Best Dog Food For Sheepadoodle

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 24 July 2020

Sheepadoodles are a popular member of the Doodle family who usually have quite big appetites.

They’re a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, resulting in a medium-to-large dog.

Sheepadoodles can grow between 18 and 23 inches in height and weigh between 60 and 85 pounds. Mini Sheepadoodles will be smaller in size.

The Old English Sheepdog Poodle cross are usually affectionate, friendly, intelligent and sociable dogs.

If you’re thinking about getting a Sheepadoodle or you’re already an owner of this member of the Doodle family, you may be trying to work out what to feed your canine companion.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog food for Sheepadoodles, as well as hearing from some Sheepadoodle owners to learn more about what their dogs act like at mealtime.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

With the introduction over, let’s take a look at some of the food options available to Sheepadoodle owners right now.

Best Dog Food For Sheepadoodle

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Sheepadoodles can make excellent pets that love to play an active role with their fellow family members.

The cross breed tend to be an active dog that will need a balanced and complete diet to fuel their energetic lifestyles.

Sheepadoodles will usually display a healthy appetite for their food, but just like any dog, some members of the cross breed can be picky eaters or have intolerances to certain types of food.

I know how stressful owning a fussy eater can be as my two Alaskan Klee Kai can be particularly picky with their food.

My Mini Huskies used to eat kibble but they would quickly lose interest in their food, resulting in a spate of health problems and trips to the emergency vet.

I was introduced to the concept of fresh dogs meals prepared by dog food delivery companies at the end of 2018. They cook balanced and complete meals formulated by vets and ship your dog’s food direct to your door.

In these uncertain times, the fact that you can get your dog food delivered to your home is a big bonus so you won’t have to stress about going to your local pet store or supermarket.

More importantly, dog food delivery companies only use high grade meat and fresh fruit and vegetables in their meals so you can have peace of mind your Sheepadoodle is eating the very best in dog nutrition.

I’ve tested some of the best dog food delivery companies in the USA and the UK to see what meals they have to offer and the potential benefits for my dogs.

In the USA, I consider Nom Nom to be the leading option for dog owners who are thinking about giving these custom-made and freshly prepared meals a go. You can check out the best dog food delivery companies in the USA right now via the link below.

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For pet parents who live in the UK that are looking to make the switch to these high grade, tailored dog food meals, I recommend giving Butternut Box a go. I’ve also reviewed the best dog food delivery companies in the UK at the moment.

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Dog Food Delivery Companies

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye eyes some Nom Nom during a hike in California (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye eyes some Nom Nom during a hike in California (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Have you ever examined the ingredients that go into your Sheepadoodle’s normal food? In some cases, dry food bought at the pet store or supermarket use mystery ingredients that you may no recognise or even be able to pronounce.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the dry food options that you regularly see on supermarket shelves are produced by confectionary companies.

We like dog food delivery companies because they use human-grade ingredients that have been responsibly sourced from local famers in the USA. Most of these dog food companies will use USDA-approved meat.

During our research, we found that every dog food delivery company that we reviewed use as vet or vet nutritionist to formulate their recipes to ensure your Sheepadoodle will be getting all the necessary minerals and nutrients to promote good health.

They require pet parents to enter key details about their Sheepadoodle, such as age, breed, activity level, intolerances, body type and more. This allows dog food delivery companies to tailor their meals to meet your canine’s specific needs.

Some of these innovative companies will even use pre-portioned packaging so you won’t have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding your Sheepadoodle. You simply rip-and-serve to your pup.

Of course, these custom meals will cost more than your traditional dog food but I was happy to pay a little extra to ensure my pups are getting the very best in Sheepadoodle nutrition.

My Alaskan Klee Kai loved their new food and I was delighted to see them rediscover their motivation at mealtime. They would lick their bowls long after their food was gone. I had never seen my Klee Kai do this before!

Importantly, their health issues were a thing of the past as the food catered to their sensitive stomachs meaning that they no longer suffered with regular bouts of vomiting or diarrhea.

