What Is The Temperament Of A Bernedoodle?

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Updated on 17 August 2021

What is the temperament of a Bernedoodle?

If you’re thinking about this Doodle variety as a potential pet, you’re probably wondering if they’ll be a good fit for you.

Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, resulting in a popular dog that can thrive in a family setting.

The Bernedoodle mix can come in three different sizes, standard, miniature and toy. The size of your Bernedoodle will usually depend on the Poodle parent.

Just like any mix, Bernedoodles can vary depending on whether they take after their Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle parent.

Each Bernedoodle will be a little different so it’s something to keep in mind when you’re doing research about the so-called designer breed.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Bernedoodle temperament, examining their personalities, quirks and traits.

What Is The Temperament Of A Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles are usually charming and friendly companion dogs that can excel as a family pet.

This particular cross breed have a playful streak with a goofy side that will make you smile.

Their affectionate and playful nature means Bernedoodles can thrive in a home with children.

However, you should never leave a Bernedoodle or any dog alone with a child unsupervised. Their size means that they’ll need to be carefully watched when with small children.

Jamie is the owner of Dennis the Bernedoodle and she emphasized that Bernedoodle temperament depends on the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle parents.

Dennis the Bernedoodle (Photo: @dennis.b.doodle / Instagram)

Dennis the Bernedoodle (Photo: @dennis.b.doodle / Instagram)

Temperament has a large genetic component. A dog of any breed is only going to be as sound as the parents. There are two common types of Bernedoodle temperament: reserved/skittish and low confidence, and very happy, bouncy, stable and tolerant. Bernese in particular come in both those flavors so it is important to know the breeder is breeding the best dogs possible.

Isabella provided a general overview of the breed.

Brody the Bernedoodle (Photo: @brody.the.bernedoodle / Instagram)

Brody the Bernedoodle (Photo: @brody.the.bernedoodle / Instagram)

Bernedoodles are great, affectionate family dogs that are calm, silly, and intelligent. Also, Brody loves cold weather, especially when it snows!

Jessica described the Bernedoodle breed as relatively chill and relaxed.

Chewy the Bernedoodle (Photo: chewy_bernedoodle / Instagram)

Chewy the Bernedoodle (Photo: chewy_bernedoodle / Instagram)

I’ll also say that it depends; you can say that they’re pretty chill because of the Bernese side. However, we have seen Bernedoodles that are not mellow at all. Chewy was very mellow and calm when he was a little puppy; he started to be a little more energetic in the last month. We think it’s because of his hormones, he’s not neutered, and we are not planning to neutered him any time soon.

Julianna has noticed a common theme amongst the Bernedoodles she has met through owning a member of the cross breed in Rolo.

Rolo the Bernedoodle (Photo: rolo_thebernedoodle / Instagram)

Rolo the Bernedoodle (Photo: rolo_thebernedoodle / Instagram)

Consistent across Bernedoodles that I know/have met, is their love for life, goofiness, and stubbornness. You may have heard of the Berner “plop and drop” where a Bernese Mountain Dog decides they don’t want to walk any further, and immediately drop without any indication. This is quite command for Bernedoodles, as they often have the stubbornness characteristic from their Berner parent. Bernedoodles are excitable, happy and driven, but are overall very lazy. They are active, however, they are the first to lay down after being in a sit, or crash after a quick walk or hike. Bernedoodles have extremely entertaining personalities and will never fail to make you laugh!

Carleigh described Bernedoodles as “sweethearts” based upon her experience with Ziggy.

Ziggy the Bernedoodle (Photo: @thebernedoodleziggy / Instagram)

Ziggy the Bernedoodle (Photo: @thebernedoodleziggy / Instagram)

A Standard Bernedoodle is a 50/50 split between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, which gives them the best personality and temperament. They are total sweethearts and adapt to their human’s activity level – they can be hiking buddies or play all day outside and in dog parks. They have a moderate activity level, so they love to play and run around but also snuggle right next to you on the couch. They are playful, intelligent and goofy – my favorite trait!

