Mocha the Pom’s TikTok tips and tricks

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 7 April 2020

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

If you haven’t already signed your dog up to the video-sharing app, it’s a platform where you can share short-form videos that usually last around 15 seconds.

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TikTok is thought to have about half a billion active users worldwide, the majority of who are in their teens or early twenties.

Mocha is one of TikTok’s biggest dog accounts with over 2.3 million followers and 35.8m likes.


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So who better to learn more about TikTok from than Mocha?

In this interview, Mocha gives her insights into the video-sharing app, some tips and tricks for new users and how it compares to Instagram.

Mocha the Pom’s TikTok tips and tricks

1) How did you first hear about TikTok?

I heard about Tiktok through a friend who suggested that Mocha should join.

2) What attracted you to the platform?

I have always just concentrated on taking photos. I liked the idea of creating more Mocha videos and expand from doing photography only. It’s also such a happy space with lots of positive videos and seemed like it would be fun to join.

3) What’s your favourite thing about the platform?

I like it in general. I enjoy scrolling through the for you and seeing videos everyone else has created.

4) Does TikTok give you the ability to be more creative?

Definitely. It makes me think about what kind of video I should be filming next.

5) How does content creation on TikTok differ from Instagram?

Mocha the Pomeranian (Photo: @mochapom_ / Instagram)

Mocha the Pomeranian (Photo: @mochapom_ / Instagram)

It’s very different. For Instagram I usually just post photos of Mocha. The videos I share on there are more of Mocha doing something funny/random. I do sometimes share our Tiktok videos which I think will be suitable on Instagram as well. For our Tiktok content, I create mostly short stories/memes and sometimes I appear in them too. Mocha’s Instagram is Mocha only.

6) Do you prefer Instagram or TikTok?


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Reasons why… I couldn’t pick one. I like both for different reasons. Instagram is great as we have made many friends during the time Mocha has been on there but I love Tiktok because Mocha and I both get to do some fun videos together. She gets to learn some fun new tricks for some of the videos. She loves learning new things so it makes it really fun for both of us.

7) Where do you dedicate more of your time?

I would say mostly equal amount of time on both platforms. On Instagram I usually go through our feed of those who we follow. On Tiktok, we spend time on watching videos of those who we follow and those that come up on our ‘For You’ page as well.

8) Is the TikTok community more positive than Instagram?

Mocha the Pomeranian (Photo: @mochapom_ / Instagram)

Mocha the Pomeranian (Photo: @mochapom_ / Instagram)

I would say both platforms are about the same. We mostly get positive comments but we can get some comments or remarks that aren’t very positive as well. This isn’t very often but it does happen on both platforms.

9) What advice would you give to someone starting a TikTok for their dog?

Just have fun with it! When we first started, it really helped doing the challenges to give an idea of what the app is about.

10) Do you prefer to create your own content or follow the challenges?

What’s the pros and cons of both? I do a bit of both. If there are challenges out that are suitable for pets or I think of something fun to do with it, I’ll join in on the challenges. I like to make our own version of these and change it up a bit. I also like to make our own content with twists.These can be great because they usually have unexpected outcomes.

11) Did you have a TikTok video that first went viral to kickstart your path to having as many followers as your currently do?


Will I find my human? #prankwars #petsoftiktok #dog

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Our first video that went viral was of us playing hide and seek together. Mocha ran around from room to room looking for me.

12) What other TikTok dogs do you follow or draw inspiration from?

We mainly follow dogs on Tiktok so it’s hard to put them in to a list as we have many that we enjoy watching! The first dog we followed was @huxleythepandapuppy we love his videos!

13) Do you use a camera or a phone to film your videos? Any other equipment (apart from Mocha and yourself!)?

I film on both just depending on what we’re filming and lighting conditions. On dark, rainy days, usually I’ll use the camera. This helps make lighting better for videos. The only other equipment used is tripod.

14) Finally, so far, what are the pros and cons of TikTok?

Tiktok is such a great app. Absolutely love it and have so much fun making content for it. It can get very addictive scrolling through the for you. Sometimes I will not even realise that I’ve been on it for hours!

If you want to learn more about Mocha, you can check out our interview here.

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