7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Sheep

By Nikita Hillier
Updated on 25 November 2022

Okay, so we have all heard about wolves in sheep’s clothing, but have you ever heard of a dog in sheep’s clothing?

You may not believe it, but there are so many dog breeds out there that look as if they belong in a paddock, not on a leash! These pooches are masters of disguise because of how similar they look to lambs and sheep.

If you’ve been counting sheep to fall asleep, count these canines instead! They are just as cute, just as fluffy, and they can even come inside the house to keep you company!

The dogs listed below are not only cute and fluffy, but they are insanely loving, loyal, and protective of your home and family which makes them the ideal companion.

They also shed far less than your average dog due to the type of coats they have. This makes them an awesome choice when people in your home are dealing with allergies.

Also, it is pretty funny when your neighbours look at you as if you’re walking a sheep on the street.

If you’re looking to find a canine companion with a curly, thick, and rugged hairstyle to resemble a sheep, the breeds below will likely fit your criteria!

Let’s take a look at seven dog breeds that look like sheep.


Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

A Cockapoo is a dog that is the result of breeding between a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. This breed is well-known for their wavy, long, fringed coat that resembles that of a sheep! They are super active and love to sit by their family for a cuddle whenever they can.

They hate being left alone which makes them an ideal companion for a loving and caring family. If you have love to give, this dog is perfect for you! The only obvious difference between this dog and the other breeds mentioned is that they tend to shed a little more.

This means that you will have to brush them to remove their excess fur.


Sable Goldendoodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Sable Goldendoodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We can’t forget about this golden beauty now, can we? Goldendoodles are a lovely mixed breed with heritage from any of the other breeds mentioned here that often end up looking like sheep. However, this depends on what they are mixed with. While these dogs aren’t officially recognized, many people consider them as their own breed.

Unlike most mixed Poodle breeds, this dog has an elongated head with a dense curly coat. This makes them look even more like a sheep. In fact, many people often compare them to Merino sheep.

They are very intelligent dogs which is why they work so well as working dogs. Just don’t lose them while they’re herding sheep!

Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Spanish Water Dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Spanish Water Dogs are usually bicolour (white and black/white and brown) or unicolour (white, brown, and black). This is why they often resemble sheep breeds that mimic these same colour patterns, like the Awassi sheep. They are a little higher maintenance than other dogs on this list.

They require regular brushing (2-3 times per day) to ensure that they can maintain good hygiene and have great coat condition. They also need lots of exercise to keep their mind active and engaged.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

This dog is smaller in size and is known for its silky, soft, and often unruly, curly coat. Due to the slightly yellow tint in its coat, many people believe it to resemble the Merino sheep. Often, these dogs are born quite dark and lighten in colour as they age.

These dogs are super social and rely on interaction to thrive. They are also energetic which requires them to play and exercise on a daily basis. You will also need to brush their hair daily to ensure that it remains smooth and unmatted.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bedlington Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Bedlington Terrier is perhaps the dog that is most commonly confused for a sheep. They are very similar to the Herdwick sheep due to their elongated snout and their shaggy coat. They appear much like sheep due to the fact that they don’t have a stop on their snout.

These dogs are known for their dense, long, curly, and shaggy coat that helps contribute to their sheep-like appearance. They can be quite stubborn, but with the right home, they bloom into very loving and affectionate dogs. If they are not given the right socialization, they may be hard to socialize and won’t tolerate the presence of other people or animals around them.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dogs running together (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bichon Frise dogs running together (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Bichon Frise breed isn’t just popular for looking like a sheep. They are also known for being insanely fluffy which contributes to their sheep-like appearance. They have soft, silky fur that almost makes them look as if they are a passing cloud. 

However, their dark eyes and dark snout often give them away. These dogs don’t shed much hair which is why they are considered a breed for people who deal with mild allergies. Though, it is important to note that they are not completely hypoallergenic.

These small, playful breed needs a lot of exercise to ensure that they are mentally stimulated and kept as sociable as possible.


Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Okay, we get it, this one is a little obvious. However, you can’t have an article about dog breeds that look like sheep without mentioning Poodles. Their white, fluffy coat, long legs, and general conformation make them resemble a sheep almost perfectly.

These dogs are often confused for lambs as puppies due to how small and fluffy they are with their long legs. When they are well-groomed, the fur on these dogs resembles a woolly texture, which combines with their thin, long faces, make them easy to confuse with sheep. These dogs do shed a little, but not at the same rate other dog breeds do.

This is why it is so important for you to brush and groom them at least. Poodles are very intelligent dogs which is why they are well-suited to families who want to train them and bond with them.

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