Do Bernedoodles Get Along With Other Dogs?

Bernedoodles are friendly dogs that will usually get along with other dogs. Of course, there’s no guarantee your Bernedoodle will have great social skills. It’s something that you may need to work on when they’re young by attending puppy manners classes.

Vicky spoke about her experience socializing Eevee with other dogs.

Eevee the Bernedoodle (Photo: @eeveethebernedoodle / Instagram)

Eevee the Bernedoodle (Photo: @eeveethebernedoodle / Instagram)

I think this really depends on the personality of your dog and the way you raise them. Eevee use to be a little scared of dogs growing up but with time she got use to have dogs around her and now she’s obsessed by any kind of dogs! She wants to be friend with all of them! Bernedoodles are generally friendly and also really chill so I would say they do get along with other dogs as long as you get them use to them young and introduce good manners around other dogs!

Casey explained that Saban likes to meet other dogs at the local park.

Saban The Bernedoodle (Photo: @sabanthebernedoodle / Instagram)

Saban The Bernedoodle (Photo: @sabanthebernedoodle / Instagram)

He is also so good with other dogs out in public, he rarely barks at them. He just wants to play more than anything!

Do Bernedoodles Get Along With Cats?

Bernedoodles are friendly dogs, as we’ve seen our Bernedoodle owners highlight in their testimonials about this member of the Doodle breed. Where cats are concerned, this will be dependent on each Bernedoodle, their exposure to other pets at a young age. If you’re planning to add a Bernedoodle to a home where you’ve already got a cat, you may find it useful to speak to a dog behaviorist.

Saban is very close to his feline friend at home.

Saban The Bernedoodle (Photo: @sabanthebernedoodle / Instagram)

Saban The Bernedoodle (Photo: @sabanthebernedoodle / Instagram)

We have a cat at home and Saban absolutely adores her!

Julianna says Rolo is friendly with cats provided he’s introduced properly.

Rolo the Bernedoodle (Photo: rolo_thebernedoodle / Instagram)

Rolo the Bernedoodle (Photo: rolo_thebernedoodle / Instagram)

From what I have seen, yes! They are extremely curious and as long as they are introduced properly to the cat, they are very friendly.

Highlighting that every dog is different irrespective of breed or mix, Chewy doesn’t do so well around his feline friends.

Chewy the Bernedoodle (Photo: chewy_bernedoodle / Instagram)

Chewy the Bernedoodle (Photo: chewy_bernedoodle / Instagram)

Chewy is not good with cats. He likes to chase them and want to play like they are a toy. Again, this is Chewy. We have seen Bernedoodles that sleep with other cats and are super chill. Chewy is still a puppy and acts like a puppy. We hope he will be fine with cats in the future. He’s not aggressive, though, just playful.

Bernedoodles To Follow On Instagram

One of the best ways to learn more about a dog breed is to follow some of them on social media. All the Bernedoodles mentioned in this article have Instagram accounts that could prove a useful resource for dog lovers thinking about getting this hypoallergenic cross.

• Eevee (@eeveethebernedoodle)

• Dennis (@dennis.b.doodle)

• Chewy (@chewy_bernedoodle)

• Rolo (@rolo_thebernedoodle)

• Saban (@sabanthebernedoodle)

• Brody (@brody.the.bernedoodle)

• Ziggy (@thebernedoodleziggy)

Wrapping Up

We’ve reached the end of our article on Bernedoodle temperament.

We’ve attempted to answer the question: what is the temperament of the Bernedoodle?

As our Bernedoodle owners have helped to highlight, these Doodle dogs are affectionate, friendly, energetic and loyal dogs.

They can excel in a family setting give their boundless energy and playful personalities.

If you’re planning to introduce a Bernedoodle to a home where there’s already a dog or a cat, you should do research and prepare appropriately.

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