over two and a half hours of exercise a day!

We take out Mia for a minimum of 2.5 hours a day combining higher intensity running and play with longer more steady walks.

Picky eaters

Every dog is different so not every Bedlington Whippet will be a picky eater. However, we’ve talked to some owners who’ve shared experiences dealing with their pup’s fussiness when it comes to mealtime. For that reason, we believe in feeding human-grade dog food to ensure your Bedlington Whippet is getting a balanced and complete diet free from nasties. You can check out our best dog food delivery features for American dog owners and British pet parents.

Lucy highlighted that every Bedlington Whippet is different!

Mia can be a very picky eater, in regards to when she eats. Some days she will choose not to eat and then eat the same combination of foods the next day. However other Bedlington Whippet owners I know say their dogs eat everything and have more of a Whippet’s appetite.


A quick search on Google doesn’t throw up many results for a Bedlington Whippet breeder. So if you’re looking for a Bedlington Whippet breeder, you’ll have to be extremely patient and very careful in your search. You don’t want to fall foul of a scam or purchase a puppy that has inadvertently been sourced from a puppy mill. Your best bet is probably finding a Bedlington Whippet on social media and asking their owner for details about the breeder they used and whether they’d recommend. If you do find a breeder, it’s a good idea to visit the breeder’s home, meet your prospective puppy and ask to see the parents. You should also ask for proof of health and vet checks as well as request a contract with your breeder.

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