Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

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Updated on 6 August 2021

We all want our dogs to have a balanced and healthy diet.

While there are countless dog treats at a pet parent’s disposal, feeding them fruit and vegetables as a healthy snack is viable option.

Fruit and veg is becoming increasingly popular with some dog owners, especially if their faithful pooches require a low fat diet.

For example, dogs suffering with pancreatitis need to avoid rich foods, so treats in the shape of a carrot can be a healthy alternative.

One question that is regularly asked online is whether dogs can eat apples, and more specifically, apple cores.

Disclaimer: Before we get into the bones of this article, we must emphasise this isn’t expert content. We recommend talking to your local vet before making any changes to your pet’s diet or giving your cat/dog a new type of food to try.

Can dogs eat apples?

The benefit of apples has been well drilled into humans from a very young age. As the old adage goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

You won’t be surprised to learn that this versatile fruit can also act as a healthy snack for your dog. Apples are a low calorie treat for well behaved dogs.

So next time, instead of running to your local pet store to get some treats to train your dog, perhaps you can try a slice apple if your pooch listens and follows your commands.

Are Apples Good for Dogs?

Not only are apples much more affordable than some dog treats that you’ll find in pet stores or online market places, but they provide genuine health benefits to dogs, according to American Kennel Club’s website.

Unlike grapes and raisins which are poisonous to dogs, apple slices are perfectly fine to feed to your dog.

Apples provide a source of vitamin A and vitamin C as well as dietary fiber to keep your dog’s digestive system running smoothly.

If your dog has to follow a strict low fat diet, apples can act as a perfect nibble given their low in protein – and they also work as antioxidants.

For instance, a dog with pancreatitis might love to chew on a small apple slice, while their owners can feel encouraged that their precious pup is eating a healthy, low fat snack.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Seeds?

The short answer is no.

Dog owners should be aware that apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanid which could potentially poison a dog (and in extreme circumstances, result in death).

If a dog has eaten one or two apple seeds, they will more than likely be fine. However, if they’ve consumed a lot of apple pips then there is cause for concern.

Should your canine consume a large quantity of apple seeds over a period of time, it could lead to a build up of cyanide in your dog. This could prove to be very problematic.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten some apple seeds or have any questions about feeding your dog apple flesh, you should contact your local vet and follow their advice.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

Simply put, no. Dog owners should avoid giving their pup an apple core, writes

Regardless of whether the apple seeds have been removed or not, it’s a potential choking hazard or could lead to a digestive blockage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Golden Retriever gets check up at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Golden Retriever gets check up at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Like we mentioned above, if your dog eats a lot of apples and apples seeds over a period of time, it could result in the accumulation of cyanid in the dog’s system.

Aside from that, dog owners should consider the possibility their dog may have an allergic reaction to apples.

Experts recommend slowly introducing apples to their diet to allow a dog’s digestive system adjust to these low calories snacks.

How To Serve Apples To Dogs?

If you’ve decided that you want to feed your dog some apple, make sure to divide the fruit up into small slices.

It’s not advisable to allow your dog to chew an apple whole or chew multiple apple slices at once. It might not chew them properly.

Ideally, you should feed your dog the apple flesh, not the stem or the core (for the reasons above).

It’s logical. We wouldn’t eat the stem or core ourselves! Small amounts of apple should be fine, but it wouldn’t be advisable to give a dog lots of apples.

Obviously if a dog is in an orchard and they’re eating a lot of apples that have fallen off a tree, that could give them an upset stomach (or worse).

Can Dogs Eat Apple Sauce?

Apple sauce should be ok as a treat for your dog. However, pet parents should ensure that they only feed their pooch small portions.

According to, apple sauce shouldn’t constitute more than five per cent of a dog’s diet.

If you’re buying apple sauce in a store, you’ll want to make sure it’s not high in additives, colorings or sugar.

Look for organic, sugar-free brands that don’t use preservatives and artificial coloring.

If you’re already feeding your dog a lot of fruit, try to avoid giving your pup too much fruit or vegetables as it could lead to an upset stomach.

Can Puppies Eat Apples?

There are conflicting opinions on feeding apple sauce to your puppy. Some experts believe it can act as a healthy and tasty snack for a pup in small doses.

However, other websites, such as, encourage pet parents to avoid feeding their pups apple sauce as their digestive systems are not developed enough.

We recommend consulting with your local veterinarian before feeding your puppy any new food substance, such as apple sauce.

Moving to a new home away from their mother can already be a stressful time, so you don’t want to cause a bout of diarrhea by feeding your pup a new food type if they’re not ready.

Anything Else To Consider?

While apple slices can constitute a healthy snack for senior dogs who’ve got to watch their diet, the volume of natural sugars in apple might not make them ideal for dogs with diabetes or cancer.

Like we’ve already suggested, we urge you to consult with your vet before making a change to your dog’s diet. Every canine is different and your vet should have a good understanding of your individual dog.

In Conclusion

A pug at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

A pug at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)

You can feed your dog apples as long as their cut in slim slices that are easily chewable and digestible.

However, pet parents should avoid feeding their dog apple cores. Aside from the apple seeds that a core may contain, they could be a choking hazard or cause a blockage in the digestive system.

While accidentally eating a couple of apple seeds shouldn’t harm your dog, they do contain a small amount of cyanid.

If eaten over a period of time, this could result in a build up of cyanid in a dog’s system, which is could be very problematic.

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