12 Best Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

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Updated on 6 August 2021
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You may want a dog but working full-time can be inhibiting.

Dogs can brighten our lives and provide us with the opportunity to switch off from life’s responsibilities.

Any dog owner will attest to the joy that their pup brings them after a long day at work.

While some pet parents are fortunate enough to work from home or bring their pooch to work, not all dog owners are so lucky.

They’re dogs that do fine when they’re left at home alone for most of the day provided they get exercise in the morning and evening.

However, other canines don’t do well when they’re without their owners, suffering from boredom or separation anxiety.

It’s not recommended that you leave a dog for more than four hours alone without someone to check up on your pooch.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 12 dog breeds that can be left at home alone.

We must point out that each dog is different, so even if a breed has a reputation for being fine if left alone, it’s not always the case with every dog.

12) Basset Hound

Bassett Hound prepares for a flight (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bassett Hound prepares for a flight (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bassett Hounds are one of the world’s most easily identifiable dog breeds. These dogs are relatively low energy, so they don’t require long walks or frequent exercise. Bassett Hounds are happy to lounge on the sofa or in front of the fire and take a long nap. These “low-key hounds” aren’t prone to mood swings or bouts of anxiety.

11) French Bulldog

French Bulldog takes a bath (Photo: Adobe Stock)

French Bulldog takes a bath (Photo: Adobe Stock)

One of the most common breeds in cities around the world, there’s obviously a good reason why French Bulldogs are popular with dog owners who live in the hustle and bustle of downtown. They’re small size makes them a perfect fit for apartment life. Dog camera company PetCube list French Bulldogs as one of the dog breeds that do well alone.

10) Chihuahua

Long-haired Chihuahua (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Long-haired Chihuahua (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Another dog that is small and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the home is the Chihuaua. The American Kennel Club describes Chihuahua as a the “perfect city dogs”. These confident little dogs can be left at home alone, although you should get a friend or hire a dog sitter to check on them if it is any longer than four hours.

9) Shar Pei

Hailing from China, Shar Pei are considered independent dogs. They’re fiercely loyal to their families but this attachment doesn’t tend to manifest itself as separation anxiety. Their activity level can vary from dog to dog depending on their circumstance. Often described as aloof, they tend to do better than most dog breeds when left alone.

8) Pugs

A pug at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

A pug at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Another Asian dog that can deal with periods of separation is the Pug. According to the AKC, Pugs are happy in the city or country, with kids or seniors, and with other dogs. A favourite among city dwellers, they’re low energy drive means they’ll happily spend most of the day napping. However, you’ll need to ensure they get some exercise to prevent obesity.

7) Bull terrier

Bull Terriers are charming dogs that require quite a bit of exercise. They can usually be left alone for three or four hours without problems as long as they’ve got access to water and toys. Bull Terrier will do better during periods of separation if you give them exercise before you leave and when you come back. A tired dog is a happy dog!

6) Chow Chow

Chow Chow enjoys some suds during bath time (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Chow Chow enjoys some suds during bath time (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Chow Chow have developed a reputation for being aloof dogs. They’re happy to keep themselves entertained in the absence of their pet parents. These fluffy pooches are independent so Chow Chow are one of the best breeds for people who will have to leave their dog at home alone for long spells.

5) Akita Inu

A medium sized dogs that originate in Japan, the Akita Inu are often described as “docile” and “dignified”. Of importance to potential pet parents who want a dog who doesn’t suffer from anxiety if left alone, Akita Inu are known as independent dogs.

4) Boston Terrier

A little companion dog that is a favourite of those living and/or working in the city, the Boston Terrier is the 21st most popular dog breed in the United States. Boston Terrier are usually well balanced dogs that can keep themselves entertained by toys while their owners are away from the home.

3) Greyhound

Two Greyhounds take a nap (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Two Greyhounds take a nap (Photo: Adobe Stock)

While you might immediately think of Greyhounds as high energy dogs given their racing background, they’re just as happy being couch potatoes. While they will need to stretch their legs on a daily basis, these gentle giants are happy to take a nap on the chair or in their dog bed for hours.

2) Whippet

Like Greyhounds, Whippets can be lightning quick. When they’re not galloping in the dog park, Whippets are friendly and even-tempered canines. As long as they get some exercise outside, Whippets will be relatively low energy dogs inside the home. They’ve got a reputation for being infrequent barkers, which is perfect for those who live in an apartment.

1) Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu are Japanese dogs (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Shiba Inu are Japanese dogs (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Yet another Japanese breed, the Shiba Inu is perhaps the most famous of all the Asian dogs on this list. They’re considered stubborn dogs that are happy to be independent. Provided some stimulation is left for a Shiba Inu during periods of separation, they should do fine at home alone.

How to help your dog when at home alone

There are a number of potential techniques that pet parents can deploy if they leave their dog at home alone to make them feel more comfortable.

One of the most common hacks is leaving the radio or television on to provide your pup with some background noise.

Using an oil diffuser with an oil safe for dogs can help a stressed pooch feel a little more relaxed.

Leaving our pets at home can be an anxious experience for humans as well as pets. If you’re worried, you could get a pet camera.

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Most dog cameras come with a HD camera, two-way audio, movement and sound sensors. Some top models even have a treat dispenser, laser game or aromatherapy function.

Anything else to consider?

Like we mentioned above, if you’ve got to leave your dog alone for more than four hours a day, you should probably think twice about getting a dog.

Alternatively, you could consider a dog sitter or a dog walker to help break up a long day for your pooch.

There are also dog day care facilities that allow your pooch to spend the day socialising with other dogs.

In conclusion

If you’re thinking about getting a dog but may have to leave your pup for several hours a day, you’ll want a breed that does well alone.

Some dog breeds can grow bored or anxious during those periods of separation, leading to some unwanted behaviors.

However, other dogs are fine and can keep themselves entertained provided they’ve got some of the basics at their disposal.

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