Best Dog Food for Pomeranians

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 19 January 2023

Pomeranians are the smallest of the Spitz breeds.

These fluffy dogs can make great companion pets due to their affectionate nature and small size.

Although Pomeranians might be petite, they still need a balanced and complete diet to live a happy and fulfilled life.

If you’re a Pomeranian owner, you may be accustomed to feeding your Pom traditional dog food such as kibble.

However, some common brands can have unwanted additives or what are often described as “nasties”.

The arrival of dog food delivery companies has given pet parents a healthier and convenient option to choose from.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog food for Pomeranians.

Best Dog Food For Pomeranians

Spot and Tango (Photo: Spot and Tango)

Spot and Tango (Photo: Spot and Tango)

Pomeranians are a Spitz breed that are usually moderately active, excelling at activities such as agility and obedience training.

These dainty little pups can make excellent companion dogs with a cute teddy bear-like appearance.

Pomeranians need a balanced, complete and healthy diet to maintain their overall health.

Most Pom owners may be accustomed to feeding their four-legged friend a traditional food brand.

It isn’t until your beloved Pom experiences a health setback that you may start to think twice about what food your dog is eating.

As an owner of two Spitz dogs, I encountered this very problem when my two Alaskan Klee Kai started to struggle with stomach problems. I was forced to reevaluate what I’m feeding them.

Having come across dog food delivery companies, I decided to give it a try. I haven’t looked back since. My dogs are healthier, more energetic and haven’t been to the vet since I made the switch.

I’ve reviewed and tested the leading dog food delivery companies on the market right now, and while most do a great job, I believe Nom Nom and Ollie are the best options available to pet parents in the USA.

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For my UK readers, I’ve also tried some of the leading options and I’ve listed my recommendations below.

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Sample subscription plan

So you like the sound of dog food delivery companies but you want to learn more. Well, the sign up process is really simple, even for pet parents who may have limitations where technology is concerned.

You’ll usually be asked to complete a simple questionnaire that takes in account your dog’s breed, age, weight, activity level and potential allergies. Once you’ve done that, they’ll suggest a number of recipes.

I’ve used my imaginary Pomeranian called Pom to give you an idea of the potential cost of feeding your Spitz dog. Pom is a three-year old male weighing six pounds with an active lifestyle. Based upon these details and selecting two different recipes, it would cost around £15 a week to feed Pom.

Are There Coupon Codes Or Discount?

Most dog food delivery companies will offer around 20 per cent off your first order.

Nom Nom have a special offer for helloBARK! readers so if you want to try Nom Nom for your Pomeranian, you can avail of a 50 per cent discount off your first order by clicking this link.

Our readers can get 50% off their first order from Ollie when using the coupon code “HELLOBARK” at checkout. To avail of this offer, click this link and use the “HELLOBARK” discount code.

In the UK, Butternut Box will give Pom owners who want to try their service a huge discount off their first order. New customers can get 50% off their first and their second Butternut Box order by clicking here.

What Pomeranian customers say

It’s important to do research about dog food before switching your pooch onto a new brand or new type of food. We’ve researched lots of reviews of dog food delivery companies.

One customer explained how Nom Nom’s meals have improved her dog’s life:

Since feeding my pup Nom Nom I feel so much better about his health, energy levels, and future health. He absolutely loves the food and eats it all with no problem. I also love how I am able to do half-portion sizes (since he’s a small doggo). Since feeding him Nom Nom his energy levels are consistent, his coat is thicker, healthier, and shinier, and his digestive issues have been totally corrected!

Another dog owner was delighted with the impact Ollie’s meals have had on her canine after saying goodbye to kibble:

I rescued my dog a year ago. I fed him the same food he was fed at the Humane Society for about he first several months. Then I began switching him to Blue Buffalo which he stopped eating after the transition. Hated it. Tried Ollie and he LOVES eating again. Gets really excited. I’m happy he’s eating healthier food and not dried garbage.

Both Nom Nom and Ollie get 4.5 stars out of 5 based upon hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot.

Dog Food Delivery Companies

You may or may not have previously encountered dog food delivery companies. They offer a fresh and healthy alternative to the traditional brands.

Their meals are comprised of human-grade, restaurant-quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced. The meat is USDA approved – too.

These companies have a team of veterinary experts and nutritionists to ensure the formulation is correct and no minerals or vitamins are missing.

By thoroughly filling out their questionnaire, these companies are able to customise and tailor their meals to meet your Pomeranian’s specific needs.

I’ve seen the positive impact these dog food delivery companies can have. Having struggled with picky Spitz dogs, I made the switch and I haven’t looked back since.

My Alaskan Klee Kai are highly motivated at mealtime whereas they were previously picky with their dry food. Their stomach issues have cleared up, they’ve got more energy, their coats are shinier and their stools are small and solid.

It’s given me peace of mind knowing that my dogs are eating a healthy diet that is having a positive impact on their lives. Ultimately, we just want our dogs to be happy.

Reasons to try dog food delivery companies

Ollie cook fresh meals and deliver them to your doorstep (Photo: Ollie)

Ollie cook fresh meals and deliver them to your doorstep (Photo: Ollie)

So you’re thinking about making the transition to a dog food delivery company but you want to know a little bit more about the key details.

