Best Dog Food For Cavapoochons

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 19 January 2023

Cavapoochons are a mixed breed that can sometimes be picky eaters.

They’re a combination of three different breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Bichon Frises and Poodles.

Cavapoochons are a relatively new breed so there is still a lot to learn about them.

However, we’ve contacted some Cavapoochon owners to find out a little bit more about these hybrid dogs.

Some Cavapoochons do appear to struggle with sensitive stomachs, so you’ll want to give some serious consideration about what dog food you decide to feed your pup.

Just like any breed or mix, Cavapoochons require a balanced and complete diet to ensure they get all the necessary minerals and vitamins they need in their diet.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best dog food for Cavapoochons.

Best Dog Food For Cavapoochons

Cavapoochons are popular dogs with families due to their sweet temperaments.

They’ve got a playful personality, which means they’ll love to romp around the garden or yard with their fellow family members.

Their active lifestyles means they should have a good appetite when it comes to mealtime.

However, some Cavapoochons can be picky eaters, which is something I’ve experienced with my spitz-type dogs.

If your dog won’t eat their food, it can lead to other stomach issues further down the line.

This all changed when I switched my Alaskan Klee Kai onto a dog food delivery company. The meals were balanced, complete and comprised of fresh ingredients.

My dogs were obsessed with these meals, much to my surprise as I’m used to them being slow eaters. Their tummy problems cleared up and overall, they were a lot healthier.

Having looked at the best dog food delivery companies in the USA, I can recommend Nom Nom and Ollie having tried both of their recipes on my Klee Kai.

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I’ve also taken a look at the best dog food delivery options in the UK, with Butternut Box my top pick.

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Sample subscription plan

The big question you’re probably wondering is how much these meals cost.

In order to give pet parents a quick idea how such a subscriptions service works, I’ve signed up Cava my imaginary Cavapoochon to receive their dog meals.

Cava is a three-year old female Cavapoochon who weighs eight kilos. She has no allergies and I’ve selected two recipes for her. Based upon the above information, feeding Cava would cost me $18.33 a week.

Are There Coupon Codes Or Discount?

We’ve teamed up with a number of dog food delivery companies to offer pet parents a tasty discount on their first order.

Nom Nom will give helloBARK! readers 50% of their first order. If you’re a new customer to Nom Nom, you can get this 50% discount by clicking here.

Ollie have matched Nom Nom’s offer. So helloBARK! readers who are new customers can get 50% off their first Ollie order by visiting their website here.

In the UK, Butternut Box will give Cavapoochon owners who want to try their service a huge discount off their first order. New customers can get 50% off their first and their second Butternut Box order by clicking here.

What Cavapoochon customers say

We spoke to a Cavapoochon owner about their pup Ramsey.

When we first brought Ramsey home she was definitely a picky eater! It was so hard for us to give her medicine or treats of any kind because she didn’t want any of the things dogs normally want. As she’s gotten older this has stopped being an issue and she will eat just about anything.

Let’s here from some owners who have tried dog food delivery comapnies.

Our Cocker Spaniel absolutely adores his new food. He has a very sensitive stomach and all previous food (and we’ve tried a few!) haven’t suited him. But these meals have completed sorted him out.

Just started my nine-year-old dog on this food and after 2 weeks so far so good, she seems to really enjoy it. She is as picky eater and always cleans this up. The deliveries are great and arrives in great condition.

Dog Food Delivery Companies

Nom Nom packaging (Photo: Nom Nom)

Nom Nom packaging (Photo: Nom Nom)

Dog food delivery companies are looking to reshape the dog food market.

Pet parents may be accustomed to purchasing dog food at the supermarket as part of their weekly shop for their groceries.

However, a lot of traditional dog food brands can add potential additives or nasties to their food.

What we like about dog food delivery companies is that they use completely fresh and natural ingredients in their meals.

You can see the ingredients with the naked eye when you open your dog’s meals, while you’re be able to say every component of the meal. There no unwanted preservatives.

My experience with using dog food delivery companies has been a resounding success. My dogs were notoriously picky eaters, like many members of the breed.

However, this all changed when I made the switch to fresh, real food. They showed excitement at mealtime and emptied their bowl of its contents in minutes. This was a unheard of for my dogs, who usually pick at their meals and show a general disinterest.