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Reasons To Try Dog Food Delivery Companies

Copper and Skye the Alaskan Klee Kai with their first Nom Nom delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Copper and Skye the Alaskan Klee Kai with their first Nom Nom delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a dog food delivery company, here are some of the reasons I believe you should consider a switch to these type of meals.

• Freshly Prepared – These meals are comprised of USDA-approved meat sourced from local farmers. Dog food delivery companies use fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure your pup is getting a balanced and complete diet.

• Customised – By providing your dog food delivery company with key details about your canine companion, you can allow them to customise their meals to meet your Sheepadoodle’s specific needs. In doing so, they can tailor their fresh meals whether you’ve got a pup that needs to gain or lose weight.

• Recipe Variety – If you’ve got picky eaters like me, you’ll understand the importance of having a number of different recipes to offer your Sheepadoodle. Most dog food delivery companies will offer at least three different protein sources.

• Formulated By Vets – You can have peace of mind knowing that these dog food delivery companies employ the services of vets and vet nutritionists to ensure your pup gets all the minerals and vitamins required to promote a healthy diet.

• Portion Control – If you’re digging a little deeper into your pockets for the custom meals, you don’t want to have to fuss around with scales and utensils at mealtime. We like when dog food delivery companies use pre-portioned pouches.

• Perfect For Picky Pups – These meals are often described as human grade. Admittedly, some of recipes provided by these companies smell so good that they could be confused for your dinner! Some dog food delivery companies even claim to have tested their food on humans. So it’s no wonder that even picky pups seem to enjoy these fresh meals.

• Reliable Deliveries – Of course reliable deliveries are an important factor where a dog food delivery company is concerned. It’s vital that their meals arrive on time and in good condition so you have enough food to feed your Sheepadoodle.

• Flexible – Most dog food delivery companies will allow customers to pause or cancel their subscriptions with a month’s notice. If your Sheepadoodle doesn’t like their meals, you can usually get your money back.

Best Tailored Dry Food For Dogs

UnKibble by Spot & Tango (Photo: Spot & Tango)

UnKibble by Spot & Tango (Photo: Spot & Tango)

While we believe in the merits of dog food delivery companies, you may prefer to stick with dry food for your Sheepadoodle.

If that’s the case, you can still adopt a more balanced and complete approach to the dry food by opting for custom-made kibble.

There are a number of dry food for dog companies that will tailor their kibble to meet your Sheepadoodle’s needs based upon their age, breed and lifestyle.

They’ll use ingredients that are responsibly sourced and avoid adding any unwanted additives and fillers in their dry food.

By doing so, they’re offering a modern approach to kibble unlike some of the traditional dry food options that you find at pet stores and supermarkets.

A lot of the big-name commercial brands will use highly-processed powdered meat meals and artificial additives.

Alternatively, some new-age dog food companies will only use high grade whole foods in their dry food to give you peace of mind that your Sheepadoodle is only eating natural ingredients.

Once they’ve got all the necessary information about your canine companion, they can tailor their dry food to meet your Sheepadoodle’s needs, usually providing a custom scooper or pre-portioned pouches.

We’ve reviewed some of the leading tailored dry dog food companies in the USA. We consider UnKibble by Spot & Tango and Hungry Bark to be two of the leading options. You can read our ultimate guide to dry food for dogs via the link below.

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Best Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food (Photo: Adobe)

Raw dog food (Photo: Adobe)

If you prefer to feed raw, you may want to consider some of the best raw dog food companies in the USA. The raw fed diet is a controversial topic amongst pet parents on social media.

A raw dog food diet usually involves feeding your canine companion raw meat, sometimes alongside fruit and vegetables. The idea is that your dog’s ancestors would have eaten a largely raw meat diet.

The type of meat often used in raw diet include organ meat, muscle meat, whole ground bone, raw eggs, dog-safe fruit and vegetables as well as being supplemented by minerals and vitamins.

There are some potential risks associated with feeding your dog a raw-fed diet. For instance, bacteria in raw meat can pose a threat to human and go health. Most responsible raw dog food companies will do bacteria tests on their products.

We must also highlight that it’s generally not recommended to feed your dog a raw diet if you live in a household with children or someone who is immunocompromised.

