Best Dog Food For Cockapoos USA 2023

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 19 January 2023

Cockapoos are happy and energetic dogs that require a balanced and complete diet.

They’re a mix between two dog breeds known for having lots of energy: Cocker Spaniels and Poodles.

This cross can also be called a Cockapoodle, Cocker Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix.

Cockapoos are popular because of their hypoallergenic qualities, including a low-shedding coat.

To maintain the quality of their trademark coats, they need to be getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins in their diet.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog food for Cockapoos.

Best Dog Food For Cockapoos

Freshly cooked dog meals delivered to your door (Photo: Nom Nom)

Freshly cooked dog meals delivered to your door (Photo: Nom Nom)

Cockapoos are often dubbed designer dogs due to their surge in popularity over the past 10 or 20 years, particularly amongst city dwellers.

They’re usually energetic dogs that like to get regular exercise with their humans, whether it’s a trip to the dog park, a hike or a leisurely jog.

Just like any other type of dog, Cockapoos need a complete and healthy diet to fuel their bodies.

If you’re a Cockapoo owner, you may be accustomed to feeding your four-legged friend traditional dry food that you can pick up at your local pet store or supermarket.

However, some dry food options can use unwanted additives and nasties, while it’s not always clear what exact ingredients have gone into the dog food.

I made the transition from dry food to a dog food delivery company in 2019 after my two Alaskan Klee Kai struggled with consistent stomach problems. In search for better quality dog food, I came across a fresher option.

Switching to a dog food delivery company has been a big success with my dogs. We haven’t been to the vet since making the transition as their stomach problems have all cleared up.

I’ve reviewed and tested the leading dog food delivery companies on the market right now, and while most do a great job, I believe Nom Nom and Ollie are the best options available to pet parents in the USA.

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For my UK readers, I’ve also tried some of the leading options and I’ve listed my recommendations below.

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Sample subscription plan

This all sounds great but you’re probably wondering how does it work. Well, you simply enter key details about your dog into an online questionnaire to give these companies the ability to tailor their meals to your pup.

You’ll usually be asked to input breed, age, weight, activity level and potential allergies. Once you’ve done that, they’ll also ask you to select one or a number of different recipes.

I’ve used my imaginary Cockapoo called Teddy to give you an idea of the cost of such a service. Teddy is a three-year old male Cockapoo weighing eight kilos. Based upon that information, you could expect to pay $25 a week for his meals.

Are There Coupon Codes Or Discount?

Most dog food delivery companies will offer around 20 per cent off your first order.

Nom Nom have a special offer for helloBARK! readers so if you want to try Nom Nom for your Cockapoo you can avail of a 50 per cent discount off your first order by clicking this link.

Our readers can get 50% off their first order from Ollie when using the coupon code “HELLOBARK” at checkout. To avail of this offer, click this link and use the “HELLOBARK” discount code.

In the UK, Butternut Box will give Cockapoo owners who want to try their service a huge discount off their first order. New customers can get 50% off their first and their second Butternut Box order by clicking here.

What Cockapoo customers say

Don’t believe us? Well let’s hear from a Cockapoo owner and their experience making the switch to a dog food delivery company.

Barrie Gillies was worried about her Cockapoo Jordy. She was a picky eater with a sensitive stomach.

[I bought] expensive dog food, which was supposed to be good for her stomach. But it wouldn’t sustain her. She wouldn’t always like it.

However, this is no longer the case after making the transition to Nom Nom.

She eats it and loves it. I thought she’d get bored, but she hasn’t. Her bowl is licked clean—not a morsel left. She loves the chicken and I am going to try the variety pack next.

Jordy’s stomach issues have also cleared up since moving to a fresh and healthy alternative.

She hasn’t had any stomach issues. No throwing up or diarrhea. She goes on these marathon walks, 3-hour puppy playdates. She’s got the energy now.

Dog Food Delivery Companies

Nom Nom offer four different recipes (Photo: Nom Nom)

Nom Nom offer four different recipes (Photo: Nom Nom)

The dog food delivery market has exploded over the past two or three years with lots of different and new options.

As we look to ensure our diet is fresh and healthy, pet parents are looking to protect their dog’s health – too.

Dog food delivery companies use fresh fruit and vegetables as well as USDA-approved meat in their recipes. They’re formulated by veterinary experts to ensure their balanced and vital minerals or vitamins aren’t missing.

Pet parents will need to fill out the initial questionnaire truthfully to allow dog food delivery companies to customise their recipes to ensure your four-legged friend’s specific requirements are all met.

I’ve seen the impact these meals can have on dogs’ lives first hand. My two Alaskan Klee Kai were notoriously picky and would show disinterest in their dry food. Even if I added a little wet food, they’d nibble at it before walking away.

