21 Shih Tzu Cross Breeds

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Updated on 8 April 2020
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The Shih Tzu is a small Asian breed.

They can make excellent companion pets given their small size and sweet personalities.

The Shih Tzu can be crossed with other breeds, intentionally or unintentionally, to create a hybrid dog.

Some Shih Tzu crosses are extremely common but other mixes are quite rare and you won’t find a lot of them.

It’s worth remembering that there’s no guarantee mixed dogs will inherit certain desired traits from each parent.

In this article, we will take a look at 21 Shih Tzu cross breeds.

21) Affen Tzu

The Affen Tzu is a cross between an Affenpinscher and a Shih Tzu. This hybrid pup will make a great companion dog due to their small size and laid back nature. They’ll usually be friendly and sociable dogs that like to be around their pet parents. Affen Tzu will have a square body with a deep chest. Their possible coat colors include black, brindle, brown and red.

20) Auss Tzu

The Australian Shepherd and the Shih Tzu can be combined to create an Auss Tzu. Usually a toy Aussie Shepherd will be crossed with a Shih Tzu given the small size of the Asian breed. They’ll have a thick coat akin to the Aussie Shepherd parent but it’ll will be silky to touch. They’ve got moderate exercise requirements, given their Aussie parent was traditionally used as a farm dog.

19) Bea Tzu

The Bea Tzu is a mix between a Beagle and Shih Tzu. They’ll usually have a medium-to-long coat that is associated with the Asian breed. Bea Tzu have a reputation for being an intelligent dog breed. They’ve got moderate exercise requirements so they’ll relish the chance for a daily walk. Bea Tzu can make great family pets due to their playful nature.

18) Cava Tzu

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are extremely popular family pets due to their friendly nature. They can sometimes be crossed with other breeds in a bid to combine their sociable personalities with other desired traits. The Cava Tzu is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Shih Tzu. They’re small dogs that won’t weigh more than nine pounds. They can have the following coat colors: black, brown, white, tan and ruby.

17) Cock-A-Tzu

The Cock-A-Tzu is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Shih Tzu. Wag Walking describe this dog as “an intentional hybrid”. The Cock-A-Tzu is described as an friendly cross breed with an underlying desire to please their owner. This Shih Tzu mix have a double coat, akin to both parents. So you should be prepared for regular brushing and grooming to maintain the health of their coat.

16) Havashu

Next up we’ve got a companion dog in the shape of the Havashu. The Havanese and Shih Tzu breeds are recognised as dogs that can make great pets if you’re looking for company. They can be a good fit for senior dog owners because they’re low maintenance where exercise is concerned. They’re usually between 7 and 11 inches tall and weigh up to 14 pounds. Havashu have fluffy coats that can be black, brown, white, cream and sable.

15) Jatzu

The Jatzu is a popular cross breed, especially in Asia where both parents are originally from. The Jatzu is a mix between a Japanese Chin and a Shih Tzu. They’re usually a friendly and well-behaved companion dog. Jatzu can be a great choice for someone looking for a low maintenance dog. They can have a flat or rounded skull depending on whether they take after their Japanese Chin or Shih Tzu parent. Jatzu owners should be prepared for lots of grooming.

14) Mal-shi

The Mal-shi is a mix between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. This is an extremely popular mix. There are over 350,000 results for the search term “Mal-Shi” on Instagram. This hybrid dog is a happy, friendly and well-manned companion dog. So it’s little wonder they’ve proven so popular. Wikipedia writes that the Mal-Shi is know for being “a very loving, affectionate, and joy to be around type of dog”.

13) Pug Zu

The Pug Zu combines two popular Asian breeds to create a small dog. This is a cross between a Pug and a Shih Tzu. A Pug Zu will have a snub nose given this is a physical trait of both breeds. They’ll usually have a sweet temperament but they can be difficult to train due to a stubborn streak. Pug Zu like to receive lots of affection and love from their pet parents.