Furthermore, I haven’t experienced any stomach issues, vomiting or diarrhea since making the transition. Admittedly, these meals do cost more than your average store-bought dog food, but I’ve saved money in terms of trips to the vet, medication and vet-recommended dog food.

Reasons to try dog food delivery companies

Freshly cooked dog meals delivered to your door (Photo: Nom Nom)

Freshly cooked dog meals delivered to your door (Photo: Nom Nom)

So you’re considering a switch to a healthy and fresh dog food but you want to learn a little more about these meals.

• Freshly prepared meals – Dog food delivery companies use fresh ingredients in their meals. So that’s fresh fruit and vegetables as well as human-grade meat.

• Customised to your dog – You’ll be required to enter key details about your pet in a sign-up questionnaire. By doing so, these companies can tailor their meals to meet your canine’s needs.

• Variety of recipes – If you’ve got a traditionally picky eater, you’ll want to have a variety of recipes to select from. I find variation is extremely important.

• Formulated by experts – These dog food delivery companies get the input of vet nutritionists to ensure their meals are perfectly balanced.

• Portion control – Some dog food delivery companies will use pre-portioned packaging so you won’t have to worry about balancing these meals.

• Motivated dogs at meal time – Be prepared to see motivated dogs at mealtime! If these meals can stop my dogs being picky eaters, I’m sure many other dog owners will be surprised at the sudden change in their fussy pups.

• Efficient and reliable deliveries – We rely on these companies to deliver the meals in tiptop shape and on time. That’s one of the perks of opting for a dog food delivery company.

• Flexible subscription plans – If you need to pause your subscriptions, most dog food delivery companies are extremely flexible in this regard.

Any negatives?

There are some potential negatives to consider.

First of all, when you receive your delivery, you can store some meals in your fridge but most will need to go in the freezer. This could be a problem depending on the size of your freezer or how much frozen food you buy at the supermarket. You’ll need to be economical about how you use your freezer space!

Another consideration is the cost. Dog food delivery companies provide a premium service so they cost more than traditional dog food such as kibble. As a result, you’ll have to work out whether you can fit these fresh meals into your budget. While I had to rework a couple of things, I felt signing up to a subscription service to a dog food delivery company was worth the investment given the overall benefits to my pups.


Cavapoochons are mixed breed that have become increasingly popular in the advent of so-called “designer dogs”.

They’re a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle and Bichon Frise.

They’re popular with families due to their playful nature and dog owners with allergies as they’re considered to by largely hypoallergenic.

Although they’re low-shedding dogs, they do require a lot of grooming. This is another consideration for your budget.

Cavapoochons appearance and size

Cavapoochons can range in size from 9 pounds to 15 pounds depending on the size of the Poodle used to create the Cavapoochon. Breeders will usually cross a mini or toy Poodle with a Cavachon.

Given they’re a mixed breed, it’s impossible to predict with any degree of certainty what physical traits they’ll inherit from each parent.

Their standout features include big brown eyes with a teddy bear-like appearance. They can come in a wide range of colors.

Cavapoochons exercise requirements

Cavapoochons have moderate exercise requirements. They’ll need regular walks every day. Of course, the more you exercise your dog, the bigger their appetite will be. Dog food delivery companies take this into consideration in their sign-up questionnaire.

Cavapoochons health

Cavapoochons are considered a healthy mixed breed but they can still suffer from some potential health problems. These include heart problems, luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy and hip issues. Most dog food delivery companies will allow you to input any health conditions when you sign up to help them customise their meals to meet your canine’s needs.

Anything else to consider?

We recommend speaking to your vet before you make a switch to a new dog food. Having said that, most dog food delivery companies will provide information from their team of experts on how to make the transition to their food. You don’t want to make an immediate switch as this can cause stomach problems. It’s recommended you make a gradual transition.

This article does not constitute expert advice and we recommend contacting your vet if you have any concerns or issues. You can also reach out to the company you’re thinking about subscribing to as they’ll usually have experts on hand to offer advice.

In conclusion

Ollie provide fresh and healthy dog meals (Photo: Ollie)

Ollie provide fresh and healthy dog meals (Photo: Ollie)

So we’ve come to the end of our article on the best dog food for Cavapoochons.

As you can tell, we’re big believers in dog food delivery companies and the benefits they can bring to both dog and owner.

In my experience with my Alaskan Klee Kai, they’ve transformed the way I feed my dogs. They’re happier and healthier.

If you’ve got a picky eater or a dog with a sensitive tummy like mine, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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