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Corgi next to bowl of kibble (Photo: Adobe)
Choosing The Right Dog Food For Your Dog

When it comes to finding the best dog food for your furry companion, the options available can be overwhelming. With numerous brands and formulas to choose from, where do you […]

Boston Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)
7 Best Dog Breeds For Single Working Person

Are you a single, working person looking for the perfect dog breed? Dogs can make great companions and if you’re a single person looking for some company, a four-legged friend […]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo: Adobe Stock)
6 Best Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

Are you a dog lover but you don’t have the energy or the time to devote to an active dog breed? Getting a dog is a big commitment and it […]

Golden Retriever (Photo: Adobe Stock)
How To Keep My Dog Off The Sofa

Are you constantly battling with your dog to keep them off the sofa? Some dog owners permit their canine companions to relax on the furniture but some pet parents prefer […]

Basset Hound (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Basset Hound Pros And Cons

The Basset Hound is an easily recognizable dog breed thanks to their long ears, sad eyes and wrinkled face. Described as an appealing dog breed, the Basset Hound is a […]

Vizsla (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Vizsla Pros And Cons

The Vizsla is a versatile dog breed that originally hails from Hungary. Having been refined by the Hungarian nobles and warlords over the centuries, the Vizsla breed didn’t make it […]

Big happy white dog sitting on the veterinarian scales (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Dog Food For Weight Loss UK 2023

Did you know that 1 in 14 dogs in the United Kingdom are overweight? That’s according to a study carried out by the Royal Veterinary College in 2021 that unearthed […]

Shetland sheepdog eats food from a food bowl (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Dog Food For Shetland Sheepdogs UK 2023

Shetland Sheepdogs require a balanced and complete diet just like any other dog irrespective of breed or mix. These small sheepdogs are a relatively energetic breed so they’ll require the […]

Cocker Spaniel (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Cocker Spaniels Pros And Cons

Cocker Spaniels are the smallest members of the Spaniel family but hugely popular. They’ve earned a reputation for being affectionate, charming and lovable dogs, partly thanks to their long eyelashes […]

Shetland Sheepdog (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Shetland Sheepdog Pros And Cons

The Shetland Sheepdog is a versatile dog hailing from a small island off the coast of Scotland. Described as “obedient herders”, the Shetland Sheepdog originates from the Shetland Islands where […]

Brittany Spaniel (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Brittany Spaniel Pros And Cons

You’ve probably heard of the Cocker Spaniel and the Springer Spaniel – but are you familiar with the Brittany Spaniel? If you know your geography, you may have pieced together […]

Pomeranian with tan points (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Pomeranian Pros And Cons

Pomeranians can make ideal companion pets. These small dogs have been by the side of their owners for a couple of centuries, even proving popular amongst aristocracy and nobility in […]

Cavapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Dog Food For Cavapoos UK 2023

Do you have a Cavapoo that is a picky eater? While I don’t have a Cavapoo, I do have two dogs that are incredibly fussy eaters so I know how […]

Labrador drinks from water fountain (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Is Running Water Better For Dogs?

Is running water better for dogs? This is a question you may ask yourself as you refill your dog’s water bowl. Most dog owners will be accustomed to filling their […]

Spaniel dog on pet bed in stylish room interior (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Why Do Dogs Love Donut Beds?

Does your dog like to sleep in a donut-shaped bed? There are a variety of different dog beds on the market, available in a range of shapes and sizes to […]