If you’re giving serious consideration to making a switch to raw dog food company, we recommend that you read the FDA’s tips and information about raw pet food to ensure you’re fully informed about the potential risks.

We’ve reviewed some of the leading raw dog food options in the USA available to pet parents right now. You can view our guide on raw dog food USA via the link below.

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Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Bear the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebear)

Like we mentioned at the start of this article, Sheepadoodles are a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. They’re usually an active breed given both parents are traditionally working dogs.

The Old English Sheepdog would be used on a farm to herd and protect sheep. Poodles were used to hunt ducks and other fowl before they became a popular breed for dog lovers with allergies to pet hair.

Are Sheepadoodle Picky Eaters?

Although these medium-to-large dogs are usually energetic with a vociferous appetites, some members of the cross breed can be fussy eaters just like my Alaskan Klee Kai.

In our indepth feature on the Sheepadoodle, we spoke to some owners of this wonderful cross breed to learn whether they’ve experienced pickiness with their Sheepadoodles.

Cristina explained that Walter (@walterthegentlegiant) is starting to become fussy with his food.

Walter was not a fussy eater as a very young pup but is growing a bit pickier as he grows older. We are trying out different foods to hopefully find the one that matches his palette.

Claudia of Surrey Sheepadoodles (@surreysheepadoodles) described her two canines as picky dogs.

They are fussy eaters – and not food driven. Mine are on a raw diet which works well for them.

Sheepadoodle Exercise Requirements

Walter the Sheepadoodle (Photo: walterthegentlegiant / Instagram)

Walter the Sheepadoodle (Photo: walterthegentlegiant / Instagram)

Sheepadoodles are usually active dogs that require mental and physical stimulation to keep these furry pooches content and happy. They’ll usually require at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Of course, there’s a greater chance that your Sheepadoodle will have more of an appetite if they’re getting more exercise. Dog food delivery companies will usually ask about your Sheepadoodle’s exercise so they can tailor their meals accordingly.

Sheepadoodle Health

Although Sheepadoodles are a cross breed, they can still be prone to some health issues. They can be susceptible to some health problems like most dog breeds, such as joint problems. Sheepadoodles can suffer from Addison’s or Cushing’s disease, which affects hormone levels.

Some Sheepadoodles can have intolerances to certain types of food. If you suspect your Sheepadoodle may be allergic to a particular food source, you may want to consider a dog allergy kit.

Anything Else To Consider?

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

Surrey Sheepadoodles (Photo: @surreysheepadoodles / Instagram)

If you’ve got any questions about your Sheepadoodle’s diet, we recommend speaking to your vet to learn more. It’s a good idea to seek a professional’s advice before you make a switch to their diet.

It’s advisable to make a slow transition to a new diet incorporating your dog’s old food and new food before slightly adjusting the ratios over the course of two weeks or so.

This article does not constitute expert advice and we recommend contacting your vet if you have any concerns or issues. You can also reach out to the company you’re thinking about subscribing to as they’ll usually have experts on hand to offer advice.

In Conclusion

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

Bertie the Sheepadoodle (Photo: @sheepadoodlebertie / Instagram)

So we’ve reached the end of our article on the best dog food for Sheepadoodles.

We’re big advocates of dog food delivery companies having seen firsthand the positive impact that their meals have made on my Alaskan Klee Kai’s lives. In particular, we’re big fans of Nom Nom who provide balanced and complete meals using human-grade ingredients formulated by vets. Nom Nom will ship their meals direct to your door.

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Alternatively, some Sheepadoodle owners may prefer to stick with dry food but go for a dog food company who provide custom kibble using whole ingredients to promote a better quality of life. Sheepadoodle owners could consider dry food companies such as UnKibble and Hungry Bark.

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Some pet parents are big advocates of a raw dog food diet despite some of the risks associated with his particular type of nutrition. We’ve offered some raw food dog companies such as a Stella and Chewy’s who can cater to anyone looking to make the switch to raw.

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Living with picky eaters can be testing as I know all too well with my Alaskan Klee Kai but there are a variety of options that can help you reignite your Sheepadoodle’s interest in their meals.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals