Chipoo Pros And Cons

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Updated on 17 August 2021

Chipoo are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Poodle.

The result of breeding between these two popular breeds is usually a relatively small dog.

Chipoo can go by a variety of different names, including Choodle, Chipoodle, Poochi, and Poohuahua.

Although they’re not recognised by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club, they’ve been granted status by American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America and International Designer Canine Registry.

If you’ve got your heart set on adding a Chipoo to your family, you may want to check out your local rescue shelter before seeking out a breeder of this rare hybrid dog.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with the Chipoo.

We’ll hear from Chipoo owners Presley (@presleythechipoo), Bijou and Bisou (@chipoo_brothers) and Pippin (@pipnfriends) to learn more about the cross breed.

Chipoo Pros

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

Apartment dogs

The Chipoo is a relatively small Poodle cross breed. They’ll usually grow to be between 7 and 13 inches in height, while they can weigh between 8 and 20 pounds. Their small size makes the Chipoo ideal for apartment or city living. The Poohuahua won’t take up a lot of room in your home unlike larger breeds, such as the standard Poodle. They’ll have low-to-moderate exercise needs, so they won’t be restricted by the limited space in your apartment or city home.

Low shedding

Most Chipoo are low shedding dogs that won’t leave a lot of fur around your home. This member of the Doodle family will usually inherit some of the hypoallergenic genes of their Poodle parent. The Poodle is world renowned as a low-shedding dog breed that can prove perfect dogs for pet lovers with allergies. However, the Chihuahua isn’t a hypoallergenic dog breed and can be moderate-to-high shedders. While Chipoo tend to have some hypoallergenic qualities, it’s impossible to predict how hypoallergenic each Chipoo will be.

Here’s what Pippin (@pipnfriends) told

Pippin is hypoallergenic and does not shed! He gets groomed twice a year and we do little trims in between.

Good for seniors

The small stature of the Chipoo cross breed make them an excellent contender for a companion canine for senior dog lovers. They’re small size means they won’t be difficult to handle for the more vulnerable members of society. They’re relatively low maintenance in comparison to more active breeds and mixes. Chipoo won’t need rigorous exercise. They’ll usually be satisfied with a short walk as well as pottering around the home with their owner. Therefore, the Chipoo are often described as senior citizen friendly. Seniors looking to bring home a Chipoo could also check out their local rescue shelter to enquire if they’ve got a young adult or senior member of the cross breed that needs to be rehomed.

Smart dogs

The Poodle is the second smartest dog in the world behind the Border Collie. The Chihuahua, on the other hand, is further down the IQ pecking order. Having said that, the Chipoo is likely to be a relatively smart dog depending on whether they inherit the intelligence of their Poodle parent. Chipoo are generally considered a smart dog that can be quite easy to train. Having said that, a Poohuahua puppy will benefit from puppy training and socialization classes from a young age.


Chihuahuas are perhaps one of the most famous breeds for companionship. They can quickly become attached to their pet parent. Their small size means they’re adept lap dogs that enjoy a cuddle with their owners. The Chipoo can thrive as a companion dog. They’ll like to give love and receive love in equal measure. Often described as loyal dogs, you can expect your Chipoo to develop into a velcro dog.

Bijou and Bisou (@chipoo_brothers) told

They are loyal dogs, they are lap dogs, they are agile, they are very good with people and children.

Pippin (@pipnfriends) added:

He’s my lap dog, he provides endless love.

Chipoo Cons

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)


Although the Chipoo’s small size could be considered a positive for most pet parents, their petite bodies will need to be treated with care and respect. While the Chipoodle owners that we interviewed told us that they can make great family pets, they may not be suitable for homes with small children. They need to be handled gently to avoid inadvertent injury. Their small size means that you’ll need to be careful where you treading.

Pippin (@pipnfriends) wrote on

He’s also just delicate and sensitive so I worry about people being rough with him… Our family does not have small children. I would say due to his size, he’s better in a home with older kids who are gentle and respectful of personal space. He’s great in groups of adults and very social. He’s timid with children, but I think mainly because he’s not around them enough to get to know them. If there was a kid who let him lick their face nonstop, he would be in heaven!

This is a point emphasized by Bijou and Bisou’s mom Kylie (@chipoo_brothers).

When they are on the smaller size you would have to watch not to step on them.


Chipoodle have the potential to be stubborn dogs if they don’t receive adequate training from a young age. The Chihuahua Poodle mix can inherit a stubborn streak that is often associated with the Chihuahua dog breed. However, you may experience no stubbornness with your Chipoo. It can vary from dog to dog.


While your Chipoo is likely to be a low shedder, this Chihuahua Poodle mix requires regular grooming. They’ll usually have curly hair that needs to be brushed to prevent it becoming matted or tangled. Most Chipoo owners that we spoke to follow a regular grooming schedule. It’s a good idea to try to brush your Chipoo on a daily basis. Altnertatively, you may prefer to use the services of a professional groomer.

Amy kindly gave us an insight into Presley (@presleythechipoo)‘s grooming routine.

As coat length can vary, Chipoodles can come with short, medium or long hair. It is advised at least once a year to be trimmed for the summer weather. This can be done with a local dog groomer, or at home with your own dog clippers. It also helps when it comes to bath time to ensure the coat is clean and conditioned.


Chihuahuas are often stereotyped as a dog that barks a lot. They can make great watch dogs given they’re usually alert to movements and noises outside the home. The Chipoo could be dogs that bark a lot. It’s an issue to be aware of. If you’re concerned that your Chipoo’s barking is out of control, you may want to hire the services of a dog trainer to tackle this issue.

Pippin (@pipnfriends) does bark when he meets new people.

He’s wary of people when he first meets them and barks at them, but quickly warms up and loves to give kisses.

Here’s what Kylie said based upon her experience with Bijou and Bisou.

If the personality does take after a Chihuahua they can tend to bark more.

Health issues

Cross breeds are usually considered to be healthier dogs. Having said that, the Chipoo is still prone to some health problems such as patellar luxation, glaucoma, hypoglycemia and overactive tear glands. Kylie explained that she has encountered some teeth issues with her Chipoo Bijou and Bisou.

Anything Else To Consider?

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of the Chipoo, it’s a good idea to speak to some current owners of the mix breed on Instagram. They can provide an invaluable insight into life living with this Poodle cross.

• Presley (@presleythechipoo)

• Bijou and Bisou (@chipoo_brothers)

• Pippin (@pipnfriends)

In Conclusion

Presley the Chipoo (Photo: presleythechipoo / Instagram)

We’ve reached the end of our Chipoo pros and cons.

The Chipoo is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Poodle to create a companion-sized breed.

This mix breed will usually be loving dogs that don’t shed a lot with moderate exercise needs.

The Chipoodle will need regular grooming to maintain the health of their coat, while their delicate frame requires careful handling.

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