12) Schnau-Tzu

The Schnau-Tzu is a mix between a Schnauzer and a Shih Tzu. The German breed are considered a hypoallergenic breed, which means they shed less than some other types of dogs. Therefore the Schnau-Tzu could prove an attractive mix for dog lovers with suffer with allergies. They’re usually pretty smart dogs, so they should be quick to learn basic obedience and tricks.

11) Schweenie

Proving quite a popular Shih Tzu mix given there are nearly 30,000 results on Instagram, the Schweenie combines the Dachshund with the Shih Tzu. Wag Walking describe this mix as a “small dog with a big heart”. The Schweenie is considered a people pleaser, so they can be quite easy to train. They’ll be long rather than tall and can be prone to some back problems.

10) Shar Tzu

While we’ve found a lot of entries from some of these Shih Tzu mixes on Instagram, we could only find 46 photos of Shar Tzu on the photo-sharing app. Clearly this sin’t a very common mix. It is a combination of two Asian breeds. The Sharpei has a reputation for being a difficult dog, while the Shih Tzu is easy going. This hybrid could embody traits from either parent.

9) ShiChi

You may be able to guess what a ShiChi is. It’s a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua. This is a mix that you might find quite regularly in rescue shelters given the high volume of Chihuahuas that are put up for rehoming. They can also be called Chi-Shi and the Chi-Tzu. Don’t be fooled by the size of these small dogs, they’ve got big personalities. They’ll usually weigh between 5 and 12 pounds.

8) Shiffon

Shiffon is a cross between a Brussels Griffon and Shih Tzu. A bit like the ShiChi, this is a hybrid dog with lots of personality despite being small in size. These are small dogs that can have something of a Napoleon complex. Their small size can make them ideal for apartment living. They’ve got relatively moderate exercise needs compared to some dogs.

7) Shih-Mo

Shih-Mo are a cross between an American Eskimo Dog and a Shih Tzu. They’re quite a popular mix given their upbeat personalities. They’re affectionate and loving companion dogs. The Shih-Mo can range from 12 to 18 inches in height, while they can weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. Their coat colors include cream and white. Shih-Mo will have a relatively long-haired coat.

6) Shih-Poo

Shih-Poo are a popular cross breed thanks to their potential low-shedding qualities. Poodles are a breed that are extremely popular when it comes to cross breeding. The French breed are known for being a low-shedding dog that doesn’t produce a lot of dander. Their coats can be curly like a Poodle or straight like a Shih Tzu. Shih-Poo can have colors that range from black, white, brown, brindle and much more.

5) Shinese

The Shinese is another hybrid companion dog combining Pekingese with the Shih Tzu. These two Asian breeds can crossed to create a playful, velcro dogs. They can be good watch dogs as they’re an alert breed who spot movement outside the home. Shinese could potentially have a stubborn streak.

4) Shiranian

We’ve got two small breeds combined here. Shiranian are a mix between a Pomeranian and a Shih Tzu. They can also go by the following names: Pomshi, Shih-Pom, Shih A Pom and Pom-Tzu. Pomeranians are known for being dogs that become quickly attached to their pet parents. As a result, they can suffer from separation anxiety. They’ll usually weigh between 9 and 12 inches, 4 to 16 pounds. Their coat colors can vary given the scope of different shades within the Pomeranian breed. They’re a popular mix with 43,000 entries.

3) Shorgi

Shorgi should be quite an easy cross breed to figure out. They’re a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Corgi. They’re a relatively new designer breed, combining traits of both breeds. Shorgis are a small breed that can be a good companion pet for people living in apartments in big cities. They’re likely to be long rather than tall.

2) Shorkie Tzu

Shorkie Tzu is another breed that could be easy to figure out. They’re a mix between a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier. The Shorkie Tzu is a small hybrid dog that have a medium-to-long coat. They can make great family pets that are relatively easy going. They can have a short muzzle with a slight underbite.

1) Zuchon

The final Shih Tzu cross breed that we’re looking at in a Zuchon. It’s a mix between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. It’s a cross with a sweet nature that will like to be around their human companions. They can make excellent family pets, developing a deep bond with their owners. The Zuchon is considered a hypoallergenic mix given their low-shedding coats. Having started in the 1990s, this mix can come in a variety of different colors.

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