Peekapoo Pros And Cons

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Updated on 16 August 2021

Peekapoo can come with pros and cons just like any other dog irrespective of breed or cross breed.

This particular designer dog is a cross between a Pekingnese and a Poodle to create a small dog that can thrive in a family setting.

Peekapoo are usually pretty small with low to moderate energy levels which can make them perfect for dog lovers in cities and urban areas.

While you’ve probably heard of popular Doodle breeds such as the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Cavapoo and Cockapoo, the Peekapoo is still relatively uncommon.

Perhaps their best-known trait is their low-shedding coats, although there’s no guarantee that a Peekapoo will necessarily be hypoallergenic.

Given the Peekapoo remains quite a rare cross breed, we contacted a number of Peekapoo owners to help offer our readers an insight into the mixed breed.

We’ll hear from Coco (@coco_the_peekapoo), Bonnie (@bonnie_the_peekapoo), Gustav (@sir_gustav) and Kenji and Spencer (@kenjispencer) as we learn more about the breed.

Peekapoo Pros

Gustav the Peekapoo (Photo: @sir_gustav / Instagram)

Gustav the Peekapoo (Photo: @sir_gustav / Instagram)

Apartment Size

The Peekapoo is one of the smaller members of the Doodle family. They won’t grow to be more than 11 inches in height and they can range from four to ten pounds in weight. Usually a Pekingnese will be crossed with a toy Poodle to create this designer breed, ensuring that they’re small in statute. So the odds are you’ll have a small mix on your hands if you decide to adopt a Peekapoo. Given their petite frame, the Peekapoo can make an excellent choice for a dog lover who is looking for a small canine companion if they live in an apartment or condo in the city.

Coco’s mom Alina provided us with an insight into her Peekapoo.

Coco is considered a small dog and is 5.5 kilograms. I think she is smaller than the average Peekapoo.

Taylor’s Peekapoo is a little bigger than Coco.

Gus is about 12-13 pounds. He has short legs too and an underbite.


If you’re looking for a canine to provide you with companionship, the Peekapoo mix could be an option to consider. The Pekingnese are seen as a quintessential example of a companion dog. These Asian dogs are usually very affectionate and loving with their family members but they can be aloof around people that they don’t know. The Peekapoo could inherit this trait from their Pekingnese parent. Having said that, it’s a good idea to socialize your Peekapoo as much as possible to cultivate a balanced and rounded social dog.

Taylor described her Peekapoo Gus as a “people’s person”.

Gus is a people person and absolutely loves meeting new people. He doesn’t do well with other dogs and seems very protective over his owners. He’s a very happy dog and really enjoys napping right next to you. But he’s quite independent and manages to go with the flow.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

Doodles are often billed as hypoallergenic dogs that won’t shed. This isn’t true. The American Kennel Club write on their website that there’s no such thing as a 100 per cent hypoallergenic dog breed. However, the orgnaization do put forward 19 breeds that have hypoallergenic qualities. The Poodle was one of the breeds listed by the AKC. As a Peekapoo will be comprised of at least 50% Poodle, there’s a good chance this mix will be a low-shedding dog. However, each Peekapoo can shed to varying degrees depending on the influence of their parents’ genes. It’s important to be cautious when reading the claims of breeders who promise their dogs are completely hypoallergenic. If you’d like to learn more about Peekapoo and how much they shed, click here.

Coco’s parents explained to us that their Peekapoo doesn’t really shed at all.

They do not shed any hair and would definitely be a great fit for a family member who suffers from allergies to dogs.

The owners of Gus the Peekapoo shared a similar sentiment.

My father is allergic to fur and he doesn’t have any reaction to Gus since he has hair.

Easy To Train

There’s a good chance that a Peekapoo will be a relatively smart dog. However, this can depend on whether a Peekapoo takes after their Pekingnese or Poodle parent where their IQ and training is concerned. Poodles are generally considered the second smartest dogs in the world, as highlighted by The Intelligence Of Dogs. While the Poodle is second only to the Border Collie in terms of intelligence, the Peekapoo can be found much further down the list. The Pekingnese breed is ranked 130 places lower than the Poodle.

We quizzed Danielle about her experience training her Peekapoo called Bonnie.

Bonnie started simple commands once’s she had settled in so she will sit, stay and give paw. Her recall isn’t great and we are still working on it as she is a little stubborn which apparently comes from the Pekingese side in her. The things she can do she picked up within a few days of repetition training.

Family Pets

The Peekapoo owners that we spoke to all recommended this cross breed as a potential candidate for dog lovers who are looking for a family pet. Before we hear from them, it’s important to remember that you should never leave a dog unsupervised alone with children. We need to point out that the Peekapoo is a small and sturdy dog that will still need to be handled with care. But that’s enough from us, what do our Peekapoo owners say when asked if they recommend this Doodle variety for a family home.

Bonnie’s mum Danielle said:

Bonnie has been a great addition to our family, very easy puppy and great with my young son. She cried all the way home and as soon as she met our other dogs she settled right in, very sociable dogs.

Taylor described her Peekapoo Gustav as the perfect family pet.

He’s the perfect family pet! He is so loving and shows signs of protection when he hears the door opening he’ll bark but not run to the door. All the little family members love him and he lets them play with them.

Coco’s mum Aline underlines this point.

Coco is so affectionate, she loves to be cuddled and would be a great family pet.