• Freshly prepared meals – One of the biggest positives about these meals is their made using fresh, quality ingredients. You want need to worry about what potential additives or nasties are going into your dog’s meals. These companies only use USDA-approved meat and fresh vegetables.

• Customised to your dog – Another big plus is that these meals are tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Whether you’ve got a puppy, an adult or a senior dog, they’ll make sure all the necessary ingredients are included to make sure they get the most out of life.

• Variety of recipes – If you’ve got picky eaters like me, you’ll know that variety really is the spice of life where your dogs are concerned. I love having the ability to pick two or three different recipes to keep my dogs guessing at mealtime.

• Formulated by experts – This all sounds great by how do you know these companies know what they’re doing? Well they employ veterinarians and nutritionists to formulate the meals to ensure no minerals or vitamins are missing.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals

• Portion control – When you see your dog’s new-found motivation at mealtime, you might be tempted to feed your pup a little extra. However, this won’t happen because dog food delivery companies pre portion their meals or provide customised scoopers to ensure you get the amount just right.

• Motivated dogs at meal time – If you’ve gone through the heartache of seeing your dogs turn their nose up at their meals, you’ll know how rewarding it is to see your furry friends show interest in their dog grub again.

• Efficient and reliable deliveries – These dog food delivery companies do regular deliveries every two weeks, four weeks, six weeks or even eight weeks in some cases. They’re regular and reliable, which is vital.

• Flexible subscription plans – So you might be ready to take the plunge but you’re worried that you’ll be tied into a long-term subscription. Most of these dog food delivery companies operate on a month-to-month basis so you can cancel with a month’s advance notice.

Any negatives?

While I really believe these fresh dog meals are a huge positive, there are some potential negatives to consider.

You’ll need to efficient and smart about making room in your fridge and freezer. You can store two days’ worth of dog food in the fridge so it’s ready to go. The rest will need to go in the freezer. If you’ve got a small freezer, you’ll need to be economical about space. I’ve made an effort to eat more fresh ingredients that don’t need to be frozen in order to free up space.

Another consideration is the cost. These dog meals aren’t cheap. They provide a premium service and often cost a premium price. However, in my experience and judging by the overwhelming positive reviews online, the positives far outweigh the cost.


Pomeranian (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pomeranian (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pomeranians are a Spitz dog that are thought to be related to working dogs in the Arctic. The modern Pom as we know it can trace their origins back to the Pomerania region of northern Germany and Poland.

British monarchs Queen Charlotte and King George III were credited with bringing the first Pomeranians to England in 1767. Charlotte’s granddaughter Mary was thought to have been responsible for breeding down the Pomeranians.

In fact, she created a kennel and displayed her Poms to the world. Queen Mary is credited with reducing their size by half to be more in line with the Pomeranians that we know and love today.

In 1891, the first Pomeranian club was founded in England. The breed was registered in America to the American Kennel Club in 1898.

In the 21st century, the AKC rank Pomeranians as the 23rd most popular dog in the USA.

Pomeranians appearance and size

Pomeranians are usually between six and seven inches in height, while Poms can weigh between three and seven pounds.

The AKC outline that ‘all colors, patterns, and variations there-of are allowed and must be judged on an equal basis’. They go on state that there are almost two dozen colors, various patterns and markings.

Their long, fluffy coats gives them a teddy bear-like appearance.

Pomeranians exercise requirements

Pomeranians need regular exercise to ensure they get sufficient mental and physical stimulation. Whether it’s a walk, playtime in the backyard or garden, trip to the dog park or even a short run, Poms will benefit from regular exercise. Wag Walking suggest 40 minutes of exercise a day for Pomeranians.

Pomeranians health

Spitz breeds are often prone to having sensitive stomachs. So you should speak to your vet before making a change to their diet.

Although the AKC describe Pomeranians as “healthy little dogs”, they do suffer from some health conditions. The health conditions include luxating patellas, tracheal collapse, canine cataracts and severe hair loss syndrome.

Anything else to consider?

We recommend speaking to your vet before you switch your Pomeranians to a new diet. If you decide to go ahead and sign up to a dog food delivery company, they’ll usually provide a guideline to gradually introduce their new food into their diet. If you switch too fast, you could cause a tummy upset or diarrhea.

This article does not constitute expert advice and we recommend contacting your vet if you have any concerns or issues. You can also reach out to the company you’re thinking about subscribing to as they’ll usually have experts on hand to offer advice.

In conclusion

So we’ve come to the end of our article on the best dog food for Pomeranians. As you’ll know by this stage, we really believe in the merits of a dog food delivery company.

They use fresh and healthy ingredients to create their recipes tailored to your dog. You won’t need to mess around with scales at dinner time as their meals arrive pre portioned. It’s a simple serving process.

I’ve seen a huge transformation in my dogs as a result of these meals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving a dog food delivery subscription a try if you’ve got picky eaters, dogs that need to change their diet to a healthier alternative due to health concerns or you’ve become more conscious about what you’re feeding your precious pooch.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals