Why Do Dogs Love Donut Beds?

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Updated on 4 November 2021
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Does your dog like to sleep in a donut-shaped bed?

There are a variety of different dog beds on the market, available in a range of shapes and sizes to cater to different breeds.

One of the most popular dog bed shapes tends to be the donut.

My dogs love to sleep in their donut-shaped dog bed, digging and nesting in their bed before settling down for a nap.

In a bid to learn more about why dogs love donut beds, we spoke to a number of pet experts to find out the benefits associated with this type of bed and why our canine companions love them so much.

Offer Sense Of Protection And Comfort

Amber LaRock, Licensed Vet Tech & Pet Expert At Pet Worshiper

Donut beds are perfect for dogs that want to feel safe and cozy as they sleep. Most dogs that enjoy donut beds tend to sleep in a curled up position, with each limb pulled close to their body. This can either be due to them feeling more secure when they are curled up, or it could even be due to getting cold throughout the night.

Donut beds surround your pup as they rest, offering a sense of protection and comfort. Whether they feel uneasy through the night or find themselves shivering next to the air conditioner, donut beds solve these problems. This is why so many dogs are falling in love with their fluffy donut beds.

Dogs Enjoy Nesting

Julie Burgess, Professional Dog Trainer And Certified Veterinary Technician At Pet Copy And Design

Some dogs inherently curl into a ball when they sleep. Forming themselves into a ball helps keep them warm because their limbs are close to the core of their bodies. Just like humans, most of their body heat centers on their torso.

Many dogs also enjoy being able to plunge into them because the circular sides form a protective barrier.

Dogs also enjoy nesting. Pawing at their beds both around and underneath them is an attempt to shape them to their liking.

Small to medium-sized breeds prefer to coil up, so they would do best in a donut bed. Larger breed dogs (like us) prefer to sprawl out in their beds.

French Bulldog jumps into donut bed (Photo: Adobe Stock)

French Bulldog jumps into donut bed (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Maintain Their Body Temperature

Pedro M. Aponte, DVM, Ph.D., A College Professor Of Veterinary Medicine And Animal Biotechnology (USFQ) and Editor Of Animal Hackers

About 60% of dog owners report that their dogs sleep in a ‘curled up’ position. A donut-shaped bed is perfect for this position. Of the daily sleeping period of dogs, approximately 70% takes place at night when temperatures can drop considerably.

A donut-shaped dog bed would allow dogs to maintain their body temperature properly in the first place. Donut-shaped beds invite dogs to sleep in a ‘curled up’ position allowing for maximum contact with the dog’s body surface. In addition, this sleeping position will enable dogs to sit up quickly at the slightest sign of danger.

After all, dogs are the same species as wolves, so they have a solid ancestral memory for survival and instincts that prepare them to attack or flee before potentially dangerous situations.

Ideal For Snub-Nosed / Brachycephalic Breeds

Dr Lina Simon, Veterinary Surgeon And Veterinary Consultant At Five Barks

While most dogs seem to enjoy cuddling up in a donut bed, there are some dogs who benefit more from them than others. As a vet, I will often advise certain clients to use them.

The plush and padded bedding offers support for aching joints and muscles; the ideal bed for those with arthritis and muscle pain. Older and large breed dogs are most at risk of joint disease and a large number of seniors will be affected. Owners should watch for signs such as stiffness and a reduced willingness to exercise, especially in the morning.

Those with anxieties including noise phobias may also benefit from donut beds. This is because the way that the bed borders encircle the dog makes them feel safe and offers comfort. This can encourage them to use their bed as a sanctuary and helps them to cope with feelings of stress.

The head and neck support offered by the rims is ideal for snub-nosed or ‘brachycephalic’ breeds such as Frenchies and Pugs. It encourages them to extend their neck, enabling better air exchange and breathing while they rest or sleep. Not only is this better for your dog, it also means less snoring for you!

Jack Russell Terrier sits up in donut bed (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Jack Russell Terrier sits up in donut bed (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Beneficial To Elderly Pets

Dr Maureen K. Murithi, DVM And Expert At Pet Keen

Donut dog beds usually have a raised rim design which helps to provide support for the head and neck. Its round circular shape also provides an enclosed cozy space which most dogs find comforting and calming. Donut beds are a good investment. They are a good addition to your home especially for dogs that like to burrow. Their enclosed space provides a good outlet for their animal instincts.

They also have a calming effect due to their round enclosed cuddled-up space. It offers a sense of security and comfort especially for dogs with anxiety.

Most donut beds are made from faux nylon or faux shag fur. This not only makes it easy to clean as they are machine washable but also offers more comfort, coziness, and warmth, especially during those cold winter nights. There are also self-heating options especially those made from polyester fibers. These are beneficial to elderly pets more so those with orthopedic conditions as the insulated bed helps to reflect heat to the pet which helps to relieve joint stiffness and pain.

Dogs Love The Shape

Janet Bowley, Dog Trainer And Expert At Good Pup Life

Why Dogs Love Donut Beds – It’s no secret. Dogs love donut beds. Our canine pals are really no different than their humans when it comes to rest and relaxation: Both seek a snuggly, soft place to feel secure and comfortable from the day’s stresses and labors.

Donut Beds For Dogs With Unique Personalities – All breeds of dogs have their trademark personalities. Some very much like their human counterparts. So dogs find comfort in a donut dog bed that has several layers of fabric they can snuggle into so that it fills their needs for a soft and very deep hideaway. Their owners may look high and low for their beloved pets. All the while their pet was huddled in their dog donut bed enjoying a well-deserved nap. A simple call may see ears perk up and if sleep is sufficient, he/she may even pop their head up. If they have not finished a sufficiently refreshing nap, remember the old saying? Let sleeping dogs lie. In the updated version, add in a dog donut bed.

If The Shape Fits, Sleep In It – Dogs love the shape of a dog donut bed because it is rounded. Dogs love round-shaped things. It’s their instinct to know sharp-edged things are just not comfortable. So it appears that our canine friends have a good sense of geometry. Who knew? Your favorite four-footed dog knows. There’s nothing comfortable about a confined space with four squared walls. Give a dog a donut bed with a plush lining and optimal support for his/her weight and spine and it’s too tempting not to want to check it out. There they go one paw at a time into their very own orbital-shaped dog donut.

A Dog Donut Bed For All – A dog donut bed had a soft, cushioned rim even large dogs find is a comfortable place to lay their heads. The smaller ones nestle all comfy and cozy.

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