Low Energy

Peekapoo don’t have as rigorous energy needs as some other Poodle cross breeds such as the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle and Cockapoo. They could be a good fit for someone who isn’t able to take their Peekapoo for regular runs or long hikes two or three times a week. Dog walking website Wag Walking recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day. Having said that, it’s worth pointing out that as we mentioned above, Peekapoo’s can have different energy levels whether they take after their Pekingnese or Poodle parent. This point is highlighted perfectly by Bonnie. Here’s what her mom says:

Bonnie is a very energetic dog. She plays all day with her two brothers and is happy to go for a walk at any time! Her favourite is to jump through long grass. But if there is a day where we haven’t managed to get out, she will play in the garden and play fetch forever. She is an amazing sleeper and has been since she came home when the lights go out she knows is bedtime and we do not hear a peep from her.

Peekapoo Cons

Bonnie the Peekapoo (Photo: @bonnie_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Bonnie the Peekapoo (Photo: @bonnie_the_peekapoo / Instagram)


While you’re likely to have a low-shedding dog on your hands (especially when compared to the Pekingnese breed), you’ll have to dedicate a portion of your day to brushing your Peekapoo. It’s a good idea to regularly groom your Peekapoo to ensure their coats don’t become tangled or matted. In doing so, you can work out potential knots and remove debris caught in their coat. Most Peekapoo will need a haircut every three or four months. You may prefer to hire the services of a professional dog groomer to carry out this task.

Here’s how often Danielle grooms her Peekapoo called Bonnie.

We have Bonnie groomed/cut every 6-8 weeks. We brushed Bonnie as soon as we brought her home to get her used to this.

Kenji and Spencer get a haircut every six weeks or so.

Mine do shed because they have come out with straight fur. They are low shedding if they come out curly. They are low allergenic (not 100% allergenic). I do not break out in hives or get breathing problems from them. They are good for allergy sufferers. I don’t take mine to the groomer. I do the grooming myself. I bought professional scissors online. In Summer, I give them a summer cut every 4-6 weeks.


While Peekapoo won’t make effective guard dogs given their small size, this Poodle cross breed can prove to be excellent watch dogs. They won’t be afraid to raise the alarm if they hear or see someone approaching the home. Some Peekapoo owners may appreciate their companion dog raising the alarm, you’ll want to ensure your pooch doesn’t become an excessive barker. For instance, Kenji and Spencer’s humans told us that their dogs do bark quite a bit.


The Peekapoo can be quite stubborn, which is a trait usually associated with their Pekingnese parent. They can be strong-willed little dogs that require consistent and persistent training to ensure they conquer basic obedience. The Peekapoo are considered a smart cross breed so they can look to manipulate the rules or show an independent streak. It’s a good idea to start training from a young age with your Peekapoo. As Bonnie’s mom Danielle explained to us above, she’s experienced some of this Peekapoo willfulness when training her pup.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine disorder that can affect any dog irrespective of breed or mix. The Peekapoo is no different. They’re companion dogs that become attached to their owners. The deep bond with their pet parents can lead to some anxiety when they’re left at home alone. The symptoms of dog separation anxiety include incessant barking, chewing, howling, digging, pacing and scratching. In some extreme cases, you may find a dog suffering with separation anxiety could defecate inside the home. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, check out our interview with a dog separation anxiety trainer here.

Alina described Coco can struggle with separation anxiety.

Coco does suffer from separation anxiety when we leave the house. Coco will start shaking, run and hide under the bed and cry/howl.

Gus is fine when left at home alone, but Taylor described how he can get upset if left in the car alone.

He can get whiny when we leave the car or will be down for a little when someone leaves the home. However, he typically just sleeps and waits for us to get home. He doesn’t show any signs of anxiety at home when someone leave. Very rarely will he be down and he’ll sulk or be in the bedroom of the person who left.


Peekapoo can be expensive dogs. In our research online, it appears the average price of a Peekapoo puppy can range from $1,000 to $3,000. Alternatively, you can contact your local rescue shelter to see if they’ve got a Pekingnese Poodle mix that needs a forever home. If you do decide to purchase your Peekapoo puppy or rescue this cross breed, there will be monthly costs that you’ll need to think about. Some of the expenses can include dog food, pet insurance, professional grooming and more.

Danielle kindly revealed how much she paid for Bonnie.

We paid around £700 for Bonnie which in this day in age is around average for a puppy where we live, there is very little cross breeds that go for cheaper than this.

Anything Else To Consider?

Kenji and Spencer the Peekapoos (Photo: @kenjispencer / Instagram)

Kenji and Spencer the Peekapoos (Photo: @kenjispencer / Instagram)

It’s worth remembering that a Peekapoo can inherit different traits from their Pekingnese and Poodle parent. There’s no guarantee that a Peekapoo will display certain desired traits.

If you’re thinking about getting a Peekapoo, we recommend that you approach with caution breeders who make claims about this particular cross breed.

We find that taking to Peekapoo owners can be an excellent source of information about the cross breed.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

Coco the Peekapoo (Photo: @coco_the_peekapoo / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our Peekapoo pros and cons feature.

We’ve heard from Coco (@coco_the_peekapoo), Bonnie (@bonnie_the_peekapoo), Gustav (@sir_gustav) and Kenji and Spencer (@kenjispencer) who have all given us an insight into the Pekingnese Poodle mix.

They’re usually small dogs that like to be around their pet parents given they relish companionship.

Peekapoo are loyal and loving, displaying these behaviours when around their dog owners.

They’ve got hypoallergenic qualities which means they can be an excellent choice for pet lovers looking for a dog that could potentially low shedding.

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