This led to consistent stomach issues, vomiting and diarrhea over a period of a couple of months. With trips to the vet becoming a regular occurence and bills racking up, I decided to give a dog food delivery company a shot.

We haven’t looked back since and my dogs are happy, healthy and content. I’ve got peace of mind knowing they’re getting a complete diet with all their needs taken care of.

Reasons to try dog food delivery companies

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of signing up to a dog food delivery company.

• Freshly prepared meals – Their meals are freshly prepared using human-grade ingredients. You won’t find any additives or nasties in their food. So you can have peace of mind your dog is on a healthy diet just like you.

• Customised to your dog – These companies will tailor their meals to your dog’s specific requirements. Whether your pup needs to gain a few pounds, shed some weight or needs more energy, they can formulate their meals to meet your canine’s needs.

• Variety of recipes – If you’ve got fussy dogs like me, you’ll be able to appreciate how important variety is. There are usually three to five recipes that you can select. You can choose one or multiple recipes.

• Formulated by experts – Dog food delivery companies have a team of experts from the veterinarian world to ensure their meals are formulated correctly. So you won’t need to worry that any minerals or vitamins are omitted.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals

• Portion control – The meals usually arrive in pre portioned packages that simply require pet parents to rip and serve. Some companies may use containers or customised scooper to ensure you get the portion correct.

• Motivated dogs at meal time – We all want to see our dogs happy, healthy and motivated at dinner time! Judging by my experience and the reviews I’ve read, most dogs go crazy for the fresh approach to dog nutrition.

• Efficient and reliable deliveries – If you’re signing up to a dog food delivery company, their deliveries need to be consistent. After all, you don’t want to be left without any dog food and have to return to traditional brands.

• Flexible subscription plans – You might be worried about the cost. Most dog food delivery companies offer a special discount to sign up and they work on a monthly basis. So you can cancel at any time with a month’s notice.

Any negatives?

This would be a fair and unbiased feature on the best dog food for Cockapoos without taking a look at some of the negatives with this subscription service.

If you decide to sign up, you’ll need to be smart where fridge and freezer space is concerned. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got plenty of room in the freezer to store the meals. You can leave some in the fridge that are ready to use for the coming days.

This is a premium service so it does cost more than traditional dog food options. You may have to be smarter about your budgeting. Having said that, the long-term benefits should far outweigh the costs.


Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Miss Darcy the Cockapoo (Photo: missdarcysadventures / Instagram)

Cockapoos are a cross between an American or English Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They were thought to have originated in the 1960s but it was in the 1990s onwards that their popularity surged.

These dogs are perhaps best known for being hypoallergenic, although no dog is completely hypoallergenic.

Generally, most Cockapoos appear to shed minimally. However, each Cockapoo is different depending on whether they take after their Cocker Spaniel or Poodle parent more closely.

Cockapoos aren’t recognised as a breed by the Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club.

Cockapoos appearance and size

There are generally four potential Cockapoo sizes. These are the Teacup toy (under 10 inches in height, weigh less than 6 pounds), the Toy (up to 10 inches, weigh under 12 pounds), the Miniature (11 to 14 inches tall, weigh between 13 and 18 inches) and the Standard or Maxi (at least 15 inches, weigh more than 19 pounds).

Cockapoos exercise requirements

Cockapoos have a reputation for being moderate to high energy dogs. They enjoy regular walks, a leisurely jog, trips to the dog park or even hikes. Wag Walking suggest around 60 minutes of exercise a day for a Cockapoo.

Cockapoos health

Mixed dogs are generally considered to be pretty healthy due to their genetic diversity. However, they’re prone to some potential health issues. These include luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, pancreatitis, meningitis and epilepsy.

Anything else to consider?

We recommend speaking to your vet before you switch your Cockapoo to a new diet. If you decide to go ahead and sign up to a dog food delivery company, they’ll usually provide a guideline to gradually introduce their new food into their diet. If you switch too fast, you could cause a tummy upset or diarrhea.

This article does not constitute expert advice and we recommend contacting your vet if you have any concerns or issues. You can also reach out to the company you’re thinking about subscribing to as they’ll usually have experts on hand to offer advice.

In conclusion

Sushi the Cockapoo (Photo: @sushisaid / Instagram)

Sushi the Cockapoo (Photo: @sushisaid / Instagram)

So we’ve reached the end of our feature on the best dog food for Cockapoos.

If you’re ready to make a change to your dog’s diet due to health concerns, weight issues or just a eureka moment, we really recommend considering dog food delivery companies.

These meals have had a huge impact on the lives of my dogs – and many, many others. Their recipes only use human-grade ingredients. Their mantra is if it isn’t good enough for us to eat, why should we ask our dogs to eat it?

If you’ve got picky eaters with sensitive stomachs like my dogs or Jordy, you may find these meals are the solution to get your pup motivated at mealtime once more.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals