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Experts discuss important pet health topics.

Vet checks pregnant dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)
How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Are you wondering how long dogs are pregnant? If you’ve got a dog and you’ve just found out that she’s pregnant, you’re probably wondering about the duration of the pregnancy. […]

Shih Tzu (Photo: Adobe Stock)
8 Best Dog Breeds For Dementia Patients

Dogs can be great companions and make excellent service animals. If you’ve got a family member who is struggling with dementia, you may be considering a pet to keep them […]

Cat with third eyelid visible in both eyes (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Is My Cat’s Third Eyelid Visible?

Is your cat’s third eyelid visible? If this is the case, we recommend that you make an appointment with your vetenarian at the soonest available opportunity as it could be […]

Beagle laps up water from water bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Do Dogs Throw Up After Drinking Water?

Have you noticed that your dog has been throwing up after drinking water? If so, you should stop reading this article and contact your veterinarian immediately because it could be […]

Vet checks Labrador's tummy (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Does My Dog Have Flatulence

Does your dog struggle with flatulence? If your four-legged friend is prone to letting off some gas, you may be wondering what’s causing the problem. Your first thought will likely […]

Dalmatian licks owner (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Dalmatians Need A Low Purine Diet

Dalmatians, just like any dog breed, have their fair share of health problems. For instance, Dalmatians carry a genetic mutation that results in bladder stones when they have a diet […]

Shih Tzu stares at dog supplement (Photo: Adobe Stock)
What Do Probiotics Do For Dogs?

Are you looking to find a digestive supplement to support your dog’s digestive health? If you’re like me and you have dogs that can get a funny tummy from time-to-time, […]

Copper the Alaskan Klee Kai (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
Can You Identify A Dog By Its Nose Print?

Did you know every dog has a different nose print? Just like humans can be identified by their fingerprints, dogs can be identified by their nose prints. In some countries, […]

Pregnant woman shows her dog some affection (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Can Dogs Sense Early Pregnancy?

Can dogs sense early pregnancy? We can become incredibly bonded to our dogs but the prospect of introducing a baby to your pets can be a stressful experience. With a […]

Dog owner hugs her Golden Retriever puppy (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Do Dogs Lean on You?

You’ll often hear that dogs lean on you to show dominance. However, this argument that your pup is leaning on you to exert their dominance and invade your space has […]

Jack Russell Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes?

Have you ever wondered why your dog sleeps on your clothes? You may have noticed that your canine companion loves to enjoy a nap on some dirty clothes left on […]

Shiba Inu looks at tulips (Photo: Adobe Stock)
What Plants Are Poisonous To Dogs?

Do you know which plants are poisonous to dogs? According to survey, 71% of American dog owners allow their canine companions to have free range of their gardens or […]

Dalmatian licks owner (Photo: Adobe Stock)
How Do Dogs Show Love And Affection?

How can you tell if your dog is being affectionate with you? If you’re a dog owner, you probably shower your canine companion with affection on a daily basis. But […]

A French Bulldogs sniffs some fruit (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Blueberries are a popular choice for dog owners who enjoy a post-workout smoothie. You may be tempted to give your canine companion a blueberry or two as you enjoy a […]

Klee Kai next to a plate of strawberries (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram )
Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

You may be inclined to feed your dog some strawberries at the end of a warm, summer’s day. Some dog owners might think it’s perfectly safe to feed your canine […]